The Engineered Network is a network of shows about all facets of engineering. Made by engineers for all the curious people that always wanted to know, but didn’t know who to ask.

The Engineered Network is a place for professional engineering related thoughts, opinions and discussions as well as guidance on engineering design, implementation, commissioning and support of all aspects of engineering across all disciplines.

We’re aiming to deliver factually correct information in a more entertaining and accessible way than a traditional lecture or tutorial on topics that are relevant to todays engineering professionals and designers, the world over.

If you’re an Engineering professional that doesn’t mind sharing their knowledge and would like be part of the network, please get in touch via the feedback form. We are looking for mechanical, civil, aerospace and mechatronics engineers to name just a few, that want to be a part of something great. Let us give you the platform to help other engineers and designers expand the knowledge, and help them to succeed.

The network and its shows have a Store with a limited amount of merchandise if you’re interested.

Finally if you’d like to hire John Chidgey’s Voice for Vocal Acting check out this link.