Pragmatic 24A: Downloaded vs Streamed Follow-up 1

14 June, 2014


Follow up (Part A) to Downloaded vs Streamed where we look into another big reason why Australian internet is so expensive beyond the lack of economies of scale. Many thanks to Alex Garner for the detailed feedback.

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This is pragmatic follow-up update episode 24 downloaded versus strained I had some feedback from Alex Garner who was talking about one of the issues of living in an isolated location like Australia is that all the Internet that we get is via a series of undersea cables which you I was aware of that that one of the things that he's given me and in his feedback email is actually a list of the transfer the data transfer rate of all of these cables which is actually fascinating and I have looked into previously so if you're looking at the total number and there is quite a long list here arm of of the transfer rates looking around about 70 TB per second and I thank you for doing the maths for me out but that's divided by 16.5 million households but that doesn't count mobile use or business use which is you are going to be a significant component of that and that is a narrative just for meg per second so why this matters is that our Internet in Australia is therefore needs to subsidise the fact all rather needs to account for the cost of being able to get all the information majority of which is not stored within the confines of the Australian continent now that raises another interesting service is not just the distance between our towns and the cost per user from a point of view of economies of scale or rather the lack of economies of scale which is one of the reasons that makes our Internet access more expensive so the general approach if this if companies are serious about getting streaming to work in an innocent Australian context and the right answer is to have a set of mirrored servers here in Australia and that will periodically update with all the relevant data from their sister sites over in well I either Europe or the US presumably or Ra or Asia and that stored local copy therefore would be a yard part of a content delivery network and that CDN in Australia for if I would log into Apple and download a movie or download from the Apple iTunes server as opposed to the one in North Carolina hence that would make more sense of course there is no way that an Internet service provider could possibly account for that and assuming everyone would do that therefore they have to spread that burden across everybody so streaming versus downloading in Australia has a very different spin on the North America for cost reasons I did so talk about that during episode that I thought that it was so some really good feedback from Alex Garner going to some the details and data thank you very much for that feedback´┐Ż
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List of Australian Undersea internet connections:

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John Chidgey

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