The Engineered Network: Making Space

7 July, 2019

About three years ago I started a solo podcast called Analytical and recently I released its 40th episode. It was intended to be a catch-all for various ideas that didn’t fit into either Pragmatic or Causality. Whilst Patrons of the network have provided the most positive feedback, it hasn’t been as popular in the public space.

Therefore I’ve decided for the time being to put Analytical on hiatus and any new episodes of Analytical will be available for Patrons as they are released. Analytical will not have a regular frequency moving forward.

I’m doing this specifically because I’m making space for a new project that I’ve been working on for several months. I’m not prepared to release details yet, however it’s also to allow me to focus more on Pragmatic, as well as Causality specifically.

With the recent surge in popularity of Causality, I’m trying to focus my time and efforts on the shows that people are enjoying the most.

Thanks so much for listening, and take care.