Pragmatic 19: I'll Take the Gold-Free Extra-Oxygen Cable Please

7 April, 2014


Tackling two types of common cable, Speaker cable and HDMI cables. HDMI some obsess over gold plating; Speaker cable some obsess over OFC. Which is worth the extra money or are neither? Hardcore audiophiles may be upset by the contents of this episode.
Duration 56 minutes and 16 seconds Direct Download

Show Notes

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Oxygen-Free Copper:

Gold Plating:



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Ben Alexander

Ben Alexander

Ben created and runs and Fiat Lux

John Chidgey

John Chidgey

John is an Electrical, Instrumentation and Control Systems Engineer, programmer, podcaster and runs TechDistortion and the Engineered Network. John has produced and appeared on many podcasts as well as Pragmatic.