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Selected iTunes Reviews
Causality (MacAdk)
Great podcast for safety practitioners and risk managers.

Really enjoy John’s analysis of these famous safety incidents. Lots to learn here!

Causality (AaronBman88)
A True Favorite

I discovered this podcast in a roundabout way investigating Chernobyl & Fukushima. John Chigdey is a passionate genius, I love his delivery, knowledge and analysis. I have never heard of many of these incidents (NOT ACCIDENTS!). It's tragic how these mistakes pile up on each other until the inevtiable happens. Everything seems so safe and reliable until it doesn't. Even if you're not an engineer or a scientist this is a must listen series. I listened to them all pretty much straight in a row. There are lessons here applicable to just about every part of life.

Causality (SeanJohnWan)

Great podcast. Just finished Fukushima and it’s amazing the amount of misinformation put out by other podcasts that talk about this incident. It’s great to get an engineering perspective on what happened. Keep up the great work.

Causality (gandtchart)
Horrible incidents, but extremely compelling listening

John does a wonderful of walking through and unpicking the incidents discussed. His expertise in control systems and how they factor into unfolding events make this a must listen for anyone with an interest in engineering matters. Keep listening and pay attention.

Causality (ALTMKJC)

Thank you this is such a great resource for safety professionals; well researched and easy to listen to.

Causality (Rickey Smithers)
One of those Exceptional Podcasts

This is one of the few podcasts where the podcaster understands what the word thorough means. No useless information is ever added. The subjects are interesting, heavy, and important. Sometimes it is dry, in the sense he is not making jokes, but that is a positive thing for this podcast but does mean it is not always the most accessible. I’m sure the podcaster knows this as he (to my glee) includes undiluted technical information to help explain the event.

Causality (cmdlvd)
Dreamy narrator

This is a great podcast for me when I need a break from true crime. He talks about cataclysmic events not simply for the morbid entertainment, but to think about the “HOW” and “WHY” factors from the perspective of an engineer. Also, the dreamy Australian voice and calming tone of the narrator is everything. It’s oddly a compliment, but when I need to fall asleep to something that won’t give me nightmares in the way many others of the same genre might— he’s my guy!

Causality (kysciguy)
Great podcast!

As a teacher, I’ve found this podcast extremely valuable in learning great examples of why physics is important in our daily lives. He’s done a wonderful job in the recap of events and then the breakdown of where things went wrong. I highly recommend this podcast!

Causality (skylarkishome)
Please make more

I enjoy having someone with a more analytical brain talk about what went wrong and why. Too many podcasts focus on the horror of what happened in disasters, as opposed to the causes beneath it. Or they focus on being entertaining and witty. I’d much rather hear someone with a background in science go through cause and effect, and what happens when people and systems fail. For a non scientist such as myself, it’s lovely learning how someone with, I assume, education and training in engineering, perceives man made disaster Great job to everyone involved in this podcast!

Causality (interested party ny)
How things go wrong

Great analysis of various disasters. Fascinating how greed has become one of the main villians in these disasters.

Causality (Levint7012)
From a maintenance perspective amazing

I am a maintenance electrician and it is so interesting how incorrect procedures or “tribal learning” leads to dangerous outcomes

Causality (appleseeds11)
really interesting

This podcast is awesome. Really interesting details explaining disasters from an engineering point of view.

Causality (Drew Stephens)
Wonderfully in-depth explanations by an engineer

John explains the causes of disasters in great detail—many of them about incredibly interesting events that I did’t even know about.

Pragmatic (berodrigues)
Learning Experience

You can learn a lot of incredibly interesting things with this podcast. John is obviously very passionate about the topics covered, and there's a lot or preparation involved on his part. So thanks and thumbs up.

Pragmatic (DarkJC)
Great show!

This show is fantastic for anyone who is interested in an in depth look at the technology we use and take for granted daily. I was hooked from the first episode, great work!

Pragmatic (Uthaym)
Move over Siracusa

Love the show. Gives me everything that the "old Siracusa" (circa 5by5 era) did and then some!

Pragmatic (cajun on rails)
Eloquent. Enlightening. Entertaining.

This podcast is a real treat for anyone interested in technology. John has a knack for concisely explaining technologies and concepts that most people struggle to communicate or even understand. You can tell that he puts in a lot of effort to prepare each episode.

Pragmatic (anttti)
Excellent, in-depth podcast about tech

If you loved Hypercritical, this is the show for you. Super!

Pragmatic (pitouthestar)
Both entertaining and enriching

One of my new favorite podcasts. John is incredibly knowledgable about the topics he tackles and his passion is contagious. Time flies by and you learn a whole lot with every episode.

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