The Engineered Network: Ad-Free Goal Reached

11 February, 2022

Just over a year ago I wrote about an Ad-Free goal on Patreon of $300/month. What has happened since then however is Apple Podcasts TEN Channel launched and Streaming Satoshis also kicked off. Whilst it’s not all on Patreon, supporters of the network have now collectively crossed the Ad-Free goal, set just over a year ago.

Thank you EVERYONE!!

As of February, 2022 TEN will not seek out any advertising for any of our shows for a trial period of 12 months and if sustainable will be extended indefinitely. Today the last episode of Causality went live with a sponsor, however from this point there will be no further website or episode sponsorships for new episodes for the trial period.

What it means for Ad-Free Episodes

If there are no ads, then what does an ‘Ad-Free’ episode actually mean? (I’m glad you asked) Well for those supporters already at Premium or above, you’ll already know that I don’t just cut out the Ads, I also cut out most of the preamble and postamble (not a word but should be) and the key benefit is I post most new episodes long before the public version is released. Not only that, Premium and above will also get the bonus content I don’t publish publicly.

I’m stunned, humbled and so very grateful for all of the support via whichever medium you’re comfortable with. It’s been 6 years since TEN launched and I never thought it would be possible to reach this point.

Another massive thank you to everyone that is already a supporter via Patreon, via Apple Podcasts or via Streaming Sats, for all of your support in making this become a reality! You’re all amazing! (And you know it…)