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Episode 32: Cloud

11 December, 2018

With operational technology relying more and more on desktop computer platforms for control and monitoring, just how much can be put in the cloud safely?

With John Chidgey.

Episode 31: Self

9 November, 2018

Understanding yourself and self reflection can be good thing, but it can go too far. How far is far enough and how do you know when to stop?

With John Chidgey.

Episode 30: Lists

28 September, 2018

Lists can be a great way of tracking things to do and random thoughts and ideas. But if they’re abused they can drag you down into list-hell.

With John Chidgey.

Episode 29: Purpose

14 September, 2018

Purpose and Passion are inter-related but in ways that might not be obvious at first glance. We unpack why purpose is critical and how it changes everything.

With John Chidgey.

Episode 28: Tools

13 July, 2018

Some people are obsessed with the tools they use to get the job done. How much better is the best tool vs the right tool and how much time should be spend seeking out the perfect tool for the job?

With John Chidgey.

Episode 27: Creators

18 May, 2018

There are creators, consumers and regurgitators of knowledge and information. Which and you? And why I think you should spend at some of your time creating something.

With John Chidgey.