Pragmatic 14: The Worlds Most Popular Camera

24 February, 2014


The iPhone has disrupted the consumer photography industry and is the most popular camera in the world. But is it the best camera? John explores the limitations of using the iPhone as your only camera, drawbacks of a DSLR and how accessories can help.

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Pragmatic weekly discussion shall contemplating the practical application of technology exploring the real-world trade-offs we would have agreed ideas are transformed into products and services that can change your lives nothing is as simple as it seems some sort of pragmatic responsibility for platform makes it easy to build and share a beautifully designed online forums combining human creativity with the power of migrant cross device web technology to create new ways of asking questions online uniquely designed outlet actual human conversation one question at a time without what's coming up next distracting you and the result is arson limited tainted forms offering a three month free trial of the new tape for improved service orthotic about that or more better on the shop and then Alexander because Judge Eddie I am doing very well Ben thank you for asking Heydon doing excellent wallets even at awesome guys all that's all I spilled a rocky start to them so that is okay where we we got gardening and as a matter so thanks as always to our live listeners for rather tuning and live really appreciated my sewer is nice to see and other staff with my what's I've sort of become a bit of behaviour thing now I'm doing with old cryptic clue on Twitter for what that topics can be each week and I will put out for the first time this this this week are been doing this now three weeks the first time someone has correctly guessed what's the topic was before the episode came alive so one last chance for the live listeners to put in their votes is someone on Twitter has already said what this one is about so I'll give you a couple seconds the lake again while waiting our iTunes reviews keep flowing in we've had another five this week so our thanks to our Twitter acquaintance stars axe to check who is actually in the chat room so one thank you for that are Nam Wieder Granville DR Jed H and Chris Raskin are always appreciated very much so our thanks guys very much for round for the ratings and the reviews on iTunes are just a note to Chris also has staff basically as of last weekend stomachs of the page load times are down significantly over WordPress which is great are eventually be migrating my side away strongly on the name cheaper when it expires next to 3 months on the move to a Fasthosts that it should the speed up even more and Czar yes so one is had no real complaints at this point so few people so they like it which is great thank you and the desire to be more illegalities is not so I am I'm got a long list of things I want to add to it lots and lots of things and I will get to them however are you'll see them trickle out more slowly now because I hear it that the DNA should take quite a lot of time you did a lot more than I thought it would in any case so arm before we talk about this are the topic to answer the question are the person that got it right was a David Brennan and is oddly enough he is actually also from Brisbane are like me so David Brennan guessed correctly that we are going be talking are something about star photography today so why are our guy notice the closeness of the chat room so are the suspect is in a disagreeable lot about what I will talk about today before you jump jump into the topic their arm specifically honestly quickly talk about our survey and this is our like our sponsor is a type forms are built survey now I put this together a few days ago and the intention of this survey is within the wheel will be a link in the show notes is star Lisa intention is to get some feedback from you guys and that the listeners about which shows you liked the most the reason I'm asking is that you whilst download numbers give you a picture of which one is more and less popular it's more complicated than that and I guess I'm curious to see which topics with more enjoyable and had a lot of really great feedback especially about episode to the battery problem that so I want to know I suppose what people think because is opportunity for you to's guide the direction of the topics in the show I have a list of another dozen or more actually a key brain and every day of topics to cover which are which is good but at the same time I Wanna try and cover topics that people are more interested in so he is an opportunity for guys to ask and Czar can't guarantee of course that I'll be able, everything because if you want me to talk about something I either know nothing about I have no interest in that obviously I can't our property from you about accommodation but obviously I'll do what I can to want to try and cover topics the people vote for you now is your chance to have your say so please jump on the link in the show notes it's a uptight form survey and feel free to feel free to fill that in at your convenience and we appreciated it is our need to get feedback on the scientific and yet exactly so I gonna do this very often it is a yah this is quite likely a you a one off but at any point in any case okay so today we're gonna talk about photography but not exactly photography and so the sense of you know I will try cargo DSLR what I'm doing is I've been coming in hiring overthrow of many years now I've gone through the swing of our compact cameras and are also talking about star billable debts idea size before I'm never bitten the bullet I've looked at these fascinating RQ accentuates 100 Sony Klingons for smart phones and of course I been using smart phones now and I was using this our smart phone as a camera was a yah Nokia are and 73 before the iPhone existed and I was using had a 3.2 megapixel camera built into it which was quite passable so it is not a new thing the songs are the ones that delegate eagles around the use of the iPhone is later entrance iPhone into a gammaray sort of year but this disservice to angle someone talk about is first of all is the world's most popular camera is the one that people have with them all the time as simply a function of if you have it with you your gonna use it if you need to use it whereas there is no forethought necessary because II won't take a smartphone with me wherever I go because I need to make phone calls received phone calls by Angry Birds or threes or whatever game is popular at the time I guess Arno and you will have that with you demolishing Facebook or Twitter old and so on but you know it's also cameras they can take photos with as decent cameras well it's not not as bad as it was back with the then 73 anyway so the point is that's if you have a look at our Flickr Flickr has gone a list of the most popular cameras in the Flickr community now this two articles that I'm actually putting up our on-site distortions David that this podcast essentially this episode is about first was called the world's most popular cameras nameless episode but is also a review of the age to be a handgrip which I get to later first before I got the Oslo talk about why the iPhone is the most popular phone or maybe there is no is much to talk about without that stunning by saying it's a fact it is as a function of the factors or bits it is a very popular smart phone and the fact that it is very easy to our share photos with it and take photos with it and that the evidence from Flickr yah speaks for itself of course it's a small piece of the overall market in oh so there are other ways of sharing photos of the services absolutely I mean I would love to see the breakdown numbers from Facebook which you or Instagram that I am reasonably sure that you guys know a bit of a lag on the android version of this paper was a Windows phone I'm not completely au fait with that but I guarantee you whether or not it's an iPhone or whether or not it's a Galaxy S3 it's going to be a smart phone and if you look at the list on Flickr the top four are cameras are all iPhones 54S5S and for in that order from most to least popular in the top four and the fifth most popular is a Canon Eos Rebel T-3 I which is a DSLR so it certainly almost certainly illustrates the point with a problem with with smart phone can resist the several problems I was still talk about them in turn first one is distance shots and these are the ones that respond one limitations are really really annoys me is that is extremely difficult to get a good quality distance photo they are great for a while even relatively close up macro shots at a reasonable job boats are generally speaking once you go beyond about three or 4 feet beyond that it just gets very very difficult because it is in a while technically as it's an infinite zoom lens it not have the any optical zoom capability it is dozen and the reason for that is that while I course my phone cameras because the thin analyte they simply do not have the physical space to have an optical zoom you Steve got no way that you can you can move the lenses within it's the dead their fixed so in order to get distance shots the only camera with the Kazakh resort the other got digital zoom rights as I walk into a digital zoom here all digital zoom does is it just takes an area of a CCD focuses in on that and blows up digitally say resampling are all the pixels in between and it looks like a blurry mess is so grainy and horrible than ever reason to do that are if you'd I don't think so except there is one phone out there that I'm aware of there may be a few more now since then but the move that the Nokia Lumia 1020 and yes I was a Windows Mobile arm phone however the point is that it has a 43 megapixel CCD and so what what you what you are doing is that if you zoom in on three megapixel section of that that band will be quite a decent are resolute not be quite a decent dumb definition on that because you got so many pixels you capturing me whether or not caused arm you are the house I said is what whether or not that's the way you want to be taking distance shots the smart phone because that's just this is the ability to do it and yes is not grazed anywhere near as grainy as we are iPhone or a Galaxy S3 let's say that the problem is you still got these other issues like are like below so little about our next the problem with below is that when you push the button down or tap the screen you are essentially putting a vibration or subtle movement and it is subtle really subtle but it doesn't have to be much and will happen is you will get a very minor blurring effects in that photo sick people that DO do a lot of photography it will be obvious but other people DO some people like I can't quite tell what is this not quite right this photo cyst just is not a sharp and most people are so limited and someone so occasionally I've I've had a really great shot of the kids and Hezbollah blurring, it really upsets me because I asked it has to such a beautiful poser is like the moment is gone you know so Blair is a big big deal so the ability to stabilise your smart phone and I've tried taking photos with my well photos and video for that matter with my iPhone holding it with one hand using my right hand because of right-handed but when you do that is sometimes it's really really hard because you're still holding a bit of her like a pincer sort of grips with your thumb underneath in your index finger on top may be rather finger sort of stabilising the position in the yah in the exercise of any y-axis I should say an excellent unset acts as the point is that our it's very hard to hold steady there with one hand not for any significant period of time and honestly the best option is to use your left hand so you gotta hold the smartphone with both hands and they can be a pain in the neck are they really can be a painful but you will get a much steadier shop but say what is your arms get tired your fingers my hands the star cramping after a period of time is not comfortable and this is a problem honestly the camera sold a long long time ago and that's why DSLR is a got like a handgrip on that the SO that that that multibit at the front work with you with with the right-hand side of Scott the shutter on an all-out ATO that's there because it's comfortable to hold because if you only holding it at the camera for any significant period of time go this is not rocket science they figured this out decades ago you so having that handgrip is this is critical and it also helps to reduce our it helps to reduce Blair because you can actually hold with one hand far more steadily than than with a natural revenue will with a smartphone we got a dislike to register hold onto it is not as that is the issue of optical image stabilisation which is something that again because of the size of the lenses in a smart phone you simply cannot put optical stabilisation and outlays not to any level of quality that you can get with a larger lens and there is a good link on the Wikipedia that I recommend you have a look at if you look at how they do optical image stabilisation but suffice to say are even that the 1020 doesn't have our optical stabilisation pretty sure it doesn't and heart no other smartphone of Maecenas had our optical image stabilisation it's just young it's just not gonna happen right next thing is battery life and the problem with a smart phone is that its boundaries physically can be smaller than the battery can shove in a DSLR or compact camera generally although admittedly the compact camera that I was carrying around Zara a few years ago I still got a use occasionally waterproof are like proof one and that I was using a floppy head and its boundaries are bouts or maybe two thirds this the capacity of my iPhone are battery so it is smaller but the problem is that when the camera is battery goes flat use can't take photos anymore when a smart phone's battery goes flat you your stuff you can't make a phone call we can't receive a phone call if you needed to make a phone call we got a flat tire or you are one of the kids are so needed to call an ambulance that we use can't do that you're out of luck you know so running about in a smart phone is a much much bigger deal than running out of battery on a compact camera DSLR the other issue causes the batteries in the SLRs and compacts are replaceable though exchangeable so you can have a bunch of batteries pre-charged you literally swap out Xiamen and are away you go you can within a minute or less so they can't do that with with my smart phones well I'm sorry I'll rephrase a candidate iPhone is our Samsung phones I believe are some the Nokia phones you can that's for sure so you know perhaps as a limitation that is more unique to one more specific to Apple stuff and you might say: get a booster enough to get our Joffrey card sure that the booster takes time to charge some of your fungus like the city of the booster handy is to plug it in and wait wallets while mod boosts anyway so is the battery life problem remote shutter and this is why most things are a realisable bit flimsy and I'm how I throw it in because it annoys me but the truth is there's otherwise around this let's assume that you've got be the problem of holding the iPhone are sorted and you want to prop up against something or pariah tripod or something because you got the right attachment to do that and then you want to get a family shop group shop and you want to be in that photo and is known else around what you you do you want everyone is in the room to be in the photo what options have you got was no remote shutter is no functionality to do that and the stock standard camera does not come with any kind timer so the thing is that's if you're any distance away from the from the actual camera any distance at all and to fill the people in the group shop and I seek sorry Clinton in the yard chattering just pointed out that had phone cable are if you got Hassan her friends and yes if you if you do click the button they will take photos yeah that's true but that's a remote time talking about actually being in the photo are not having the headphone cable website alone ago about what I thought maybe maybe not even 2 feet so I guess a small am talking about is the ability to trigger a photo when you're in the photo and the other what the symbol I ran out of because the timer stand Apple app does not come with a timer so you have to get an avid supporter time but for me I would rather have a proper remote shutter because then you can take as many photos as you want trigger whenever you want and it is no cable trailing telephone is not of a mess so is another thing I would like if possible anyway so I've been hunting for years the different products that that would hopefully Starkey bumping when I've reconfigured my microdiscectomy apologies ability fears for products that will actually and is I finally found one that meets most of my criteria the remote shutter seems to be something that is you you won't find that built into many products at all or is optional many products essentially a standalone thing so I ordered ADR McCue arm shutter and it so I will be testing that and are reviewing as the time comes and not ready to put that out there yet why did yet was I got something from our true DC Tina which is a link in the initial notes and it's called the RA group B and inspire company called a to be and are there in the maiden career and it is essentially an iPhone camera gripping attachment you literally unscrew a black black dial and that our move is a large pressure pad are up-and-down and as a goes down it allows you to insert the phone into the end and then you can tighten up again that pressure pad presses against the back of the phone hold firmly in place so what it does is it is essentially an unpowered attachment it's a it's a handgrip but it also has three buttons on the front allows you to take photos and operate the camera app the problem while also does personal gaskets of the problems the other thing is it has a built-in nard booster battery in there and is a is re-rallied enough to give my iPhone 5 is a complete charge and then some and finally arm size of the buns it can charge in its grip and is it also finally has a tripod mount at the bottom seeking them out on a tripod so essentially it addresses the issue of below it addressed of the battery life however it doesn't address the issue of the distance shots arm or of course the other remote shutter that's okay because despite lives looked for I can't find anything that really solves all those problems not for an iPhone the interesting thing now is within the young Nokia 1020 are it actually the limited financial say it actually does have a camera grip attachment as you can get and that's particularly our particularly handy because it's built specifically for that fit iPhone and when you actually have a has the handgrip has a tripod mounted has the battery built into it it looks like a really nice bit of kit to be honest but the problem that I've got a lot of people got is that they don't like Windows phone for whatever reason I don't like the Leumi is already got an iPhone so I will admit that if I was more interested in the photography that I was about the usability and my personal preferences for a phone for a smart phone I would go and get a Lumia 1020 but the truth is that I'm too tired to the IOS star ecosystem and honestly it's it's quite an upheaval for me to want to move to a different platform so I would choose not to at this point anyway so just arm about the A2B then is I guess it's quite light is made out of a smooth plastic and I found that when i.e. our use of long period of time when I had sweat was 20 as ghostly hands sorry but I do and anyway it's actually can little bit slippery after a long long period of time the from the truth is that that's kind of our yarn on promoters and unfair criticism because the reality is if you are fostering hold my phone to the length of time sewing this thing this thing is liked to 3 times more comfortable I can hold in one hand and it is justice that is if I was using two hands I dug a hand cream holding it it is but it's because it's comfortable as the thing was good I think the men's hand are you exactly and the funny thing is that you don't see too many groups out there was another group that I did come across and it is a kickstart project and I don't believe it's currently available yet the still working on analysing that was current and was the open actually out there so on this link to that in the year in and in the actual review so have a look at that if you want so anyways it is that okay so what does Idaho want to test on this thing with the battery because the battery was a big deal for me is that just today I was at the cricket arm and is anyway I was taking it a significant amount of video and was taking a lot of photos now did not test the photos I didn't as I just tested the video video stresses the phone's battery I think more than the photos do especially when you consider the fact that the photo side of things are you could be argued out flash on you may not are you depending upon depending on if you take photos in burst mode or not it was also me longer and more difficult for me to test so I decided to just focus on the video side of rather than happy families you push the button every photos I take I could be there for hours and that CO not success is interested I want to do the video and because I use the iPhone as a camcorder and when asked what I should or shouldn't you doesn't matter me know that that's what I do because it's available it's with me and it takes pretty good video so there is no doubt I did some tests that's this thing extends the battery life significantly so I've taken the iPhone and I run flat and I've used the A2B to charge it from flat the charging race is very very similar to that is if you're plugging it in the water are obviously at slightly slower which is what you'd expect to be slightly slower but honestly it's it was pretty comparable and are if anyone is curious about the charging rate from dead flat it took on my iPhone fibres just go for the record is now about what five months old so obviously brand-new battery you is that your mileage will vary ever so slightly based on the age of the battery but now for the purposes of this test it's close enough that average courses can be different charging rate it was a five because the fibre slightly different size battery and I believe as well as the fluorescent for and this this particular attachment in the A2B art fits all those four models I don't often fits the 5C just because the case design is different when I think the width of the phone the 5C at slightly wider and is a reasonably snug fit so the other issue of course is the Yum in order for the buns to work there they come the buttons the physical buns for taking a photo in order for that to work out there's a conductive strip on the front is a silver strip on the front and so when you hold your hand in the grip the inside of your first or second knuckles is touching that conductive strip with lateral connection from the inside into the metal band so the metal band when you when you insert the iPhone into the grip when you tighten up is actually a small metal tag and the bottom is available in the inner in the review and that actually comes in a physical electrical contact with the band and because the 5CR doesn't have that are I have suspected it would simply not work with the 5C so works with four out of the five iPhones that have been available in the last three years which is still pretty good case anyway back to the battery time so in order to charge it so from charting iPhone from wall charger from dead are fully charged our 98 minutes so our 38 minutes and roughly 1% per minute so charging the iPhone from dead arm using the A2B all at 200% for car hundred 16 minutes which is .9% per minute so you a little bit longer but not significantly longer saw was at an extra idea 268 Sade extra 18 as an extra 18 minutes was good in a pinch less right exactly and plus I remember because that's if you would let your iPhone go flatten so the other test that I did is okay well how long would it take to get Mr I'm doing and myself so if I'm using it from using our ideal mitis is intended to be video but I also did a subtest using 720p just to get an idea of how long you could record with the battery so if you have a fully charged iPhone not using the grip at all you can get 154 minutes of recording before it goes flat so other words it consumes about .65% per minute battery now if you got fully charged iPhone and a fully charged our grip and you're boosting the battery continuously what it'll do is it will basically drain a booster battery first so your iPhone will continue to state 100% nice and then after the booster battery dies then your iPhone will lose its charge naturally as you as it is consumed so go through 154 minutes up to 354 minutes so that rates overall rate of of of the loss is actually .3% per minute of overall charge has relapsed a percentage relative to 2 different discharge rates are to 2 different sorry discharge our energy volumes rising at two different as Amelia Bowers and his battery so is a percentage meaningful or not I know probably not but it is illustrative of the fact that you get are an extra 200 minutes of recording which is not insignificant however this is all well and good and sanitary and lovely however the others piece of this is what good is extra battery if I don't have extra space modernism is in so I've done a nice little table that summarises it pretty succinctly this currently and this is one of those things that I now I'm aware that a lot of people are annoyed about is this still only a 64 gig is the maximum memory size again iPhone I do not undertake I don't I hate the contrast find the right word that doesn't come across badly but it's frustrating I mean really 64 gig, it's not that expensive any more Apple is certainly not that is expensive is your charging interest for now I know are well I did that make me a sucker either maybe it does anyway don't answer that so this resizes right the 16 gig 32 gig 64 gig so in each of those models if I'm recording 1080p video or 720p video how much I actually record in terms of space in NNO including gigabytes are converted back into minutes so basically are if I have a 16 gig iPhone and I'm recording in seven are in 1080p is hundred and four minutes so in other words the amount of time it takes 2 to flatten it's just some yoghurt your yoghurt 01 the seed because the numbers are the fully charged iPhone two did the recording time maximum recording time iPhone no grips hundred 54 minutes but on the run out of space at hundred and four minutes I never get there so that the grip has no point in suspending the communal loader without some year already rate and that's exactly right and as the maximum possible storage space so that is a clean iPhone just the stock standard at all the spaces being used for video recording don't know too many people where that is actually the case so you know admittedly having the battery is great in a pinch before 16 gig iPhone use of the start point so we go up to the 32 gig molecules are to 207 minutes okay will that's a more realistic situation and of course ago 64 gig model you get 441 minutes in terms of space so the only people that really makes sense for is a 3764 and even with a 32 again probably not a real-world scenario people grab That They Can Have Their Music on There and Then I Can Have the Full Amount of Space Available so Really Only Makes Much to Makes a Difference If You on the 64 Gig Model Swellings I Did Is Part of This Little Exercise Was I Had a Look into This Place of the Different Models but before I Go into That I Was Thinking Perhaps Star You Might Want a Little Bit about Time from You That Platform Is a Fresh Solution to the Big Problem Gathering Deed on Your Website Bombs Are a Key Component Doing Business Online Now the Man A Lot 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Tape from Champions Good User Experience in Design This Helps You Create a Space in Which Users Will Be More Willing to Answer and More Likely to Give Honest Answers and Customer Feedback and Surveys Can't Estimate Landing Pages of an Organisation in the Classroom Tape on What Your Imagination Fly People Using Tape Forms and Huge Rate of Ways to Make Interactive Stories Holiday Cards Team Presentations Outer Creation Was Goes Online for a Limited Time Platform Is Often a Three Month Free Trial of the New Tape Form Pro Service Just Sign up at Www.Tape Fonda Calm an Upgrade to the Pro Plant in the Dashboard Mix Should Use the Coupon Code Feel like to Get Your Free Three Months the Thank You Tape Fonda Sputtering the Show and Permitted Easier for People to Get to Know Each Other Better Sarsen As Well Add about Platform That the Survey That Is Being Done for the about Earlier in the Show That Was Done Using Platform and It's of My First Time Using It and I Have To Say That It Was Easily Handsdown the Nicest Arm Platform I've Ever Used for Building a Survey at Amin with Is Really Is It Is Very Very Nicely Done so Far I I.E. Yard Deftly Recommend Having a Go at It Had You Give a Shot It's You I'm Only Working Items Does It Gonna Roll out the Other Doesn't Just in General on the State Arm Using the Answer As Our Pushing the User from More Interaction Are Please Contact Forms a Sort of Thing in Dumb to Directly Come to Them through Our Sam RC Mutterings on Twitter Who Was Silent in the ER Survey Monkey the Rare Put up for Our Announcement Was One We Did for This or Is Another One I Can Get off the Cuff and Are Denied Use Them before and Then There Are the One the Document Is a Thing of the These Other Survey Other Forum Builders and It Works by Kana Outset Make It Just Hasn't Doesn't Really Feel It's Grown and I Can't Get Bit When It Went to Goal My Logical Export Stuff Arm Soul When Sound Is Anyone User's Adjective up and Really Worthwhile Song That I Counted Them Anyways Actually Do Use It You Absolutely so That It's Good Stuff Give a Shot Guys so Far As I Say I Wanted to Have a Look into Just How Much of a Niche Problem That I'm Obsessing over with Battery Problem That Is so Funny Anyway Nevermind That Arm Did Some Research and Found That Apple Doesn't Release the Breakdown Okay This Is the Problem I Don't Do As a Breakdown of Which Model Sells the Most the 1632 or 64 but Every Now and Then Asked Someone Is a Survey and That Obviously the Survey Is Never Going to Be the Actual Numbers If This Can Be an Estimate and It Is Likely to Be out by As Much As 20% Plus or Minus so Anyway When Lenny IPhone 5 Was Released Arm Wells Fargo Are Organised a Survey to Be Done of Prospective Buyers and Asked Them Which Model Is Marsala Things Are Going by and the Data That They Collected and Published As a Link in the Show Notes on a Cycle Value Walk and It Was Published in September 2012 I Had Imagined That the Breakdown Is Similar You Want What Was Then through Very Similar to Now There May Be a Shift Towards the More Storage I Would Expect As Time Goes on People Will Instinctively Go for a Bit More Storage but the Numbers and Ratios Will Be Still Relatively Is Relatively the Same Old Thing Give or Take A Few Percent so 16 Gig Model Was the Most Popular 48% 32 Gig Model Was the Second Most Popular Pretty Relatively Close behind at 35% I'm Willing to Bet That They Are Essentially the Same, Figure Sigma Budget Conscious of Six Teams Are at the 16 Mile and You've Got the People at All Blacks Remain Suspended in a Gourmet Model but Extra Space and the Remainder Is Taken up by the 64 Gig Model Which According to the Statistics That Were the Other Survey That It Was 17% Are in Reality Somewhere between I Would Say 15 to 20% Three Reasonable Enough so Certainly What We're Looking at Is Less Than 1/5 Thrum with That so Less Than 1/5 of the IPhones out in the Wild Again I Have This Issue When It Gonna Need a Supplemental Battery If They Won't Take Extensive Video so Is It a Problem and Well It Is for Me but Honestly Is a Big Problem for Anyone Else Maybe Not so Much That so It Also Depends on the Kind of Video That She Takes Away the Other Videos Tests That I Did Was 720P Because What I Do 721 Five SD Got Hundred and 20 Frames per Second I Believe on the Five You Can and the Four Ass I Think You Could Do 60 Frames a Second from a Memory I Think and Thinks Are Our Mother Was a Hack You Could Do a One on a While Best That I Could Get 60 Frames a Second but You Anyway Could Be It Could Be but My Point Is on on the Five Assets Will Got Test with so I Guess I Could Have Stolen My Wife's IPhone but I Did Do That and I Say My Wife's IPhone I Was Was My IPhone but the Go Anyhow Arm Lucky Her Gets My Hand-Me-Downs Just Delighted That's the Good Thing Right Anyway so 720 P Video so This Did the Same Thing It's All the Same Table Is Ignorant I Was Wrong and I Was Wrong Your Rate There Is a As Cultures Are out) If Nappy Is in a Foreign so That the Thing Is the Reason so 720 P Is When It's Going Wet Weather Using the CCD to Do Capture Capture Video the Issuer Taking 1080 P Is the Size of the Frame so 19 20 x 10 80 and Taking out Entire Full Frame That's an Behaviour Can Extract the Data and Refresh a Certain Speed so the More Data You Take the Longest I Take to Grab That Data Therefore It Is Lit Is Restricted to 30 Frames per Second of Course Being the De Facto Standard in Film Causes 24 Frames a Second of Its Power SECAM Is 25 Frames per Second If It's NTSC It's Our 30 Frames per Second and and the Jokers of Causes for No Particular Reason Other Than That the Frequency of That They Had for the Are the AC Are Drizzly over in North America Is 60 Hz Are Wise over Here 60 Hz Right so the Original Television Sets Role Synchronised to the Grid Because a Ring Was Powered by the Grid Was Not so Everything Synchronised to the Grid 50 Hz That Was the Way They Used to Go Do All They Do All Their Stuff and Risible Story Bottom Line Is That Our Yes 30 Frames per Second 1080P Our Lesser Speed Can Go about It on the Five Ass If You Recall a Much Smaller Area Than You End up in a in a Place Where You Can Actually Record at Hundred and 20 Frames per Second and Assess Super Slow Mode Feature Valproate I Was so Cool Anyway the Bottom Line Is That When You Taking 720 P Video Are the Size of the Video Is Much Higher Because You're Pulling about Four Times the Amount of Our Frames and the Actual Frame Size at 720 P Is Smaller and so As a Result What Happens You Is in Order 720 P Video Ads at Hundred Three Frames per Second Is Larger Than the 1080P As at 30 Frames a Second the Same Duration of Time Carmakers Are Kinda Makes Sense Though As a Result What You End up with Is That Instead of Being Able Take Hundred Four Minutes with a Video on a 16 Gig in a Geek May Take 65 Minutes of Order of the Video on 16 Gig Model in Any of the 32 Gig Is down from 207 734 Minutes and 64 Gig It's down to Follow from 441 Minutes down to 273 Minutes so Yeah This Is the Other Is the Other Way of Thinking about so Suddenly Arm It's Even Well in Many Respects Is Even Less Relevant Because It If You Look at the 64 Gigatons 73 Minutes You're Almost by Way Quite Young Is Still Only Getting 154 Minutes Worth of Farm Are Worth the Time Out Of It Boats You Know Where You Miss out on What Is out about Hundred and 20 As a Store Superstore for Business so I Guess 64 Gig Model As the Message If You Are 64 Bit Vulnerable A Lot Of Video That I Think Going the Battery Getting a Battery Pack Is Worth It so My Case My Application and for about 20% of the IPhone Users out There It May Make Sense but If You Are a Small Fine Perhaps It Doesn't so I Would Bet That the Venn Diagram People with People Recording Was a Video and before the 64 Gig Found That A Lot Of Laughter Were Absolutely Risers Can Newly While Her so Quickly It Is Now a Matter Community Ibis Lesson Is Not the Majority but I Imagine That Is a Pretty Significant Amount of People That Are Absolutely so I Got Singing the Praises of This This Particular Products Are Any Costs about 50 Bits under $50 Size about 40 $48 I Think It Is US and Is Honestly Is Pretty Good Considering What It Does and for Me at Six Fewer Boxes and Further on on Investigates Arm Some Telephoto Lenses Equivalence Is Likely to Click on Looking into That and Is A Few Other Ones out There and Is a Little into That As Was Said about the Shutter so I Not Having a Handful of Extra Things to Extend the Usefulness of This My Smart Phone However I Sung the Price of the Scene but the Truth Is That There Are Some Things Wrong with It Now This Thing Is Wrong and Everything so I Think It's Only Fair for Me to Point These Things out the First Big Problem Is the Buttons – Will Push Buttons on This Thing Don't Actually Always Work and I Don't Think It's a Design Problem Necessarily or Iago Cane It Is and It Isn't so the Problem Is That Your Fingers in Order to That's Working to Have a Conductive Path Are from Your Body's Are Lower Potential to the Actual Touchscreen It Was W Have a Conductive Path between Your Body and a Screen Basically Normal in a Conductive Path Strategy Fingertips but Obviously If These Bonds Are Replacing the Figure Trip Forgive Your Fingertips Than You How Do You Do That so What You Do Is You Have a Semiconductor Strip on the Front Then There's the Little Metal Tab on the Bid Physically Touches the Our Metal Rim on the IPhone and Then the Buttons Themselves Have Got a Conductive Rubber on the Mob and That Conductive Rubber As You Contact Screen Completes the Circuit and That's All Well and Good until You Change Your Grip Slightly so I Found That after a While Using the Phone I Push the Button and It Wasn't Actually Registering and the Reason Was I'd Arched My Fingers Slightly As I Was Just Regrouping the Phone As You Do Just As You Do and Arm Honestly Are Is It Was Really Annoying Because That Unlike IK Now Got a Buggy to Make Sure My Fingers Are Flat so That I'm Actually My That the Insides of My Figures Are Touching That Metal Bar Front That When I Push the Button down and Actually You Can That Was a Little Bit Annoying It's Not Because of Anything Wrong Necessarily with That the Concept of What They're Doing but Having Just That | the Front It's a Very Narrow It's Only about Two or 3 Mm Wide so Is Quite Quite Narrow Email Runs the Full Height of This Grip It Would Have Been Better to Have Had a Conductive Place or Several Strips That Were Interconnected Such That You Could March Your Fingers and Accidentally Not Touch Them What Would Overthrow Honours Ones like You Is like Our Surreal Late Tap Know You Sits There Really Spring-Loaded There Rather Reasonably Fastener Spring-Loaded I Think It's like It Could Be ARO Heavy Rubber Are Gasket Style Whereby You You Push down on That You Know You Will Get That the Defamation Will Return Back Are so Stunned I Say Spring Loaded I Mean I Don Not Come Sure That There Are Actually Metal Springs and Never Could Be but a Humble Apartment It Takes a Reasonable Amount of Force to Actually Push Push That Button down and It Has a Reasonable Throw of the AE Goods for Example You Compare and Contrast That with the Actual Button on the Side of the Five Aston That Button Would Travel When You Push It in at Most Half a Millimetre These Things Going Home 3 Mm May before It's Pretty Satisfying Count Is Deaf yet It Is It Is Actually and It Is Nice but Also As a Little Bit More Lag That Is Really the Fact That I Wouldn't Care I Don't Care about Estimate Is More the Fact That It's Not Real Hundred Percent Reliable so There Will Be That One Time Our 20 or so That Doesn't Work and Then You'll Be Very like I Missed Something Great Glow on Something This Would Now Woodwork That Was Amazing and Crazy to Me That This Is All Happening through Capacitive Touch yet You Know What I Had to Do Capacitive Touch Because Your Resistive Car Track More Than One Point Maybe to Do Is a Show about Some Point but Yama and Ivan Armadas Simulate Them in Just Thinking about Lookers Make Sense It Is Generally Considered That That's a Clue What's Going on Here for Less the Cost yet As the Cost Trade-Off) There's There's There's Also A Lot Of Technologies This Sore Arm for Example As Was Resistive As Well Capacitive As a Couple Is Infrared It Is A Few Different Ones in Any Case so Back to the ACB of Injustice Follow One Way for Future Topic Maybe the Long-Term Marking on Your IPhone Is Inevitable and We Guess That's Nitpicky As Well Because You Could Say That Any Cases You Got You Click on Often on Often Not Inevitably Eventually You'll Get Marks on Your Phone so If You're Sort of Person That Is Paranoid about Getting Any Kind of Mark Scratch Did Bump or in a Anything on Your Device Well Then You You're Gonna Have It in Some Kind of Bullet-Proof Casing That Is Waterproof and Everything Proof and No New Point of View Is Fine Because Let's Face If You Use in My Scratch but in Any Case Just Be Aware That That Metal Tab Is Already Leaving a Very Small Mark on the on the ER Edge of My IPhone Front and That's Okay It's Not a Big Deal I Write except the Fact That Wear and Tear Is Normal and You Never Gonna Get around That's Fine Just Be Aware of Obviously Won't Work If You Go Case on and This Is a Big Deal for Some People but I've Been Using My Five Ass Are Naked As It Were since I Got It and Honestly I Haven't Had Issues with Mind You Vastly Say until You Drop a Facelift on a Concrete and Disabled Your Showcase and That so Our Check Back with Me Another Two-Year Half Dollar You Know How That Strategies Worked out I Masses Not Seem to Have Nearly the Scratching Issue That the Actual Evenness This New Five the Replevin Farming I Have down to Simply Be Sorted out A Lot Of the Minor Things and Scratches but You Drop on Concrete the Exact Anyway Babies OtterBox on yet Well That the Problem I've Got Is That I Have This Problem with Some with with Weight with Carrying around Heavy Things and Is the Case Will Add Weight and If You Have a Battery Case Then That's Great for Solving a Battery Problem There I Go Again but the Problem Is That That's Then on All the Time You so You Always Carried out around What If I Want to What Is Wanted You Take a Long Trip Willing to Take It in and Out Of the Case Unawares As Much As the Bulk My Decision That Means Buckets and That's It Was You Look at the Most Reduced Pack As You They're Quite Thin but That the Problem I Got with That Again Is Its You It Is Slightly Thicker and Is Slightly Heavier Which Is Stuck with All the Time You and I This Is Likely There Is in the Glove Environment and Examine Your New Bag in Kunkel's Debridement Is Done Exactly and That the Great Thing about This One Is That It Attaches to the Phone Very Very Quickly and It Does A Lot Less Damage to the Phone Than Putting on and off the Case Does Because Believe Me I've Done That Side I Did That with the ER the Rubber the Bumper Case on My Four Ass I Went through to All Those Damn Things but in Even Last Nine Months Talked about Ella before the Rubber Cracked Outsiders and Literally One of Them Sat Dinner in Half Just EA Just Was Not Designed for That Is Designed You Put on Your Level What If You Got an Accessory That You Want to Use Welts Steph Your Ella so Anyway Right As I Said before It's Slippery When Sweaty and That's You Know That's Annoying but Then Again I Suppose Are a Yes the Issue Is That Some You Wipe Your Hands against the Other Big Issue with This One and It's a Silly Thing and That Is the Wrist Strap See Most Fire Are Most Are Cameras That I've Used the Wrist Strap and This Grip Also Intelligently Has Arisen Strap but the One That Comes with a I Basically Am Taken off Because It's Too Short You Put Your Your Hand in Their New Wrist in Them You I Don't I Don't Have Massive Hands but There Was Not Time to Sort of Averages Size I Think for Me over Someone of Yoga Caucasian Descent You Know You in This Day and Age Right It's Just Averages Hands Go in Terms of What If You're If You're in a Piano I Can I Can Spend 90s with My Hand You Comfortably Enough I Get the Tense Key That Is Really Not Pleasant so the Point Is That That That's Pretty Average Rate Unlike Rachmaninov I Can't Spend 13 Hideously Time Testing around the Keyboard into the House They Go Okay I Hate You Anyway the Point Is That I Can Get My Hand in Their through the Dam Wrist Strap without like Some Kind of Iago of the Six Fold My Thumb Slightly Towards the Centre of My Hand to Get It on and I Guess That's Great Because It's Gonna Come off Again in a Hurry but Then When You Reposition Your Wrist Hold the Grip It Literally Starts Cutting off the Blood Flow into My Wrist Because It's Just Too Tight Yes If You Then Move Your Hand up the Group Towards the Top Where the There Where the Actual Wrist Strap Is Anchored and That's Great It Doesn't Do That but Then He Can't Work the Buttons so Big File in the Wrist Strap Afraid so I'm Gonna Take That off and I'm Somewhat Using Is Going Away and I Will Most Likely Take the Wrist Strap off of One of My Cameras Are Not Using and Put down Instead Is Not Necessarily a Criticism Is the Point This Thing Doesn't Come with a Charging Cable for Your Device Becomes the Charging Cable for Itself Which Is a USPTO What Looks like a Mini or Micro USB I Lose Track of All Actors I Hate I Hate That Standard Main Role the Micro Now so I'm ER God so That Comes out I Know That Is Milling and Hours Are Standards Just Something I Just Focus Enough Attention on Side I Don't It's Okay Point Is You Have To Bring Your Own Cable and When You Bring Your Own Cable I.E. I Used for the Sake of Testing I Use the One That Came with an Essay of the Charges Were Used Exactly the Same Charge of the Wall and Lining Cable That Came with the Five Hours Because I Feared As the Most Genuine Test However the Cable the Charging Cable Is about What to Philosopher My so This Thing When You Plug It in from the Top of the Actuator Be Grip and Then You Plug It in through a Hole the Hole in the Side Charging Party at the Whole Thing Basically the Cable so Long It Flopped down and It's Just Gets in the Way of Everything Was You Really Need Is You Need a Small Loop Cable That Is about Maybe 4 Inches Long at Most and a Cycle You They Then Provided Probably Because of Licensing Issues Are Cost Issues Certainly Imagine If You Had As yet Throwing a Cable Ship/2 Cables What You Mean If It's a 444 Ass Is Gonna Be a 30 Pin Connector over the 54 Alive Ass Is Going to Be a Lightning Can Lightly Connect so It Is Not Just a Simple As He Thrown the Cable so I Guess I Can Forgive Them for That One Otherwise You Would Want to Use in the Design Certainly Allows You to Do This to Charge It While You're Using It Which Is the Way I've Been Using It to Prevent My Phone from Going Flat Even Dropping below Hundred Percent I Want Taking a Video That Is Completely Unwieldy Because the Loop the Loop Cable so Huge Just Its Snags on Things in It and Gets in the Way It Is in the Shop As Well so I Have To See If I Can Find a Short Cable That Is about That Long Arm May Be Albino Third-Party Cables and Apple Doesn't Make One and I Haven't Done and Got to Find Our Radio but Minor Size Yeah My Price Exactly Looks like Guard This Could Use a Design Revision Physically in General You Just Be a Good Start but Is Pretty Clear Just Looking Annually Didn't Think of This All the Way through Exactly What Why I'm so Arm Artist to Finish Are the Last Thing on the List That That That's Annoying and That Is the Power Button on the Front It's the Thing Is That This Is an Unpowered Device Micellar Powder Bottom Is a Doesn't Need Power to Function so You Don't Need to Have Charge Listing to Use the Buns It's All Done through Conducting Three Fingers Right and Obviously the Tripod Mounted Handgrips Only What Is Easier to Power Nothing but When You Push the Power Button It Is Disingenuous Because You Push the Power Button As a Power Button Symbol so You Think I Was Turning It on. Turning on All It Does Is It Checks the Battery Level What a Picture of a Battery Is Not How about so You Push the Button and the LEDs Turn on and They Show the Charge Level That Said and Everything Is Damn LEDs That That That Is Really Annoying Is That You Plug the Thing into Charge and It Lights up Three LEDs Solid in the Top One Flashes and Top and Flashing Indicators Discharging When It Gets Fully Charged You Think the LEDs Turn off Noonan and I Just Sits There Blinking in Your Face and Just Keeps on Doing It Indefinitely I Left on Their Overnight Next Morning Still Blinking in Order Test the Level of Charger Charges Blazing Have To Unplug It and Then You Push the Power Button on the Former Front and Wait for the IDs to Light up and Tell You How Charge the This Is a Little Teeny Tiny Bit Annoying Thing about Johnny I've Talking about Indicators into Getting Things When They're in a Different Bidder You Pretty Much Anyway so Look Honestly Though for All of Its Little False It's a Lovely Body Kit That I Really like and I Haven't Found Very Many Things out There like It It Seems to Be One of Those Very Rare Devices for Whatever Reason I Don't Understand Why It Is Not As Popular It Could Be I Think More Popular As It Should Be More Popular and down I Hire I Wish I Understood Honestly Why These Things Were You I Want This Product like This to Be More Successful Because I Think That It's a Great Idea and I Think That Longer Term There Should Be More Than More Design Evolution out like You Say You Needed Another Design Revision I Really Honestly Truly Hope That There Is and If There Is I Would Bite but I'd like Them to Address List Some of the Issues I Pointed out about so How Did Carnarvon Accessing Our Week so Most Accessories Just As in Return for Economic and Outline You Your Changing the Shape Radio Changing the the Body Because of His Mechanicals and Are Discovered As a Great Playground You Could You Could Do A Lot Of Really Cool Stuff Arm and Thinking Just about Me but My Father Alive Every Time We Are Far Family Get-Togethers Outcomes the Nighttime Is Great Camera by Its Size Really Does Suffer from the Amount of Setup and Bulk the Compliments of Being Used All the Time and Something like This Are Can Solve the Problem Primer It Was in the Time Rostering While Sitting Together for a Family Photo Amoebic Telephoto Lens in and See Nothing Blown up Fur a Get Printed out Something Really Huge Either Sounds like You Cannot Just Overcome a Word If If You're Happy with the Fact That If You're Happy with the Fact That Spa You Can Live with a Timer on and a Photo App That Actually Supports a Timer the Only the Remote Shutter Than This This Plus Tripod Equals As Many Group Shots Family Shots Whatever You like the Eyesight Will We Go Bushwalking Are in a Family Yes Semiregular Your North America Term Hiking Right Whatever Angle We Go out about and It's We've Had Have a Horrible Shortage of Family Shots Because Where We Go As We Go Places Whether Answer the People and We Just Go out the Bush and We Can Never Get the Entire Family and Because You Are the Camera I Take with Me Now Is My IPhone Because It Takes Really Good Photos but It Had No Tripod Mount so for Ages I Was Thinking I'll Just Get a Tripod Mount Case Because You Get Cases Tripod Mounts Are from Amounts on Them but the Problem with That Was I Could Never Find a Case That I Would Ever Want to Leave on My Phone Sign Back to the Whole Problem of Taking on and off Every Damn, Need to Use It on a Tripod and It Was and These Cases Are Not Designed to Be Quick Remove and Care Quick Inserts Are What You Do Well You This A2B Group Is an Idea That Works Is That We Spin the Dial Inserted and Then Spin It Back Again to Tighten up and You're Done Gates Quick on Quick off the Ahaz Less Marking the Case Would It's Not Destroying the Grip in the Process Because If You Do Have a Case You Destroy the Case If You Keep Inserting and Removing Because They're Not Designed for That so Ultimately I Think It's a Fantastic Solution but in Any Case Are One of the Other Whatever Interesting Problems Are One Interesting Point Sorry with This This Whole Discussion Is Why on Earth Aren't I Using a DSLR and Is I Guess the Problem Is That Some the Problem Is That a DSLR Is a Completely Separate Device That You Have To Manage and I Guess That You Could Argue Well You Know If They Do I Have To Manage like If I Undertake My Smartphone with Me Anyway If That's a Given That's Great but If I Irritate My Phone with Me of Something IPhone Will Go I'm out like in a Whole Bunch of Wastes on the Take A Lot More Care of of That Was a Fibre Dear Slowly Only Can Do Is Take Photos and the Evidence out There in the Real World Suggests That the SLRs and Combat Cameras Are Simply Not the Most Popular Cameras in the World They They Maybe They Were for a While but I Certainly Only More They Will Always Give You a Better Result Because They Have No Restriction Let Meant Much Less Restriction on All These Issues like They Can Take and How They Have the Space in Size and Bulk to Give You about a Longer Battery Life Is Optical Image Stabilisation You Know That I Come with All the Cover Tripod Mounts Built into Them You Know They Got Timer Functions Built into Them Now They've Got All These Things All These Refinements and All the Space in Them to Have Much Bigger Optics and You Never Gonna Beat the the Image Quality of a DSLR Specialised Equipment Exactly but That That the Point Is Though the People Don't Care about That the Vast Majority of People Don't Care about This They Don't All They Want Is Something That Is Already on Them in the Picture Quality Is Acceptable so for Me the Equation Is for 200 Bucks I Can Get Telephoto Lens Are Remote Camera Shutter and A2B Grip Which Addresses All of the Shortcomings of the Smartphone Pretty Much It Doesn't Quite Get Me to the Level of a DSLR but It Gets Me Properly 80% 7580% of the Way There It for What Why Why Do You Know If I Lose Any of Those Devices like Those Accessories That Stop the Other World Is Torn about If I If I Have a Problem I DSLR Assuming I Get like a Five 500 Ortho Lens Will Assume I Did You If I Drop Bandannas That Lose That Wall That States You A Lot Of Money Gone Was of These Accessories Go It's It's Not As Much of an Expense and I Buy My Fault If I Give Honoured by My Phone Is Outright by the My Contract Cost Me Essentially Nothing Upfront to Get a Contract Rate Monthly Hearse Sure but the Reality Is That You My IPhone I Got That on a Monthly Contract the Cost Me Nothing Upfront As Far As I Know, My Dear Slowly Away All Helicopters Come a Different Job to Be Done Right Leg You Get a DSLR Is Because You Want a New One a Week Indeed in the Kraft Rate You Want to Play around the Learning We Can Experiment and Try Things and That Is Just a Different Different Jar Than He Were Here Right Now Magic the Following Is a Map Not Have This Magical Debate about Absolutely and That the Bond the Bottom Line Is I Am Saying That the Smartphone Is the Most Popular Camera the World Because It Is Always with You Is in Your Pocket You Have To Keep the Chattels of Other Reasons They Are Far Better off Putting Money into Accessories and Extending Its Usability Rather Than Putting Even More Money into a Standalone Device Because Yes a Standalone Device Is Gonna Take Better Pictures Yes It Is but It's Also Only Pay Only Asked to Deal with Nowhere near As Convenient Smartphone Can't Be and Never Will Be As Easy to Use or Is Management As It Is Nice Not Going to Be They Tried They Tried a Whole Is a Camera with a Smart Phone Operating System in A Lot Of That Work out Because Photographers Why Take Photos of the Dog Was Always to Use Them and I'll Always Be People out That It Won't Do That and That's Fine Truck Thing Rate You Absolutely Absolutely but There Are Things You Can Add to Your Smart Phone to Make It a Better Camera and I Highly Recommend Looking into the Options and Honestly I Think That More People Should Consider and That's You Can Remodel and Released Something like Well Let Me Know What You Think They Needn't Hands Extend Its Israel Is Dramatically AA Have a Hard Time Are Given Gripping the Phone Rate for a Technical Adverse Conciliar Note It's Tiring It Is Very Diary Weird Clutch and Is Not Aggregates That Handwritten Notes and Enter Something That You Know Having Having a Baby All Of A Sudden in Your Document the Lumia the Beginning the First Time I Was Really Considering up May Be Able to Jump off to Get This Great Smartphone Camera Thing and Didn't Do It but the First Amounts Are Considered Bowel like This Are Similar Devices That If They Could Bring about the Quality of What I've Got Now a Little Bit in That 50 Bucks on a Rabbit up Here All Week We Did You Usually Took a Look at the ER and the Sony the Queue Acts I Did Yes That Is I Read an Article on the Extortion a While Back about That Actually When I Think about Problem I Have with Hertz Is That the Actual Lenses Themselves It Was a Loss of Quality in Terms of What It Captured for Video Insofar As It Didn't Capture Full HD Only Captured Fighting from Memory Is 1440 by Our 10 and 1080 and I Wasn't Prepared to Live with the Reduction in in Megapixel While in Video Megapixel Quality It Also Had Issues of Battery Life Because This Thing Was Yea Had Its Own Battery so You Had to Then It Was Essentially like Buying a DSLR That a Cheap DSLR That We Click on the Smart Phone Rate of the Most Attractive Use for I Could Think of Was Using It As a with the IPhone Is Remote Viewfinder and Then You Could Take Some Really Weird Angle Shots I Guess Boats Honestly It Was in My Evaluation Anyway It Was Not Worth It and Because the Body Really Want the QS 100 Are Was Going up to the Price of a DSLR in Matters and Cleanser Is an You and at That Point It Was It Was Just like Will Why Wouldn't You Dislike If You Going to Put Us in a Money and Why Not Think the Red Strategy Is to Have a Friend or Family Member with a DSLR yet Every Time You Want a Virally Nice Body but As I Can Borrow It Yeah I Submit Yeah I Guess I Do Not Store Your Hundred Percent Serious When You Say That Because in Our Success Rate They Are One of Right Well I Did a Gorilla in a Spot or a Need to Further the Gig Is Something I Darker Your I Mean I've Been Thinking about Getting a Deal Is Alive for a Year As I Have Ballot of His List Is That Somewhere That's for I Am Made Online at the Same Place As I Keep Thinking I'd Get Is Likely Is Laugh and We Would Talk about This with Clinton at Length Our Previously and Is Go Ahead He's a DSLR Is in His Eye I'll Say This One Hearing I Say It's Tempting It's Really Tempting by This I Can't Get past the Fact That Is so Inconvenient Now the Time for Smart Phones It Wouldn't Have Been No Smart Phones at Work with Cameras Building Them Have Changed Again You and and DSLR's Are Forever Stuck with Their Problems in Oh Ends Honestly to Me Is Another Thing Out Of Lauren Is on the Bow before Anything Well Is What They Maybe but When You Want What You Could Do with a DSLR You Give up A Lot Of the Stuff You Used to Be Usability Are the Factors That the Smartphone Is Always with You to Give All That up and and Maintain Additional Device and As You Say Learn How to Use Another Device and Have a Different Workflow Forgetting Photos of That All of That Has To Be You Become Worse Than What You Currently Have with Your Smart Phone and What You're Giving up All That Extra BS Is Better Quality and As the Trade-Off of the Trail Is Not Worth It Then You Should Do It Each Stickler Smartphone and That's Exactly What I've Never Got past That in That Impasse of Aragon along but I There Is a Great Series on the Miele Arm Chronic Apple TV Venue out It's Newly Featured and It's Our Number of Different Little Mars, the Law Shows They Do about Art Photography or a Videography Using I Found Using Consumer Level Equipment and Using Desires or Are Cameras and Releasing to Exist Anymore but I Remind You of Some Some of the Stuff We Did at the Website Years and Years Ago Are You Know Things Are Things like This We Talk about Today Little Hacking Maybe a Little Bit of Carpentry and an Metal Work like We Predict We Need Some Pretty Cool Little Regs That Sold All Kinds of Problems Going on the Leg Model Paths and Gonna Get over Static Steady Cams and the This Series a Deal Types A Lot Of Other Customers in a Little Bit of a Little Bit of a Tall and Little Bit of Education Goes a Long Way Back Absolutely Right If You Want Talk More about This You Can Find John on Twitter at Giant Yuji the Same One after That He Should Check out Chance a Tech Distortion Do Come like to Send an Email You Considered the Giant Attack Distortion Do Come and That Alexandria Can Reach Me on Twitter at Felix FM You Can Follow at Pragmatic Show on Twitter to seashore announcements and other related materials final thank you to a sponsored platform for sponsoring the surface of the creature, thanks for listening in on the given�
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