The Engineered Network: Subscription via Spotify Changes

26 May, 2024

Last year Patreon announced a partnership with Spotify such that if you are already a listener to podcasts on Spotify, and you also are a Patron via Patreon, it would be possible to listen to Patron-only audio via Spotify rather than the Patreon app, or private RSS feed.

This feature has been requested by several fans of the network and as such I’ve turned that feature on today. Once logged in to Spotify, navigate to The Engineered Network Patreon and then you will have the option to link to your Patreon account. After this the audio files will play through Spotify. All 168 Patron-only audio files are available in a common feed as per the Patreon Podcast feed.

Previously Causality was also offered on Anchor as “Causality Premium” at a discounted rate for those that only wanted to support Causality. After two years and a few months, only one person chose to support via this pathway and they shifted over to Patreon after a few months anyhow. Therefore as of today I have disabled memberships via the Causality Premium on Spotify feed and will be removing that in coming months permanently.

As always, thank you everyone for your continued support and I hope you enjoy the additional flexibility in supporting and listening to Causality.