Pragmatic 62: Send It Into the Void Baby

22 March, 2015


John tackles how the internet works - the most requested topic as voted by Pragmatic listeners in this, the penultimate episode of the show.
Duration 2 hours, 51 minutes and 10 seconds Direct Download

Show Notes

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Token Rings:

OSI and TCP/IP Stacks:

The Physical Layer:


Intranets and Firewalls:

Backbones and ISP Backhaul Costs:


World Wide Web:

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Vic Hudson

Vic Hudson

Vic is the host of the App Story Podcast and is the developer behind Money Pilot for iOS.

John Chidgey

John Chidgey

John is an Electrical, Instrumentation and Control Systems Engineer, programmer, podcaster and runs TechDistortion and the Engineered Network. John has produced and appeared on many podcasts as well as Pragmatic.