Sleep: Introducing Sleep

29 March, 2020

As a long time podcaster I’ve had feedback many, many times that people listening to my voice find it to be relaxing and perhaps even, help them to fall asleep. Having spent so many years now trying to help people through explaining how things work in Pragmatic, the true causes of disasters and how to prevent them in Causality and musings on all things in Analytical, it’s time to try and help people in a different way.

Rather than hold your attention, educate or inform, “Sleep” is a podcast intended to help you fall asleep. That’s it. Nothing more. Nothing less. The show will never have advertising and every episode will be content read from the most unlikely of sources for your enjoyment. Novels, magazines, anything lying around. It’s all fair game, provided it’s free to use. Feel free to request something!

The show will air periodically starting today and will be be targeted at about 10-15 minutes per episode. Many thanks to Patrons of the network for their continued support and for making this show possible.

So now that’s out of the way…let me talk to you. Just for a few minutes…