The Engineered Network: Boost-A-Grams

20 September, 2021

In the past few months I’ve been working in the background to integrate as many of the new Podcasting 2.0 tags into The Engineered Network’s active podcasts as I can. One relatively recent feature is the ability for some podcast client apps to not only send a “Boost” of sats while they’re listening, but now they can customise a message to go along with it.

The PC2.0 team are referring to this as a “Boost-A-Gram” which has a nice ring to it. Hence today I’m now listing a leaderboard of the Top 5 Boost-A-Grams on the main home page as well as for each of the respective Podcast pages as a thank you and recognition for your support. To be eligible all you need to do it to send your Boost with a message!

At this time there are several apps that support them:

Four examples that support Boost-A-Grams at time of writing are Fountain:



…and Podfriend:

More apps are supporting these features every few weeks and it’s exciting to watch. Always check here for the most up to date list. Hopefully they’re coming to a podcast client near you soon.

Thank you for your ongoing support and as always, thank you for listening.