Pragmatic 8: A Nice Quiet Serene Environment

12 January, 2014


In this episode John and Ben talk about noise. Noise is a big problem. A lot of people tend to overlook it. A lot of people tend to shrug it off like its no big deal. But you only get one set of ears, and once they’re wrecked you’re out of luck.

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Is pragmatic to weekly discussion shall contemplating the practical application of technology exploring real-world trade-offs we look at how great it is transformed into products and services that can change your lives nothing is as simple as it seems that Alexander Acosta John Judy 800 very well they do about the great some notes look at my cup, we construct At This Time the Rumour Has It the Most the Vortex Has Moved on the Polar Vortex Yeah Sounds Very Spooky and Start a Bit Creepy but There Is A Lot Of Static Unit That I Was Just the News Media Making Stuff up but into Something It Was Really Gone Now I Saw the Photo That You Posted It Was so You Definitely Looked Rather Chilly Day and Am Now I Guess I Was Complaining about Being Ridiculous Temperatures Here Is a Really Hot and Are Now I Guess You the Other Inspections so Someone Put up a Group Are Image and Tweeted It Was Just As Peculiar Than the Entire Northern Hemisphere Is Just This Mobile Number Sign Hemisphere Is Flaming Lather Was This Last Week Sums It up Nicely Okay Well Just Want to Start As I Usually Do Are with the Bank Use the List Is Getting Longer so Our Ultimate a Sister Quickly Are Our Fly through These so These Are Firstly to a Shouts Thanks to Our the Typist on Twitter Again Are by Think They Prefer Anonymity and That's Fine Are Also Thanks to Stephen Villa Bird Popular the Day I'm Not Sure Which Way Is Pronounced Are the Cousin Are Mikel Nicholas Dykes and Andreas Acting Kieran As Zach Settled so As Soon As I'm Sorry I Have No Idea How a Bachelor's Name Zach Arm SW CZ YKR Peter Evans Baylor Kemal Ben Curtin Andrew Cameron Ron Pope and Nathan Al Pay and Also a Special Thanks to Seth Clifford Who Were Arm I Been Following His Upward Cast Who Are Either Recorded Rate Which Is on the Are the ER Part of the Armed Violations and I More Stuff with Renée Ritchie and I Lie Was That Regularly so As Our Lawgiver Abuzz to One Together Thanks from from Seth so Thank You for That Sofa Missed Anyone… It's Beautiful off along This Week and I've Been in the Midst of Changing Jobs and Is Arm I Had Missed Anybody so Thank You for All the Way Shouts I Really Do Appreciate It and Is There Was Also One Extra Special Thanks to Our Maxim Harper He Calls Himself a Cynical Technology Connoisseur on His Website Which Are Found, Conical and He Wrote a Very Nice Review First in the UK ITunes Store Is Very Complimentary so Again Thank You Very Much for That Review Much Appreciated so We Also Are Going to Be Putting up a Pole and Is This Poll Will Be Relatively Painful Painful, Goodness Is a Painful Old No Leaders Lying Arm Pain Was Desirable I Start over Okay Painless That the Opposite of What the Godly Life When Aladdin Okay Anyhow Arm a Couple of Questions about the Units That You Prefer to Hear Things in Our Metric Imperial and Metric and Imperial Survivability Odd Question I Know but Still Had a Couple Queries from from Listeners and I'd Just like to Get a Definitive Answer from Mark from the List Is to See What If They Really If It's an Issue for Them A Lot and Are More Importantly Also Is so Were Considering Adding Life As an over Feature on the Show However Because of My Situation and Their Situation Are We Have To Restrict Recording Hours We Can Actually Do the Show and We Can Recorded and I Guess What Would like to Do Is See If There's Any Interest in Doing a Live Show and Admit Making This a Live Show As Well As an Edited Version Rather like Some of the Other Networks Are Doing and so I like to Just Get Feedback on Them See How Much Interest If There Is Any R4 Is Doing That so Now and Really Just Looking for a Different If It's Something around at the Time of the Amount of That Stiffness Can Work for You Guys Technically Are the Group and I Will Not Worry about the Capability of Doing It but Are Critically Astonishing You're Right We Just Want to Make Sure That Our Bidders and the People in Actually Wanton Would Be Be Willing to Our Development under Some Absolutely so Obviously If A Few People, SAI Yeah Now We We We Would like It but Then You Know We Have A Lot Of Responses Saying I Look at Our Anomalies and Live the Minutes Fine and I Just Want to Get a Sibling to Handle That before We Go down That Path Will Not so Why Your Ceiling to the Show Notes and Are You Feel Free Please See While Phil and Let's Not Think and Are Will Assess and Feedback the Results Next Episode Right so Topic for Today Ben What We Are What We Got What We Got Okay This Is Arm Is Gonna Sound Strange but I Will Talk about Noise and I Say Noise I Guess I Don't Mean Noise and a Sense of Noise in the Background of My Microphone Necessarily or Are Really Else or Noise like the Other Kids Screaming Our Which Thankfully Is Our Lives at Bedtime so They Are Grossly Registered Arm but Now I Will Talk about Noise Because Noise Is a Big Problem A Lot Of People Tend to Overlook It A Lot Of People Tend to Sigh Shrugged off like It's No Big Deal and Always Inheritance and Why Things and in My Line of Work Is That You Get Us A Lot Of Workplace Health and Safety or Occupational Health & Safety Whereby They Do A Lot Of Education over Good and Bad Practices by Tape Taking Care of Your Hearing Because the Only One Set of Ears and You Once They Watch Their Reactive Kind of Our Luck so It's Only Verbally to Take Care of and When I've Done Work of the Last Smell What Seems like a Long Time I've Worked in Different Sorts of Places like Sawmills for Example Bottling Lines Brickworks Wastewater Treatment Plant Solicit Some of These before but the Bottom Line Is That You Walk in the Door of These Places and on the Fence Usually They Have the Sign of Someone's Hand with a Bunch Had Our Earmuffs Protectors Are on Their and That Says Hearing Protection Must Be Worn at All Times and It's a Sort of Thing That You Don't See Them As Much an Office Environment but There Are Still Issues with Vehicles and Where You Live in and the Music That We Listen to That Frankly the Sign Should Be Everywhere Really Mean They're Not Bad People What It Was Don't Think about so I Decided to Talk about That and What I've Learned and What I Think You How I Think You Should Be Aware of and Is so to Start off As I Say from the Outset Look I Hated Biology I Sucked the Biology so I'm Gonna Go and Talk about Arm Were the Cochlear or the Inner Ear Drum Bones All Things Because I I Really Don't Honestly Care That Much I Should Feel Free Look It up If You'd like Our but All I Will Say Is That It's All Very Delicate so You Must Not Racket Showy so Biological Content Is Episode Will Be Very Low Feel Free to Look It up If You Love Biology I'm Sorry I'm Not One of Those People so What Is Sound Real Quick Just a Rule No High School Refresher Brought Fast to Sound As Essentially As a Pressure Wave Travels through a Medium Whatever Medium May Be Doesn't It Could Be a Solid It Could Be a Liquid or It Could Be a Gas but It Needs Immediate Travel through Cedar Gets Out Of Space Because Is No Met Nothing to Travel through so the Purposes of What We're Talking about Though I'm Really Vanished into Our Sound Conduction through Air so That's Oriental about Today Is a Standard Temperature and Pressure Which Is DO Mean Sea Level and Nothing It's 20 20°C so at STP Speaker Sounds Measured about 343 M/s Which Is 1125 Ft/s and That If You Prefer in Measurements per Hour That's Our 1230, Is Real or 767 Are Most Proud so Sounds Quick but Really Is and Compare That with Light It's Pretty Slow Really Burn Any Case the Human Ear Can Weaken Our Ears Can Recognise Sound Anywhere from As Low As about 20 Hz up to 20 KHz Obviously Varies Based on Individual but Generally Speaking That's What We Thus We Come out with Our Obviously As We Get Older Waiting Obviously but As We Do Get Older Unfortunately That the Top Frequencies Tender Roll off How Much They Roll off and How Far down the Rollouts to Varies Again from Individual Individual and Obviously If You Had Hearing Hearing Damages While Also Affected so Instantaneous Sound Pressure Level Is a Deviation between the Average Pressure and the Peak Sound Pressure to Give an Instant in Time but the Actual Sound Pressure Level or What We Refer Would Just You Loosely Afford to Refer to As Loudness While That Is Actually the Root Mean Square Value All That Instantaneous Sound Pressure Level As Represented Bell's for Whatever Reason Someone Decided Bell's Site and It Would Be Easier to Represent Things in DB All Tens of Bell's Arm Guard Say Everything Is Done in Terms of Bell's or DB of Debasement We Called the Beast so Are Going to Deliver More High School Maths There Is a Logarithmic Scale Arm Bar.Why Go to Explain Abba Just Don't Suffice to Say Is Not Linear and As You Increase in Value the Numbers the This Actual Space on the Scale As Compressed As You As You Increase in Value Such a Compressed Scale As You Got Scale and It's Amazing How Me Things in Nature Logarithmic but Anyway so Sound Pressure through the Air Is Most Commonly Relating to the Human Ear so How We Hear Something so Is Not about the Raw Sound Pressure It's Usually Waited so What We Do Is We Look at the Frequency Spectrum between 20 Hz and 20 KHz and They Developed a Curve That They Call the RDA Rating Curves in the Letter a Day Waiting to See a Waiting Curve Is Specifically Designed to Fit the Human Ear Insofar As It Accentuates the Frequencies between 3 KHz and 6 KHz and Everything outside of That Region Are Essentially Rolls off Because That's outside of the Most Sensitive Area of Human Hearing and Dissidents As a Side Note If You Would Talk Previously about Things like Vocoder's and so on in My in Mobile Telephone Communications but They Also Focus on Those Frequencies so Specifically in That Region Because What They Want to Do Is They Want to Encode the Areas of Our Speech That the Freezer Speech That Carried a Majority of the Data or Content That out That That Year He Is so That a Rating They Attached to the Ends of the Terminology Cycle DBA so You'll See DBA Written on All Sorts of Different Audio Devices or Frustrating to Create Noise like for Example the Back of Your Arm Grass Grass Colour Edge Trimmer Whippersnapper in a Brush Cut When I Call It Ill Have a Sticker on the Back Exams to Go Back and Widening Is 87 DBA and Is a Loss at Italy's Chainsaws Again Though I Have Ms Wells Anything with an Engine Will Have a DBA Rating and Travels These Are Engines I Have DBA Ratings so the DBA Rating Is Essentially How Much Noise and Sound Pressure It's Making and Is Adjusted to Compensate for Human Hearing so Why Does That Matter Well the Problem Is That Human Ear Is Fragile and Seeking Damages If It's Too Loud and Stupid Two Kinds of Damage You Get Instantaneous Damage and You'll Get Our Long-Term Continuous Damage so the Problem Is That You Need to Protect Your Hearing from Both of Those Eventualities the One That Is Most Commonly Ignored Is the Long-Term High Sound Pressure Levels so Little a Little Bit More in a Minute Audio or Sorry Sound Pressure Waves Travel As an Expanding Wave Front so I Have Usually They Have a Point or Close Enough to a Point Source like a Speaker or a Davidson Explosion for Example Whatever the Supporting the Sound Has a Single Point It Radiates from the so Therefore Because an Expanding Sphere of of Sound Pressure the Pressure Will Drop Inverse to the Square of the Distance from the Source Which Is Job the So-Called Inverse Square Law Arm Feel Free Look That One up Bottom Line Is That the Further Away You Go It Gets Significantly Less Pressure Less Volume but Because a Logarithmic Scale and Because Our Hearing Is Designed to to Compress Such That It Can Essentially Soften the Loud and Tweak up the Softer so That We Hear the Soft and the Fainter Noises Say Hearing Is Designed to Do That Register Really Cool Actually Think about It so We We Tend to Still Here a Long Way Away despite the Fact That the Sound Pressure Is Significantly Less If You Measure It so That's the Inverse Square Law so Distance Is a Big Deal and Is Another Interesting Effect Is the Effect of Temperature and Specifically Ground Surface Ground Temperature like This Are Have Said Yaffe Uzziah Sound Travels Further at Night and It Does It Does Ashley Have Measured That It Is Two Things a Cause That the Temperature of the Ground Hence the Density of the Grounds and the Reflections Easily Reflections My Guiding and of the Sound Pressure Waves at Nighttime Because of the Cold Air above the Ground Will Actually Increase the Distance That the Sound Will Travel and That's a Rather Interesting Effect the Other One Interesting Effect Is That at Nighttime Things Tend to Be Quieter Because Less Is Happening and When We Are so Is Less Traffic There's Less People the Others Is Letter Bearing All the Birds Go to Sleep or At Least the Ones That Are Sensible to and Southward up Anyway, My Having a Go Owls or Anything but Anyway the Sub Anyhow Back on Track Required by Our Bar Barn Owl Neuralgia Grown-Up Angus That Is to Be Low but Most of This Will Be an Does Look at a Funny Internet Upside down Now You See the Murderous Irrelevance but the Rugged but Sounds Handy Doesn't Die Unless of Course You Having One As a Pet in Which Case It Would Be Less Convenient Thank Sorry Harry If You Are Distinguishable Enough Anyhow Okay so Activity and Jokes so Here We Go Arm Goes I'm Sorry Identify Moral Was Okay so Arm into Noise Interference They Will Happen Is Noise at Different Frequencies from Different Directions Will Essentially Cancel Itself Out Of Its Out Of Phase so You Get Noise Cancellation Are and If There's Less Are Less Noise Coming in the Nebulous Noise Cancellation Solve the Nighttime Instead of Hearing a Blended Noise Which You Adhere during the Day You Would Hear a Just the Specific Noise like for Example I Hear Why Live I'm I Had a Freeway the Other Night Time I Don't Hear It during the Daytime Because Other Noise around As the Castanet out the Temperatures These Are Warmer Overground Therefore You Don't Hear It but Overnight, Do Here Anyhow so That's a Real Factor Does Also Happen so This Is an Interesting Side Note Not Particularly like I Had Sharing of Nighttime Necessarily but Anyway so There in the A Lot Of Studies Well Maybe A Lot I Think They Have a Similar Lot I Found A Few in This Village the Show Notes and They Show That for Listening to Music with the Difference When My Ear Canals and over Ear Headphones As a Noise Source Is Not Too Much of a Difference in Terms of How Much It Is a How Much Sound Pressure Your Eardrums Will Receive It's More the Raw Sound Pressure Level That Is Being Committed by the Headphones Irrespective of Their Tight so the Thing That so I Found Fascinating However Is That One State I Link to the Show Notes Looked at IPods and This Is Our Older Study Back in 2006 I Think It Was 2005 and the Headphones and Apple Had before It Was Given Pretty Well Consistent during That Time. So the Ones That We Had up to a Couple of Years Ago Those Older Style Apple Ear Pods the Lollipops Are Earbuds Those Headphones Are Tested and Is Rests Different Music Players Are Because Having Different Power Outputs for the Headphones They Were Suggesting That Anything above 50% Volume in Your Headphones Is Generally Considered to Something We Do Have a Time Limit As to How Long It Was the Music Scene above 50% Volume Could Potentially Cause Hearing Damage over a Longer Period of Time Obviously the Louder It Is the Less Time It Takes to Damage Hearing to the Point Which If It Was at 100% Maximum Volume the Listing Time Was down to 5 Minutes so You Was That for Viva Five Minutes You Are Going to Start Damaging Your Hearing so so It's Here I Don't Guess What Right Now so What What What I Say Damaging Herriott Although I'm in the Minute but Just Look at More about That There's Been A Few Independent Tests That Are Bent on the Ear Pods and If You Look at Their Response and Power by Generating Service Sound Pressure They Are Simply Not As Loud Compared Earbuds They Replaced and the Reasons That Assembles They Sacrificed Containing the Audio inside the Ear for a Bit of Comfort but They Also Provided More Arm Has To Put It the Frequency Response Is More Tailored to a Base so If You Listen to Both Edit Use and Using Ear Pods and Earbuds from Apple As I Have I'm Sure Many Many Balusters Have Then the Difference There Is Is Quite Marked Is That the Low-Frequency Is Far Better on the Ear Pods That Is Are on the Earbuds and It Bears out in the Tests That I Looked at Another Bubbling to a Show Notes However As a Result They Do Not Generate a Sum Total of As Much Sound Pressure so That Probably Essentially One Saying Is That They Softer Than You Dare Earbuds Line I Noticed Actually the Sound but It Did Not Sound Louder around the Base Level and Not the Broad-Spectrum Sound Sounds Better When There Are Very Loosely in the Areas of Posttraining They Really Are Cramming in Our Lake There Are Any Advance in Example Janet Immensely Clearly but Someone Can Do That Because When I Was Very Loosely in Merits It's Not Super Loud but You Do Have a Really Good Sense of of the DB That Which Is Impressive for the Small They Are Absolutely and I'm I'm Quite Impressed with Them and If My Children Had the Blossom Are I Made a Mistake of Letting Them to My Kids Once and Unfortunately It Was the Last Time I Saw Them so Someday I Hope the Show up Again Nevermind That Is My Problem Not Crazy Mothers to Outcome in a Side but I'm Here in the Do Maybe Have an Issue with Some Iraq Buildup Race like the Big Get a Little and the Sender and of the Mine Defeated or If It Is Numb and Usher but I Was Really Frustrated with Our Love There Were One Day and If so If You Ever Do Feel like They Are Simply to Quite A Few Here If You Swing While the Laughton Rate Stayed Late Switch around and Put Them in Backwards Arm Much Louder Lake Dramatically Louder Which It Is Really Interesting How Much Clearly Just Be That Sheet That They Designed and the Porting That Are Doing Our What a Difference It Actually Seems to Make As to Exactly How Its Position Is Clearly Beginning the Sound Entered a Very in a Very Focused Direction Soul Yesterday I Tried My Sensible Thing Is As If You're Having Trouble Hearing with Your Partners Meeting with Them around Your Little That an Idiot You'll Find a Find Exactly Where the Government and I Refer Back to What You Just Said Previously Which Will Just before Which Was Let Them Set Loosely in Your Eggs I Found That Works Much More Nicely Are the Design of the Ear Pods in Terms of Comfort Is Significantly Better Than the Earbuds Is No Doubt after I Will Earbuds for Even As Little As Half an Hour I Would Find My My Ears Were Sore You for As the Ear Pods I Could Wear Them for A Few Hours and Not Feel Any Discomfort. Videos Realised Seldom That I Would Use Them for More Than Two Hours of Time Are with My Commute for Example However You Know I Never Noticed a Sort of Laudable What Would You Call It Psycho Line 8 Exactly Just Just a General Soreness Now in My Ears so I Don't Have That Inhabiting of the Ear Pods Are Pretty Small Urinals and Thus the One Monitor Is Dangled from Our Salt Lake Having Our Aid Produced a Pair of the Late Apples Are down to Anyone Still Bitter of the Canal Was the Car Ones out There Actually Pretty Decent Deal Arm and Dart I Always Add on Any of Those Out Of Those Values the Very Very Small Didn't Get the Manner without Having It Really a Letter Egg and Worries about This Getting Stuck in the Other Night Good Know That Isn't Good but Some in Any Case the Level Aside There but What I Was Getting Towards Is There Is an Effect That People Tend to Do Whereby You're Wearing Headphones Are in Any Headphones Irrespective of Whether Canal Is Set in the Ear Canal or Whatever Irrespective You Got Headphones on Which You Don't Have over Ear Headphones Economy and As a Result of You Must Guess As a Result Your Ears Are Still Picking up External Noise like a Reasonable Amount of It so Some Summers Allow Conversation Someone Else Comes into Play Music Loud Are without Headphones on Whatever the Case May Be the Allow Traffic I Know and You Turn the Volume up on Yours to Try and Compensate a Natural Start to Go Wrong Because Normally Your Listener Volume Level That Is Acceptable Is When External Factors Come into Play That You Then Crank the Volume As Soon As You Start Cranking the Volume up to Compensate for External Sounds That's When Used That's Usually When You're Crossing at 5060% Market Is Usually When You Start Doing Damage and That's When You Go Take Yourself Out Of That Environment and Go to a Quieter Environment. Possible Then Honestly Arm You Should Be Looking at Different Headphones so and in a Case Is Caused Noise Cancelling Headphones That Are Your Best Option in the Case of You Are Really Noisy Environment the Answer Is Not to Crank It Is to Get Noise Cancelling Headphones Another Expensive Logo Areas but Believe Me It's a Better Option so in Any Case Arm so Why but All That Damaging Hearing Okay and Is the One I Got One Word for You and Us Tonight As Now There's More Than One Way Damaged Area in Apart from Showing a Screwdriver at Its Just Too Nice Is the Most Common and I Put My Head up Right Now Say That I Actually Suffer from Tinnitus and That's One of the Reasons I Will Talk about This Is Because It's the Subject of His Saga Close to Home for Me Arm so I Am I Tonight Is That I Have What I Want before Again That so What Is It Our Is Actually Two Different Kinds of Tonight Is This Jim Generally Considered Are the Got Objectives in Ice and Which Is Essentially Driven by Domestic Mixture of Different Causes like Our Mild Muscle Spasms Are Causing a Clicking or Crackling Noises in Area a Subset of That Is Some Pulsatile Tinnitus Are Which As the Name Might Suggest Pulse Pulsatile Lizards to a Pulse That Is Caused by Increased Blood Turbulence or Blood Pressure Are in and around the Eardrum It Can Be Indicative of Hypertension so If You Have High Blood Pressure Are Not Aware of It That That Could Be a Giveaway to Perhaps You Need to See a Doctor and Just Get a Subject out Having Said That Is Not the Focus of the Deniers That I Want to Talk about Because That's Actually As the Name Suggests Objectives in Ice Not Subjective Subjective Deniers Is Essentially There All the Time for a Bunch of Different Reasons so You've Got's Arm Conductive Artists Sense and Sensorineural and Those Essentially the Two Because I Want to Explore There Are a Raft of Other Potential Causes for Tinnitus but I'm Really Just Focusing on the Ones That Are Either More Easily Preventable through Controlling the Noise in Your Environment so Stick with That Just As Discussions I Acknowledge Yes That There Is a Whole Bunch of Other Courses but I Do Want to Explore Those at This Point Are so with the Those Cause a Particular Physical Damage to Your Eardrum Where Canal the Obvious One Is Physical Damage Due to Object Insertion of Insurrection Harbour Was That They Said That Don't Stick Anything Sharper Than Your Elbow Something, Interior Right and Whilst I Cannot Imagine Contorting My Elbow to Reach My Ear for One Thing Arm You Okay We Weep Who Hasn't Put a Finger in Area at Some Point Some Point You Clean out the Ear Wax in Area Somehow and Is You Have To Be Incredibly Careful How You Do That Because Physically Touching the Eardrum Will Cause Damage to It If You Are Not Careful so Now That's the Obvious Obvious Obvious One and Also Obvious One That's Also Easier to Provision to Prevent Is so Ear Infections and Most Are Ear Infections That Are Not Caused by a Secondary Illness like for Example the Secondary Site It Is the Secondary Officer so You Have a Sinus Infection and Travel to the Area Well No Idea You I Guess Were Lucky at the Moment We Live in a Dealer in a World Where We've Got Lots of Antibiotics and Antibiotics Can Cure so Many of Our Ailments for the Moment before Superbugs Get out and Scary Stuff Let's Not Go There Because Biology Anyhow Bottom Line Is That Ear Infections However Are Most Commonly Caused by People Going Swimming and Water Getting Lodged in the Ear and That Were Not Being Removed so People A Lot Of People Don't Realise When There Is Water Stuck in Area and I'd Done A Lot Of Swimming and I Guess Something That in Australia It's Exactly Quite Common for People to Go Swimming Quite Regularly Most Strains They Had a Swim Because We Live Really Close to the Coastline Because You Go Too Far Inland It Gets Little Bit Less Hospitable Shall We Say so When I Was Living in Our Calgary for A Few Years I Became Acutely Aware of the Fact That Gates Inland and Is You Whilst It May Be near A Few Likes A Lot Of People Don't Know How to Swim A Lot Of People Don't Actually Go Swimming and Swimming Aiming in a Climbable Short but Even Chlorinated Water Can Still Give You an Ear Infection Status of the Problem Is That If You Do Go Swimming Is Far Less Often My People for Example You Are Far More Likely to Be at a Skiing Wide Ice-Skating You That Sort of Thing Rather Than Swimming and Staggered by the Number People Insisted They Have a Swim and I Imagine the Same Is True of Most Are States or Places in the World Where You Don't Live near Large Bodies of Water Just Makes Sense so in Any Case This May Not Apply to A Lot Of People Is What I'm Saying This Is That Their Job Some of the Dozen Regularly Swim in Your Whatever That's Find That's When but yet We Need to Do Is Put a Is You Usually Are Based on the Our Very Low Concentration of Alcohol and Use of Biblical Drops Area and the Water Comes out and Hey Presto Your Good Recognising What Area Helps and Again Hey What I Bring the War Quite Simply My Daughter Have an Ear Infection Last Week Literally and She's Just Finished a Course of Antibiotics to Work to Clear That up so If You Leave That on Resolve That Will Also Cause Long-Term Hearing Damage As Well Is Hurting like Hell so You Know That Affect Your Balance As Well so All That's All Well and Good Will Has Nothing to Do with Noise so I Came to Cover It Let's Move on so It Noise Essentially This This Two Kinds There Is the What What Some People Refer to As Acoustic Shock for Ra Impulse Noise or Ongoing Space Allow My Cyanide Tussle Is Briefly before Suitable Detail Now so Physical Damage to the Eardrum Caused by Impulse Noise What That Means Is That the Ear the Ears the Nose and the Eyes Are All Connected through Eustachian Tubes I Have a Browser Correctly Again Biology and Those Tubes Equalise the Pressure between Them but Equaliser Instantaneously for Most People They Are Not so Any Up-And-Down and in in an Elevator Are Really Tall Building All Bundled down until She Will Be Killed or When You're an Aeroplane and You Climbing or Descending All Those Times the Pressure Will Equalise If Usually If You Swallow It Creates of a Brief Art Movement in Eustachian Tubes and Allows That Pressure to Equalise from the inside the outside of Your Head See Don't Get That Discomfort in Your Ears and Your Eyes and Czar A Lot Of People Have This Some People Seem to Have Tubes and the Reader Reacts Relatively Quickly but Go for Me At Least and Most People I Know That's Not the Case so That It Kinda Sucks Versus Reality so When You Get a Large Sound Pressure Wave Hit Your Head They Obvious and Physically Hit Arrive at Your Head Then the Amount of Pressure outside Your Eardrum Is Dramatically Higher Than That inside Your Eardrum and That Difference in Pressure Is Going to Cause Added If There's a High Enough Sound Pressure Will Literally Cause Eardrum to Rupture Social Standing Next to or Nearby Explosion Assuming the Pressure Away from the Explosion Doesn't Kill You Arm Chances Are You're Hearing Is Going to Be You Hit Your Eardrums May Be Ruptured or You May Suffer Some Form of Hearing Damage You That's Wide in Our in the Movies You'll See At Least These Days Anyway Soon They Were the Try Make Things More Realistic These Days Than They Were about 50 Years Ago but As the Hero Dusts Himself up off after an Explosion Did Years Ago and Set up but Got Our Lot As the Bad Guy You Okay Know You Stagger up the Hearing Is Gonna Be Ringing You Knock You Walk a Straight Line You This and Anyway the Point Is Our That's Really Bad and I Can Have Not Just Short-Term but Obviously Long-Term Consequences so My Duty Standing Next to a Bomb Is a Vibrator Is a List of Your Problems Say You Use Five Write This Great Song Labs Are Really My Ears, Live Anyhow Again Not the Focus of the Work Will Really Focus on What Really Focus on Is the Long-Term Damage Caused by Ongoing Sound Pressure and Justice This Accuracy before Efficiently Impulse Noise Sound Pressure Levels Ranging between Hundred 60 Dpi to 95 DB They Been Quoted As Being the Level at Which Rupture Will Happen Obviously It Depends on the Individual Depends on the Interconnecting Tubes and They Had the Size There Eardrum Blubber Wildlife Its Individual but on Average the Numbers Varied Significantly Side I Lied Looked around Quite a Bit on This and I Always Thought It Was Just 160 but I Found a Couple of Articles of Said No It's Actually a Size Hundred 95 Frankly 200 DB It Is Supposed to Be Dead so I Tend to Believe a 160 Figure but in Any Case It's down to the Individual As Is Usually the Case but in a Sort of a Range of Sound Pressure Is Quite Loud so There Is a Link in the Shadows It Shows You Are a Loss of the Different Levels and What They Are like 30 DB Is a Whisperer and 60 DB Is Normal Conversation That Sort of Thing so Feel Free to Check That out As Well Give You an Idea of Just How Loud Hundred 60 DB Is Louder Fighter Jet Taking off so That's Loud IA Ongoing Exposure from Some Sources As Low As 70 DB but Probably More Accepted Figure 85 DB Again Depends on the Individual If You're Operating Arm before Example My Yard the Whippersnapper I Buy Uses ADS 87 Now DBA so You Definitely Definitely the Sky Cause Hearing Damage so If You Have Continuous Exposure to That Noise Level over a Certain Period of Time It Will Damage Your Ears and You Will Begin to Develop Our Seller over a Longer Time the Effects of Tinnitus and That under Me When I Was a Kid I Listened to a Lot of Loud Music Essentially and Is Our Yellow I Would Say I Would Trade up Rather Loud and Dumb yet I Was Rather Stand up Very Stupid Me Yes Thank You with No Talent Teenager Anything Right and I Was One Once and Yes I Also Hear Heard the Warnings from Certain People but It Wasn't so I Started Engineering outside Take It Seriously Unfortunately by the Damage Had Been Done and As I Started to Develop Our Vistas Noise in That in My Hearing at First I Ignored It but Now I Realise What It Is It's Psycho Great 12's Rewind the Clock 20 Years Ago and I Tell Myself Determine Their Music down You Seem Thing Arm near My Radio Is Burned up Pretty Good from Linda Tyron Terrible Lands Are an Unjust Awareness That Elaborated All the Time and I Was Berated by Now for A Few Years I Have StarCam That Will Do It There Always Right I Mean Because the Area Are Bad for Quite a While and That's That Some That's Intense Right Is a Surprised Arm I Haven't Had Any Are Notice but I Am Yes Definitely at a Just Do Not Here As Well and That You Any More Is Noticeable May Disseminate ANZ's Bad It's Just Eight I Can Tell Why That's a Big Problem for A Lot Of Musicians and Honestly Are You That That's Occupational Noise) Permit the Right Answer Would Be Yea Should Be Wearing Hearing Protection up on Stage but the Thing I Find Is That This Is the Stigma to It No It's like Sub out Loud Yell You're Wearing Those Bright Orange Earplugs Should We Usually Work in Your Winning Player Stage but Am Still Just Do Not Is It Spending I Think Even without Having Things Be Really Cranked up Arm in If You're Playing Guitar Replacement Guitar in the Currently Bound Your Blanket It Requires Volume in and Even If It's Senile If You Are Dampening Things down Restore Your Styling Regularly Heading up to Those Levels Are without You Even Delete the Inseam in Our Level of a VR Show There Absolutely so and I Rock Concerts for Example Were Either Listed the Korean between Hundred and 1020 DBA so That's Quite Loud and Obviously That's Can Cause Hearing Damage along Period of Time so in Any Case Arm Tinnitus Again Lisa Shows Have a Look If You're Looking Deaf but Those That Don't Have It That the One Description of What Sounds like Is It's… Like a Very Famous Arm White Noise Similar to a TV Tune into a Channel That Is Just Static but with the Volume Turned Right down Is Not Loud It's Just Well Some People Perhaps It Is Loud but It's When There Is Quite like for Example I've Got Headphones on What I'm Recording This and I Can Hear It Because the Headphones Are Blocking A Lot Of External Noise but This Sort of Thing That We Are Concentrating on Something Else You Notice It Is Only When Everything Is Quiet That You Notice It and for Some People It's Maddening for Me Is the Site Okay Is Annoying but Oh Well Ride down like Go the Way Noise Minimise Radicular Times Its It's Kind of a White Noise a Sort of Thing It's High Is Slightly Higher Pitch It's Not a Low-Frequency Thing so SSI Go Highly Whining Sort of Noise Believes It Is Very Faint and Once You've Identified What Is Needed Here It Can't Stop Hearing It No and If I'm Busy and Distracted and Doing Other Things Are Listening to Music or Whatever I'm Doing Then I Don't Notice It Is Not There Is Not a Problem It's Only When I'm It's Really Quiet That It's an Issue and Some People It's Neither Side at Listening to Music Whatever Else Because It Sort of You for the It's It's I Find It Ironic That the Listening to Music to Drown It out Is in Essence Using the Thing That Gave You Tonight As Well My Case Anyway Dies Adventure That Something like the Air As the Irony Is Not Lost on Me but in Any Case It Doesn't Affect Me That Much and There Are People out There That Are in the Statistics Say That up to 15% of the Population Is Identified As Having Tinnitus Are at a Develop Size at Some Point in Their Life and That A Lot Of People and of Those They Say 1 to 2% of That Subset It's Are so Bad Is That It Is It Considered the Birds a Condition a Serious Condition That They Need to Manage Somehow with No Medications for Zoe It Is Because Probability Goes Away As I Was about a Different Wildly in the Treatment for It I'm Trying to Identify This Causes for People so That They Don't Go through That and That They Can Take Some, Active Steps to Prevent That for Them so Your Hey Gay Stupid Me I Was Once and I Learnt My Lesson Unfortunately My I Don't Get a Second Set of Years so Anyway All Right Just Move on Them so Arm Noise Sources Now Most People That Are Listening to This Probably Live in a City Environment or If They Don't Live in a City Environment They May Work in a City Environment so I Thought It Would Be Worth the Worthy to Discuss Some Noise Sources There Are A Lot Of People Take for Granted or Ignore the First in My Thing Biggest One in Large Cities Are Freeways and People Think of You Car Is Noisy Right It's Dislike Is Loud Car Engines and Certainly There Are Loud Courage Is Making Noise Is Actually Not That the Engine That's the Problem It's the Tire As the Witnesses the Crazy Cesium Driving a Tesla Model As Essentially Silent except the Wind Noise Entire Noise and the Funny Thing Is That You Can Enslaves Your Car You Can Stop the Noise from Getting into the Car by Putting Layers of Soundproofing and Simon Azevedo Will Talk about Them As Well but inside the Cabin Could Be Whisper Quiet but You.You Can't Shield It Is Easily on the outside Non-Puts an Acoustic Cover on the Car They Just It's All Open Right Size As the Wheels Are Going onto the Tarmac Away They Are Registered Generating Noise Can Exist All out There Radiating into the World so What's Interesting for Me Though Is That I Learnt A Few Years Ago Is That There's a Big Difference between Asphalt or Otherwise Those Bitumen and Concrete Services and Concrete in Terms of Its Durability Is Much Preferred As a Freeway Construction Material Because It Is Far More Robust Last A Lot Longer Maintains Its Smoothness over a Long Period of Time Gathered All Sorts of Pluses the Biggest Downsides Are It's Expensive to Do It Are Bobby C Retreat Bakos Long-Term Because You Got Less Mains Costs However the Element Is the Noise and the Concrete Can Be between Four and Five DB Louder Time Noise for the Same Vehicle Compared to the Same Vehicle Drove Driven on Asphalt Which and That You May Say 45 DB William – This Is for Five DB Right like You Make a Big Difference Because the Whole Inverse Square Law That Were Talking about Sound Radiating out As a Wave That Can Make a Big Difference Instead of It Being If You Arrive Houses Just Next to the Freeway Then You Don't Sound A Lot to Set the First Two or Three Rows of Houses That They Will Be Loud Enough to Cause Issues Further Back like It Could Be a Whole Block Back Because the Different Material for the Pavement so Glad That That's That's a Big Issue Is of Course to Combat This What They Do Is They Build Our Sound Fences so You'll See Typically That the Good Ones Are Made Out Of Concrete Cheaper Ones Are Made Out Of Wood and the Really Cheap Ones That Do so Great Are Made Out Of Some Steel Wall Yellow Corrugated Iron Ore Go That's It and Each of Them Have Different Sound Absorption Reflection Properties the Idea Is You Build a Freeway and These Days Assisting Given Because Most Freeways Are Going in between Whereby Residential Housing Is and That's for Your CV the Fencing and That's Designed to Stop the Noise Is Otherwise Assisted Living in a House Next to a Freeway Arm with Cars Going by Generating Yellowing 95 DB of Noise You That's That's Not Good so Interestingly Though As I Said inside the Vehicle's Different Story and Back in 2011 in the Europe a Magazine Did a Rather Interesting Test of a Bunch of Different Cars to Find out Who Which Car Had the Loudest and Wish I Had the Quietest Internal Arm Noise Levels so for Those People Who Are Fans of BMW Congratulations at 58 DBA They Had the Quietest Cabin at 100 Km an Hour Also Notice 55 Miles an Hour or Thereabouts the Loudest Car That Was Not a Sports Car but Is One Point This out I Buy Two Cars Our List so Another Was for Scala, so Not Heavy If You're Buying It If You're Buying a Lamborghini Neo Adventured Almost to Lago or a Ferrari Whatever Those Ones Are Designed to Have a Loud Engine That Sounds Less Space to Melt Your Heart Frankly Yeah Hi Guy, I Can Still Back to a Point but Gave the Same Time It Comes of the North Illinois As Well Write As Though Have a Noisy Engine Because It Sounds Lovely but Otherwise Loud Earlier That I Remember over a Reading That Some in I Think Was the Harsh I Think It Was It Had Such Poor Sound Shielding That People Would Say That They Would Drive Them with Some Earplugs and the Ferrari F Laugh 40 W. 50 a Thing Was the One That Was Stripped down You Had to Wear Earplugs in the Same Because the Resistor Is No Acoustic Ceiling Being Right so This Is the Non-Sports Car Louse Interior Was Actually a I Had Heard This One Particular before It's a Larder Neither 1.7 I Hunter Which Is a 4x4 77 DBA in the Cabin Ouch You I Would like to Be Driving in the Car Dull Busyness of the Windows up Your Windows down Air Turbulence and so on I'd Go Get a Depth That I'm Sure There's Other Studies That Show You the Sound of Sally Windows down Windows up the Existing Writing and so on but in Any Case the inside of the Car Typically You're Okay Typically but Some of the Chiefs of the Miles Is a Cheaper but Some Other There Are Loud Cars out There and Honestly I Don't Understand the Need to Have a Loud Engine Noise and You're in the Cabin I Just Don't Get It Anyway on That Sort of Vein about Motorcycles Because This Actually I'm a Economiser Ride Motorcycles around and One of the Worst Offenders Are Those Ones by Harley Davidson and They Specifically Designed Their Motors to Be Loud and Their Exhausts to Be Loud and That the Exhaust Note Is Not Pounded Was Bounded by Slightly As the Arm Irregular Firing Order the Easiest Reason like That) the Signature Noise like You Here Part Part Part the Sound They Are Getting into What I Think of It but Never Mind the Point Is That Is Very Distinctive As Their Calling Card and It Is Loud up 220 DB I Think It Is so There's a Couple of Things I Went to America It's Quite Loud so You Don't If You're Going to Be If It's Going past You Illinois You Short but This Is More about If You're Riding a Motorbike so Again Link in the Shadows to the Effects of Noise If You're Wearing a Helmet Which of Course You Should Be in There Also Just A Few Winegrowing Alibis Thinking of the Time Hourly People in Family Countries Are Legally Allowed to Ride a Motorbike without a Helmet on and Even If They Were Legally Allowed to Ride a Motorbike without a Helmet on Why Would They Be Wearing a Helmet Just Makes Me Think of Leo Lawrence of Arabia Is like You Did Work out Well for Him so Go Helmets These Were Helmets When You Ring near the Braemar Cycle to Anyhow I Ate so the Problem Is That If You Are Writing on Them the Variance of How Much How Long It Would Take You to Get Hearing Damage on the Loudest Motorbike Which I Think Allows for the Test Was Harley Then You'll Start to Get Damaged Even with a Helmet on within 60 Seconds You Will Get Permanent Hearing Damage within a Minute and If You Drive for Different Biker Life Out Of the Visit BMW and Out Of Honda and Efforts of the Are Not Necessarily Sports Bikes but Just Run-Of-The-Mill Average Device on My Motorbike I Sokoto Motorbikes When a Neutral and Ministers You Getting Milton Noisy Tyres to an Alana Sound and Make Absolutely but to Be the Best Case Scenario Was 45 Minutes and I Was on a Clutch Quite a Bike and the Other an Hour Because It's Driving It at Highway Speeds and What It Was a Single Wind Noise in the Helmet You've Got the Entire Noise Anybody Engine Noise All Are Thrown Together and Odea Usually Wear Hearing Protection and Are Made a Mine I Did Work with Staff on My Most Recent Large Project about a Year to Better Go Now Actually Time Flies and Are He Would Rise Motorbike to and from the Pump Station Were Doing Some Programming and Is That He Would He Would Get off His Bike and It Is Our Page on How to Go on and I'd like the AI Was Overhearing a Senior so It Was a Good Boy He I.E. War Is in Earplugs and Everything and I Will after I'd Made a Mistake A Few Times I Was Shorter Wait for Him to Physically Remove the Earplugs before I Spoke to Him Because He Couldn't Hear Me Say He Was Smart about It Which Is Good so in Any Case Arms Is Motorbikes Now Another Thing That I Want to Mention Which Leo Is Strictly Speaking Hearing Damage Thing but I Still Think It's It's Fascinating and I I Went through This and Ends Goodness Me This Is Noise Used As a Defensive Mechanism in Other Words a Security System That Is Designed to Incapacitate You Using Noise and an Early Start Have You Watched Wellbores I Have Not They Are the Japanese Whaling Box Put under Their Ship Arm They Can Use As an Offence of What Happened to Us As Dividends You Can You Can No It's in Oz Are Less Than Lethal Are Welcome It's the Degree That You Just Described under While the Situation I Was in Is That I Was Working on a Defence Projects and They Take Their Security Very Seriously Our BA Rightfully so and Is Doing I Was in I Had Been Working There for Very Long and Didn't Fully Understand All of the Rules about Evening Lockdown but after 5 O'clock What They Used to Do As I Used to Change the Swipe Card Access for Travel between Floors and They Would Turn It off so Essentially the Way Work Is You Had ASIS As These Days and Also These Days This Is over 15 Years of Our Floor 14 Years Ago Now so Back Then It Was More Or Less Accepted Practice That If You Didn't Take If You're Going One or Two Floors You Take the Stairs You Don't You Take the Left in over 12 Floors@but These Days They Say You Know What You Don't Take the Stairs out All the Stairs Are Solely for Fire Escape Purposes Only That Sit Back Then It Was Still Considered Standard Practice If You Want to Skip between What to Floors You Just Take the Neo Fire Stairs No Big Deal and the Stairs Are Such That You Don't Need a Swipe Card to Get into the Stairwell Which Is Swipe Card to Get Out Of the Stairwell so If I Was Going between Two Floors I Could Open the Handle and Open the Door and Walk in Go up and down a Flight of Stairs As Required Swipe My Card and Then Get in to the Next Floor You Pretty Standard Stuff but I Didn't Realise Was That after 5 O'clock There Was a Disabling of That System and They Enable the Security System Such That If You Enter the Stairwell the Fire Stairwell Than the Sound of Our the Sound Incapacitation Alarm Would Go off and the Stairwell Would Go into Lockdown and Would Not Let You out Are and It Was a Painful Lessons Learned I Must Confess It's Our It Was Horrible Our Hundred and 25 DBA and Today It's a Rare Set of Rapidly Oscillating Frequencies and I Was All Right Trapped in There for the First Minute It Didn't Seem to Get Me Too Much but Then You Start to Feel a Bit Disoriented and Is Our Best I Start to Feel Very Nauseous like I Was Gonna Throw up and by the Time Are the Security Guard Actually Was Able to Release a System Pull Me out and Scream at Me I I Really Wasn't Filled on a Crash I'd Broken out in a Cold Sweat I Felt Pretty Horribly Wretched so Yeah Just As a Side Note Arm yet If You Are Working in an Environment like That but Please Check the Rules Specifically Showing between Floors after Hours You to Notice before That I Hadn't Noticed That Tonight Is That Point but No I Don't Think I Can Go Back and See the Defence Department the Lasting Idea That's Where You're Going Master's That I Never Felt Smiled to Feel Sick after Retirement Buffalo Reason There so Anyway I Decide Share That Little Arm Anecdote There Was Some Quite an Unpleasant Experience on the Design Sonic Guns Basically Develop the Union Appointment a Crowd or Whatever and It Will Make You Arm Not As Make Tremendously Zone and after Gov John and Is in This Earlier There and I Say IN a Long-Term Damage Cycle yet You Hold Someone to Go Five Minutes and There Is Actually Long-Term Damage and Anyway so I've Talked A Lot Now about All the Different Sources of Noise and yet There's A Lot More Obviously Believe There Are Airport If You Live near a Train Line If You Go and Sign Cycle but by and Large That's A Lot Of Lots of People Don't Think about I Mentioned and Yes There Is More a Rather Go Better Forever Less SOS a Bit More Practical Which Is the Point of the Show Is I Wanted Some People to Walk Away from Every Show Where It Wherever I Can with Something Practical That They Can Apply out and Consider for Their over There for Their Lives Day-To-Day Things That You Have Is That I Am a Shy Pragmatic Song Trying to to Focus on the Saudi Project Hearing Obviously Hearing Protection You but There's Multiple Clients so the Obvious Cheap Ones Are the Disposable Inner Ear Plugs and They Are Made of an Expanding Foam's Role Them in Your Fingertips Insert Them in Your Ear Is a Solid and Therefore a Second and Then They Will Expand to Basically Cut off All This Than the Access Ports into Your Ear Canal and Those Senior Earplugs Are Essentially Disposable Disposal Because That Ability of the Foam to Be Compressed and Then Expand Is Diminished with Every Time He Compresses That He Take Them out and Then Tried Again the Next Day and Recompression of Women. I Want Expand out to Remain As Full As They Were the Previous Time; It Might Temperature Temperature Sensitive to Rate Yes I Get Really Soft and Malleable That's Right and Then in Hot Conditions Are Absolutely Right yet so and A Lot Of Places like Those Because They Are Cheap and There There Essentially Easy to Dispense so for Example Industrial Sites That You Go to Your Walk in the Door and Better Going Out Of the Workshop Area W Dispensary Can Solemnly Determine How a Bottom Other Time Displayable Plastic Packet You Open up You Got to Things in There and Go to Bed That She the Cheapest Chip so and They Do Provide Pretty Good Protection for Most Most Environments but They Are Considered Entry-Level Protection Though for Most Applications and Other Also Discrete so from a Distance You Most of Them Will Just Poke Alias Little Bit You Can See the Mighty Honesty over Ear Earmuffs You Also Get Reusable Once and the Reusable Ones Are More like a Series of Increasing Concentric Circles of Concentric Discs If You Saw the Former Members of Felix the Shallots You Have Look at Different Ones and Is These Ones Tend to Go All the Usual Problems with Reusable Ones You Tend to Get Built up on Them They Become Less Effective over a Long Period of Time and Your Hygienic Problems I Remember Sellers of BRI Work to Do, for a While and Is the ER One of the Sparky's Had a Car Had These Ones You Particularly like the Unusual Colour of the Boa Blues of a Strange Blue Colour and Dario Is Unusual Anyway Was My Summer Orange or Yellow This WSF and I Noticed That the Tips of Them Were Coded in Black and Is Not Black from the Coal Dust Is Actually Black from the Carbon Brushes on the Yard on the Dragline Associated Car Brush As a Result of That's the Problem Is Right Whenever Machinery Is off You Have a Mean and They Serve They Drape around Your Neck Went Away Do It through, and Is As You Lean Forward That There Just Is Enough Enough Length on That Thread That They Actually Dangle in Whatever You're Doing Size, like the Tie Clip Problem That Is No Earbud Clipped NSU Says It When It's about a New Era Because You Shoving All That Sort Interior Canal Is Probably Not Hygienic in Fact the Stefan Hygienic so You People Tend to Report from the Non-Disposable Ones the Matter How Much They Are Essentially in the Long-Term Cheaper and They Can Be Customised. A Tend to Cause Hygiene Problems Longer to Grant Are Another Interesting One I've Come across Just Once in Real Life Is Something Called A's Was Lucky Ear Muffler and Excellence, Weird What Is Its Essentially It Goes in Areas like Asset Headphones but It Extends the Ear Canal Sort of up the Side of the of the Sub Support for Each of Them Visits I Consider Headphones over the Top You Had Run so It Extends the Account after Sides and Towards the Top of the Head and What's Weird about That Is That It Reduces the Amount of Capture Area That the Soundwaves Can Travel through and the Way They Design the Canals Are Basically Attenuators Some of the Worst Frequencies Can Cause the Most Damage Such That You Can Literally Save Yourself Arm Go You Can Still Talk to People and Hear Them Clearly but Have the Worst Frequencies Arm Attenuated Main Fascinating yet Fascinating Idea I've Only Ever Seen One Person Whatever Might My First Reaction Was What the Hell Is That You Got Your Head Now Another Tourist yet You Get Exactly Does Little Bit Strange but You Are in Any Case Are Either Never Seen Them Once in Means God Secularism and Are the Public through Shooters and the Surgeon Have the Guts to Wobbly I Am Any in Any Case Columns Them Is That Some in Any Case These Things Are a Little Bit Rare and They're a Bit More Expensive but You They Give You a Yum Listing Result the Mother Most Popular Kind and Modest Covering the Most Because I've Seen Is the over Ear Hearing Must Which of Course Were the Originals and Is the Thing Is That These Was a Complete Enclosure Is Just like a Fall over the Falling Close Headphones Right and They Provide the Best Possible Protection Pretty Much over the Entire Frequency Range but the Problem That Is at the Very Uncomfortable Especially in Hot Conditions and Long Periods of Time and Also the Most Expensive There Are Also Problems People like Me to Wear Glasses Because Will Happen Is the Bands on the Side That Supports on Your Glasses Will Cause a Break in the Seal and You Break the Seal around the Skin and That Let's Sound in and That Reduces Their Protection Rating so You Is Okay Viewing Contacts but There Are Also Sites Where You Have To Wear Protective Safety Glasses so You I Go and Put on Contact Lenses and That I Wrote or by Putting on Safety Classes so It's an Interesting Balance When You Doing Personal Protective Equipment for Hearing Are Ends When You Are Mixing All the Other Options As Well so Are If You Have a Look at These Are Each of These Are Given a Rating in Each Country Rates Them Differently but There's Essentially Three Stanzas the American Standard Which Is Called the Year and Are Which Is the Noise Reduction Rating Are There Is a European One in the Australian One but Was Focus on and Asked for the Moment Because Theo North America Says Actually Quite Quite Commonly Used around the World It's Just That Are in Australia We've Got an Additional Standard That You'll Typically See Both of Them Written on the Box so You Buy a Box of Beer It Earplugs or a Set of Earmuffs Received Both the Ratings of the City MRI Daniel See the Different Rating As Well so It Is Good That Was a Good Oligomer about That Arm If You Look at the Differences and in Ways the Way It Is's Anyway When You Look at the MRIs for These Things Is Quite Surprising That the Earbuds and Is Sorry That Earplugs and the Overhead Must Appear to Be Very Similar in Their Ratings What Doesn't Give You Appreciation for Though Is the Frequency Ranges That They Protect You against so for Example over Ear Are Had Had It Had Earmuffs Are Going to Be Far Better Protection and Lower Frequencies and That's Because It's Blocking out the Entire Are Lobe Part of the Ear Whereas the Inner Ones Rule Will Not Block out That Direct the Block out Direct Compression but Because Your Earlobe Is Still Exposed to the Sound That Will Conduct Some of That Sound into the Ear Canal Lower Frequencies Anyway and When I Works outside Its Workaday Sawmill and Czar Are Anyway When They Were When They Were Now I Didn't Have over Ear Headphones Had Had the Earmuffs Cut Hearing Protection Elements and When I Walked on That Sightless On-Site Is Unacceptable You Have To Go and Get the Specific Ones That Are Rated for These Frequencies in My Okay Fine so I Went I Got Some of Those and Came Back Because the Area Once Was That Were Not Acceptable You Can Also Double up and RW Money and Because a Logarithmic Scale and Add Together but If You Put Earbuds and Then You Puts Are the Tip of the Earmuffs over the Top You Will Get Essentially Not Quite Twice but You Will Get Almost Twice the Level of Protection so Instead Blocking out 27 Let's Say DB Your Block out 3940 DB Your Add A Lot Of Lives Together but the Others I Still Must Go and Do A Few of Distrusting Okay so Finally My Advice Is in My Particular Use Cases Where I When I Was Younger I Will Confess Noise Cancelling Headphones Didn't Exist Really When I Was a Kid When I Was Teenager They Stay Came out Shortly Thereafter and They Were Hideously Expensive and Only Bows All Bosley Was Both the Ones Came Out Of Originally Example Is Only Air Was Quickly There Are Noise Cancelling Works by Essentially Listening to the outside Noise Shifting at Our Phase and Then Cancelling out Noise Such That You Don't Hear on the inside of Headphones like an Active Noise Cancelling Technology Room Very Cool Stuff However It's Not Cheap and Alaska and A Lot Of Pricing Are Still Several Hundred Dollars Repair but Honestly I Think It's Money Well Spent Because Either That or You Will Be Forced to Crank the Volume up Whenever Something Loud Going by and You Just Won't Hear It You Say You Have To Crate Available We Can't Hear It We Are to Give up Listening to Levy Troubles and to Raise the Noise Cancelling Headphones It Won't Matter Will Still Be a Nice Serene Quiet Video Environment inside Those inside Those Headphones so That Would Be My Advice If the If You Do Listen to A Lot Of Music Honestly Our A Lot Of Pod Casts Whatever on Public Transport That's What I Would Be Doing and I'm Not Saying That If You Don't Do That but You Will Get Issues with the Hearing Later on Obviously If You're Careful How Loud It Is Then That's That's One Thing but in My Particular Case I Wish I Had Taken More Care When I Was Younger When Mated with You When the Damage Is Being Done If You Want a More about This You Can Find John on Twitter at John Geagea Seen on Our Partner Intricate Dance Eight Tack Distortion Do Come like This and Email You Consented to China Tack Distortion Do Come and Then Alexander You Can Reach Me on Twitter at Felix Southam Does a Pragmatic Show on Twitter and Seashore Announcements and Other Related Materials Will Be Putting up That Paul on the Website and Will Be Tweeting Links to It As Well We Can Talk about Farm Conversions and Goes on to Allay Shall Visit to John Yes I Decide to Say Thank You so All the Feedback We've Been Getting It's Been Fantastic Are Becoming and Some Dumb Just Glad It Was Enjoying It so Thank You Sumptuously�
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