Chain of Events. Cause and Effect. We analyse what went right and what went wrong as we discover that many outcomes can be predicted, planned for and even prevented.

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Episode 24: Columbia

14 December, 2018

In 2003 the Space Shuttle Columbia launched successfully but after its mission was completed burned up on re-entry with the loss of all onboard. We look at how normalisation of deviation blinded many at NASA to a risk that had existed since 1981.

With John Chidgey.

Episode 8: Challenger

11 March, 2016

The Challenger Space Shuttle was directed to launch on the coldest day on record in Florida and 73 seconds after launch it exploded but the engineers saw it coming.

With John Chidgey.

Episode 7: Piper Alpha

12 February, 2016

The Piper Oil field in the North Sea became the site of one of the worst Offshore Oil Rig disasters in history when Piper Platform Alpha went up in flames.

With John Chidgey.

Episode 6: Amagasaki

29 January, 2016

The Amagasaki rail crash was entirely caused by human error but was it a fear of punishment by the company that was ultimately the cause.

With John Chidgey.

Episode 5: Maccabiah

24 December, 2015

The 15th Maccabiah Games in 1997 had a temporary bridge for the opening ceremony. The world was shocked when it failed and it did so on every level.

With John Chidgey.

Episode 4: Titanic

12 December, 2015

The Titanic famously sank on her maiden voyage with a huge loss of life. No ship is unsinkable.

With John Chidgey.