The Engineered Network: Ad-Free Causality

29 April, 2023

Just over a year ago I wrote and a year before that I wrote about an Ad-Free goal between Patreon, Apple Podcasts TEN Channel and Streaming Satoshis. Supporters of the network have consistently stayed above the Ad-Free threshold for over a year now!

Thank you EVERYONE!!

As of April, 2023 Causality episodes in the back-catalogue have been scrubbed of Ads, both on the website and in the episode audio. Whilst I’ve been in there, I’ve tweaked a few things like noise suppression, normalising levels, transitions and of course, adjusted the timestamps for the transcripts (where they existed).

I will not be extending this to other shows at this time though I may reconsider scrubbing back-catalogues some day in the future as a separate exercise.

What it means for Supporters

If there are no ads, then what does a supporter get now? Well for those supporters already at Premium or above, you will still get the higher-quality audio version, posted before the public version is released. Not only that, Premium and above will still get bonus content I don’t publish publicly.

I’m still both shocked and humbled and so very grateful for all of the support via whichever medium you’re comfortable with. It’s been 7 years since TEN launched and back then, I never thought it would be possible to reach this point.

Another massive thank you to everyone that is already a supporter via Patreon, via Apple Podcasts or via Streaming Sats, for all of your support in making this a reality!