The Engineered Network: iTunes Reviews

22 February, 2019

A quick update I’ve been meaning to get to for a while, I’m now putting selected iTunes reviews front and center on the site, on the landing page as well as on each podcast page now with embedded iTunes reviews. These are taken word for word from the iTunes store, from countries around the world, written by fans of the shows and I really appreciate people taking the time to write them. In case you haven’t already written a review or left a rating in iTunes the links for you are:

For any (or ALL) of the above, select View in iTunes, then Click to Rate, or better still also Write a Review! If you’re enjoying any of the shows and you a leave a review then maybe someday it’ll show up on the site :)

As always a huge thank you for everyone that takes time from their day to listen to our shows.

Thank you for your ongoing support. I wouldn’t still be podcasting without it.