61: You Never Really Owned It
Duration: 01:24:03
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John Chidgey John Chidgey
Seth Clifford Seth Clifford

Pragmatic 61: You Never Really Owned It

14th March 2015

Seth Clifford returns to discuss DRM and the value of entertainment content. We also explore if DRM will someday end.

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  • Intro music for all episodes credit to Ludwig Van Beethoven: Bagatelle No. 25 in A minor (WoO 59 and Bia 515) "Für Elise" performed in 2000 by John Chidgey on my beloved K. Kawai GE-1A that I no longer have (SOB)
  • Outro music to Markus Kaarlonen from his original MOD file SpaceDeb.MOD