As A Guest

From time to time I guest on friends podcasts as well. A list of links to specific episodes on their websites is contained herein. For all podcasts on which I was a guest, these are listed here with links to the host sites of those podcasts.

  • 18th October, 2013: Pulling The String Round-table: “Limits” (
  • 1st October, 2013: Pulling The String Episode: “Principles” ( Copy
  • 6th April, 2014: Premiere: “Groundhog Day” ( Copy
  • 16th July, 2014: Pocket Sized Podcast: “Pocket Sized Podcast Episode 160: Pages of Productivity with John Chidgey” (” Copy
  • 21st July, 2014: Tech Douchebags: “Tech Douchebags Episode 17: The Prying Parent” ( on 5by5 Copy
  • 6th August, 2014: Storming Mortal: “Storming Mortal Ep 17: Nutella and Voting in Australia with John Chidgey” or the Slovene version: “Apparatus Ep 082: John Chidgey
  • 24th October, 2014: The Engineering Commons: “Episode 67: Pragmatic
  • 8th January, 2015: One-Forty: “Episode 3: It Is What It Isn’t” (
  • 12th April, 2018: Parallel Passion: “Episode 4: John Chidgey