Chain of Events. Cause and Effect. We analyse what went right and what went wrong as we discover that many outcomes can be predicted, planned for and even prevented.

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Episode 24: Columbia

14 December, 2018

In 2003 the Space Shuttle Columbia launched successfully but after its mission was completed burned up on re-entry with the loss of all onboard. We look at how normalisation of deviation blinded many at NASA to a risk that had existed since 1981.

With John Chidgey.

Episode 13: Costa Concordia

13 November, 2016

A near-new modern cruise liner with all the navigational aids and maps struck rocks and sank killing over 30 people and the man most responsible still walks free today.

With John Chidgey.

Episode 12: Mont Blanc Tunnel

30 September, 2016

The Mont Blanc tunnel cut hours off the journey between Italy and France and in 1999 in a fire emergency services were unable to save 38 lives. We look at why.

With John Chidgey.

For decades Flint Michigan derived safe drinking water from Detroit. When the supply was switched to save money a series of events unfolded and their supply became undrinkable. How could this happen?

With John Chidgey.

Episode 10: The Comet

5 June, 2016

The Comet was the worlds first commercial jet aeroplane and those that flew aboard it formed the so-called JetSet. When they started to crash, the world of aviation changed forever.

With John Chidgey.

Episode 9: Hindenburg

27 April, 2016

The largest airship ever constructed burst into flames when trying to land in 1937 in New Jersey in what has become one of the most striking disasters of modern times.

With John Chidgey.