59: Roll With The Seasons
Duration: 01:11:03
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Erik Hess Erik Hess
John Chidgey John Chidgey

Pragmatic 59: Roll With The Seasons

26th February 2015

Erik Hess of Technical Difficulties and Dawn Patrol joins me to talk about the things that motivate and demotivate us, and turning hobbies into jobs and then back into hobbies again.

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  • Intro music for all episodes credit to Ludwig Van Beethoven: Bagatelle No. 25 in A minor (WoO 59 and Bia 515) "Für Elise" performed in 2000 by John Chidgey on my beloved K. Kawai GE-1A that I no longer have (SOB)
  • Outro music to Markus Kaarlonen from his original MOD file SpaceDeb.MOD