Causality: Causality Premium

7 December, 2019

UPDATE: The App-Login via LibSyn is No Longer Available. The Apps are also no longer updated or maintained. Thanks to those that supported via this pathway.


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As Causality has continued to grow in popularity and with a broader appeal to a very diverse range of listeners, the time felt right to try something new. Since its inception the show has been supported by Patrons and Sponsors, with Premium Patrons and above enjoying benefits such as access to Raw Show notes and Ad-Free, Higher Quality audio of each episode.

Today I’m launching a new way to listen to the show and a way to support just Causality independently of Patreon. I’ve teamed up with LibSyn who is a podcast hosting specialist that have hosted my shows audio since 2013. Through them I’m now able to offer a Causality App in the Apple App Store, the Amazon App Market and the Google Play Store. The subscription also ties into episodes on The Engineered Network website.

Why Do This?

In short, I’ve had many people feed back that they would be supporting me if there was an option other than Patreon. Truth is that Patreons “Private Audio RSS URL” isn’t exactly user friendly if you’re not technically inclined or even if you are so inclined an a Patron it can still be difficult to find. In addition many supporters only want me to make Causality and would like an option to support only Causality. Finally Patreon has an awesome tiered system which is great for a lot of people, however the tiers can seem confusing and there are limited ways to offer deals and there’s no mechanism to provide a discount for loyal, long-time supporters.

Causality Premium

Here’s how it works: the Apps are all free to download and they will show all of freely available episodes, however if you subscribe to support the show you’ll get the full catalogue of Ad-Free, high quality episodes, as well as the raw notes for each episode and bonus Causality episodes that are published from time to time. Essentially the content will mirror that provided for Premium and above Patrons via Patreon, but solely for Causality.

Subscriptions are available month to month at $3.99, 6-monthly at $9.99 and Annually for $15.99 USD. Annual subscribers will receive a named thank you at the end of the episode released the month they signed up, each year, as an extra perk.

When you’re subscribed and signed in you’ll be able to access that extra content via the Apps and the TEN website directly if you like: it’s up to you.

But wait there’s more…

To celebrate the launch of the Causality apps and Premium subscription service, I’m also launching a new Causality embedded Microcast called Causality Explored that deserves its own blog post.

More New Channels

Recently I’ve reopened the Facebook page by popular request, as well as syndicating to a list of new destinations all with the complete list of episodes including Blogger, YouTube, Deezer, LinkedIn, Tumblr and Causality is now listed in the Podcast Source app on the App Store as well.

Patreon RSS Feed Subscribing In Your Favourite App

If you’re a Patron then log in to Patreon (via the Website) and select “Posts from my creators” and select “The Engineered Network” and on the Overview tab you should see a section on the right hand side “Your Patronage” underneath which is “Audio RSS Link” as below:

In the Patreon mobile app it’s found under: John Chidgey, Overview, and you’ll see Audio Link after scrolling to the bottom of the page.

Copy the link and paste it into your podcatcher app of choice and you’re all set! For those most technically minded, that’s the best way to go as you can use your own podcatcher.

There’s also a how to from Patreon here.

Causality Premium Subscribing Via the Web

You can visit the Causality Premium subscription webpage and once subscribed you can login here and when visiting TEN you will go from seeing this:

…to seeing this…

…and you can play the episodes from the embedded webplayer if you wish.

Causality Apps

The apps are all self-contained podcatchers with embedded access to the bonus materials once subscribed via the website. You can find them here:

In Summary

If you’re already a Premium Patron you’ll continue to get all of the same content you always have for ALL of the shows on TEN as well as the new Causality Explored Microcast as bonus material so if you’re already happy with Patreon, then there’s no need to change anything: the App subscription probably isn’t for you. Just to be really clear: Patreon isn’t going anywhere! It’s still a great way to support the shows.

These additional options just mean that Causality will be available to a wider audience than ever before and should make it even easier for everyone to listen to the show just the way they like to.