Since 2016 The Engineered Network has been entirely run, developed, content created, edited and published by me, John Chidgey as a passion project. My full time job is as an Electrical and Control Systems Engineer, and has been for the past 25 years. The reason this exists is to share what I’ve learned in my career with everyone and to reach as wide an audience as possible.

This work is predominantly funded by you, our listeners. If not for your support, this project would ultimately end.

If you’d like to support one show or all the shows, then you can! There are many options listed below from most preferred at the top.

via Lightning

Since becoming more involved with Podcasting 2.0 recently we’ve added Crypto-currency options for those wishing to show their support via Bitcoin or Lightning. Lightning is faster, quicker and cheaper and a great way to support while you’re enjoying listening to an episode is via a new Podcasting App and the preferred app for TEN is the wonderful Castamatic for iOS and Fountain on Android. Other options for other operating systems are discussed here.

Alternatively you can support directly via the button below…

Boost-A-Gram Leaderboard

Each show has it’s own Top 10 Boost-A-Gram list, with your boost amount, episode boosted, name and message (on hover), as well as an overall Network Top 10 list on the home page. Note: Entries may be excluded from being displayed on the site if they’re considered to be abusive, offensive or promotional in nature.

via Patreon

Regular recurring support is preferred via our Patreon. This is the best way to support as you also get access to extra perks like raw show notes, content created just for Patrons, ad-free, higher quality episodes and clips that aren’t available anywhere else. If you like what we’re doing at TEN and you want to support then Patreon is the best way to do that. There are monthly tiers now also with an Annual discount of two months free!

via PayPal

If you’re not comfortable with recurring support that’s totally fine, there is also a PayPal Me for one off support.

via Stripe

There is also an Stripe-based one-off support and on-going support option.

via Apple Podcasts

An alternative recurring support option is via our Apple Podcasts Channel. This is the equivalent of Patreon Premium support as you also get access audio content created just for Patrons, as well as ad-free, higher quality episodes and clips that aren’t available anywhere else. There is monthly and an annual support option that includes two months free!


Thank you all for your support and encouragement because without it, TEN would not exist.