The Engineered Network: Patreon Support Now With Annual Discount

2 May, 2021

The network is continuing along with some wonderful Patrons supporting it and I’m grateful for their on-going support. Today I was informed I was now allowed to offer an Annual Discount via Patreon! I’ve written about it in detail here. I’m able to offer two months free for those wishing to support annually under this arrangement (less transaction fees makes this possible) so if you’re interested in supporting the network or if you’re an existing supporter and wish to switch to annual, now you can!

In the end I’m grateful for any and all support irrespective of whether it’s monthly or annually - it’s about giving as many options as possible for Patrons to pick the option that works best for their circumstances. It’s great that Patreon have finally made this option available. (Thank you Patreon!)

As always, thanks for listening and thank you for all of your support.

Take care,

John Chidgey