The Tangential Podcast. An unending conversation where every topic is a tangent from the last one. Embrace the chaos.

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Latest Episode

Shaking up the show format Vic Hudson and John geek-out big time over the more recent season of Doctor Who, the first for Peter Capaldi as the Doctor. We talk about the best and worst episodes of the season.

With John Chidgey and Vic Hudson.

We teach Shibel what a Limerick is (sorta), we talk about the experience of living in other countries, and we discuss Israel and what it’s like to live there. We also complain about Yosemite and the stability (or lack) of some of Apples recent software.

With John Chidgey, Carl Holscher and Shibel Mansour.

Joseph Rosensteel and Casey Liss join me to talk about Woodstock ‘99, Joe Steels last name, Casey’s Blue is Johns Purple, Inception, Bat Dad, Suck-Squeeze-Bang-Blow, what it’s like working in effects in Hollywood and lots and lots more.

With John Chidgey, Joe Rosensteel and Casey Liss.

Episode 2: Half Sucked

1 August, 2014

Benjamin Herrin and Clinton Philips join me to talk about always needing more RAM, how out of sync we are with Intels product history, not understanding internet hate, how podcast chatrooms have become a thing and lots and lots more.

With John Chidgey, Benjamin Herrin and Clinton Philips.

In Tangential’s first episode, Amit Jain and Vic Hudson join me to talk about the apps we’ve developed, the rumour mill, Swift, when series like Family Guy, The Simpsons and Star Trek get old and need to be put out to pasture.

With John Chidgey, Amit Jain and Vic Hudson.