3: Introduction to Hydraulics
Duration: 00:18:14
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Matthew Kidd Matthew Kidd
Trevor Walker Trevor Walker

Neutrium 3: Introduction to Hydraulics

17th November 2015

In the third episode of the Neutrium podcast Trevor and Matt start a multi-episode arc on process hydraulics. This week they introduce the concept of pressure and discuss Bernoulli's principal, flow regime and Reynolds number.
Handy Time Indexes:
1: +00:00: Introduction
2: +00:51: Pressure and flow
3: +03:02: Bernoulli’s Principal
4: +08:13: Torricelli’s Law
5: +09:07: Ad break (Many Tricks)
6: +11:42: Flow regime
7: +15:07: Reynolds number
8: +17:16: Show close

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