The Engineered Network: TEN is now Fully Static

3 November, 2018

As time passes and server load changes, it’s a good idea to reconsider your strategy for hosting and the type of site you want to maintain. Over several months I’ve been chipping away at a gradual migration from the original Statamic-based site using the Statacast Plug-in that I developed specifically for TEN, to a GoHugo based Static website. The performance improvement in so doing is staggering, with page load times at worst three times faster and at best over ten times faster. I’ve also taken the opportunity to give the site a spit and polish, a nip and tuck if you prefer while I was at it.

Beyond that I’ve also now been able to finally add the previously (briefly) mentioned transcriptions for all episodes. The truth was that when I originally deployed that a few months ago, the load sky-rocketted and was the ultimate trigger for the site migration away from Statamic to a truly Static site. I’ll be back focussing on content again now (there’s only one of me and only so much spare time in my day!).

Thanks as always for your patience and your support of all of the shows.