Addenda 2: After Pragmatic 43

14 November, 2014


Following Pragmatic Episode 43 Marco and I talk about out batting skills between Baseball and Cricket and the virtues of in-ear monitors for reducing sound leakage.

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We always talk about baseball. Yeah, because I'm a sports expert. So am I. I know so much about baseball. Yeah, you see you swing the bat at the ball and then the ball might go somewhere. Well, unless you're me. I did play t-ball when I was a kid. Yeah, but the ball's not moving in t-ball. Yeah, I was so bad even at t-ball that I was held back in t-ball for an extra year. No, and and then so I played t-ball through I think fourth grade and then fifth grade I went up to like real baseball for the first time and I struck out every time I think I think I got one hit the entire season Mmm, and then I stopped playing After fifth grade I'm like you know what after an entire season where I got a hit I think this is maybe not for me Let's look at other interests. I think that's probably the right career choice you made just there. I hope so. I mean, baseball is not as common in Australia, but cricket is and you know, cricket and you know, baseball have a lot in common despite everyone will tell you, oh, no, they're totally different games, but you know, bat, ball, you know, whatever. And I was a terrible batsman, absolutely horrible. And my longest ever stint at the crease, I was, I faced 49 deliveries for no runs. So I made no runs. I was basically the batter at the other end and I would just not get out while the other guy scored all the runs. We were running back and forth and I do all this running back and forth and everything and I never hit the ball far enough to actually get a run. Never mind that. Yay sports. Anyway, I just brought that up because I saw a few people on Twitter saying that the World Series apparently is going on at the moment and Marco is the only one on here not tweeting about it. Yeah well last night like literally as from what I gather this was this the last game it was it was a very important game whatever I don't know game seven or something I don't know I think that's the last game anyway it was a very important game that had apparently ended in some very dramatic and surprising way and literally as this is happening I'm tweeting about NAS backup strategies. Yeah which is actually a lot more interesting than. Well, to some people, but you know, most people probably thought I was an alien. They just don't understand you, Marco. Anyway, I'm in the market for some new headphones because my kids destroyed this pair. Oh, you gotta be kidding. They pulled too hard. I'm serious. They pulled too hard on one side and now it doesn't like now it slides in and out. I don't know the technical name for it, but it's a it's a there's a plastic, you know, the a long plastic protrusion with a little not not knob on the end. And it goes through a bunch of small divots in the centerpiece and it sort of holds in position. So I go click, click, click, click, click, click in and out to hold it in position at different setting setting levels between the main bridge at the top of the headphones and the actual side. Oh, yeah, yeah. No, technically this this means they're broken. Yeah, exactly. That's a technical word. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. So unfortunately, yeah. So over-ear headphones and the problem I got is because I wear glasses. You don't wear glasses, I don't think so. No, no. No, not yet. Yeah. Give it time. I know it's I know it'll happen, but not yet. Yeah. It's inevitable. I've been dealing with this since I was in grade six. So, yeah. But anyway, although not podcasting with them. Anyway, the problem is that I get leakage, I think, from where the lenses go through. So, I've got two options. Because low-leakage headphones, you know, over-ear headphones is the only real way to go. But the only way I could find to actually stop it is to go in-ear headphones and put earmuffs over the top, which is, you know, like ridiculous, but it does actually cut out all of the leakage. That's crazy. That is crazy. And it actually hurts after about two hours. Are you talking about earbuds or in-ear monitors? No, I'm talking about earbuds because that's what I've got lying around. Yeah, you should look into in-ear monitors. So everyone else loves in-ear monitors. I personally find them painful to wear because every earbud and IEM I've ever tried has hurt my ear, like physically really uncomfortably hurt it within 10 minutes of having it on. And I've tried so many that people said, "Oh, well this will be better." And it's not. Please, please don't email me about custom fit IEMs. I know they exist. So that being said, if your ears are physically compatible with IEMs, they are by far the best solution to this problem. Because they look like earbuds in that they're small and they go in your ear so that you won't have the problem with where to put the glasses, arms, through the mirror or whatever. And they isolate extremely well. So you will almost certainly have no sound leakage at all coming out of those things. also tend to sound really good, whatever that's worth. So I would say look into in-ear monitors. I know Shure makes some pretty good relatively inexpensive ones. Honestly, I don't know much else about it besides that. That's fine, considering that you don't use them yourself, that's understandable. But honestly, yeah, because I need to do something because these over-ear headphones are just not cutting it. And if I can get in-ear monitors that have got good isolation and that would be the best way to go I think because then that way I don't have to worry about my glasses interfering with the seal. I mean true in-ear monitors all have good isolation like not just as long as they're not earbuds actual in-ear monitors are always extremely isolated.
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