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Egler H.
(ID: 941734772) Quickly became one of my favorite podcasts

These guys are incredible in choosing their topics and talk about technology in detail, without becoming impossible to understand. Hope there will be a lot more episodes.

Andrew Saul
(ID: 1393016572) Engineering made fun & accessible

All around us there's vital pieces of manufactured items and technology that we interact with each day. Each of these have a rich story of how they work and how they came to be. They make these already relatable topics a lot of fun.

(ID: 1392109282) Great Content

Great content, informative, helpful and inspiring. It’s keeping me going through my Engineering degree. Keep at it! Aussie Represent!

(ID: 1040932150) personal and warm

First, great to hear australian voices and discussion. But more than that, John reminds me a little of John Siracusa in that he has some defined distinct well held views and is clear about how he gets or got to them and why (though, Norma Jeans? really!) Engineering and tech based but an interesting and valid position on many things (though as a southerner [Victoria] I think daylight saving is a marvel) Pragmatism is good - there are too many people who take positions based on prejudice or preconceptions.

(ID: 940374843) Awesome

What I really like about this show is it mixes tech with human behaviour behind making it. Plus it reminds me of hanging out in my Dad’s workshop getting zapped by DC trying to make circuits work. Nice one guys, not bad for a Queenslander ;)

(ID: 932749014) Well worth a listen

Excellent podcast with a really nice focus on the practical consequences of technology. It’s well researched and John Chidgey has a very thorough and well structured style while also being easy to listen to. Check it out.

(ID: 907421961) Dr.

Great work, please keep it up

(ID: 942531274) Learning Experience

You can learn a lot of incredibly interesting things with this podcast. John is obviously very passionate about the topics covered, and there's a lot or preparation involved on his part. So thanks and thumbs up.

(ID: 1172944626) One of the best!

One of the most well prepared, well researched podcasts. Always came away feeling like I learned something with every episode.

(ID: 1115259020) Great show

Listened to a number of episodes now, really enjoying them

(ID: 1101879556) Fantastic Podcast

This has quickly become one of my favourite podcasts. The host, John Chidgey, is like an engineering “Most Interesting Man in the World” and learning from his vast breadth and depth of experience is always fascinating.

(ID: 948661776) Love it!!!!!!

Been a loyal listener since the first episode, love it! This podcast is really informative and educational . I have no idea how John knows every single thing.

nam oidua
(ID: 945657118) Informative and accessible.

These two cover lots of complex topics, but it’s never over my head. There’s something to be said about a podcast that can captivate you with a topic you didn’t think you were interested in. Kudos, gentlemen.

(ID: 941294963) Great show!

This show is fantastic for anyone who is interested in an in depth look at the technology we use and take for granted daily. I was hooked from the first episode, great work!

(ID: 938674326) Move over Siracusa

Love the show. Gives me everything that the "old Siracusa" (circa 5by5 era) did and then some!

cajun on rails
(ID: 937559994) Eloquent. Enlightening. Entertaining.

This podcast is a real treat for anyone interested in technology. John has a knack for concisely explaining technologies and concepts that most people struggle to communicate or even understand. You can tell that he puts in a lot of effort to prepare each episode.

(ID: 936468774) So good

Great show. John has a great voice for podcasting and his breadth of knowledge is impressive. Very educational!

(ID: 933211001) Great podcast, highly recommended

I feel like I’m learning something every episode, and because it’s about how the world around us works, it’s never boring. Well done!

(ID: 925981516) Awesome!

Great podcast, I’m learning so much!

(ID: 925355314) Best podcast ever

Incredibly well researched podcast on technology. Definitely worth your time!

(ID: 1105702189) Great podcast with very little flaws

I started listening to Pragmatic like so many others with the recomendation through Marco Arment. Beginning with the very first epidsode I listened to every episode there is. The host selects one topic for every show. Though the topics are often technology topics there are also a some episodes on other things like for example work safety, gambling or even coffee. John sometimes tends to long monologues though he has almost always a cohost and he has his favourite words he uses alot. Sometimes I wish he would incorporate them more into the show. On the other side he also wants to relay lots of information with a very high emphasis on accuracy which sometimes comes in his way :-) Anyway, I love the show and I will keep looking forward to the next episodes. You'll learn a lot by listening to this podcast.

(ID: 1057268609) A wide variety of interesting topics

I listen to Pragmatic regularly and I find it very entertaining and everytime I learn something new. The concept is interestingly different to other tech podcasts because almost every time you will find a different topic and you will get a good insight to it.

flavor dynamics
(ID: 971201888) A refreshingly different podcast

Pragmatic fills a niche in the podcast world that I did not realize existed. Instead of talking about current events, it takes a step back and looks at developments over years or dedicates itself to an in-depth analysis of past events. The dissection of Stuxnet, for instance, dove into the nitty-gritty details of how this malware worked. The only criticism I can think of is that they should replace the gaudy closing music that seemed to have escaped from a 1980s elevator.

(ID: 947139426) Great Podcast

I have started to listen to this podcast a few weeks ago and it quickly became one of my favorites (next to ATP). The topics so far have been quite interesting and well presented. —— Ich kann diesen Podcast nur empfählen. Man kann jede Woche etwas neues lernen :-)

(ID: 956148831) Excellent, in-depth podcast about tech

If you loved Hypercritical, this is the show for you. Super!

(ID: 954706582) Both entertaining and enriching

One of my new favorite podcasts. John is incredibly knowledgable about the topics he tackles and his passion is contagious. Time flies by and you learn a whole lot with every episode.

Jeffrey Macko
(ID: 943399026) Great show

Thanks for your great show it's amazing how much stuff I learn each épisode.

(ID: 929270357) Exceptional podcast

In this podcast, John Chidgey, an engineer, discusses various technologies, typically surveying and reviewing their history and explaining some of the engineering principles and ideas that underlie them. I find him exceptionally clear in his explanations and he seems to come with a remarkably broad (and sane) perspective. He also writes detailed notes and references for each show. Like all great presenters, John has a infectious passion for his subject with the result that what would, in many hands, be dry material, really sparkles. I've only listened to the first three to date, but it is already clear that this is a significantly better podcast than most out there. He says he does a lot of preparation for each one, and it really shows in the quality of the podcast. Highly recommended.

Maxim Harper
(ID: 920170353) Just Fantastic

An analogy to describe this Podcast would be a broader Hypercritical (if you’re familiar with Siracusa), covering practical technology as a whole (rather than just Computing & Gaming specifics). Chidgey really knows his stuff as an engineer, structuring his discussion exquisitely and providing great follow up. Highly recommended.

(ID: 952027826) Technology and Engineering

John and Ben practical discussions of the application of technology and engineering problems are incredibly enlightening. Every episode I am introduced into new concepts and new ideas, even for episodes that cover materiel that I am familiar with. Strongly recommended.

(ID: 933209248) Informative and Entertaining

John and Ben are doing a really good job of discussing various aspects of technology. I love the Hypocritical-style in-depth analysis that strikes a perfect balance between being dense with information and staying accessible even if you were initially unfamiliar with the subject. This show is a real gem to anyone who's interested in tech.

(ID: 1107840573) Great

So I recently started listening to Pragmatic, and it is awesome. I listen to it all the time now. I only had experiences with high (audio) quality podcasts, but pragmatic definitely makes up for the slightly improve-able audio quality (guests and guest-hosts: get some decent recording-equipment) with amazing and very interesting talks. The host really knows what he is talking about, and has a great number of years under the belt on several engineering jobs to help him support his arguments, and you will probably agree with me when I say: He's usually right about almost everything. So to sum up: Amazing podcast Super-interesting Very good topics Interesting guests Regular updates Gotta love that Aussie accent Guest(s)(hosts): get some better equip! Still awesome. Need to listen some more now!

(ID: 952339416) A podcast explaining what's behind the modern life

It's highly technical show sometimes, but the conversation is so passionate that it's easy to follow. Don't be fooled by the category of the podcast, it covers much more than gadgets: from the electricity grid and energy sources to the value of an academic diploma in the age of google. You'll definitely learn a lot, you won't regret giving it a try.

(ID: 937310249) How things are thought and made to work

Great podcast for anyone who wants to know how the things around us are made to work. The presenters are knowledgeable on what they are talking about. This show reminds of Siracusa’s “Hypercritical” but about technology and engineering.

(ID: 1042357030) Wonderful show

Dare I say - this is probably the best podcast since the great Hypercritical. Great in-depth discussions about techie stuff that translate into real world use. John's favorite line "anyway, the point is..." makes it annoying yet painfully interesting...

gamov SG
(ID: 965672994) Serious in-depth Podcast

Very nice in-depth explanation of various tech subjects we use everyday.

Caner Kamburoğlu
(ID: 939995059) Muhteşem

Her gün kullandığınız ve benimsediğiniz teknolojilerin genel olarak hayatınıza etkisini görmek istiyorsanız, hiçbir bölümünü kaçırmamalısınız.

(ID: 3201308836) A must listen

Nothing is as simple as it seems and John explores these beautifully. A great show exploring the practical applications of our technologies. Ps. John is my co-host on Bubblesort Show and Bubblesort TV @CWDaly Podcaster at Cybrcast, Bubblesort Show, Bubblesort TV, and Through My Lens with Clay Daly

(ID: 1580993713) Thorough examination of varied tech topics

John certainly adds his particular and passionate style to disseminate knowledge on a broad base of topics in a thorough way while being well supported by Ben. I recently heard this podcast show mentioned on another podcast and started at the beginning and have enjoyed each episode so far. I look forward to catching up to the rest of the audience. Thanks John & Ben for the episodes.

Jason Tate
(ID: 1142223210) Learn Something New Every Time

One of my favorite podcasts to listen to each week. The obviously well researched and knowledgeable host does a great job of making even complex topics fun to listen to and engaging. Highly recommended.

(ID: 1107792609) Consistently excellent and informative

I’m really happy to have discovered this podcast. The topics offer a wide range of discussion on technology, and development concerns but thankfully begin with a review of where the ideas originated instead of covering just where we are today and manage to make sometimes pretty dry material quite engaging. The last episode (47) covering barcode and nfc/rfid tech provides a terrific summary of some of the technologies I deal with every day at work that I hadn’t taken the time to discover myself. I look forward to each episode now and highly recommend you give it a listen.

(ID: 1105886222) Thorough and Engaging

Absolutely love this podcast. The way John and his guests break down topics is fascinating, and I find I am always learning something new and interesting. I highly recommend this podcast for anyone who is curious not only about technology, but also the history and evolution of it. Even if you only listen to shows covering topics in your wheelhouse, it will be worth your while.

(ID: 1105101893) Insightful and Educational

This is a podcast I look forward to every week. John is at his best when he deep dives into the history of a normally mundane technology (like his latest episode on barcodes). Love the show, absolutely worth listening to. I do find that the dynamics of rotating hosts, as opposed to traditionally rotating guests, can be a bit awkward, however it is a minor quibble in an otherwise great show. Keep up the great work, John!

(ID: 1073863218) Exceptional, thoughtful

John does an impressive job of being as accurate as possible, diving into subjects with a great deal of thought and research. I’ve learned a lot about things that I might not have been otherwise exposed to. John sounds great, speaks well, thinks carefully, and is unapologetically precise. He reminds me somewhat of Steve Gibson with an Australian accent in the care he puts into the show. I’d recommend this to anyone interested in learning something new. John relentlessly breaks down the discussion to basic principles and builds your understanding up to the point that you can grasp (if fleetingly) a new appreciation for the subject matter. I listen to 3 podcasts regularly: ATP (Accidental Tech Podcast) Back to Work Pragmatic Favorite personalities: John Siracusa Marco Arment Casey Liss John Chidgey Merlin Mann Dan Benjamin Steve Gibson

CW User
(ID: 1073794967) Relevant. Deep. Pragmatic.

When I was young, my grandfather told me I should read a different magazine every month. When I got older, I realized the wisdom of his advice. By reading different trade or popular magazines, I got a broad base of knowledge on how different people see different things. You learn a lot as a ten year old reading an archeology magazine one month, and a car magazine the next month. Pragmatic is like listening to a different magazine every week. John Chidgey does a remarkable job of researching complex topics, giving you a lot of information and then drawing conclusions from that research. His recent episode on smart watches and power sources is a great example of this. John goes over the power generated by solar panels on watches, and thoroughly demonstrates why the Apple Watch could not be practically powered by such a panel. He takes a Pragmatic view of the world, and then helps you understand why things are the way they are. His new regular co-host, Vic Hudson, is a fantastic addition as a regular, understanding the flow and structure of the show, and asking smart questions at the right time. The bottom line is this: if you want to learn something new about how the world works every week, listen to Pragmatic. I even enjoyed listening to an hour and a half on whiteboards and markers!

Ham 'n' cheese
(ID: 1059114691) Awesome topics!

This is just an awesome podcast! As an ME student it has really helped me broden my knowlage base. Even when they talk about some programing or more EE topics it is still easy to follow and learn on the way. Thanks!!!

(ID: 1049026820) Informative variety show

Wonderful show having a broad range of topics and very informative.

(ID: 1041134038) Very well done

Pragmatic brings its listeners a wide range of technological topics. It does a good job sticking to the theme of practicality. The hosts are all well-informed, and the information about researched topics in each episode is delivered effectively.

(ID: 1036165948) Fascinating

Really interesting and completely engaging, this podcast is like a high-end explainer for everything tech-related.

Dean Johnson
(ID: 1025382806) Solid Topics, Great Info!

I really like the variety of topics and the non-trivial depth that subjects are delved into. I think some of the things can be tightened up a bit, but it’s not really a problem overall.

(ID: 975596943) Love the Podcast

I first heard about you guys from CGP Grey! My only observation is the conversations are very much one sided. Other than that interesting topics.

Paolo G_
(ID: 963235556) A great technical podcast

If you are looking for a podcast that is technical and entertaining, this is the one. The host, John Chidgey, dives into technical topics discussing trade-offs and challenges. Although each episode covers a very different topic, John knows what he’s talking about every time.

(ID: 961448838) Very good podcast.

For someone who thoroughly enjoyed the sheer density of information of Hypercritical (with John Siracusa and Dan Benjamin), Pragmatic is very entertaining. Topics are clearly well-researched, both hosts are good at explaining otherwise complicated concepts, and the show clearly respects listener feedback.

(ID: 953084833) It’s a 'Sometimes' Show

I subscribed with episode 3 and listened every week for a while but have ‘downgraded’ the show to a ‘sometimes’ listen. I don’t listen to the entire episode if I listen at all. The shows are too long for the amount of information in them, and Ben can be called a co-host in the way that the crust is an essential part of a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. If it wasn’t there, you’d never know.

Isaac Case
(ID: 950612300) Wonderful new podcast

I love the amount of background and detail that John goes through. He really goes into great depth to make sure that the topic is well understood. I really appreciate the broad range of topics discussed. I also appreciate that John often tries to explain why tech decisions were made not just the results.

jed h.
(ID: 946451843) Way better than a college lecture

Pragmatic is an extremely insightful podcast with very intelligent hosts. I've listened to every episode, and each of them have provided me with at least a dozen new/practical pieces of information. Anyone who wants a brief overview of a wide range of tech topics should really give this podcast a listen.

(ID: 946182449) A Gem

This podcast is a rarity. It delivers fresh, diverse, well-researched, and entertainingly delivered content week after week. Chidgey's enthusiasm and thoroughness are truly contagious. The highest compliment I can give is to admit that I invested in better hearing protection because of John Chidgey. :-)

Zac Szewczyk
(ID: 943876670) One of the best

If you liked John Siracusa’s incredibly in-depth approach to topics on Hypercritical, you will love Pragmatic: John Chidgey and Ben Alexander take topics from the iPhone to energy consumption and pick them apart in more detail than I would have ever thought possible. I’ve learned more from this show in the last two and a half months than from two semesters in college; I can’t recommend it strongly enough.

(ID: 929758804) Great Show

Love the new layout o the show. I look forward to it every week! Great job guys!

(ID: 928833161) My favorite podcast.

I have learned something on every episode I have listened to; which includes all of them so far. The podcast is entertaining and provocative. The pros and cons of the subject are always discussed. I would recommend this podcast to anyone interested in technology.

(ID: 926315802) Extremely interesting topics

As an engineer myself, I really appreciate listening to this podcast and learning more about technologies I have not read up on. The show talks about the trade offs of design which is the essence of engineering.

(ID: 907741055) Wide ranging topics, but passionate about good technology

Really enjoying this podcast so far. The topics are wide ranging, not just practical gadgets, but practical tech. Covering renewable, power grids, gadgets, home automation. Very well informed hosts are a huge plus.

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