The Engineered Network: Causality 50th Episode Competition Winner

3 June, 2023

Thank you to everyone that took time to enter the 50th Episode of Causality competition. I was quite surprised at the response for sure. It was a difficult decision but the winner is Hauke Jan L├╝bbers who wrote an excellent blog post that not only discussed the show, but also Hauke had some good insights into a trend I’ve also noticed in the Softwware Industry at the moment where Fail Fast, Fail Often is a mantra many are distancing themselves from (with good reason).

It’s been a challenging first half of 2023 for myself personally but despite this, we made it to 50 episodes and Causality continues to grow in popularity slowly but surely, despite the somewhat irregular schedule. Many, many more episodes to come.

A massive thank you to everyone that is already a supporter via Patreon, via Apple Podcasts or via Streaming Sats, for all of your support both for this show and for the other shows on TEN.