Pragmatic 73: Everything Is Cyclic

29 May, 2016


Weighing up the cycles of driving vs public transport and Windows to Mac and back again.

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Welcome to pragmatic pragmatic is a discussion circle to play the practical application of technology by exploring real-world trade-offs with great ideas are transformed into products and services can change our lives nothing is as simple as it seems pragmatic as part of the Internet network supporter shows including this one never to our page on page other great shows as an today on your host IgG and is always today and joined by a direct graduate area met I am doing very well building very transformative today and that does make any sense so you arena was going with that I want to talk about this year I want to talk about it early to go off the rails near you demonstrated as it is to and we so early it's like a late night here so depends but anyhow so I will talk about this and you read about a month ago arm I didn't article on tech distortion called everything cycling wasn't one of those moments where I was feeling very reflective and frustrated and annoyed by the cycling nature of my decision-making process and I guess I rode out of frustration about myself and it was sort of like yeah I know my attempt to explain to myself about my own cycling habits I guess anyway so am C read the article added arm before I get stuck into it any any any opening thoughts before we dive into it I thought it was a good breeze there was well-written okay I guess something thank you write up some interesting points that I'm assuming you'll probably get to sit you wanted to talk about it yet through while okay so I guess the whole point of it is that everything everything seems to be recycling so of this has happened before and I were this will happen again near that kind of thing yet look at philosophical in a sunrise sunset repeat the seasons change you know some autumn winter spring or fall depending upon how you think about that but the point is that's it is these go round and round and endless loop is like wherever you are in that Lupita seems to keep going around and and people's thinking and optimisation the way we try and optimise in life pack and tweak things that we do this is to get around circles and so we try this doesn't work out quite the way we likes that we hit reset and try something else and then we say I was not quite the way I like to like them these other things from the last thing I tried is… Go back and do that again now before you know it you've just gone in a complete circle in the back we started maybe this is some minor iterative improvements I guess that's the point of it is a basic iteration Jason this is necessary part of of of evolving and that's fine but I suppose the problem I've got is that what happens if it is just nothing but cycling and there is no iterative improvement or anything and I guess that bugs me is like I sometimes think about the decisions I make in the justifications I tell myself and say well you know what you're doing that because you think you can have an iterative improvement things can be somehow little bit better and you may end up not being what you expected and so then you had hit reset to go back to the way it was Newark while this wasn't so bad the things is the bug you that I bug you as much when you go back you like this wasn't so bad I can handle that I can live with that you ever experience someone that you hear that I is I guess in the article I talked about two things one in depth in the other one I sort of alluded to that I've since taken a plunge on so. The one the only example I gave the article which is the one I've been gone through for the last 10 years maybe 15 of my life arm and ass that's to drive or to take public transport now where you live do you have those options or is it just because I know there's lots of parts of America where public transport is just terrible and you have no option but to drive do you have the choice we live I don't where I live now and in similar more metropolitan areas where there is public transportation of city buses is dynamic we have with taxi theory if you could sever that public transportation can do that but I my daily commute to work is 45 minutes each way self you I have much choice but to drive for that note no bullet train between my little town Lexington was just a hick town to most of the oral armour the findings were I am II commute it's 48 minutes without traffic with traffic it can be up to an hour and 1/2 but still generally is about an hour each maybe an hour and 10 and that's a pretty long commute even by nearby Brisbane standards studies Queensland lenders but but irrespective yeah I do at least have a choice because I'm five minutes drive from the nearest train station to to choose from but that's a distance and I can catch a train into the city and I have also got options for buses I can also catch a bus take heck of a lot longer but I could still be in the city that wafer wanted to are so I guess the thing is you like that like your Neo said the problems choice if you have if you have no choice than there is no problem because you don't have a choice like what you said you can only drive so because once you have a choice you gotta start weighing up those options which one you gonna pick and I thought all over the years I've gone back and forth an inner innocent endless cycle while a seemingly endless cycle so let's start with the case for public transport and a case of public because public transport is our I drive my car to the train station and for a time I would ride my bike to the train station so it's either all but I either way I side to maintain a bike or car or both are from there I take the train into work and that allows me to do work on my laptop I can read things are on my iPad or my iPhone or whatever are the newspaper for a paper newspaper maybe that's just crazy who does animal old people like that all older than me and you are older than you and me people older you them anyway are you them on okay so so easy all alienate potential audience John your point there I should probably add that out from styling, anyway I say that now dealers now if you are older and you like reading a paper paper that's awesome love it arm me on the other hand on embracing technology and I read all my newspapers on my iPad now are on my butt might my novelty sized iPod touch arm which is why I think is the best way to describe the 12.9 inch iPad Pro arm is a novelty sized I put any weight so yet right back back on topic I can do things on the train and that that spirit can become productive time I could do work work or I can do like podcast work or whether the website I could do Iowa's development I can do whatever I like on the train within reason you can't me I do somersault saw an acrobatic actor anything crazy like dad or in a think about that yet but there are limits but I could do a heck of a lot more than I can if I were to let say be on a bus perhaps or especially phi was driving a car so the train has that big advantage the train also goes but if you catch the right express train it goes generally quite fast there is no traffic congestion to worry about the trains to break down sometimes are then across the last leg is you have to get the train station and walk from there to the office final destination I guess so all of that also requires arm walking outside for a period of time if it's raining arc is really hot they can be quite uncomfortable we get to work and some renewal sweaty and is not a good thing they go then a change of clothes of wildlife so the other thing about public transport is that it's on a set timetable you come and go and the timetable and if you miss your train sometimes you end up on all station strain which takes even longer or sometimes translate and you're stuck waiting if you just miss one all you if you're too early the train to be late and you could still get home late or to work late are the other thing other factors price and in the south-east Queensland it's quite expensive that takes me a cost me arm $7.85 and as each way so that's every day committee in the city that's what that's is a 1415 R 60 1570 $50.70 Australian which current exchange rates probably about $12 US return to the city every day so that's you that's at least 3 cups of coffee right there if were doing a coffee cost equivalent just do all that is just you gotta do that to the cook is it on your you should buy my app because it's like the price of a cup of coffee like you but is at the price of a train ferry to Brisbane City anyway for my nap actually what are you more than you should buy my the cost of copiers this way you buy your copy what you will go mad at just that's just that's needy you know no one by apathy like pleading guilty them into it like you know how you can import it eat a sipping coffee a sipping coffee right now because that coffee that's guilty your drinking guilt because you didn't quite genuine terrible I don't think that's a valid marketing tactic but anyway the minor right side back on topic so the train has a lot of advantages you can sort of if you want it back relax and switch your brain off you can do that to you know you don't have to do things productive in the train but if you switch your brain off any driving us public and to have negative consequences so anyhow arm right I welcome the self driving coral rewards that I have written my brain offered to other fees during my 45 minute commute I hear you man I hear is the point that if we had a good dream that I could take to work abruptly with that is you exactly so yet there's a lot of pluses that another +2 is I don't have to pay for parking part of the train station that's free I have a park in the city that's gonna generally cost me money generally so I guess that's cups of coffee she had a there was the problem is that to me I can't I forgivable my coffee money then of this be an angry person and that's just not good for anybody anyway you would like John when he is angry arm to house the kids they see it most regularly so anyhow the minor right good lovely art so are right that the train in the trainers is really great publishers was really great for all those reasons but the cost is pretty can be a bit prohibitive a gap is analogous switch back and we can think about arm the negatives of taking the public transport the need is a public transport is you are not in your own space and when you not your own space it means that other people can get into your space and are yet are set in how people have this our goal this arm there is this in a business effect where people have this concert of the personal space and your and my personal space so uptight you are currently not my physical space my personal space is not 13,000 miles away I'm just so you if you're fine bite. Space John you your case yet I'll just say and that may well be true which is the blind if you were within 10,000 miles of me then that's just too close for humour if you moved to the West Coast man anyone so the problem is that they the army moved to Lake Australia in November you know after selection stuff applicants menu and half the United States are gonna be moving here I'm telling you we got our great beaches anyway arm trumps right about one thing the paper that while because that in order to keep us out as pretrade as this is not arm yes okay so moving on our right so your personal space business right so in NR Japan I believe that their personal space is extremely close to the body so they don't mind if you're getting up in their face like right in their face but other countries in Australia is on the other end of the spectrum where we have to have a personal space is a lot wide a lot larger than that so if you're in arms reach a way that's probably just right on the edge of personal space if you step inside that it feels uncomfortable and is just because were not used the big cities were not used to being crowded and as our cities get bigger and bigger people gradually get desensitised to that unfortunately I grew up in our country town of sorts in Rockhampton is not a country country town exactly but when rush-hour lasts for about 1015 minutes call that country town amount through country town as there is no rush-hour that's it but you know so and so night and having a population was growing up around about 65 70,000 people that still not small but compared to Brisbane or south-east Queensland spot 3 1/2 million people while that I'm obviously much bigger yard and therefore more people personal space is different by reason Taoist ongoing rambling about personal space is simply because from my point of view being on the train if anyone sits next to me there are my personal space and I don't know them I don't like that so it onto my personal space you they could be playing like loud music through the headphones which is like that the hearing go back and listen to arm episode eight I think it was of Robicheaux arm but yes don't guess quite three environment and the train is not a quite serene environment that is that our and is also little solicitors allowed people on the phone that it is shouting at each other you got teenagers are typically the worst like the worst offenders for just like having no sense of self I decide there on the train they were on the trainer and Oscar dislike stuck on that they don't care okay I get that you don't care that doesn't mean that we collectively don't care and that we the grown-ups would love to throw you off at the next stop talking so arm of mine that are yet and then of course you've got the smelly people and it's like yet the so yet it's like the last time have a shower were not entirely certain when that was but it was a significant time there so yet those are the disadvantages you not your own space you not in control of your own space or that so those before them against taken train for public transport I guess in general buses are much the same in a lot of those respects but now let's talk about driving taking your own transport and I suppose the same kind of works with motorbikes but I don't have a motorbike so I can't comment although they seem like a lot more fun than a car there also will be more dangerous so I guess that's the whole point is what makes them fun there was no danger that no fun political someone says it's awesome fun riding a scooter like you I don't think I have anyone's ever said that CRT is the hot attacked the day so yes driving a car so integrating the driving a car is that it can be a door-to-door experience you can literally drive any garage and drive along some roads or freeways roads and driving to work in park and walk straight into the building or in part in the basement or underground parking and walks against cash left nearer at work now working in a city where I do in the CBD that's an expensive proposition the N2 endorsing because our my building life thousand dollars a year if you want a car park in that building basement stairwell a ridiculous amount of money for a car park it's just not worth it and unfortunately if you buy a layaway that fell I is the demand further the parking that higher or yes demand is so high I think the problem is that you've got a lot of executives in our building and whether our people with high disposable incomes that are looking to reduce their taxable taxable income they say will 5000 year I can just use as a tax write off or something and I don't know I did something like that and anyway that the perday rate of that is actually cheaper than if you were gone park on an ad hoc basis in the carp arcade which is less than a block away so if you park in the park aid around the corner the costs you early bird rate $17 a day Australian which your note is slightly more than the train and that's just the parking that doesn't include petrol costs gasoline costs running maintenance costs in the vehicle which are significantly more because you're driving a longer distance than you are if you just drive the train station which is a five minute drive is a pattern nearly an hour so once you factor all that any sounds like a losing proposition but of course if you know where to park and you don't mind walking suddenly things don't seem so bad so what if I did street parking because street parking is still thing if you park far and I have a far away from the CBD and you're prepared to walk for a little ways so you can throw your door-to-door idea at the window it add some commuting time because you're gonna walk as well as drive so let's think about that then so if I could find a street park the weather parking is free or at least I'll let you park all day for a minimal fee then how far away is it worth my while so I've actually found a spot which is a 15 minute walk from the car to the office where I can park in the roads for free providers not again dates a stadium parking area goes stadium parking areas yes on the day of the game once that his 12 o'clock at lunchtime you better move your car or it's gonna get towed so so on game days of spring for the $17 for the ad hoc parking in the park aid and every other day or park in the street and a walk and has another benefit because the walking is good for exercise I get your half an hour of exercise broken into 15 minute chunks every day so I'm not paying for parking now I'm only paying for this are the running costs of the vehicle so now if you look at the price of petrol or gasoline and you look at the time it takes the time it takes is on the way in less time than the train because the traffic and the wind is lighter in the early morning and in the of an evening at about the same amount times the train solicitors called a wash and save same our time as the train same out of exercises the train and he is the interesting thing so I said is about $15.80 whatever it was our well it only costs nine dollars in gasoline Australian dollars are each day for petrol so suddenly arm the cards got cheaper so the thing is then any smelly people in your face that's right I have my own private space if I want to sing at the top of my lungs in the car I can mind the effective podcasts this is not a podcast of the car casts quite possibly on a major should look into that arm since I'd thought of that interesting idea I think that arm that the coolest thing though is that I mostly glad that the whole soundproof bubble dome thing in the car is good for me and is really even better for the rest of the world because they don't have severe anyway the minor are you so linear and proper space the smelly people you can do what you want you can list whatever you want the radio fuel was erratic and was the pod casts or I guess you could recall broadcast interesting idea arm you could do as you want in that respect what you my hard at was a sorry Jason Salome correlated a letter to one episode of a group interesting okay so what was I arm are so what you can't do in a car if you can't read at least not yet in a sensible manner you can't text message you can't type on a keyboard or phone not not listed done my crashing your vehicle into the current run of your course if you are monitored and paid is free for lawyers certainly doesn't stop people from spraying but you should not do you really really shouldn't and I drive a manual car and some stick shift and exist like man no air it is dipolar so that's off the card I can't read newspaper I can't read Twitter account to Facebook I can do anything I can't do any proper couple because preparation is can't do anything arm and that's okay in some respects either gets enforced downtime for my brain and I can just sit there and absorbed into the sponge thing and just suck it all up and not actually produce anything which is now has its benefits about balance right so arm but that's the big downside is I've lost that productive time I 10 hours of extra time every week when I was taking the train solicitors all work well in sanitary whatever downside other downsides of driving is that you have car accidents unlike not hopefully not you hopefully deftly hoping you but your other publicly by a car accident and of the cart that the roads are designed well then what happens things choke up and is your you screwed your stuck in again a gridlock and it is can't get out and all sidestreets everyone says INO a shortcut guess what so does everybody owls and then you on the sides and open a side street with an even worse traffic jam and you like what I get off the main road now can't get back on the main road and it is given on the ministry hands in the area near starting in the different colour song with exporters in it but anyhow so that's the downside and is the Brisbane roads of horribly designed a lot of cities of horrible design rates and when it when it blocks up it blocks are girded in your stuck in the anyway doesn't happen too often when it does you like a lifeline else taken the train and sometimes if you're a stretch of road goes on the train line and your stuck in a gridlock is entering a pasture like we will so angry anyway so it sounds like I'm sold on right sounds like you John is driving but this is not the first time I've driven a car into work this is about the third fourth time in my life I've done this and I've had different economic equations between why would drive why would why would take public transport and is usually a series of consecutive last straws is what been thinking about the drives the cycling nature of our behaviour and its like why am I doing this why do I keep changing my mind what am I looking for I'm looking for the iterative improvement or am I running away from a series of coincidental events that happened very close together that were considered to be the final straw that nudges me back the other way and the reason I sort of landed on this theory as to why people do the cycling thing is because it's the I think it's about like our consecutive stacked annoyances so what happened to me are in the last our cheese was up to me over the last six months and the trainer public transport is been getting steadily worse and I talked about this arm some of it on a special bar on a private episodes of farm of causality just briefly about one of the incidents that happened are so for those who are not pages of the show you don't have access that patrons got access to that but anyway if you're interested patron will be on and I are and it was about arm and is the one I got run over twice arm on a crosswalk and being verbally abused for not doing anything wrong sits badly with me it's like I doing wrong I was drawn across the crossing year that's never if I know and it's like I don't like getting abuse that and sometimes you bite back and sometimes that really doesn't end well so you know I had a couple of incidents like that are I had people walk up to me on the train and grope me in different places arm and looking to mention all of them are but suffice it to say that that was not a pleasant experience arm-I would think that no it's not and arm and some say what mad it may be depends on like you know who is doing and what will know know it really doesn't it just doesn't fight it's always an MBA in that headset is like 90 you inside my private space your like arm like you you're throwing up on my private space and then slap in the face the same time suck no man and a stay back I've had people arm essentially arm just like verbally abuse me I like like call me different names arm insult me to my face arm try and our bully me to get off the train arm you it's been there have been a couple of engines of about three incidents all vary quite a pleasant are I had I had strange walk up to me on two separate occasions and just rub my head what is literally rub my head why because one of one of the guys that one guy that did it arm goal both guys did attack a figure on one of the guys that did it arm was obviously on some some kind of drug and what the hell was that he was not generate he was hired something and their ease is like I've never seen a head like yours before mad and unlike away okay on across the road now was that is not safe I get run over can I'm going I have and is good to yeah good times here so inner I just I got to the point of discomfort where I needed my private space my personal space and I didn't want to deal with that of those actually going on there was another incident that also arm was kind of scary arm was at the top of the arm of the waves in Travelers the top of the hill to change and ulcer stand there my my business and that is to guys walking towards me heading towards the ER others I Yum the backpackers are. Our just along one of the block one block away on on you know what is Joyce in the backpackers cumin are coming down and I headed for the hostel and I saw this car literally comes around the corner and is it he had in the car had right-of-way these guys decide they just walk just walk anyway car barely slows down beeps at them and this guy was already in having an argument with the other of a person's walk across with and I suspect he was also like was Otto either ice or it was steroids or something he was beyond normal levels of angry like really really enraged and he swears like so much of this car and swings around and he punches the glass in the rear window he literally punches the glass what person way punches the glass on a moving car and screams abuse that issued its like wow as you say good times so I kinda had enough of it like I don't need this I need to be dealing with this I feel like dealing with this and I was just feeling really uncomfortable and I decided you know what I'm done I'm done with it so I needed my space back and side is literally decided to try I sat on a try driving and nitrite forestry park and see what I can do so the next few days arm following weeks actually tried to different spots I found on the work that had a reliable spot by 6:30 in the morning still had a reliable spot I could get generally and is our hacker backup places and the walking distance was acceptable to the office in this walking distance was through the suburbs and it bypassed the hot seller bypass the train stations it does bypass all the ugly stuff arm and asset so arm but the funny thing is you know we remember or rather I remember what put me onto the train last time in the last cycle so you think well you know I was really convincing you will be driving for the rest of your life while am I since I've done this I have essentially given up that extra 10 hours of time and I was using at times to preparation for the show I was doing anything for the show our preparation for causality are and that the new poor cousin working that that is just been released actually called the analytical are in all that you at that time is now gone I was doing programming for the website arm hours developing my own pod casts are like little literally up pod casters are add-on plug-in whatever the Stanek which I essentially decides on developing arm so I die die develop that is what the Internet network runs on and few other of my young friends of use dividends it's in use in a few places but ultimately it I do is decide look at solar is not a business I want to be in despite the fact I wrote it so that anyone could use it arm is don't disappoint that silent that go arm which is not describe a shame but now they go is right this format knows I can't's account at that stuff and that the time anymore it's now in force to downtime and I can see that bothering me because it means that I been doing pragmatic less are and is ultimately that's the trade-off that I've made arm I still find time to do causality I think more regularly and will be doing analytical regularly as well our butts the truth is analytical has a lot less prep and causality also now pretty similar matter prep pragmatic but still seen me as I coughed I've given something up and I have to eat into my mind and my evenings so the thing is though that I used to drive and I saw this as a retainer trade as a way of getting some productive time I also stopped driving previously because of all of the accidents and traffic jams so I get like five or six really bad dreadlocks and it takes not one hour and 1/2 or two hours and 1/2 or three hours to get home but one time I remember took me four hours to get home when I'm only one of those absolutely insane dreadlocks with a shutdown one of the major arterial roads heading north out of the city and I'm stuck for a stupid amount of time and if that happens a few weeks in a row that's when I get the neo-I get and arm I have to go on is go back on the training is unlike that's it I'm done I've had enough driving I want to have some productive time back on just done you know and we back take the train again but the thing is I've also been looking into other cost savings and I been looking into getting an electric car I pulled the trigger right yet but on looking at the Denison leaf because or Nissan leaf because the Nissan leaf in Australia has been heavily discounted because the current model I got four years old 2012 model is all they've gone astray they imported like 500 door thousand with known as exact number or maybe they do I don't but anyway and either sell very well in Australia from bunch of reasons but ultimately I think having driven one a few times that their beautiful car they really are lovely and I can't afford to Haslar so I'm not on by donor back on a money arm I may do in coming years but now I certainly don't but you do knows what the future holds but for now I can't afford one so he remains a pipedream and that's fine by dreams good they keep is motivated and arm and I deluded anyway so there we go arm on look at that and if I were to get one the actual cost of running our is about two dollars it would cost me two dollars a day to commute in electricity costs and that and that's using discharging overnight on low rate tariffs are if I were to somehow find waves like the coffee money left over it sure does I could get two extra cups of coffee yeah one coffee and a nap are no staff that AB, McCaughey anyway so yet you know anything is like there are further cost reductions to be had of course the downside of that is that the leaf costs more than a similar internal combustion engine car and you factor repayments in and it works out over a five year period to actually be about the same cost as a petrol vehicle but after that you save money you any other thing is a cause of solar panels on the roof and I make a huge amount of surplus during the day so on weekends I charge the card in the daytime cost me nothing so technically I'd be getting one day of the week driving the city for free so's cheaper again so that's the whole cycling thing with driving and solar panels on the roof of the core are you year know that I just I know guidelines and work okay this is pragmatic song and answer you technically why that doesn't work okay you asked for a the actual surface area of the roof of the car is barely enough for using the highest and production solar panel you would get maybe 200 W absolute max out of your maximum efficiency production panel see a 200 W of capture area that you can produce now the boundaries in the leaf missing leaf 2012 model a 26 kWh that killer what hours there is often a chance to thing assume perfect efficiency which the charger is never gonna be perfect efficiency with the scimitars in order to charge the battery fully with a 201 panel I would need direct sunlight that seeks to 26 hours and are safe 26,000 what hours so 20 kW and 20,000 what hours so was 26,000÷200 that's 13 1/300 hours 1300 hours to fully charge the leaf and that would get me a range of about 70 miles so that's gonna be a wild man arm here so no no and is something also it also rooms aerodynamics if you mould the solar panel into the roof aerodynamically then that solar panel will lose efficiency so it also would increase drag and the mass of the vehicle's owner just no anyway here butts arm they do however that the top than Levon does Ashley have a little mini solar panel of the back which is their fur the people that like to say hey man I just solar powered car will know you don't it's trickle charging the battery which I guess is it on a still helpful but really not that helpful because not like you charge the battery is the thing I find bizarre about believers it actually has a lead acid battery in it just like every other car but it doesn't have a starter motor so was the point of the cold cranking amps are needed instead of how the accessories and staff and so the accessories don't drain the on-board battery which is the drive battery which is just a fascinating and crazy idea to me but never mind that okay so we think so far good stuff again but wait there's more there's more that was more here is more so the cycle is coming around again yes it is and is the site or is going to business cycles can annoy some people but this is one that one thing is that I said to you we started the recording tonight as this can be an experiment out why the wise kids would you explain to the listeners what we're doing differently and the steps are what I'm doing differently must subside arm that underlay similar Bayo poking at your little bird and saying that you become one of those iPad people technically I was always an iPad person the difference is I did not I did not go all in and now I am in voice-over work today I this is a learning curve and I I'm at the lower part of the learning curve our yard salinity described this evening set up dear listener through the magic of editing you will notice no difference hopefully their hearts again so here we go arm I I'm working the iPad I have an iPad probe it's on tour .9 inch arm hundred and 28 gig Wi-Fi only model I've had this for quite some time now Al had since December last year all late November last year are and I use it every day for work for taking notes with some are with good notes I've done a episode of the show about previously and I blogged about it and I absolutely love it I'm still using it every single day for that purpose it is hands down the best arm engineering notebook I've ever had it is just amazing and I love it are as as computers go it's not the greatest but it does the job I can I recently as in a few weeks ago I bought the lightning to USB three camera adapter are the wonderful shall I think it was talked about staging like lots more into this than just the camera and is like no kitten so that I can plug in and an Apple keyboard are the 80 million keyboard a wide keyboard with keypad and it is typing is still my favourite keyboard of all time a love that thing and the Yum the only one not the new one right and I can then plug into the USB hub that is built into the keyboard with the standard 12 what adapter and I can overpower my onyx blackjack are USB interface so I can actually listen I can actually listen to a aggregation record and listen to through the headphone jack are my recorded voice art because my voice is also going to go DBX to 86 which is independently fed from a sea and I've got the USB powered our onyx blackjack which then digitise that for the arm for route was the Mac and now is my iOS device and it works perfectly except for one little problem and that's Skype server shows like analytical and causality that I'm recording in this way that's all I need I don't need anything else but when I'm doing Skype are have a problem arm the problem is that iOS every time I go to background Skype and record Skype it doesn't let me now I'm not sure from doing something wrong because I read plenty of how-to articles that tell you a Q can do it but I tried every order I've tried every setting I can think of and it just isn't working for me so were running tonight with a hybrid configuration so I got my iPhone and my iPhone is sitting on top of my file PR 40 a shock mount size directly in front of my mouth just above the mic for that I'm recording I have my any monitors plugged into my iPhone so I can hear Vic and it sounds isolated from the microphone and is Vic can hear me speaking through the iPhone speaker I can also hear myself I have a separate set of headphones over ear headphones not any headphones are plugged into the blackjack so I can hear my own audio coming back and of course be very annoying likely wearing two headphones yes I am wearing it arm IMs on the inside for your to keep your audio separate and I'm worrying over ear headphones over the tops I can hear my own voice now I would redefine could I can refine this in future because I could pipe that audio into the spare input as to the second channel of my mixer and I can bring that in through the blackjack and then I could record both the Skype and this billing requires adapters to do that that I don't have available at this moment and I'm recording it using ferrite which is though Nippon guy setting up that I'm using now and the ideas pretty damned awesome I have to say I know I'm I heard about originally from bar Jason Snell and he heard it from Ray Spears and I think the exciting moments along the way somewhere and so on so forth but I'm going to go to using ferrite now as my editing act of choice I am going away from the Mac file her legal that's the setup so yes it's convoluted and yes it seems that those year and seems as though I'm going a bit overboard but you if if Skype would would background okay iOS and I could record that audio that way I would alas it does not want to let me so in next time we do this I will I will fix this I will have the adapter modesty a record from my phone arm but politely audio through the blackjack so don't wait to set the headphones because it's really uncomfortable and bizarre to senior monitors arm are attenuating a lot of the sound from my own headphones so as to see my seeing everything yourself has a lot of trouble to go to you and it's like well this is the only situation where the iPad can't do everything I need in and of itself and I'm sure that problems can be solved arm through alternative means the system and refining those means no is not ideal I understand but I'm sure and I was only introduced something some people solve it by keeping the Mac around just for recording the podcast you float that out there that okay so now that we've boarded listeners to tears about arm the podcast of this evening which is really exciting stuff I like about why I'm shifting from our away from the Mac and people that listen to the show regularly and have done for a long time I saw the first of talked about this but I started out as a lot of people did as a Windows user and I loved my Windows machine I'm not ashamed to say I did but then things started to really really picks me off about Windows and what really annoyed me was two things one viruses and to our survival as I include malware spyware land with that and to was the incessant amount of updates actually is 1/3 one and the lack of system stability so those with that the key reasons why gave up on Windows and I was around about Windows XP so arm I did play with Mr briefly but Vista was just terrible so at that time I bought myself and eMac and it was a power PCG form 25 gig mould the with a giggle ramp and I love that thing it was solid as a rock I remember has like hundred and 80 days of uptime and the only reason it crashed was because we lost power it in crash it is Democrat it was solid as a rock I would leave on 24 seven and it was perfectly stable in what I reckon you could have poured water on that thing and what it could go okay maybe not but you know what it was the it was an incredible piece of technology it was so good it was running tiger and then eventually ran leopard and it was just fantastic unfortunately I decided it was time wise unfortunately becoming I decided it was time to upgrade so from that point on I I upgrade I got myself a Mac Pro the cheese grater style I had a MacBook are pro 15 inch in there for a while then I upgrade to a arm MacBook Air 13 inch and then 68 months ago I bought a retina 15 inch MacBook Pro which is currently for sale now that was supposed to be my audio video editing machine Gaelic home videos and so on audio link broadcast broadcasting but also my work machine because my work machine was a Windows laptop running Windows XP and then for the Windows 7 but no one what you do with my work laptop it was a Dell like latitude God knows what crappy thing and was just just terrible just terrible it was a typical IT supplied laptop atrocious but it kinda did the job it was his heavier sluggishness horrible anyway or so I was that was the intention I got my iPad pro initially instead of a couldn't find a place for my for me on my desk I was gonna return it but turns out not that far notetaking alone so then there is some this USB adapter comes out and I'm like I could dip forecasting with this and is I tried it and it worked out and it was and is working and that was the last stop was the last thing I wanted to be able to do without the Mac but that wasn't the final straw was sort of like the I guess the final? But the final straw happen gradually over a few months I got back from my arm holidays and on my desk was setting a surface pro for night made comment previously to my manager that arm the only reason I have a MacBook Pro work and it was essentially hacked onto the yardwork network it was I extracted all the certificates I needed for authentication I done anything I had to do in order to connect this things network and make the network think there was a genuine Windows machine when it wasn't and is it worked okay there are a couple things will be dodgy but it made it worked okay and are not ever really complained seriously anyway so that was fine and a cricket doing that the surface pro for a few other people in the department had gotten service pro force they weren't technically sanctioned by the IT department because they ran Windows 10 but they were still allowed to begrudgingly allowed by IT to connect to the network and logo stuff and the service pro for is the first service pro that I would rate as a good luck as a good machine the service pro three was close the original service was terrible the surface RT was to Stephen Weston terrible arm but this is the first one I think that on Microsoft has made that I would rate as being a good machine and I started using it work and it was good it was really good it was pretty stable relatively solid Iran all the apps with no problems arm it integrated with the company corporate stuff a bit better than the Mac did ultimately it was the first company supplied laptop that was actually any good all once it happened and had my life up to that point had been pieces of rubbish and I suppose that the property telling this particular laptop was not generally IT sanctions they had to get special approval for an and I was just lucky that they took pity on me either that of our time to get me to get rid of Maya MacBooks and other either way I decided on the detritus… Go all in on try and so I left a MacBook Pro home for a week to see if I could make it work and there it sat at its never came back to the office because them because the surface did a perfectly good job it was reliable it was stable it ran what I needed and it gave me slightly less grief and so this is where it comes to the cycling part and why this all came to a head Marco has gone the show three times now are my comments he wrote an article little while ago called the functional high ground are suggesting that Apples lost the functional high ground in terms of the software quality he got a lot of ribbing and a lot of white in it when I've I think it was like to Bloomberg and went we went nuts he got a lot of your a lot of attention for that piece some of the ethic ethereal about it now because he quotes that Apple was turning on the blackberry was the thing is arm I agreed with them at the time and I agree with him even more so now and is the steady decline in the quality of Apple software so what what was what was that it was my story my story is on ever since tiger and leopard on my eMac I've been on the Mac now since 2006 so it's been 10 years I've been running a Mac as my primary machine and I have gradually watched I think it started just after snow leopard snow leopard was the last most stable release of OS X that I can remember I was 10 sorry and is just got steadily worse I've had errors, MacBook Pro and I've gone to law snappers says PowerPC apps are no longer supported a Mike note kitten I know that you know that we know that and it's dissimilar to that seem to know it there is no PowerPC binary in here I know because I checked the district about it Al Done you know it's like are you kidding me you try and store PowerPC Apple has a PowerPC binary will tell you this app is not supported on this this version of OS X it what it has like a grey circle online through 20 let you open it yes I come online and cause you reboot the computer and the same app launch is no problem and select okay so my MacBook Pro was having issues where arm you would put to sleep and wake up and then some of the apps were just like not not respond properly so you'd open them and windows would not move and you couldn't enter text in some of the windows arm it was having the most bizarre problems network connectivity was dropping out randomly on Wi-Fi and on ethernet arm my Mac who had started to get arm kernel panics from time to time but often but it was happening more regularly and I don't offers hardware or software related is very hard to diagnose the difference and is essentially I was at the point where my MacBook Pro needed to be rebooted every day I did a fresh install of our And I put all the apps on that I needed to do my job and I end up right back where I was it wasn't some kind of rogue gap maybe was a roadmap corrupting something that I did all the usual stuff that you would expect to do which is the whole I'm affixed to this permissions like that can change anything in an and you know I I did all troubleshooting I could think of and it made very little if any difference and I just found myself at that point like right I'm not the training more I'm not doing I was development anymore more or less punched out of that game I think arm I've had ideas for apps but every time I start of this thought to myself you know what my house is not in this and I had to mount things on my life right now so maybe they'll come back to it but I'm done for now and I have a in Australian dollars $3800 laptop subnormal – not doing anything not use and I have an iPad that is worth a fair bit to that iPad pro is some capable of doing pretty much everything that I want to do now you know I can edit Word documents and Excel documents and it there really good you at the office apps on the iPad are fantastic they are so good and of course if I didn't want it boys got cloud numbers and keynote they're all excellent apps you know they are really good ferrite is at ease is great for editing forecasting works well you know it's not an issue I've got PDF editing on their and I can take any handwritten notes I was there what I need a mangrove MacBook Pro for the odd mistake I made with a MacBook Pro going from MacBook Air 13 inch is that thing is heavy I thought the power I'd use the power and that thing like the graphics card and everything not not just wasn't using it didn't need it in if I needed for our encoded video or edit video the kids Mac mini which is of which the three year old Mac mini it does just fine just let it run for a few hours overnight go to sleep is ready in the morning with who cares you know I cannot justify an ice wine cellar is a cycle that is a wasted piece of technology someone else to get used out of this machine other than me so here I am I am still running I still love my iPhone I still love my iPad I love my iPad pro is beautiful love the Apple pencil it's fantastic but in Apple products now and whatever what a lot of mother what I was aware that every day so I'm fully connected with Apple touch interface equipment but I am giving up my arm OS X because the reliability is terrible and I'm just not used anymore so as far as I'm concerned Apple is lost I though the functional high ground with our software quality on the Mac they torn up and thrown out the window the aces it's ridiculous in a number of updates to come out is not quite as bad as is windows there but it's like in terms of the number of updates but in terms of stability are my MacBook Pro is now less reliable than my Windows 10 service pro for that's where were at that's where I'm at right now with Apple and their desktops so I don't know I think is anything wrong with the hardware I MacBook Pro because all the glitches I'm getting our appeared to be software related glitches as those beginning kernel panics I had to in six months of use ice to get none on other machines like the MacBook Air earlier had maybe to Col Barrington the entire time I had was a three-year half years I had that MacBook Air my Mac Pro and it never had a kernel panic and I think arm the eMac may have had one or two then the couple years I had it so kernel panics notwithstanding it's just it was unreliable so arm I was dominant stun and if I have to deal with revealing my machinery now then because sometimes of the service pro is docket and doesn't quite get the square screen scaling right because I'd be the service pro screen as high as hi DPI just like the retina that Corina and when I've created an external monitor next I was 1921 1018 it's like it more standard low PPI are sometimes it gets a scaling incorrect and things look funny sizes and I found that you log out login or reboot same effect and is you it fixes the issue but doesn't happen most times you documents fine signs of that stage no one like well forgot reboot my computer one what one one while the other and I've got a functional work computer now and my home computer needs are met by the iPad and the iPhone why do I need a MacBook Pro that swept through thousand $800 OC point by Scott on the cell and for the monies or something that I'm gonna use or that the kids gonna use all the personal use was point solicit you to do it works for you you know absolutely right I do what the issue is that what was the final straw that led me to that you know it's like there or push me over originally is all the work supplied laptops in the past been terrible and notice I said laptops I think the service pro for is a wonderful laptop with a removable keyboard that's awesome because all over did with my MacBook Pro was a plug in an external keyboard's enemy notified that's that's a little of my surface now I knocked the surface on episode 29 you'll never change the laws of physics right that you know you can't arrange the laws physically see nothing on your lap don't even bother I've tried multiple times and it is pointless it works the desk and that's it but here's the thing I don't use in my lap is on the training more I don't use my lap and meetings of a desk I do take you off all the time the keyboard cover I never use the keyboard on the service pro identify the service pro into an external keyboard just like a demo MacBook Pro now so I've got the best keyboard I don't like the keyboard that much in the service pro it is the cover values in a pinch because it's better than the on-screen keyboard the offspring he want the iPad is as amazing is really got in touch stop at nothing and kick ask the service pro for though not so spray for keypad touchscreen touchscreen keyboard as is horrendous don't like it at all arm but the hardware keyboard is is actually usable that allow users all Paul off and plug in SL keyboard plug in the dock a while ago cycle docket home docket work so it is one thing away go wonderful and is the final straw for me whether the reliability and the fact that I now had an equally reliable or better or more reliable alternative at work and editing us at home was working for me so there is no longer an excuse and terms of maximum house I still have Bob Curson still has that image MacBook Pro and of course MacBook Air sorry and arm the kids are still a Mac mini summer on the wall away from Apple desktop on Socrates and Apple desktop anymore for me personally so when my Windows 10 service pro forced us to go wrong or get a bit long in the tooth you may find me back on the OS X bandwagon but but I mean Apple need to fix their broken's operating system because I know what the hell they've done the work while I do not hold onto it they just added to me features they have a regression test that well enough across the hardware platforms that they supplied that support they tried to support too many older platforms rather than having clean breaks and they essentially are not as I said ago Sadie and regression testing are properly because if you are doing that you are and are not putting in putting their arm feature quality so that when the system stability ahead of features that which is a big problem it's a relatively seem to be spread a little Thurman and Ronan really really first they are and the problem that you've got that they have as a company is that they are forever chasing the Christmas rush and it's always gotta be ready for Christmas you know so they had only did they have WW DC in the middle of the year that gives three months for developers to get their stuff together and then is ready for the new iPad iPhone release later in the year and that's the big moneyspinner but the problem is that they don't drag the map along with it then how they get the go that the feature parity across their operating systems so you want to have the whole cloud and everything is all the same level similar feature sets what do you do don't have an option one comes along they all gotta come along for the ride staggering them becomes more and more difficult and that then becomes an enormous problem because your support program is that your your build strategy is forever psychotic but the worst part of it is the peaks and troughs are all at the same peak and trough time so you peak development on all of your platforms is always gonna be the same for all the platform so you'll need the same feature set to be delivered on iOS and on the Apple Watch and on the Mac all about the same, time it all has to come together for release at the same time you know you because otherwise the way you should do it is if you had it was so you had 100 engineering resources and your ego split into four pieces 25 and watched 25 on on on iPhone 25 iPad and 25 on OS X they did that C did that for arguments sake so what you do well you going to arm stagger those people so you've got Apple wash development that done I was development so early in the first quarter know I was developed for the iPhone arm in second quarter and iPad third quarter and then OS X fourth-quarter because if you do that suddenly can have 100 people in each team button because you can't you only get 25 on each general running all the same time as you have feature parity and feature synchronicity between the four that the platforms and interfaces on the IK I skipped Apple TV and NAB. The ATV OS CC Apple's dilemma is think they skipped the VOS to probably to make this all about Appleby but but ultimately no I can see that this will change eventually they will read they will reach another breaking point where either android is taking too much their lunch or Windows is making you is taking to the local more life than they would like and they have to focus on quality the other next snow leopard one is that happening in the next bill that is minimal feature set cleaning up the rubbish and your improving stability when is that happening anyway so what you think think they gotta do what great for you and I'm glad that you're happy with your setup while refining all the time including fixing the SR iPhone propped up on top of Mike's shock mouth it looks 100% stable that's dear and you can't see it. A perfect complement to your overlapping headphones are exactly right we know what I think we should probably leave it there is wrap this one up by guarded variety will talk more about this you can reach me on Twitter and John Synergy or you can follow pragmatic show disease-specific show announcements and other related stuff pragmatic is of course part of the engineer network and also has an account at engineered_net and has announcements about the network and all the shows and you can check them all out today people are really loving causality which is a solid pod because I do the looks of the cause and effect of major events or disasters in history so the fan of the show you may like to check that one out as well and I've also just launched a new forecast called analytical so if you love pragmatic you will very much to bring a chance you'll enjoy it too so by those shows I'm trying to keep it about 30 minutes each so they're easy on the ears make sure you check them out let me know if you think now he got in touch with Vic was the best way to get in touch with you might know they can usually farming on Twitter advocates and what fantastic and if you'd like to send feedback about show all the network please use the feedback from the website now has been fixed sorry about that and others we also function notes about this episode and of course if you are enjoying pragmatic anyone support show you can like one of our backers Christmas stone he and many others are patrons of the show by patron and you can find Synergy all one word so if you'd like to contribute something anything at all is all very much appreciated so is always a special thank you to our patrons and a big thank you to everybody for listening and again thank you�
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