Addenda 5: After Pragmatic 67

30 November, 2015


After Pragmatic Episode 67 James and I talk about the iPad Pro, the Apple Pencil and the joys of return policies this time of year.

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But anyway, I need to get like a bigger screen iPad, like an iPad Pro to fully appreciate the digital comic experience. Actually on that note, was it Andy? Andy and Artco was, I think, talking about that and comparing a real world comic in terms of its physical size with the screen of an iPad Pro side by side. Did you see any of that or? - Yeah, no, I did. And I'm actually really looking forward to that because I've just sold my 15 inch Retina MacBook Pro to Expressly for the purpose of buying an iPad Pro. And so hopefully I'll be picking up one this weekend. And cause the idea is I've only been using my laptop kind of on the couch doing, you know, remote desktop into a server or, you know, surfing the web. So I'm like, okay. And I've got an iMac at the office. So I'm like, okay, if I get this iPad Pro, wow, comics are going to look amazing on this thing because usually I read them on my six plus and I kind of do it in landscape mode so that I'm tapping the side to kind of progress down the page, but if I could do it on the iPad Pro, it'll be like one page to, you know, the physical size, no zooming, and it'll look beautiful because of the retina screen. - Yeah, 'cause I had a play with one at an Apple store actually a couple of weeks ago, and, oh, geez, I tell you, I was stunned how big it is, and yet how light it was for how big it was. - Yeah. - It's kind of crazy actually, 'cause you'd think it'd be so much heavier. But anyhow, and the Apple Pencil is just fantastic. I do definitely want one, but my use case is sort of different and I'm not so much into the comic books exactly, but that screen's brilliant for lots of other things. And yeah, it's like I can just imagine editing 4K video on that would be really good. And I also think reading like an actual newspaper on that would be really good too. But the problem is the apps have to catch up, right? Otherwise, you're not going to get the full use out of that screen. So I'm going to try and find myself just an iOS app that hasn't been updated for the iPad or the iPad Pro and kind of blow it up to iPad Pro size and see how ridiculous a 1X iPhone app looks on a 12 and a half inch screen. Man, that'd be crazy. That would be crazy. I mean, I just remember that because they've had a few of them now they've had they've they've gone from the 1X to the 2X on the iPad and then they had the screen height increase from the 4s to the 5s and the black bars at the top and bottom. And now they got the iPad Pro, it's like, man. - Well, the iPad Pro is still the 4.3 aspect ratio. So, yeah, that's at least the good thing. We're only dealing with the 4.3 or a 16.9. We're not kind of dealing with Android, which has all number of different ratios in there as well. - Yeah, exactly. But it's okay. I guess my attraction for the iPad Pro is more about the pencil and marking up drawings and stuff. That's totally what I'm going to be using it for as well. A lot of note taking, some drawing as well, just kind of like some digital art. I'm going to get back into doing some art stuff. Yeah, exactly. I guess I sort of had to go with that with Engineerd and then I broke my stylus and that was the end of that. I got another stylist to replace it and it actually isn't that great. So I kind of, yeah, I saw that, that's why that link you just put in there. That was the guy with the hammer. Was it or sorry? No, no, no. That one's the Red Hawk. Sorry. Oh, fair enough. All right. Yeah. So anyway, what was I saying? Yeah. So I might, you know, but honestly, though, I want to be able to mark up drawings on this thing. I have tried so hard to mark up different things using styluses in the past, you know, whether they were resistive ones and the resistive ones suck because you had to keep constant pressure on them in order for them to register consistently. They still had a bit of lag. And the capacitive ones were just not accurate enough. Like they wouldn't correctly detect when the pen tip touch the actual glass. And sometimes even when it left the glass and the lag was huge. It was unbearable and my signature didn't even look like my signature, not really. So I found it enormously frustrating and so I kind of gave up on the idea of a stylus and then I tried the pencil on the iPad Pro and I haven't tried a, what's it pronounced, a Cintiq or whatever it is like the Wacom. I haven't tried one of those I'll admit and I'm sure it's fine but I've tried the Surface Pro 2, 3 and and they're just not as good as that pencil. That pencil is really quite amazing. And I mean, I sat there and I think I posted, I actually posted a video of when I was playing with it last week and yeah, it's just phenomenal. So yeah, I'm excited about it, but that's if of course we can find an Apple pencil 'cause like, you know. - That's gonna be the big one. 'Cause if you have a look on the Apple website, it's four to five weeks for shipping. So I'm gonna kind of duck into JB and also into the Apple store and hope that they get some stock in over the weekend, which you know, they might, but most likely I'm probably gonna be waiting a couple of weeks until I can get one. - Yeah, exactly right. So, and that's a shame, but that's okay. It's sort of a bit of a loss really for Apple, but that keyboard too, have you played with the keyboard at all? Have you actually played? - No, I actually haven't played with the iPad Pro at all. - Oh, okay, all right, all right, fair enough. So you're gonna buy it sight unseen, are you? You're just gonna go in and try it and say, wow. - But the important thing is at the moment, Apple is doing their holiday return period. So it extends from 14 days to two months. - Wow, okay. - So you can actually just buy a Mac now or an iPad or whatever. And you'll have two months from when you buy it to actually return it. So long as it's in original condition, you've got the box. You can return it for a full refund, no questions asked. - Now's the time to get that cylindrical Mac Pro. I've always wanted to play with it for a couple of months and then roll it back to them and say, nah, I changed my mind. And then, buy another one a couple of days later and then return it 14 days. Just bring it back every 14 days. Tyrone: Do you think they'd cotton on after a while? I think they might. I'm just not sure. Do it under different Apple IDs, go to different stores and then be like once I've rotated through the 4 stores in Brisbane - actually hang on. So there's Rubina, Chermside, Carindale and the Brisbane City, I think that's 4 of them. So 4 stores in Southeast Queensland. 14 days so I'd get back to the original store on the every second month roughly. And then factoring different staff members, so you're probably not going to be seeing the same staff member each time. This could work. It's a good thinking, man. I like it. There's actually a way... Oh, no, I'll talk about this later. Okay.
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