People on Pragmatic

The following people have appeared on Pragmatic and what follows is a complete list with links to the episodes on which they appeared.

Ben Alexander Ben Alexander
Brianna Wu Brianna Wu
Caleb Elston Caleb Elston
Carmen Parisi Carmen Parisi
Casey Liss Casey Liss
David Smith David Smith
Erik Hess Erik Hess
Federico Viticci Federico Viticci
Guy English Guy English
Horace Dediu Horace Dediu
James Smith James Smith
Jason Snell Jason Snell
Joel Housman Joel Housman
John Chidgey John Chidgey
John Siracusa John Siracusa
Josh Centers Josh Centers
Kirsten Chidgey Kirsten Chidgey
Marco Arment Marco Arment
Myke Hurley Myke Hurley
Nick Coghlan Nick Coghlan
Radek Pietruszewski Radek Pietruszewski
Russell Ivanovic Russell Ivanovic
Seth Clifford Seth Clifford
Vic Hudson Vic Hudson