Causality: Editor's Choice Summer 2021

12 June, 2021

Tyler Dickey has kindly awarded Causality with his Editor’s Choice Award for Summer (Northern Hemisphere) 2021! The list of shows in Tyler’s podcast recommendations is very impressive including shows such as 99% Invisible, Dan Carlin’s Hardcore History and Judge John Hodgman, measuring Causality against some highly regarded competition. To quote from Tyler’s page:

As the podcast-sphere grows and grows, with the last two years seeing millions of dollars changing hands in a space that was once reserved for Apple-nerds downloading NPR shows, I think it’s important I dedicate a single page to collecting and curating podcast recommendations. —Tyler Dickey, February 2020

Tyler also joined Patreon and has also given a one-off donation as part of the award, for which I’m very grateful.

Thank you so much for the recognition, for your support and as always thank you so much for listening.