The Engineered Network: Tweaks and Amazon

20 September, 2020

This week our shows were part of the launch of Amazon Music Podcasts so now our shows can also be found there. Please note that Podcasts during initial testing are only appearing in the Amazon Music US Store and you do require an Amazon account and be logged in to listen to them via this method.

In addition this week we added a new “Thanks” section episodes of Causality that attributes those people that inspired the coverage of that topic. If you have incidents you want covered on Causality then please get in touch via methods listed on our Contact page, via the Fediverse or via Twitter.

Finally we’ve had special thanks to our Patrons for some time on our individual episode pages, however these have also now been added to the Show Notes for all podcatcher apps so these along with the aforementioned “Thanks” attribution will now appear in all of our podcast feeds moving forward.