The Engineered Network: Guest on Podcasting 2.0

3 September, 2022

Having been a long-time fan and listener of the Podcasting 2.0, as well as an adopter and source code contributor to the project, I was excited to be invited by Dave and Adam to join them on Episode 100 of Podcasting 2.0!

We covered a lot of ground as we talked through the next steps of applying PC2.0 ideas to the Music industry, breaking down what value actually is, a potential future newsletter tag, how I integrated Value 4 Value into my shows and a bunch of other things. Adam and Dave learned that I prefer to use a calculator (I’m an Engineer not an Accountant) and that according to Adam I have great pipes. (Awww, thanks Adam)

Thanks again so much to Adam and Dave for having me on the show. I had an amazing time!