Pragmatic 13: Safety, Safety Everywhere

17 February, 2014


John and Ben discuss ways to take reasonable but meaningful safety precautions in the workplace, and around the home.

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This is pragmatic weekly discussion shall contemplating the practical application of technology or in real-world trade-offs would have great ideas are transformed into products and services that continue to live nothing is as simple as it seems is absorbed pragmatic response about 8481 makes it easy to build and share beautifully designed online forms binding human creativity with the power of Myron crossed of a slap technology to create new ways of asking questions online uniquely designed act like actual human conversation one question at a time without what's coming up next distracting you and result is arson but limited time platforms offering a three month free trial the new tape for improved service or cycle more more about that letter on the shell and host Alexandra Michael hostage IgG agent and doing very well Ben Heydon, fantastic arm so I've been trialling the last couple weeks some cryptic clues about the topics are on the go beyond this the show them in a few days time which is now and is I realise that I sort of prefaced them as being a riddle that the truth is that I'm a little I have in my past that have been somewhat of a crossword addict and the are now recovery and I also played with cryptic Arkle crosswords which I've since sort of learns is less of an international thing and I thought it was as a results are it's quite possible that even I reframe them as cryptic clues that perhaps the way of framing them out is not such an international sort of flavour that I would have expected what I was I was hoping that's okay only little anything so that's fine are in Indians are on and ask anyone the chat room right now we have some people in the chat room and did any of you actually guess what's the topic for today is and I'll give you a minute to respond is about a liver delayed SO our wallet while one when he response is a giant night and of your document will not do and I did redo that I reclined its opening and overhearing the often referred to as British style crosswords and I know I wasn't familiar with them behind a couple of blood the sales which I can sing that were similar that showed up in the Akron beacon Journal but I have an idea there are more popular elsewhere and was agrochemical just enjoyed was the problem I've got is that I put out arm the originals or clues that OTO is such a small subset of the audiences go listen and say what the heck I have no idea what the hell is all about his left some kindness glue this morning whatever you did it has to be some kind of level of yellow yet this is quite interesting I see I know is Gartner you figured out, think just a little bit more look at more fun but that's okay it's fine up or play with and see bits are in any case are one suggestion are Mount Kilimanjaro are no I'm afraid that's not it and am the one which is a rather good one actually was regarding the degrees Celsius versus Fahrenheit and whilst I'd I'd love to talk about that and which is the one true scale of logotypes that one with a 10 foot bargepole really alone hey marrying Rankin get Calvin no Anna Rankin is the really green one hour I had never even heard of it several okay so was like the boiling point of your skin or something it's arm the Eau Claire I did not existed until I started as a one of the optional skills in arm in dark skies okay out and it was as if it is if you if you wanted your damages and Calvin you are weird you won't even ranking your very weird care as the fantastic while they go that's mine near the Lion I do I do now about that entropy are just the jokes just keep getting more and more elegant challenger of -459.6F is exactly equal to 0 Rankin but the Rankin degree is defined as equal to 1F rather than want to be Celsius used by the style is, like a Calvin scale but with Fahrenheit or surrounding cool you sell our Wikipedia is the fault of email Joe Scobee Kenny and I link to Wikipedia quite a bit anyway okay so focused today we only trim our safety safety safety everywhere and will get into than just a minute because I realise I haven't sent my thank youse and I wanted to make sure that I have a few of the few specifics to thank today so are again the usual thank you sterilants were for all the great feedback I really do appreciate it and Zaid say it always brightens my day when some people coming in so that they like the show and I personally to Waikiki going so thank you very much that really is appreciated are also are a few more emails this week again are thank you and I am so I've been really behind the able this week trying to get my stomach version of tech distortion done and it is going up hell or high water tomorrow so are tomorrow evening so by the time this list of gases released are out on iTunes and so on then hopefully it'll be up and then they feel free to tell me everything that is wrong with it okay arm also I was a special thanks to Russell F only know that that's who is back in early January Road piece about power consumption out of service computer equipment sort of similar to how I discussed our method of the of doing that some with an adapter that I purchased the cheap off eBay and is a anyway a report as Mac mini power consumption is about 12 what's idle saw the figure that I'd heard that I'm still still really keen to see what happens as well so won't see what happens now with Apple later this year are for that's a thank you very much Ross appreciate that man's arm and also sorry missed that those are the articles before weeks ago so yeah Mr Mr slower Mr so unbelievably this week a record we've had six iTunes reviews in seven days and each of them is from a different country so it sort of blowing my mind just to quickly run through them thanks to and again apologies if I mispronounce your name and trying our feel free to correct me and I will crack myself later on if that's okay so thanks to Kaner Campbell room Campbell reglued from Turkey biker Mark from Australia and I like to add i.e. dispenser muscling in New South Wales so there are dark JC from Canada are regular H from Austria arm barrow do regress from Brazil and Michelle do gun Dell from France so thank you all of you for those wonderful arm reviews on iTunes I've I really am blown away by our by the nice word so thank you so much and is without further ado I think we should get stuck into the actual topic so safety safety everywhere so it is water safety means human arm leave the outs are dance safety training malice are trading adults you could once have access if it's a very broad topic and I will try narrowed down to areas that particularly bugged me I'm in a position where I kind of I'm in a position where I go to construction sites semi-regularly and I go to bar in industrial locations and regularly and I'm exposed to the status of all the time but there's a lot of things that that we can take away from that and take tire personalised I don't want to focus too much on the industrial side I want to talk to people more about the things that they can do and to recognise our risks when they see them and try and eliminate those risks or at least reduce them so the first and most obvious place to start is through our what while in the industry the lingo is PPE which stands for personal protective equipment and PPE is the month most mundane thing so you'll have our clothing are EU will have our EEO logo gloves are protective glasses and face shields all facemasks are like gum like dust proofreader nose and mouth go out because as you said a hardhats much less common in your own private household I suppose but any case I will start out arm clothing now this may sound strange but some stick with me the thing with clothing is that it's ever since they came up with our rayon and nylon and saw all these CO wonderful wonder fabrics all artificial the problem with them is that when they get hot if they catch on fire I get hot enough they literally melts and when they do melt they actually belts and bond to your skin literally melts into your into your body it's really actually quite horrible so when you're working in an environment where it is possible that you could go for example of this if there is if you're working at a Urso petrol station and substation gas station any of those same thing then you you would be wearing something that is our biggest flame retardant of some kind and is the simplest way of doing a flame retardant of the most traditional way is a more natural fibre so cotton is generally been preferred so a lot of people will be wearing longsleeved shirts long pants not be made out of cotton predominantly in more recent times they tend to go the polycotton are blend but still the majority of it is still cotton there is a course some always a really ridiculously expensive super flame retardant one and the one that is in fashion at the moment the most popular ones mindlessly called Nymex exactly made by DuPont and I loved tabling it was in it but it is a little bit proprietary and is also expensive programs are rent that sort of thing yes however however those sorts of suits now starting to become prevalent in the oil and gas industry so I'm sort of yeah dear how how to put this arm because I'm currently working in the oil and gas space there is a lot of I'm getting a lot of that that the safety Mesozoic fry fired home clothing everything but in the water and wastewater space and and are you is less prevalent you'll still get polycotton's and it's still perfectly acceptable perfectly fine want to get on it there was Qualcomm because all con actually will sustain its own flame which is not, not really what you going for so it so it's always good to go for that and for the average person the house you are you looking at the open genes are perfect and oh so our genes are actually really good PPE for around the house arm but you if you wear them to protect you against those sorts of things from you not good. Genes arm questions in the chat room are what about wall that a single one was quite a Garg is quite resistant but the problem with wall is that it's also are these issues with static electricity and that which can also be a problem and will argue jewel you the experiment with the arm the wall and the arm are Perspex rod is like you rub against each other any geologist I think the habits are in any case will will still is quite a good insulator and a dozen doesn't burn I rather like the way cotton generally doesn't burn but dust all trigger point that says not as popularly made us also be that's more expensive than the then polycotton they could be other reasons a good question from Michael in the jar investment so arm of one of the things that you come across in the industry is you'll come across the horror stories and horror stories help you, focus and realise that the stuff is actually serious and you may think his folio houses has apply to me you know I mean if if I'm if you going to jerry cans whether fuel and pouring it into your mower or if you go whippersnapper line trimmer were gonna call it you honestly I would be wearing some degree of PPE in case something goes wrong you don't want if that catches fire you don't want that blown up in your face if you're only wearing short sleeves and the (shorts then the ad that's gonna burn your burn and it's going to do is go cause a lot of damage and there is a gentleman by the name of our Charlie Moore craft and that he is somewhat famous for our less than desirable reasons insofar that he was severely injured at work is a link in the show notes I strongly recommend that you read his story and what he does is now motivational speaker he was one of the guys that worked in the arm the petroleum industry and he was all very arch whatever about is safety white personal protective equipment & talking about clothing that's what will talk about the moment to his issue was that the company supplied him PPE he had to wear it and it was all longsleeved shirts and everything because it's hot there are more summerlike it is wherever you are in summer on the world in a world free much are although an alcoholic is the North Pole and some of it anyway point is that he decided to be cool and he got sick of Rhonda sleeves up we should have done but he did it anyway here she cut the sleeves off so these were our country provided clothing that he modified because CO he was to be hot and he didn't think that the whole safety thing was worth now mentioning Arsenal can happen in a kind of attitude are long story short are there was an accident and he got severe burns are to many parts of his body oddly enough the passers-by didn't get burnt with a parcel covered by the clothing so the scars on his arms are absolutely unbelievable and he was out of action for years in recovery and I have the as 50 operations you read the article for the details but it's terrible certainly it's true that in a home environment you are exposed to that kind of situation are very regularly whereas he was so obviously the frequency of exposure push-up probability that you have an event are however bottomline are each something that people do not consider and they really should so our protective glasses so the point protective glasses not glasses I've heard that so many times it irritating and normal glasses especially trendy glasses like the other really narrow thin ones or are you just normal spectacles right corrective lenses then not safety glasses and and no matter how many times someone says primary glasses it's okay safety glasses wrap around the side of your eyes and they stop debris from getting into your eyeballs that's the point of them so you there hot especially in summer their annoying but you know what our last stop you from losing your eyesight and last time I checked your two eyes and if they are if they get damaged then you are like so you were not quite enjoyed look forward yet with a young with adviser so you know anything you're doing anything at all are that has debris and that it includes things like our when I say whippersnapper and line trimmer in I'm talking about the corner you we lack of thinking that a great artist Wanamaker is in the right lingo further different parts the world and those things they kick up a lot of debriefing a little little bits of dirt little bits of grass AAO or even small rocks out there that actually corner by violence of machine considering that the cunning section of it there is like as a pithy little cover in the backyard like it's a little angle bit of plastic and you like that's not gonna stop anything from getting Jimmy come on really deflected a little bit here you might be a maybe to deflect maybe it won't in the end assist good God so anyway I guess it's the token effort right but the problem is how you and encapsulated if you encapsulated becomes a modem it becomes motor mower in which case you well it's the wrong tool for the job anyway the point is that those sorts of glasses. That going in your eyes if you're using a grinder and angle right another good example go bench grinder any of those sorts of things you know if you're using a drill a high-speed drill as drills go into any material you they are going to kick out debris and with most of the time is scope out arise and accumulate are down are in the bottom of the hole then down on the non-Florio gravity being what gravity is but the truth is that if it's a metallic all goes sometimes are certain hardwoods it can still stick stuff out at you and can still get you in the face go so is stuff like that you should be using arm gauge using protective glasses and the other thing you can do from that if you if you don't like protective glasses is a full on face shield which is the other one is a site listed on your head like a hat and they glow like a pivot point just above your ears and you can lift the entire perspective marks mask up and you can lower the Perspex marks mask down as a Is curved clear piece of Perspex and it covers your entire face all around your ears when that's ideal it's heavier now bulkier it's the oboe even Lambert live less comfortable but what would that does is they will protect your entire face from debris so and in that case you were getting your mouth up your nose or your get cuts on your face all or anything like that so this is that's another example of PPE arm gloves DO people underestimate just how important their hands are we as a hands for everything that we do pretty much a mere beyond the obvious if you're a geek typing on a keyboard all me over holding a smart phone on me go beyond that is like opening a door making a phone call we are driving a car i.e. pushing a button just to get on offer go to get into a lift or all you holding onto a railing going downstairs his hands everything and yet happy people do you know the poor gloves on our when around operating are the hours and is an drills and so on in the yard and that they do is they don't and they were people really should because you if you cut your hand it is gonna take a while to heal because that that surface in your head is always in use always in motion very sensitive as well lots of nerve ending sides generally gonna sting so you should take better care of your your hands with gloves and the same thing with with petrol another example is WD-40 year you guys got WD-40 over I said WD-40 is a highly toxic our little concoction and if you read through the instructions on its hour it says use well ventilated area and Saddam you have the space to have arm gloves on you're supposed to have longsleeve chaos was to get a stop on your skin I was actually PB blaster loosening up in a conflict serious the series was an avid deacon of rusty cooperative stuff like that now shard your you wanting arise is bad news it's it's horrible horrible software does a great job of what it does sure but what it does is it melts through multiple exhaust parts that have been exposed to wintry conditions for years not as agreed on your skin as someone our plans in the chat rooms are submitted to using WD-40 to clean grease of his hands arm not naughty Clinton please don't do that arm the thing is that's all of this stuff young people need to be aware of it and they need to be able to have access they need to have access to this sort of PPE and honestly is really not that expensive and you should go out get in any hardware store or habit so are AAI came deep I will have all the stuff so anyway I get a little bit more about this arm my experience and some of my my Eval my evolution really I guess as it were are dismissed particularly about whippersnappers you brush cutters so we lack is so when I was kid are a teenager at the point I was allowed to use the yard with a superstar taking care of the yard at that point in time Joe was a teenager in oh and is not my guy I had the best role model role model I had was my grandfather and he arm and I don't anything that came out badly I don't mean you not speaking of my grandfather but he was of the generation where there was no safety anything right so the others all there was none of that so before the Second World War and he was very much a just getting get it done get out kind of archive mentality and it was not just him is very typical of that generation and list a lot of people out there like that and get us that's okay it's just that I was never given any instruction at all on safety precautions to be taken so I would start off being a teenager and I would arm first of all use Webster with my sneakers are second of all I wear shorts are know I had glasses of course another big dog glasses or look at photos and loss of that ageing fringe arm but nevermind it's okay I guess arm develop taste not enough to have a moral initial anyhow I guess the point is that minimal if any of NEI protection and so was a newer longsleeve shirt on as I was basically none of those safety precautions I just mentioned no gloves and nothing I was wearing any of them on a single thing and I would come in from doing the yard and it was 1/4 while summer between quarter and 1/2 acre block in size to a reasonable size but not some not tiny body means also not as big as what will now but the point is that my legs will be covered in cuts are very very small cuts yellow grease my paper cut some of the orbit lid will be bigger bottom line it was it was as yet you know I would come in injured and most of the time it is when borrowers are defined and a big deal and within a few days that the cuts would have healed a presenter but every now and then one would get infected and then you have to put our cream to Band-Aid whatever else would be sore for you for a week and that of your good elements of nice-looking crying about the courses Abby definitely not anything to do with the point is that by not taking any safety precautions whatsoever I had up let's say every fifth time might say roughly I had about a week's worth of of recovery due to a Judah and in a small infection are my cuts in my in my legs that is that a big deal I know but the point is fast forward to today and now when I did with stepping I always wear my workboots is the same I still Workboots which are 300 men made of thick leather and you chemically hardened our souls and obvious it was still Ain't no way that that that that line quarters ever gonna cut through those boots are the next thing the courses I'm wearing my drill pants chondral pants my longsleeve shirt from one of the companies least work for our hands yea I'm wearing all this stuff and I protection hands over the top of my glasses and she died 10 not to attend a book my contacts and I do it but the point is that I'm wearing all this stuff now takes another let's say I know realistically another three or four minutes I still have a short tonsillar pusher on but you know it's just little bit more little bit more effort to put that extra stuff on this really a huge investment at the end of it all when I owe strip off and on and on and on going down afterwards I'm not injured but the worst I've got is that horrible industrial vibration feeling in my hands and hold the damn thing because it vibrate like hell I forgot to mention hearing protection as well so that's the whole point is that people a lot of people short cut straight to the right let's go do the was getting the mowing going I fired up let's go take a few more minutes put on the right PP before you do it and you'll come away less injured and even if it's that one every once every five times that you you get an infection from a cuts something goes seriously just do it it's worth it is an investment while the other things I've seen are in the last 2530 years or so is the evolution of the push mower is one of the key it was very common for bushmaster simply have an open back and the open back you would set the hook on the arm it took on your grass catcher and in my round the garden it would dwell on the Grasp if you took it off for whatever reason it was there and it was openness like a little deflecting guard thingy but frankly not so much it wasn't there was no actual stone guard there it was sort of assumed thing that you would like to know wasn't aware there was no stone goes like those of there was an exit at the side that was it so you could pick out stones and everything and they will just go flying outside and what happened is that as I was growing up I saw son as Stone does these things in the stone guards got right down low right down to the grass level which means when you push them as little bit more friction in some cases and but the idea is if you start out his stone guard doesn't go any further or anything else is on the on the ground that you might mow over like a rollerskate or something are as evasive as reference anyhow the thing is that that sort of attitude is now becoming much more prevalent so you're gonna see a lot more guards like when you when you see the tractors on the side of the higher the freeways not the interstates and highways and so on and they're doing I now have the chains down the back of the year of the big big come only overcoming attachments and thus to stop your stones from getting up but I realistically was a kid there were no such things as are the sort of evolution of okay while we recognise that there is a simple way of overcoming this issue so they're building more of that safety into the devices where they can sometimes can be annoying but you know what it that the point is that saving some of them being injured and that's that's battle matters family on Wheeler mulching on grown-ups admitted it was like a everything just went straight down as it was Elkanah propelled when a force to bounce back off the ground and up our chant was come about because it ended up living times of grass clippings over the line and then really look that great but the other amendment we have now is the norm as the big bag to catch everything and arm occasionally just about how that offer an advocate was for our desires me to do a little bit and I is amazing how help the powerful girl propelled things out there with but arm and Mr mulching want to be honest and easy all well are the other thing is of course some the noise and I know I've had a whole episode on noise but are you just a quick note here mower is and you whippersnappers say they make a feminine noise and the worst part is there not the quite closely especially whatsoever where the engine is usually up at about shoulder height it's quite close seriously to be less in a B-side between 1 to 2 feet from your ear so less than a metre that's pretty close to your head up pretty loud and the 8589 DVA then you usually have to be wearing hearing protection otherwise use that for an hour as if I'm doing that the edges around meiotic can take about 4045 minutes to do them all because it's it's it's an ache as 1/4 outside site Thornton hangers are hundred and 20 until Massimo had looked it's it's a fair few metres anyway it's a fairly long fence line plus Roundhouse boss around the swing set was around the journal to start month a few fewer neuronal time exactly so you should be wearing hearing protection no question no doubt are although I I'm I'm really sure that my size do not come from that are in stupid you listen to music to them out anyway that's fine so arm is not fine but it's done now so moving on with life okay close to where that is, obvious but I even saw people when I was was grown up with Noah mowing in their are songs you know flip-flops and those could believe it but now he's back now in acute thinking about motorcycles reggae is derided and is usually pretty good about you and I don't either Metallica fall all the others that I have now and cover in advance whatever and are the boots of the LCD were gone around with their home rate but I will have Maurice once and if I had an open dine but also people all the time with the shorts on flip-flops and the legs hanging there inches away from the last plate and it is what you what your target is the little injuries you get all the time arm as opposed to in some big catastrophic names are gathered at the absolutely every time you roll the dice every time you yet you every time you don't wear some form of protection are increasing the odds that you do some permanent long-term damage or if you've got an issue RDO if it let let's say that you go use the user mower once OR use weapons never fell once once a month arm, realistically Alison once a month so that's at all times a year and all it takes is one event in every go 50 you have one happen in that decade ago something is gonna happen you anti-Semitic up in your eye maybe it's my damage so it can be that one time that you don't wear facials is worth a shield every time you should wear or UPP when you doing this and am I going aside it ceases a PPE personal protective equipment that are that the next was fully quickly talk about was some when you're painting in the house if your are if you're sanding down always for a dust mask because believe me you do not want paint dust in your lungs are any nose or anything like that and when you are painting is going well ventilated because the fumes of that stuff is over is quite bad and and and toxic so that that that's a sort of some of the some of the little ones are that I was delighted to cover but before I go on I was wondering if you could tell little bit more about time from platform as a solution for the big problem gathering dead on your website ones are a key component of doing business online but often now the man a lot of work to design configure and administer and the results have usually been pretty unflattering there are other gondolas under the ticker of some the problems that make it easier to get something basic up creating something great is still hard platform is the only form builder that allows you to get unlimited responses for free as many questions as you want as many entries as you get platform doesn't limit your interaction tapeworms are beautifully designed and how cross-platform compatibility baked in the calendar look and work differently I dust up some smart phones and tablets design is about how it works and platforms are built to work regardless of the device platforms offers a joy to use both as a customer creating a platform and a user interacting with one UI a sexy clean and fast and designing even complex series of questions is made simple to the dashboard you access focused on asking and answering one question at a time just like real human conversation so doesn't feel overwhelming and nobody gets lost looking at what's coming up next take on champions good user experience in design this helps you create a space in which users will be more willing to cancer and more likely to give honest answers and customer feedback and surveys to cut us in landing pages about organisation in the classroom platform what your imagination fly people using tape forms and huge variety of ways to make online interactive stories holiday cards team presentations avatar creation list goes on and on a limited time tapeworms offering our listeners a three month free trial of the new tape form pro service just sign up at www.tape form do calm and upgraded the propria from the dashboard mix should use the coupon code fear likes to get your free three months thank you don't want a sputtering shall ever make it easier for people to get to know each other better it's arson giant what you're talking about their own thinking about are disbarred all that of other of what is called liquid fire armadillos and that their public are possibly under a different name what is it exactly I have no idea what it actually is but supposed to on mile is designed UI clear out the alarm clock papers and it's one of the things that late by Drano adrenal by so it's a big red bylaw and it comes in a plastic bag that unites it's like real thick plastic there was no dislike of nutters like Saran wrap and the entire onion eat main paragraphs of warning on the side in a little booklet hands it busily in a space leader yet you need help for mouse kind you need to have gloves you need that even suggest having like a bucket or some sort of of our tiled to put all the the dream our cube for the stuff down and we got it is our top upstairs at its really rusted and it is just it's clogged up in Boudinot we tried some we try sneaking about we try plunging we have plummeted, relegating his he actually suggested that this garden I looked and in the more accurate reading of the singling out edge and adult really think I want to do some a little scared and I looked it up online are found this great YouTube video of this guy talking about it and are our's list of acrylic if the plates are to rusted it will just eat grommets just are a natural kind of our what it is but it's not hydrochloric acid whereas it is not about one's hits it's going to burn rate through anything and the annual actually a yucca paper to rusted it will just debrief through the manual of having just what it is pouring down into your easement arm here too much of a thing as a little bit acid is good that too much as I am sure has it's fine if you do it is okay thing really you don't do not walking around kind of thinking about safety in day-to-day affairs in the running of something like that they call a minute I don't even have a go is a dynamic model use these gloves I don't have a fullface mouse but old enough I got a mediator glasses will that work there and are now so we still have Carla clogged up the long well the thing is with a sort of stuff and particularly a bit of using gloves and I be using safety glasses and I be making sure it's well ventilated are it's it is it is a pain in the neck I will I will admit with that stuff and am go yes and it's a shame sneaking out with cases. Professional think there idea and sometimes it's better to do that I I wanted at first it was just a essentially about that the warnings were were a form of marketing in disguise by the more I read about it and so that was not the case is apparently serious stuff to give directly after our audit, so I will admit there is a certain degree of the arm attitude of all the warnings on the side of a product are there for the stupid people in OS someone in some place in nowhere ever back town wherever you go they they stuck the power drill in the eyeball therefore you know any instruction there is a linear instruction number 5712 says you should not insert the drill into your eyeball and I think a lot of people look at the instance of the warnings on products and to some extent dismiss them on the basis that well you know it's is based on the supermarket you know it's not can be at sorry are dangerous is that I could solicit my training really dangerous I would let me buy that over-the-counter and these warnings largely unnoticed the people that I would enjoy an honestly she's just read the warnings are only yeah that's my advice but anyway I look the next thing I really want to quickly talk about before an immovable the next main section is the simple things the simple simple ideas on the intimate yardwork okay solicitor at yardwork just for a minute while this may be a bit briefly the way you hang your tools if you hang your tools some people are really organised with their sheds I wish I was one of those people but one day I will be and when I do you always hang it's all are with the heaviest part of it is close to the ground as possible so you can access obviously the head of the accident heaviest part so you hang it so that that is actually pointing down closest to the ground because what you try do is it okay if that falls off the side of the shed or where it hung up on the falls off and it's got the minimum amount of potential energy to cause any damage if you hang up the other way with the accent at the top and it falls off it's a lot more energy before it hits the ground and if you're nearby when that happens that can cause you a much bigger injury simple simple simple fly idea like that in no it's on the think about it works for all sorts of things I do like Max's rates brooms all that stuff simple silly things people that the baby think about how big non-alcoholic stuffers are not the other way you exactly the army may only happen once in 10 years with such a simple idea like that and is still a guarantee W toes crush or something by by Naxos falling a few inches but you really realistically no it's not a cause a problem but if you had the other way round did you might specify some of damage can do but you know that the obvious other ones are things I shall cause around the house specially got kids are you keeping knives in and there in in a safe draw that's that's difficult to read difficult to get at putting your tools away when you're done with them leaving electricals line around our only army I'm in a case with Mike when my kids were if I'm working on a job and I stopped to have lunch icy stop and have lunch right next to where I'm doing my work to make sure the kids don't wander up and all day left the power drill out and all this is fun and you so you have to be careful and is honestly arm near secure your worksite if you're leaving it for any period of time specially got kids wandering around when you don't put the tools away otherwise people come along and bump them break them or or hurt themselves or kids or play with in thinking that they're fun and then you are you'll be up at the hospital with a drill implanted in the legal something horrible so that's our general tidiness as people people so I say well be over tidy desk is the sign of a sick mind frankly arm no tidy and work environment of any kind even in your house is much better for safety and handsdown so being tidy is a good thing okay so the next big Ya topic is confined spaces so what do you think I was a confined space plan arm have you heard the terminology before you so usually campaigning or dealing with solvents are anything and are job the affirmations of that is is anything without enough if you're in your house if you have every single window open houses a confined space what you see extremist perspective and that's that I icy when it comes from but it's just the general idea the technical definition of a confined space tenant has evolved in the last couple of decades since I've been aware of it anyway to the point which now where it's any area that's that people will have a Tait or occupy our where the airflow through the room are is not consistent and is where toxins gases or liquids can accumulate so the problem is of course you would say okay because the extremist definition like you to set all your clothes organising house in a confined space right well yes no if your house doesn't have any toxicant and mechanical gases and it then technically no it's not a confined space because there is no opportunity for things to go wrong so much that any any other source of simplistic acidification because you use something on fire you spell you over some kerosene or something in the house when you're cleaning and that could then create an issue on a race like that mountain wearers can use liquid viruses is exorbitantly Dorian and a pretty small window that doesn't leave an organ on the way arm absolutely yes exactly so if you can be overwhelmed by fumes is one thing but them that the most critical thing for us humans is oxygen so what I'm talking about the following bit about confined spaces, focused primarily on oxygen and is good reasons for that but some of the most common truly confined spaces are ones that are I say I am the ones that are most likely to kill you are things like tanks sewers arm manholes large drains in the stormwater drains you may think well I don't go into a tangle you have take to mean that minute only take water tank I know I know there are no other episode action in a much better tanks that we never will be a tank episode but are yes and no taste like water tanks for example sub sometimes they'll have hatches and people go inside to clean them and if they're not prepared properly then that's an issue mind you most individuals would not do that then again I've also heard of some people doing that to save money I can clean the inside of my tango inside the tank and then they die are so anyhow arm sewers obviously easily go crawling into a sewer well you probably not gonna do that but then again sometimes are less a walking along any drop in teas or something and they go down the drain and you can see the drain and all you do is lift that drill off and go into the drain and reach down and grab the keys whatever what what happens if that drain is too deep a figure like I like to just like getting therein I could if I could just climb in briefly and reached out and grabbed his ideal set and ring you can climb down well big cities have some like that to be honest but you know the reality is you know we just found I'm sorry it's kind of targeted show easy we guys from that the city rail priority other day mum the government ignores the lawn and arm apparently there is a there is a big our wider sister and that runs under the frontier of our house in a neighbour's house and it is this huge arm it's it's from my Al-Anon in the first part of the 20th century it's it's ER I got up a freshwater tank such as nutmeg are either subject tank is just as this huge is a tank we have a tank would only have to but am you that minute the gutter climbing down and it's in or in the wider up to Lake there are their waists and are are now so the far what it was, good butter and a lattice I think a score will get Sue will get to the precautions in a minute but also sort of flesh this out in a minute to freak this freaking me out with that story right there are interesting points from the chat room and I was in a talk about this but I think I will because it's pretty related as a sexy check points out in the chat room that he is aware of people that want to cement trucks and the use jackhammers to clean it out why things people don't think about and I come across as before is that how cement mixer trucks have always got the big barrel on the back of the barrel is always spinning spinning spinning spinning spends one direction and excellent video falls back on itself if you stop it spin the other directions can order inside that augur pushes the concrete out up the top and down the shoot out the back so you pretty pretty and isolated it was done for years and years and years until they go This idea of the pumping concrete are with larger concrete pumps and is another story altogether but the point is that sometimes these things so don't quite get rid of all the concrete in time and some of its fastening concrete and odious sets inside so what do you base a whole new truck you go live with the fact that it's gonna be a bit wobbly when you put in your next loan is a big hard solid chunk of concrete inside every time it spins the truck wobbles from side to side to be safety issues as there so why do they climb in and they chisel the staff lounge is literally chiselled out that with a jackhammer mom to subtly nemesis sort of environment that you really would hope that you had someone outside our with our blower in the area and a tube forcing fresh air in and potentially even with another one extracting our area us like through multiple ports and these things's and you would really hope that they had dust masks on and hearing protection physicals jackhammer going off an enclosed space like that sound pressure ways would be intense so it's it's really quite dark quite a dangerous selectivity so thank you for bringing update and my personal story on this is my very first job was as an engineer and I was still a student at the time but they gave me quite a lot of responsibility so it was fantastic job I love that it was working a central power station talked about this before and some in gnarly was on the last episode actually go about the vibration so we we had an issue with a the slurry mixing tank and a sorry mixing tank is this what enough is tank and is the electrostatic precipitator is essentially our size is called precept so what happens is you want to burn off all the coal dust and uveitis crowd or is he set up the water and address esteem and makes the thing spin and electricity all that waste are that hot air has gone essentially ash units of the Coles turned ash to ashes extremely costly write-down ahead through heat exchanger and it goes out through these things called electrostatic precipitator is what they are is essentially a massive pass steel box with a bunch of cryoprobes inside them and these probes as long solid our coppice copper rust spikes in their energised to quite a high voltage and that attracts our through electrostatic attraction attracts all the particles so that these particles are built up middle of the cake on the outside of these things and then they ever so often they had turned them off in a sequence and surmises all knockers on them some do some don't and was a little tap tap tap tap it all falls off and for them should the bottom and that's your is at the Alcoa plant in Cleveland job delivery commentary, design a lot of places these days for environment reasons got a bag filters and bay filters are much much better they were hardly any ash at all because as environmental requirements for particular sera expelled in the atmosphere in Bolvar but anyway the point is all this Tri-Star falls down to the bottom and is a dry powder but you can't pump a powder so most systems you got your jog of the dry slurry website system so that won't stand while the Westbury system to the Westbury system mixes that power immediately with some with some water so when they purify the water lesson waste water left on the outside they call it a chemical water so the chemical wallets, use reading so may the user to mixer the slurry item to mixer that the ash to make a slurry and now you can pump the slurry in a pub slurry about four or 5 miles away out to the ash dam right literally just flows out of the ash dam and sets hard as concrete and I literally mean as hard as concrete and that's exactly where Zack's story brought this back to my mind the scene is set we have a slurry mixing tank with two big rotating by the 6U just thinks the OR goods are about 12 m high maybe wrong maybe 10 m high and it's got a small orifice at the bottom where it goes out the slurry mixing out of the slurry pumps and entry hatch at the top and that's all that had so what happens well a circuit breaker trips we think happens if the mixing action in the tank stops mixing Willie Connor sets just like the concrete in the truck it sets like concreteness exactly what happened it literally sent and so we came in the morning it was our seven the morning sunlight and you were in terms of course AA get the Internet on this one well what happens is set like concrete they couldn't restarted because obviously it was it was just clogged full and they had absolutely no way of getting rid of the ash which meant they had to write back that that that unit to a very low amount of power and snow was causing all sorts of problems I had about eight hours when I had to clear this tank otherwise they were gonna have to shut down so what do they do well they gave us a very young quick confined space refresher we don't confined space training a few months previously made a quick refresher and said they go get in there so we literally were lowered into this tank with hand pneumatic chisels and we chisel away and chisel away we started by throwing out the top and then as we were able to clear a path down to the bottom exit with and started to shovel out the bottom the problem with this water this chemical water are mentioned is very high ammonia because ammonia is one of the things I use precipitate out some of them to metals in the solution you don't want any metallics in that water goes through the high-pressure steam process otherwise you get some day you build up what you tell a scaling school so this can this water that was mixed in with his ash was very high concentrations of ammonia so to this day are I hate confined spaces I hate small spaces on a little bit claustrophobic this property didn't help and this experience I was in there for two and half hours and I could take anymore was terrible and I was chiselling away at this stuff and I just had to get out of there so to this day now I smell ammonia I have flashbacks not quite a panic attack but certainly from a very vivid flashback to that mum was chiselling out all this and this doesn't concrete slurry is absolutely nightmare of a job one of the dirtiest jobs I've ever done to the go I didn't expect talk about that but they have met with link back to beyond measure #RES minor and the morale of the others only the scanner picture guys crawling around gigantic machines in answer to God laterally chaplain modern world rate inside the staying gets its it's terrible why it was a horrible experience but doubt that said we had all the precautions except one which will get to a minute is me so okay look so talking about confined spaces and what they are but a little about oxygen now contrary to popular belief the percentage of oxygen and the accent is a ratio which is why is a dangerous thing people quote I had psyched our 10% of the time I'm right whatever its ratio so all ratios are dependent upon was being compared to so 20.8% is the official issue figure officially Stockton sleep in a word that has allowed official SPR calcium with that scholarly sum, and a data Englishman language here is a living language I'm killing everybody day little bit of the time anyhow and 20.8% of oxygen are in the NSX about the same percentage roughly till about 85 km above sea level. People tend to think that there is less oxygen higher in the air while yes and no from a ratio point of view no gas composition doesn't change significantly what does change is the air pressure and business area near exactly check is less area as it sounds a bit where we celebrate is exactly what is so the number of animals in the number of oxygen molecules that your lungs are able to actually draw in a single breath significantly reduced so as you go up in height you gain altitude then obviously that affects how much AA you can get and I was when I was putting the silver together this afternoon I I realise that one my favourite episodes of Top Gear the Bolivia special JCC healed the Top Gear found only afterwards and that's the one where they they get cars in the Amazon jungle they drive their way into Chile going higher power into the year and apply no and is they drive up really rehire the site of a of a volcano may basically have to stop because their cars are stopping working as none of oxygen in the air and they are stopping working because not enough oxygen in the air and they dislike a car account or sends this is too hard here as I am severe and I altitude sickness lucky that they came out of that alive because all some people died doing that from complications seen in any case are there blood oxygen level got down to about 84% at that altitude their altitude in that episode was our 17,200 feet which is 3.26 miles and that is our 5.243 km so the air pressure up there is about half of that of that sea level and is the issue so because I say obviously other said you know your O2 oxygen Distasio two states get very low and that's a bad thing to think it's interesting about is that your body can adapt given enough time there are people there so something like a million or one half million people about the live in the danger area and that sort of altitude around the entire world and they live there they're just fine and the reason is that you are you therefore long enough your body tends to adapt and and so there's another listing article on Wikipedia about people that the train in those of the environment is a very our Olympic athletes at the idea is you you you train those environments and you get used to lower oxidant low amount of oxygen in the air and is although not love percentage and then when you have sea levels where majority of the actual Olympic events held as an someplace you love was a syllable than the high levels of oxygen will give you are a boost as it were more energy until because your body adapts again and then you lose advantage in a surreal thing they've measured that so it it's it's quite the yes it's quite an interesting effect so it's not it's not the fact that the body can't adjust is that it can't adjust quickly that's the problem so is the change in the quality of oxygen in the air at a rapid pace that is what the problem is Ardis another little aside when I was thinking about this as you know I lived in Calgary for a while one things happen in Calgary was I grant my whole life you know at about 3040 m above sea level or at sea level so you Rockhampton and down the coast) in the park all those of the various they're all quite loaded you are there not then a higher offer elevations and drop in the mountains and even Australia has the I was face it really not heck of a lot of tall mountains we barely have mountains that gets no except for the oddly named snowy Mountains anyhow the point is that's what I would Calgary it was a kilometre above sea levels aside 3438 feet and nodded to my head I had that redoubt so the difference in air pressure between those is around about 1010 Hector Paschal is at sea level and if you're talking to your parcel you can hundred 1 kPa but whatever reason they just tender quotes are at present Hector Paschal is in our neck of the woods so anyway and is 891 Hector Paschal's as a standard pressure in Calgary because it's a kilometre above sea level so I sought and noticed the difference are it was subtle but some not massive enough at that high altitude where I did notice that though is I went skiing at Sunshine villages near Banff and is it's actually doubt that is base it's about 1.7 km so it's it's quite a bit higher at the base I never went to the summit of the summons 2.7 km above our sea level and that's like nearly 9000 feet when I was going up from the base camp up to the ski lift area are my nose spontaneously just started to bleed and is is quite common activity on the higher altitudes that you get added some people are that the cells the blood cells in the nose is literally spontaneously rupture the difference in the in air pressure not allowed oxygen but hate ego as I throw that in there so yeah I felt I spent a very uncomfortable day with nosebleeds when I was trying to learn to ski which also go well I'd like to add anyhow okay so getting back to earth again back down to sea level again or thereabouts actually how high is so where you live above sea level roughly it won't work, high up it's our Akron is the in some counties in Gaza is the highest point in Ohio but go away doing the oldest keep was keep moving arm so when we are actually talking about confined spaces what's the problem the problem is a lack of oxygen and oxygen depletion is because it is essentially caused through the consumption of that oxygen either through biological processes such as the decaying of organic matter whatever that might be are or displacement by heavy gas and the most common one that I've come across is hydrogen sulphide so I can sulphide is more commonly known as Romney gas because all enough it smells like rotten eggs and Dar anyway it's heavier than air and is a byproduct of the decomposition of faecal matter also learners are also known as SH IT so anyhow arm where value is only thousand thousand feet another still highly me but any case AA so the problem with suet well obviously that's a problem with sewers and emoting on octagon 70 sewers but stormwater drains can still get hydrogen sulphide in them because sometimes people put the wrong drains to the wrong places and sometimes people use wrong drains for the wrong things and sometimes people were septic systems are emptied out into the wrong drains arm ally what was done in now if you see National Lampoon's Christmas vacation I'm not sure if you remember that movie that he are he dumps the gardener caught the contents of their rum RVs waste tank into a storm sewer which doesn't go well later on so and is actually more common than people think the idea is that you despise to dispose of outer at a safe site like it will like when you leave an RV campground disposed to get rid of all that wasted your special waste holding tank which they then pump out and is treated the sewage treatment plant properly that's our OEA still so it is still possible against US are so hydrogen sulphide in stormwater system so you not safe if you think Isis stormwater's rainwater is not a problem so anyway when you're working in a confined space the oxygen levels that you should know our 19.5% so below 19.5% at standard temperature and pressure is essentially considered unsafe at less than that figure into that space so it must be 19.5% in or if you safely enter and work at space if you drop down to about 15% so between said I say 15 to 19% you'll start to have impaired coordination so you'll have trouble like if you're you're trying to use a hammerhead he had ever had of a nail you might struggle are you also start to experience slowing down of your your water try to do so if you're trying to hit the hammer than your your arm orders move slower than your your thinking swing harder but your actual arm will not move as quickly as you're telling it to between 10 and 12% you'll start gasping for breath and you'll start to experience a complete while loss of judgement and reasoning in a striking blue lips between eight and 10% you have a complete loss of coordination you won't be able to stand annual your lapse into unconsciousness between six and 8% arm 50% of people will be dead in six minutes and everyone will be dead in eight minutes when he down to 4 to 6% you'll be in a coma within 40 seconds convulsing and your respiration will cease and you'll die so oxygen column as the thing is when people look at a confined space like a tank or a Audrain or whatever that the crazily thinking of climbing into they have especially people that aren't in the industry they're not going to have a gas detector with them that measures oxygen and measures other toxic gases that are stuck in a habit of saying that the people have a metal shed and their expensive and they need to be calibrated regularly and it's not is not some people commonly have that's what you're supposed to have so the idea is you drop the gas detector down into the confined space to check the quality for a period of time back out so you dangled down and end of a string so you do what out and check the results and when you go in there you're also supposed to take the gas detector with you on your person the continuous monitoring because the conditions could change the moment you don't know the next thing you're supposed to have expressed have harness so your warehousing can support your weight with a tight line connected to it and that is connected to a recovery tripod above the confined space so that they can literally pull you out and buy they I'm talking about the one person or two people preferably outside the confined space that their arm in Australia we we call the cockatoos but the point is that they are your rescuers so you should be entering a confined space with at least one person outside all of your rescue gear and a gas detector battle you should be doing an industrialist you have to do you also have to have your training it's renewed every six months and is very tightly regulated because people keep Dying from this so anyway the key messages no second victim the funny I say it's funny it's not funny the terrible true tragic reality of confined spaces is that typically there is more than one victim so you would think and I are someone's so farmer Joe is gone and got of the tank is cleaning out the inside gnomes heard from him some kind of cyber take a look inside after about half an hour looking for me as in haven't heard anything from France now and he's lying appear apparently unconscious in the bottom think I'm a visitor/Theodora bumped his head or who knows right eye was climbed down there and pull out books 2nd victim not oxygen they are both dead and by the time the third person comes along usually does see two people lying in the bottom and CEO most people do compute and they can say well there's two people unconscious and there is unlikely that they both bump their heads both had strokes at exactly the same time close together so obviously something is wrong I'm not gonna go in there and they go call for more help but I mean particularly similar fire brigade in either you call someone that I can climb in their that said triple and quadruple fatalities still happen so no second victim you see someone unconscious in a confined space do not go in after them for God's sake call someone else if you got the rescue gear and it's all attached you should already be on the outside readable amount if you don't have that do not go in there that's that's the thing to remember the other thing about hydrogen sulphide is that it is heavier than air therefore it sinks to the bottom so when you go into a confined space and is attracted people fall into the past is that I put the gas detector and not right down to floor the putdown about a foot or 2 feet above ground level which is of outstanding height maybe and they will then go in thinking it's all hunky-dory and then the drop until they lend Bailey never pick it up and they pass out by Gibson unconsciousness because HUS completely displaces the oxygen now so you know always although the bottom but you know a lot of this I hear I am in the message is don't go climbing into a confined space that it just don't do it okay get a professional and do it if you're not trying to do or don't do it and how tempting a thing as it fell down the drain do not climb into the dam trying to get it if you can get if you knew Sykes only deficient out do that now if your arm can reach great minds you back an imbalance of youngest up but you know be sensible about do not climb into a confined space and you may think yourself well I'll let Cicely I'd never do that well here's the thing I was not always the arm are well and I was young once everyone was right when I was a kid are known talk about this stuff when they say you don't go into drains and pipes and stuff you know I guess did I say that I can remember Tony specifically not to so serve now and then you know I was a kid and I was out by Mason Yates it's hot in the sun sometimes you sit in the exit of a stormwater drain because it's our son is really because like 10 cooler in their and that's 10C cooler arm would have as an Fahrenheit the point is that is a lot cooler in their own climb all the way up into them which would have been even more stupid but even so even that was stupid so we aware was well my parents give me this lecture go it matters do not go in them okay so a lot of people I think listening to this might be saying I saw well and good for you John because you're an engineer in your annual you are exposed to confined spaces & so forth that there's big signs up on these things around us recite confined space do not enter it's like unless you can't read your see the big red spread black sign of think something is wrong but even so you know people become more aware of an industrial environment what is that mean in the real world. People well maybe confined spaces is a bit of a stretch but this is still worth talking about because as I said in a kid's kids are kids and it's worth making sure they know the risks even some adults don't understand the risks but was talk about a couple of things that are very specific to inside the home and some statistics I found is nice so nice websites that talks about this that's the show notes about 18,000 people die in the United States from household injuries and that's not to mention obviously the number of people that are injured that would be in at least it could be 5 to 10 times that number more are injured you usually you'll have me or have 20 near misses are for every injury and you'll have 10 injuries for every fatality or something like that that the bit is as there is a scale anyway so of that one third of those is from falls and was a forces from primarily because of slippery services in the household and usually that means wet areas seen in your ensuite or your bathroom your shower recess you water gets on the floor and what its tiles this motile traditionally why they split tiles because they look nice they feel nice but you don't want that we was was nonslip floor tiles once when I get wet based on a fair bit of friction see I just slip over a crack head open and a lot of people look at our handrails the O'Hagan Jahan) bars are letters for disabled people helps them get in and out of the bath yet we know what actually helps normal people getting out above to so there's not much extra expense to get some handrails fitted so that is safer for you to get in and out of the bath to be amazed how many people slip and hurt themselves each day is getting out of bath and 1/4 of that figure of people that died were from fires and burns severe burns so of course I couldn't have a whole episode of pragmatic about safety not talk about house fires so finally we'll talk about that when you've gone it's quite a problem for a very long time obviously and is more electricity in the household you've still got you always got the old the gas it's been around for a very long time so gaslight originally now got gas gas stoves and in some cases gas fridges and a gas water heating systems CLS staff gas get everything I navigate to my house but it's all electric but then the I don't have big hitting requirements here where I live so in any case fires a big problem first of all first and foremost you have to have an evacuation plan if it's a building a commercial building or an industrial site you have to have by law evacuation plan needs to be posted up in multiple locations exits have to be clearly marked but in residence as you don't have to do that lot legally but why not why is it any damn different know it's like the company doesn't want to get sued so that's what I do I guess it's a pessimistic way of thinking about as they legislate about but seriously why the heck is that not required I get the best thing you can do is if it is not required to anyway especially if you got kids as the two if it is you're on your own and is easy you know what you want to do with your two people it's important to say here's what we can do if there is a fire it is a finest firehouse would only use this exit get out this door and will meet out the front Bible pick a spot but you will you meet by the territory hopefully not top-down so the point is that you've gotta have some kind of a plan run through and practice and do it every six months ice every six months do it at the extremes of the season still in the middle of winter when if you're an environment where you like and where you live we've Ben we've got ice and snow you got a factor that into the equation maybe it's it's too dangerous to escape to a difficult to escape through a certain service at methodologies climb out the window unless Graham was top story if everything is covered nicely to slide off the roof and hurt yourself through a different means other than being burnt though I know that as of extreme case but tried at the extremes in the middle summer Wednesday cubby bases up but practice it regularly at least have a plan and make sure you got a common point to rendezvous and once everyone you headcount you know how many people in the house once those people around the house do not go back in don't go back in for anything I don't care what you think it's worth it's not worth that never go back in how many times have you heard about the oh big though the the person went back into is to say the photo albums or something you know it just don't don't don't don't don't backing up data episode you know how you have a fireproof safe people confirm trust that the fireproof safe is actually fireproof and the Ohe or the fire is get there in time to prevent damage reaching up other house you bestow and how quickly smoke and overcome you you really would you think I take a deep breath Albion out know when you're running around if you're just floating in a pool you can hold your breath 1/42 sour minute you people do natural our breeder diving you know what they call that term when I can get help hold their breath are my multiple minutes underwater less because of pressure annoyances a lot of practice if you're running or crawling and exerting a lot of energy you cannot hold your breath as long as you think you can and and and AER awaits a wet towel wet some arm a handkerchief over your mouth is not gonna save you so anyway that at the best way of course is some to make sure that you got lots of access points to as a egress points out the house safety is a safety sorry Heller security is a big problem so people put security roles in the house and's and I think well you should come in for insurance purposes and for your own peace of mind fine you should do that so the problem that is the most security grills are permanently affixed to the frame so that's a problem because in the in the bad old days when it was just a fly screen you would open the window and he just popped the fly screen out with a single kick or even a sharp push with your hand and you be at escape through the window if you didn't have my strengths didn't even have that problem but now he put a security grill in Europe to smash in some glass so you better be sure that your three year old kid can smash through a window pane of glass a guarantee I can't so what's the solution is if you have security grills you have to make sure you get are the special fire escape screens that is a whole bunch of different names is no real standard may just fire safe screens or fire escape screens all safe escape screens I found dozens of different names different brand names mainly in the idea is that I have a lot of release pending hinge so we do is you pull the release pen open the flap and the new push literally like a miniature door the security grill out of the way and still pretty well secure as having it completely stuck in place drilled in place cemented in place or whatever in place and that gives you easy access out the window if you have to get out the fire the ordinarily if you've got a room attached to the tablets dated use most have two exits one exit as your primary and wiser backup in case primary is blocked so if you're in a room a kids bedroom and you need to get out and the hallways blocked the cargo at the main door the only option is the window and if they can't break the glass their debt asset so you have to make sure that you think about anyway summer keep in mind okay arm moving on okay so smoke detectors the last real thing to talk about and that is everyone so smoke detectors if you don't go on by some as soon as you stop listening to this episode go get put up on a curfew renting put up anyway and I whinge about how to change the batteries every 12 months okay change them batteries every 12 months whatever get lithium batteries they have changed every three or four years either way it is get because the earlier warning you've got the letter that the better chance of a you have of getting out and be if you cash in a really early-stage in the yellow extinguisher before you lose your house or your apartment or whatever this to clients of smoke detectors there is ionising smoke detector to been around quite a while and more recently the more expensive photoelectric's mouth the way they work the ionising one works is that they put some are radioactive material usually it's a merry cinnamon there for American I don't happen as it was cinnamon easier but anyway it's a synthetic element and is so I figure stomach number of my head butts are greater than uranium obviously and anyhow what that does is that essentially ionises any smoke particles that come through its detecting chamber and those are then created current in that very very small car is detected by the battery which then drives aside the alarm sound they are really good at picking up smoking fires and I don't mean small but only fires that have a nicotine habit I mean smoke Pfizer smoulder for a long period of time and you often that's a problem but certainly is one kind of fire but once a fire really gets underway ill start generating heat I say whether smoke is five there is the funding as well as heat is also eventually fires well and you will be able see if it heats were photoelectric before you will ever see the smouldering that said both have their own advantages and disadvantages so a smoke detector will detect the smoke particles further away from the source of the fire was photoelectric needs to be more physically close to the heat source and onto detected so 11 for example that's a long way away from the heat source Seo 30 feet away in the hallway will probably not detect but electrically want to take a fire starting in the kitchen or as a an ionising detector would because the smoke particles will because your hot air rises the carrier up to the roof and fan out across the top of the roof the problem of course an ionising ones is that they are also well is the problem of that sheep and the great thing about that I guess is that people have been putting in now for decades couple decades now the popular but they go off every time someone burns the dam toast right and people get sick of it no longer going to take barrier are taken down they just give up on so my advice is use a combination of both I would be using the photoelectric ones in cooking areas or areas we have our heat sources most likely to start a fire like if you got a laundry with a dryer RNS or you've got so kitchen with a stovetop or an oven whatever you I will be having the arm photoelectric sensors in those locations and that I would put the ionising detectors close of the bedrooms which are presumably further away the size of the house and was of stuff how many you need is up to you and you don't take my word as is gospel you check with your local fire department are there's plenty of sites out there that of God via best advice of when amount these things that start but please please consider getting and using them because what you want to avoid is the burning toast syndrome which is Susie alarm goes off to start what weight will be during the night say our summers cooking toast again and go back to sleep or try to ignore it or they don't let there in the first reaction is not get out of the house it's all there goes the dam smoke detector again so if you started a nuisance triggers move the damn things try different time go switch to the year photoelectric and so the ionising in that location you know any case that's fire and fire detectors and is fire safety I didn't talk about fasting wishes or fire blankets but yes you should definitely have those as well as the preventive measures most people don't have extinguisher and a lot of guilt over 585 laggards are surprisingly cheap and they're very quick and easy use and honestly and if it having one of those and worry wherever you cook is invaluable so that's that's an easy one fasting wishes are a hard sell because you gotta make sure the pressurising object professionally and so on regularly otherwise you can't use them right blasts the very final thing I said I was the last opportunities bites arm honestly there's one more thing I wanted to say about this and it comes down to attitude go safety and eye care of the sounds do she maybe does maybe doesn't who cares it's not all about you it's not all about your safety it's about the safety of other people around you the people that you love people that you don't necessarily love or maybe don't specifically care about them that much maybe your neighbours your extended our friends or your casual acquaintances in a maybe maybe there's someone you walk past is walking down the street are doing something dangerous you is so much society press societal pressure in bigger cities to keep details give yourself mind your own business in a single don't tell someone else how operate their leaf life and not yet wearing hearing protection though you OFFERING TO LEAVE LAME DRIVEWAY AND THE A CYCLE OR HANG ON A MINUTE YOU SHOULD BE WEARING HEARING PROTECTION WANT WHY TO DO AND THAT IN MIND YOUR OWN DAMN BUSINESS RIGHT AND I'M SURE THAT IF YOU SAY THAT TO A DOZEN PEOPLE YOU WOULD GET AT LEAST ONE OR TWO OF THEM COME BACK AND TELL YOUR MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS BUT THE TRUTH IS THAT WHAT IF THEY'RE DOING SOMETHING THAT IS WRITTEN IS REALLY UNSAFE THAT THEY CAN REALLY HURT THEMSELVES MAYBE HEARINGS NOT AS BIG A DEAL IN THAT SENSE BUT YOU KNOW THEY DO PHYSICALLY INTO THEMSELVES OR SOMEONE ELSE THE GOODNESS I COULD TELL THEM YOU EVEN IF THEY DON'T CHANGE THE WAVY TELL 10 PEOPLE ARE DOING SOMETHING DUMB A DANGEROUS UNSAFE IF ONLY ONE OF THEM CHANGES WHAT THEY'RE DOING I THINK IT'S KINDA WORTH IT AND I DON'T JUST ACCEPT IT AND KEEP WALKING AND AND WHAT ARE THINGS THAT I CAME ACROSS A YEARS AGO AND IS ARM I AM A LITTLE BIT OF A PART THIS IS NOT ONE OF MINE I CAN APPRECIATE GOOD POETRY AND IS A GUY CALLED JOHN DON MERRILL AND HE IS A POET BUT HE WORKS FOR CONICAL JR SIMPLOT OUR COMPANY CHEMICAL FERTILISER IS BENEFIT 40 YEARS OR THEREABOUTS THINK YOU STILL THERE IS NO WORKING AS A LABOURER WORK IS WHY THIS RANKS TO WAIT S TO BEING A GRANULATOR OPERATOR TO BE HONEST I'M NOT ENTIRELY SURE WHAT THAT IS BUT ANYWAY THEY OPERATE GRANULATOR IS AND ALONG THE WAY HE BECAME INVOLVED WITH THE SAFETY COMMITTEE ARE SPECIFICALLY OIL CHEMICAL AND ATOMIC WORKERS LOCAL TWO 632 HE OBTAINED AN IDAHO STATE JOURNEYMAN ELECTRICIAN'S LICENCE SAYS SPARKY AND HE OBTAINED THE EMERGENCY MEDICAL TECHNICIAN CERTIFICATE AND SPENT 18 YEARS RESPONDING TO EMERGENCIES AND INJURIES WITHIN THE PLANT HE WAS WORKING IS WRITTEN A LOT PALMS AND AMASSING A READ THIS 1 TO YOU NOW AND WHY AND THE READER IS BECAUSE THIS IS A POUND THAT I HEARD YEARS AGO THAT HAS CHANGED THE WAY I SEE THIS STUFF AND IS A LINK TO A MISCHIEVOUS LINTEL CHENNAI IS ARM READ UP ON IT IT'S IT'S GOOD AND ARM BRACE YOURSELF HERE WE GO OR IF YOU DON'T LIKE POETRY I GUESS FAST FORWARD BUT YOU KNOW IF YOU MADE IT THIS FAR EMOTIONAL STICK WITH ME AS I KNOW A COUPLE MINUTES PALMS ENTITLED I COULD HAVE SAVED THE LIFE THAT DAY I CHOSE TO LOOK THE OTHER WAY I COULD HAVE SAVED A LIFE THAT TIME I CHOSE TO LOOK THE OTHER WAY IT WASN'T THAT I DIDN'T CARE I HAVE THE TIME I WAS AND I WAS THERE BUT I DIDN'T WANT TO SEEM A FULL ARGUE OVER A SAFETY RULE AND NEARLY DONE THE JOB BEFORE IF I SPOKE UP HE MIGHT GET SORE THE CHANCES DIDN'T SEEM THAT BAD I DONE THE SAME I KNEW HE HAD SHOOK MY HEAD AND WALKED BY HE KNEW THE RISKS AS WELL AS I TOOK THE CHANCE I CLOSE AND I AND IN AND WITH THAT ACT I LET HIM DIE I COULD HAVE SAVED A LIFE THAT DAY BUT I CHOSE TO LOOK THE OTHER WAY NOW EVERY TIME I SEE HIS WIFE I KNOW I SHOULD HAVE SAVED HIS LIFE THAT GUILT IS SOMETHING I MUST BEAR BUT IT ISN'T SOMETHING YOU NEED TO SHARE IF YOU SEE A RISK THAT OTHERS TAKE THAT PUTS THEIR HEALTH OR LIFE AT STAKE THE QUESTION ASKED OR THING YOU SAY COULD HELP THEM LIVE ANOTHER DAY IF YOU SEE A RISK AND WALK AWAY THEN HOPE YOU NEVER HAVE TO SAY I COULD HAVE SAVED A LIFE THAT DAY I CHOSE TO LOOK THE OTHER WAY IS IT IS BY DON MERRILL THE MESSAGE IS IF YOU SEE SOMEONE THAT IS DOING SOMETHING THAT IS DANGEROUS COULD POTENTIALLY HURT THEMSELVES OR OTHERS STOP THEM SAY SOMETHING DO SOMETHING DON'T JUST KEEP WALKING AND ASSET 1.WHAT ABOUT THIS YOU CAN FIND JOHN ON TWITTER AT JOHN GIGI SIMON AT THE CHECKOUT GUNSIGHT THAT DISTORTED I CAN'T SEND AN EMAIL YOU CONSENTED TO GIANT TAXES OR SHOULD I COME AND ALEXANDER AND ME ON TWITTER AT THE VILE PRAGMATIC SHOP AT PROGRAM AT PRAGMATIC ON TWITTER SEASHORE ANNOUNCEMENTS AND OTHER RELATED MATERIALS THANK YOUROTATE FOR SPONSORING THIS UP SO�
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