The Engineered Network: Guest on Podcasters RoundTable

20 April, 2022

Having been a long-time fan and listener (predominantly, though occasionally on the video releases on YouTube) of the Podcasters’ RoundTable, I put my virtual hand up to be a guest on their show and after a smallish delay, I was invited by Ray to join on Round 162!

There’s a link here: Podcasters’ RoundTable Round 162: Podcasters Don’t Care About Live Streaming and also on the As a Guest episode list.

We covered a lot of ground and talked about the following:

  • Checking expectations with Guests for time limits when you’re recording
  • Whether it’s okay to break an episode into multiple separate episodes (e.g. Pragmatic Tesla Ep 82/83)
  • Podcast Apps with the most longevity…and why we think that is
  • When making a podcast, should we be anywhere and everywhere?
  • Are Twitter spaces really podcasting?
  • The “art” of Live broadcasting vs heavily post-produced podcasts
  • Our experiences with live streaming: Is your show the right kind of show for live?
  • Consolidation of Podcast advertising platforms over the past decade
  • Difficulty of building a network with professional engineers
  • Sponsorship vs Advertising vs Patronage
  • Patreon vs iTunes Subscription experiences
  • Spotify acquisition of Findaway Voices (Audiobook production)

Thanks again so much to Ray and Dave for having me on the roundtable. I had a blast!