The Engineered Network: Fediverse CYou

3 May, 2022

Whilst TEN still maintains a presence on Twitter the main focus for interaction remains the Fediverse via the Chidgey account.

With recent changes with Twitter and many fans of the show seeking an alternative home, I’ve decided to open up a new Fediverse server that’s separate to the Engineered Space single-user instance.

Introducing the See You on the Fediverse server.

As Mastodon servers are extremely resource hungry, this new Fediverse server runs Pleroma. The server is currently running on a very low-rent VPS. If it proves popular then it may be migrated to something with more resources.

I’m intending to use this new account for more personal posts with the existing account for more TEN-related posts, gradually over coming weeks. Invitations are open to anyone that’s interested. Visit and select Register to sign up. Once your EMail has been verified and I’ve confirmed you’re real, I’ll approve your account.

If you already have an account on the Fediverse you don’t really need another one but if you’re looking to have a try, then feel free to join!