Pragmatic 72: So Much Noise

10 April, 2016


Noise as a term is widely misused and misunderstood. Carmen joins John to sort out the signal from the noise.

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Welcome to pragmatic discussion circle deploying the practical application of technology by exploring the trade-offs look at how great ideas are transformed into products and services can change our lives nothing is as simple as it seems pragmatic as part of the engineered network supporter shows including this one and over to our patriot on page and rather great shows visit today on your host John Geagea and today I'm joined by Carmen Creasy is going coming pretty good junk letter back in the shell is good have you back yes been a while with both invariably are sorted out my payment do you think I want to re-extend our yet what this is what happens when you get pushy is that Quijano just starting was black blacklisted Chardonnay terrible but nicely truth be told both been really busy at work actually because the yes work work work and all that and about to be despairing often holidays but anyway that's alright so I are because of your arm experience with the electronics and your background I thought perfect topic Frost talk about would be noise who want their major statistics methods really up to snuff since out-of-school salicylic and elastica is all good arm amend the thing the thing about noise though is while you can't escape it go start with that cascade noise but if it it follows you from one room to the next, but anyway arm habit you start off with some how would you define noise shirts or noise by definition arm it has to be from a stochastic or random crisis so unfortunately, catchall term nowadays by a lawyer measuring your signals quite signals were should be orienteering repetitive ideal audible sound arm does not noise because in a random interest back to a source and is just coupling or radiated omission something like that you exactly I find it very frustrating how a lot of people will say things like arm yes this time we got a 50 Hz noise on our on our audios and like that cycle technically that's that's not annoying to me it is a noise but is not noise case it interference technically but that is in its sound you do not intend has a regular has a regular source but anyhow right so I'm guilty of a two from time to time I will get one of Murphy batteries as it certainly was a portal out there is a lot of these noise on the one really not exactly working from because it kept my fees not you I know I understand I guess it's for a car frustrating when I did I slap myself as well but you know get the message degree needs to be you will this is the thing and is received is that a case illicitly comes back to on which I get a message from point A to point B whatever those points may be whatever that message might be an size of whatever transmission medium might be and I was love the expression pulling a signal out the noise even though technically that's like well in many respects I know is that ridiculous economies I think because you really pull things over there I conjure up images of someone like with gloves try to poor signal out site is a bit of noise on a tripod outside I have read images in my head clearly anyhow we will touch on the psychology episodes related in the hope that would be a very scary episode for us understand but I'm sure it was recorded on the couch next to me unjustly down the criminal psychologist office now when you first hear the noise coming in here started when I was in no idea I cannot stop you right there okay so here's the thing signals and noise so of course people hear about this thing called signal-to-noise ratio and ultimately I guess the thing was signal-to-noise as the seller dilates a ratio but says what is on the box it's your the ratio of the maximum signal intensity to your auntie or noise intensity and ultimately if you want to improve getting it your chance of a message going from point A to point B you got two options you can improve the sense sensitivity of your receiver or you can increase the amount of power in the signal you're transmitting so ultimately you can increase a signal or you can are well essentially make it more sensitive and less noisy at the receiver and so I guess when I say signal mean that the information we try to transmit as madhouse transmitter whether it's narrowband broadband sing over spread spectrum doesn't really matter you just a signal for the purposes of this episode I go any further but now let's just say that that's what it is but receiver sensitivity comes back to how much you can amplify that signal and how much noise it amplifies in the process but also how much noise it introduces in that process and as a part that that I guess I won't explore more as is the fact that the noise noise is that the part of that that you can't quite escape so the way I think about noise as people say well you if only we had like a lower noise amplifier than it would be able to get away from you we can we can implement we can amplify the signal is amplified as audio in FO's radio signal whatever if only we had a more select more sensitive receiver and we can amplify it and and and separated from the noise and I guess the thing is you can't really escape you can't escape noise because noises or the domestic electrical equipment of friction you always have friction you know of some kind like mechanical friction either our aerodynamic friction I guess, drag or am in ultimately though because our actors are fluid the next actually fluid friction then then give up kinetic world otherwise knows dynamic friction arm sliding rolling static different kinds of you always got friction ultimately you can never overcome as I such thing as a frictionless anything even spacers in physics one classis that's just not fair though not ideal know this technically even friction in space there is still a molecule every cubic metre of whatever Hecate is noticing the perfect vacuum is a technically you've always got some kind of you got some kind of resistance you can't get away from that even in space Mercedes-Benz really slower specials that demonstrate what I'm gonna warp speed the hydrogen really presses me up and how can you clean up the windshield that's what's causing all those marks now I get it okay so arm actually funnel enough though amount fluid friction API is a great pod casts that I've heard of it's called nutrient as acting on this network so if Mel were yelling no habit that I meet there is not there is always more in the internetwork and if you want to learn more about Bernoulli's equation and a lot of the great arm fluid dynamic stuff that there's a couple of really great episodes of nutrient about that so doubling the show notes if you're interested in that sort of thing very cool stuff anyway so far but as a civil noise in the first two very different things so I guess as many different kinds of interference and I just want to come surmise that it's like it's an adjacent signal technically is not noise with interfering the signal you're trying to extract and that we could take me back to your hat do you remember the Artemis PCL arm Steve Kelman some while I call you Simonetta proceeded at the long table seems that he is gay yes right and still is a very pragmatic absence cycle thank you yellow is episode was seen I think it was yes a drug one man's hopes and dreams of an RF Bible and that's still a hope in a dream by the waitlist in the real world think it works okay in a lab but the anyway so I guess that though the thing that comes to mind the thing about our interference and so on is that there is a lot of misinformation going around about PCL and again I said that when it was the real world now will be impressed when I can make it work and in the real world anyway and there were expressions that were used in summer reporting at the time take reporting like it used interference to its advantage but then you'd read other articles that would would mutate that to reduce noise to its advantage in a cycle know their that's not possible because that's not what they're doing young but anyway either way it whether it does either is open to debate I guess maybe a revisit PSO one day if they ever go to work in the real world and maliciously that there are other Mickey talking from minute arm what about our list let's just focus on noise and solely noise and only noise just for the moment and I think that they referred noise in different colours so we will be more about that yes so just because missing noise has to be random does not mean that I has to be the uniform weight noise static in the TV stereotypical image that gets kind of rethink about noise on there are colours and refers to the highly reactive frequency and some of the most common the colours of noise are a weight noise which is flat when you cross a frequency band there is pink noise which follows a want of graph characteristic decreases with frequency brown or red noise follows monograph squarish so drops off even faster over frequency and then are opposite pink and brown noise there is blue and violet blue and violet you said violence and violent night night I'll know you said interaction receiver glasslike really scary man IR stuff now know you really felt a hand down those thirsty colours increase with respect after end of square awesome and administers a lot of random noise agree noise and camaraderie there is oodles of noise noise noise or rental of noise sets its a wide spectrum of noise and DME yes violent niceness is a good one I remember as your collectively down either okay./Fellow greatest extract of variable anyway okay so psychic in the noise really target about today is in WGN which stands for additive weight Gaussian noise and breaking down the dead – digestible jump chunks clearly have voice radio today they are additive means that some type of any noise intrinsic to the system whether it's control system electronic circuit information system on your you have your clock noise you jittery of whatever limits I can already and then the noise that is just there is a very manic concept firearm and are the athletes weights which means it's uniform across frequency band of interest and Gaussian are so the noise follows a normal distribution when you look at it are in the time domain has an average value of zero so I tried terms means is no DC component to the noise signal you Gaussian always arm to me while you're my head around how that was possible but some yeah I find my head around that after a few years playing with the playing with the noise generators in such bitter yes it's for it it is fascinating arm I love the term a WGN are because it's just because a multitude of the of issues relating to noise want to get ahead around that I think you can get around noise and I are just barely scratched the surface of trying to model noise and called at school and there was a gap preacher be pretty fast all year but it's all good so her idea that there was something else that some that you mentioned that so that there is mention stunted that the NASA launched was allowing us arm the cosmic background Explorer or COBE mission I was launched back in November 1989 and the purpose of this mission was to map the fluctuations of the background radiation across the non-skies and help improve understanding the early universe and what it discovered was that a background radiation is real and that done the weight Gaussian noise or can be talking about is in the very fabric of the universe itself and is actually leftover from the Big Bang wives left over from the Big Bang you can have their someone smarter than me has more physics knowledge but it it's everywhere on antistatic you see are no TV and all TV or the hiss of an AM radio arm that's actually listening to remnants of the Big Bang itself which is critical yeah exactly army as is fascinating as they've made a whole TV show about the arm about apparently Big Bang theory in background radiation or something in his physics show here to watch that sometime know what it has to do with needing now with the Big Bang has to do with eating Chinese food and apartment but argued that it is closely related is assessed closely related inner arm now I car coming that work anyhow so yes we are not committing our know nowhere engineers that we have a comedian build beaten out of us at uni I speak for myself and how possibly I am always as the comedian fine as okay partial credit anyhow so yes arm other thing about background radiation if I'm ever correctly is that there are actually there are hotspots when they mapped the year the galaxy looking at the background radiation I thought they were warmer spots than others but there was always a minimum level of background radiation from a correctly year headstone at -2-3 K you so two or three calendars in a negative covenant that one would hope not otherwise the definition of 0 K being zero arm molecular movements are yes so negatively mega molecular movement would be like anti-matter or something I guess I'll just try think how even that would work that wouldn't work either and I think we will be universe and tell that's what happened with the dark man lives man it's got the instrument the negative television that's what it is they go now with this account of Robert the missing matter anaemia in the galaxy nice I see other fluctuations but there were small fluctuations given you gotta criticise the universe and there is a 2 K different sets we are absolutely so it's interesting because then the noise level are that you mention then are was as also expressed it is expressed generally as some are thermal so you like about the thermal noise levels is is an indication noise temperature actually I think is a technical term and so when we look around our wee wee especially in radio astronomy Dell talk about that and it becomes a method of measurements are four of thermal noise in our low noise amplifiers particularly used in astronomy which is is really cool I think so metal better now arm so you so in our choice we whittle an oyster which is an expression of the the level available noise power introduced by component resource and methods of reducing the amount of thermal noise and low noise amplifiers these days usually involves cooling the M&A silicon to an extremely low temperature and originally from a correctly there was liquid nitrogen and liquid nitrogen hangs around the 63 K market is a transition have pressure I think from memory which is -210°C that -346°F so is pretty cold but the greater Malaga not to notice cheap price quite easy to make liquid nitrogen these tastes made in bulk arm designed to arm doctors surgery and one Mike my children had a small wart on their thumb I think it was all my fingers anyway and they sold as freeze that often unlock in a Mike freeze it off how you do that exactly like an ice cube silly me had no idea that they just had a canister of liquid nitrogen at the back in a Mike okay cool wall when I was a kid we did not have this at the back of the doctors surgery so okay in this nonhospital high-tech business is just as just a doctor's surgery now like a standalone building in the military family practice yet that kind of thing yet not not a hospital not a massive thing a 10 story building with ventilators and precise taters and no backup generators just like your average run-of-the-mill arm family practice and there is a big vat of liquid nitrogen and a look at this in my car call that's also dangerous but anyway so they take it out they put something or someone a small canister they put the lid on it and got a nozzle on the end and all these it's basically it's a flow control nozzle and our as you press down the button it just opens up and as it reaches the end of course because the pressures been released comes out in an energetic vapour but is highly focused and is very very cold not -210°C cold but certainly cold enough and they go freeze water often drops off needle he wasn't all good so they go anyway they had nothing to do liquid and are with that identifies but might noise in the shop – extracted extract nuggets of his emission from available artists are good okay cool very good though arbitrary looking item is used for ages because it was cheap you know and that's fine totally get that but of course the cold how Alcoa will how how low can you go well liquid helium is primitive cold you can get in terms of art like me because liquid hydrogen is well you know rocket fuel essentially so, don't think that's a safe one adductor plan) for Ms Byrne that are fair or uptight about holding off to an arrest the office behind me he has to say about the hole in the wall yeah anyway but we got rid of that war anyhow so liquid hydrogen are liquid helium, said hydrogen is a liquid helium are it goes down to a little bit of a frosty 4.2° Kelvin Salas, cold -269°C -452.2°F our dear and thank you for correcting the show notes as we went much appreciated and yet you welcome dear listener yes I Ashley had height liquid hydrogen and he corrected the time of the year symbols. Tables healing become so arm yes anyway and that there is a great link while okay I think it's a great link and the shards is a big PDF so brace yourself you have a look at and is a chart in there that shows the thermal noise temperature relative to frequency and it's got to plot groups one at a 300 Calvin and the other at 880 Kelvin and that she shows the relative difference between was not quite is not exactly room temperature because room chapter if you like and of course a degrees at a roundabout around about issues liquid nitrogen temperatures at 20 GHz for this L&A you got about hundred K out of difference in your noise floor and by the time you get out 200 GHz improvements enormous at like 3 to 50 K reduction in noise culture yet and that is gonna liquid nitrogen soap clearly the contribution from that arm from the thermal noise through the silicon is reduced significantly allow tempers because of course with Leslie yet with with less molecular movement you you've got less noise being generated just fantastic say Hadley for EDB of signal-to-noise ratio and amid the Dobson liquid nitrogen in there and I'll submit shut up to 390 get it basically gets to the point where you they there's another child and that is relisting as well so it it shows the arm are signals just above galactic noise and prior to them using liquid nitrogen there was something no way for them to extract information from us extract from the noise because the noise of the L&A was drowning out the signals about trying to receive our inner radio telescopes was an enormous improvement so it starts really cool or spherical we are very caustically is this in my senior design project are very Corsi so yeah I was then a fascinating and arm action movie contact with the arm cheese is actually photographed thank you yet are amazing amazing actress and she is fantastic job in a movie and its arm it was to eat nearly 1 of the things about her story was that arm while the story decided that she played was that she she helps with the evolutional discovery of the arm of making the radio telescopes more sensitive and that was quite is one of her achievements was the year cooling with liquid nitrogen but if I remember correctly movie checked out the Senate arm right so moving on to audio applications and I know that I talk about audio noise way back there was an episode eight are away way back and is that was more respect to loud noises or maximum sound pressure levels but I guess an hour now until the noise is on a flip flip balance head and I guess the other reasons I been delving more and audio production these days of forecasting and microphones and amplifiers so this is a stunning as it is interesting to explore just briefly what were talking about noise arm so I guess fundamentally if you mess up levels and so on an amplifier and the noise and and this at your your recorders came out I started when speaking or microphone and the microphone is amplifying a signal from my voice and sound pressure wasting into electrical signal if that signal exceeds the maximum limit of the amplifier then it has an effect called the clipping and that clipping creates a distortion that technically that distortion is noise it's distortion that's what it is and if you can amplify and amplifiers plugged into the wall socket PowerPoint when you call it and it's got 50 Hz and 60 Hz AC that technically is not noise that interference because you're picking up that signal as interfering with the audience you trying to record and if your coupling but they've got AER switch mode power converter you point his power supply or a neo-switch mode power supply powering your laptop or your computer all amplify what if you are using and its company and its getting some coupling and your coupling similar rectifiers to rectify noises coming directly under power lines even in a while coupling is again at it if it technically is in interference so is not the noise that were talking about and so I guess the problem I have some people say I got noise in your audio cycle you have a noise in your audio yes you do but technically is not noise so you that the 50 or 60 AC harm you you can you can isolate if you isolate your amplifier balances hoping Sonia submitted to all the vaccinees built them and built amplifiers and some previously upgrade role yes so they play around with them a little bit but I do work and power supplies sold by nor the like to coupling and other good stuff was this the thing that that is always bugged me because when I was doing when I was in a in amateur radio there are a lot of people that would say well if you don't operate of the battery and the early radios were originally designed to be battery-powered so you had a lead acid battery at 1230.8 V floating or your 24 V fighting over was and he was the smoothest signal you could possibly hope for its battery in and once she went to a base station set up you had to go with us with a power supply and had linear power supplies that would essentially step down the AC runthrough is that through a transformer right through a rectifier and then normally you would then essentially just up you regulate that so you'd regulate that then you have very much very hot diode in there ultimately are and essentially trying to smooth the top off with electronic control sometimes they had a bunch of smoothing circuits and it was all relatively clean if you had a good design but then there were people are saying well with Oscar switch mode you can switch my passport I can chop it all up precisely PWM and then I can do I can chop up a thousand pieces go a 600 V DC bus and then will chop and change it back again into whatever step up and step down as we need to and you had those of the switch mode supplies boost convertors bucket as well as others a lot of good stuff and just forget the transform of user transformer is more fast-moving purposes and it is factual switching purposes depending upon the collar converter that you've got and you but all that stuff the initial designs were so terribly they've produced so much interference then you come along way and quieting down switch mode power circuits aware so many others there is plenty of techniques depending on exactly which apology you using you can you can slow down the high-speed nodes that you already noise everywhere and the upper it's really easy to filter the ICU that revel in their worldview can be debt down if you just for J capacitors under big tantalum dry hazards on was a big tantalum star guests just 10 alarms are given ceramics to pretty well nowadays you can you get a some 47 µF caps in a six of repackage adventure work when it hatches very small for those of you you are six or three packages six mills by three males and 47 makes a pretty large value to get in such a small package that is not a ceramic gas nice man inside without turning this into capacitor associates and lacks five dielectric nice wherewith they was not top-of-the-line but still pretty good were those things when I was doing was right Ivan and settings of its it was Lisa to easy to use those unifying customers who would pay to have that capacitor because it still pretty new and relatively hard to find good engineers design well with the cheap caps the way it becomes a trade off right because you trade off is how much cost you put in to essentially simplify design but you know straight up you can have a far more expensive and are amino hammy supplies and to supply them what their stock levels and is now this nominal variables and the end application makes a big difference to have its customers build a standard laptop are now they have a little bit more space but some of his new tablet designs that help work on the motherboard is insanely small and the pay because there is no room to put my Gamble Is Exactly Right People I Realise That They Think That Every Disc Keep Miniaturising and Making Stuff Smaller and Smaller Site While Actually the Sum You Do Hit the Wall at Some Point You Need Some New Technology like You Some of These High-Capacity Are Capacitors That Are Actually Menacing Other Than Tantalum and Only Tandems Good and Bad) What Woman I Was Doing a Nortel We Had No End of Trouble with Tantalum Caps and We Reach the Point in Our Designs We Banned Them out for a Threatens That They Had Improved Those Two Are Have Mama Capacitor Notes Only but It Was Because It Was Light Oxygen in the Design of the Chemicals for the Capacitor Is Still in Doubt It Would Blow up There Were Barren but They Didn't Delay from That Year When a Bad Day Bad Good and We Had We Had I'm in Circuit Was Literally Only Malaga Six Ply Board Are Six Label That Was Some That Had Literally Had a Whole Burnt through It Not like the Huge Gaping Hole but You Could See Light through a Joke from a Tandem That That Lost Lost Its Lid Hits in and What We Had Years of Statistical Data Saying You Know This the Tantalum Is a Bad Stop Use and I Know That John Come along What I Was 90 She Is a Was 99 Eire 2000 I Think It Was so It Was 15 Years Ago Sinai Things of Jaffa Towns Are Not Connected, While Awaiting an Aberrant 10 Alarms of Fowl Are Open Instead a Short Gather Step Forward Has Become the Capacitor Episode Making Noise about Accidents More Noise Are Terrible Anyway Quite Good so Arm Right Anyway so Where Were We Were to Amounts Are Amplifiers and Okay AC Hums on Ice or Psycho Suggested the Main Point of That Ranting and Sidetracking Was If You If You Allow Your Circuit Properly If You Use an Illinois Design Techniques If You Really Know Your Power Supply Stuff You Can Get Ready 60 Hz on yet Exactly There Really Is No Excuse and Are Honestly If It's Interesting Because Our People Say While on on Plugging in This Amplifier in This Amplifiers Plugged in the USB Hackers Got Noisemakers USB's Dislike 5 V DC Isn't Likeable Yeah but What's Powering the 5 V Property Switch Mode Supply and Its Probably Not As the Cleanest and Is Definitely a Switch Mode Supplies Year As like Well Then but It's Battery-Powered Yeah What Voltages the Battery and What Voltages Are Cases Five Olsen Your Speedy Batteries or Look about 12 Battery so Okay How to Get the Five Bolts and Then the Penny Drops in London Absent a Battery Chargers There Are so Cool They Are Actually They Are Very Cool Special Lithium Ones but Anyway at Another Topic for Another Day Come so If Far on on the Amplifiers I Guess Are the Other Thing about Empathise Same for the Clipping to Look at More about That It's Our You Want to Amplify Signal Is Linear Region Obviously Because If It's If You're Amplifying a Non-Linear Region of the Amplify the New Going to Get to Our Distortion and That Distortion Is Going to Be Interference over the File Signature Trying to Amplify and the Flat Topping Is the Worst Yoga Clipping Is the Worst Because Ultimately As Arm As Mr Florio Said Are and We Act It Already Is Relatively Recently in Episode 64 about Software Radios and If Your Lamb about Three Transforms and so on but It Will Clipping Because Wide Spectrum Interference and Because the Square Signals Equal Bad and That's Bad so Anyway John More about That Than Was That Episode so Lots of Crossovers Not Episodes Here but Still but in the End I Guess the Most Spoken Our Audio Anyway Once You Consider the Noise That Is Introduced by Transmission and Then Recreation through Speakers or Headphones I Guess There's No Reason to Get Liquid Nitrogen Called Preamps Via Mike but I'm Sure There's Someone Who's Gonna Build One and I'll Sell It Because He Goldplated Stuff Sells to Write on the Same Kind of Thing a Snake While Idea That Action Makes a Difference but Anyhow the Minor Arm Can You Imagine I Have a Lick I Have a Liquid Nitrogen Powered Amplifier for My My Cats That's Speaking into Radar Stats We Sound so Good Anyway Exactly a Apostle Weimer Was Marooned with Gold As I Get Proper Association All Their Maximum Interference in Black and Got Enough Goal in Life Anyway As a Writer Works on Two Levels Okay Human Hearing Is That It's Just It's Very Imperfect It's One of Those Things That Is, Call the Way It Works and the Decibel Scale and a Ring Again We Cover This Way Back in Episode Eight That Some Zero DB on the Sound Pressure Level Scales Calibrated to the Minimum Amount of Profound Pressure That a Human Can Hear an Asset 1 KHz Because Why Not Arm 1000 Hz a Gas at Which Is Roughly Not Quite the Middle of the Human Hearing Range but Certainly It's a Good Nut Point Is Any and Doubt That Pressure Is to Buy Tender the -5 Pastels of Pressure and That It Would Measure 1 Atm so Incredibly Small Moral Pressure Our Year and the Human Ear Can Detect That the Threshold of Human Hearing so Far Away Is That That Sleep beyond Was Reanalysed at the Ear Level Is Actually at the Entrance to the Ear Canal That's How Much I like Your Bid Here Because about 1010 DB More Than That Is Our Rustling Leaves Blowing in the Ground so Just Quite Rustling of the Leaves so Edson It's Very Very Soft but the Funny Thing Is Even Those Sorts of Levels Arm the Limits of Human Hearing Officer Being out What They Are Theirs There Reaches a Point Very Quickly There Is No Additional Benefit of Putting More and More Money into Better and Better Headphones or Amplifiers or Microphones yet Again to Stop This Recording Side of the Recreation for the Listening Side of It As Well Because You Never Improve beyond a Certain Point Because the Average Person Will Not Be Able to Tell the Difference and If You've Got Tonight Is like I've Got There's Not Even That That Was It That Mount Mouth Now Money and Effort Because You Have That the Tim to Overcome This out Tonight As the Signal Has To Be a Certain Level and I'd Never Hear the Noise Anyway I Just Think It Was the Tinnitus and Odea IMAX Undergoing Operation Next Month to Get Liquid Nitrogen Called Bionic Ear Is Ourselves and None of This Has To Be Nice Swallowed… I Do Liquid Nitrogen Doesn't Leak Because That Could Be Read Anyhow Brent Risks Just When You Thought Levies on Anything That Could Give You Brain Freezes Her Hannah Signal Car yet Is the Wrong Time of Year for You but Anyway against so Am I an Axiom Denies Frontal Fattening Recently the Blood Sugar Level Can Actually Make Tonight Is Worse Than the Growth of Interest yet I Found out That Recently like Reasoning Last Couple Months of Ego to Hire to Allow Too Much Blood Sugar Suitable Sugars Too High Then Your Tonight It Gets Worse so's I Discovered so Now Using My Tonight's Level Is a Way of Gauging the Maximum Sugar Surprisingly Accurate Being with Them on so Severe a Sword Bilges for Sure You Tenaciously at Worst Recall the Solution about a Man Maintaining a Fancy Business Is Even the Mutually Cancel Aha a Funny Well I Don't Know Ashley Well Done Were on the on the Subject Are Split Peas Is That I've Actually Switched to the Other 1% Sugar Once the Really Low Arm Congested They 711 We Act You Have 7-Eleven over Here These Days Abdomen I Was a Kid That We Do Now and Are the Have a Sleepy Debit Start That Is Always the Ascent yet a Low-Calorie Low Jewel Load Where You Call It Version Side the Noise When I Get If I Get One Other Guy Five Had Maybe Three or Four This Whole Summer Warmers at the End of Summer Now so and Yes the Not so Bad Anyway the Go I Said I Have Too Much More to Say Actually about the Subject I Guess Other Than the Fact That You Can't Escape Noise It's Just a Fact of the Fact the Molecular Noise You Always Get It You Can't Fight You Can't Escape It It'll Always Be There Unless You Want to Go Liquid Jewel Stuffed with Liquid Nitrogen Liquid Helium You'll Never Really Reduce It Significantly Different Technologies Different Amplifiers Are Better at Not Producing As Much but Honestly You Have Just Just Be Aware Also That That the Trade-Offs in It Made a Big Difference in Radio Astronomy Because of Trouble Signals down from the Galactic Noise Level and the Amplifiers Were Just Too Loud Now They're Not Because They Call Them but for Audio Systems Makes No Varied Very Little Difference in the East Method My Hundred Dollars on Microphones for about All We Really Need to Spend Together Decent Noise Performance Out Of It Amplifier May Become 100 Bucks Headphones in a 3040 Bucks and No Don't Spend Stupid Amounts of Money and Dumb yet but I Will Say Really Arm and Willows Design Is Pretty Interesting Made My Senior Design Scores so I Will Noise System We Are Measuring Wit. As a Low Noise System to Measure Noise on Transistors Call Now and Is Illustrated in the Single Design People Nuts Because the Project Did Not Fit into the Rubric That They Signed It Should Follow Now Why Did You Choose This Amplifier Denies to High Blood Out Of Features Doesn't Matter so They Make They Made A Lot Of Noise about Just the Eczemawith the Power Spikes Renata Nutmeg along We're Sucking to Enable Batteries That You Would Believe All That's Okay It Is Always Plug It into a Power Supply in the Wall Hanging Said There Was Still a Given Given the Lab Celebrated Install This and That Willie Was Easier Said Than Done Our Man in the Enables Lasted Just Long Enough to Take Legal and Measurement and That He Had to Replace Enables Is a Very Expensive Mr Reddick Although I Wonder Things That Arm Fair-Minded Because He Had Done How He Had Noisy Is a Noisy Linear Linear Power Supply for His Subway Station Set up Years Ago Is Izzy Actually Had Our Solar Power Solar Panel for Charging a Battery Bank outside His Window and He Also Had the Mains Charger As Well so He Would Never Operate off the Mains Here Only Operate the Battery but He Would Use the Mains Charge the Battery When He Wanted to Use His Radio He Would Turn off the Charger and Then Had to Be Operated the Radio from the Batteries Which Would Also Summarise Electrical Charge from Solar Panels That Was the Way He Got the Cleanest Possible Signal Mind You Could Study Could Have Put up a Better Quality Power Supply Was the Other Hashes into the Engineering Work around Morris Applies Whether Well It Had the Virtue of Being Very Successful and Worked Quite Well but in a Anyhow Very Clean Signal Good for Him but yet the Artist Because We Are Trying to Reduce Power Risk Consumption and Are Battery Dry by Nearly We Can Really Put Anything to Sleep Because We Are Measuring Will Rationalise and You Know We Said It Falls off with One of the Frequency Roughly Arm and the Corner Frequency Were the One a Rough Noise Meets Thermal Noise through Transistors As I Do Hundred Hertz to Get a Good Are Signal Your Good Position Is Knowledge to Measure Dynamite Millihertz and You'll Just Long Time Scales so You Can Put Anything to See. When the Measurement Are Cozzi You Had to Be Active the Whole Time Our Call Acts and a Digital Stuff That We Did Shut down Tonight Couple in the Measurement Are That They Didn't Have To Do It Anyways It Was like Nothing on a Current Driver That's Pretty Cool I Am Is Interesting Here I Sort of Farm Here We Did There I Did Some Nice Factor Measurements Are Way Way Back Arm on Experimental Border Never Saw the Light of Day Are Built Interesting Stuff and Are Idea but Anyway Out Of Power I'd Inevitably Just Adds More about Their I Think after This One Socially through and What Was the Podcast Yeah Yeah I Think so I Think with the Relatively Beaten That One That Plunder Death to but That's Okay with a Skanky Run with It If You Wanted More about a Cigarette Amounts Were Adjunct Energy All You Can Follow a Pragmatic Show to Specifically See Show Announcements and Other Related Stuff and As You Know Pragmatic Is Part of the Engineer Network and Also Has an Account at Engineered_Net Has a Show Announcements about Network and All the Shows and You Can Check Them All out at Engineered.Network Today People Are Really Loving Causality That That's a Solar Podcast If You Haven't Heard Already and That I Do and It Looks a Cause-And-Effect of Major Events in History so If You're a Fan of This Show You May like to so Be Sure to Check It out Are If You like to Get in Touch with Carmen I Was the Best Way Finnigan Touches the Main Adverse Will Get in Touch with Me Is Either on Twitter Are at the Eclipse or You Can Ask Them to My Other Podcast Websites Are the Engineering Timings and Is a Contact Form There As Well Fantastic Have You Not Subscribe to the Engineering Comments You Definitely Should If You're an Engineer You Will Love It There Is No Question so Are Anyway If You'd like to Send Any Feedback about the Shoulder Network Pleases a Feedback Form on the Website and As We Also Function at This Episode so If You Are Enjoying Pragmatic and You Will Support the Show You Can like One of Our Backers Chris Stone He and Many Other Others Are Patrons of the Show Via Patriarchal and You Can Find GG all one word so if you like to contribute something anything at all it's all very much appreciated so a special thank you to our patrons and a big thank you to everyone for listening and as always thank you Carmen thank you Jonah was. 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Carmen Parisi

Carmen Parisi

Carmen is an Electrical Engineer working as an Application Engineer in analogue electronics and has a blog Fake EE Quips that he occasionally posts to. Carmen is also a co-host on The Engineering Commons podcast.

John Chidgey

John Chidgey

John is an Electrical, Instrumentation and Control Systems Engineer, software developer, podcaster, vocal actor and runs TechDistortion and the Engineered Network. John is a Chartered Professional Engineer in both Electrical Engineering and Information, Telecommunications and Electronics Engineering (ITEE) and a semi-regular conference speaker.

John has produced and appeared on many podcasts including Pragmatic and Causality and is available for hire for Vocal Acting or advertising. He has experience and interest in HMI Design, Alarm Management, Cyber-security and Root Cause Analysis.

You can find him on the Fediverse and on Twitter.