Pragmatic 75: Rollercoasters

13 September, 2016


A lot of people love Rollercoasters including the hosts of the show. We look at the history, evolution and revolution of these amazing thrill rides.

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Welcome to pragmatic discussion so compelling the practical application of technology by exploring a real treat us with great ideas are transformed into products and services that can change our lives nothing is as simple as it seems pragmatic as part of the engineered network display shows including this one habit of our patron on page and for other great shows was an engineer.networking today on your host John Geagea and they are joined by Vic Hudson Needham Vic John Harryman I am very well thank you and is the reason I'm very well is because I am finally after all this time going to about one of my favourite are pastime activities do you like rollercoaster is I do I know there are people don't but I don't need to many of them rollercoaster so much fun and one of the sale of the old weekly written wouldn't stay anymore but I like this new solid steel to construct it once but I like yeah our Seiko Disney and as a reason for that so arm so I Caitlin… That look before it gets into the history and everything I do is I'm just curious what will how old were you and what was the first rollercoaster that he ever went on our young spot at think there would be an expensive time. In the states area readily stockings island in Ohio are no bigger one area that is called the beast as all wooden rollercoaster I think that we visited as a beast producer our air was certainly scary I was I was pretty young hardware I want to say somewhere in the 6 to 10 range maybe will go on after a few a few ever it may if my memory serves correctly my parents took me to this amusement park my memory serves correctly rewrote it at least three times a day and there were some other rollercoaster spirit work to but that's the one that really stood out well my first arm and then I had lots of other fine wines already use but that's probably the first when I am so we have the carnival when it comes to town the show like this previously arm and they would have the young the bulk together rides and are not exactly like a rollercoaster sort of our bedside one little carrier like one person sits in a maybe two now and so goes around is very compact track and doesn't go very high end as you properly in other was the one I mean is not it is sort of a rock but it's portable so it can't be that big in a cupboard up faster than the idea yet my parents never would liberate the interest the coronaries to the assembly and disassembly that was exactly what my mum said so yeah I actually I saw those that never went under the first rollercoaster I ever saw keep giving in my mom you quite quite a country boy if you can consider Rockhampton a country town some people do some people don't and 65,000 people I don't think it qualifies as being country town yellow bar called and has a population of about thousand that qualifies as a country town and even then I'm sure that someone from I know gosh child will has like a population of 350 that's really a country town and someone from our jeez I know Birdsville has a population of 100 sonar is not really a country town get everything is relative is on site back with me and I'm buying one of my tangents that the world Expo in 1988 was the first time I ever left arm Rockhampton for any significant distance in our vendor glanced and I'd been out to one are Mount Morgan about Mackay and she had I been known to Marlborough and I went obviously to give any park on the coast so I hadn't been more than about our hundred mile radius from my hometown so the first time I ever came to Brisbane was for what I now live arm was for the Expo in 1988 there was a rollercoaster there and it was called the Titan and I looked and I really really really want to go on unfortunately when I was on a trip I was in grade 7 seventh-grade and at that point I was there is a school group for a week and will go to the world Expo and there was some so we ate we had our what we call glue bodies were basically just like it was the buddy system height so you had to stay stuck with your with your buddy and I had enough money to buy a ride pass on the right path that the three colours of red door and a thinker was and that that was the top-of-the-line in a thrill ride so I had a choice of the ghost train our thingy scary ride or an actual rollercoaster for the first time my life and my colleague on the rollercoaster were gone rollercoaster but I couldn't leave my body and he said rollercoaster rollercoaster Dom and I seriously throw if you meant there was a mother which I was not impressed so star proliferates in order say no I did of course being the year the awesome absently awesome and obedient person that I was I said right arm on go on their and I had eight I kid you not I hear in three steps away from him and one of the damn teachers spotted me I hope you're not leaving your glue body and on the guess not anymore and so when the stupid boring tedious ghost scary ride it was completely not scary and said goodbye to my regular intake master Jamaican radio with you know I was just no longer go back in time and do that anyway it's fine to really I'm fine I'm over it really how long is that I'm still pest anyway never mind the first actual athlete during an eye to its perfectly healthy first actual rollercoaster when I was a place called dreamworld and its dream still running but this particular rollercoaster was dismantled about 10 years ago and was called a thunderbolt and data thunderbolt was the only our rollercoaster in the southern hemisphere had a double loop arm so that was its claim to fame anyway spend a commission for about a decade now anyway now where I live I'm really lucky because there's actually four major theme parks within an hours drive of where I live so the first one is a waterpark called wet and wild and it sort of has yellow's crossover rides that is, half like a rollercoaster behalf water right that a few of those are and the next one is SeaWorld and no not the one in San Diego is the Aussie knockoff which is having dinner SeaWorld San Diego just is not as good I'm sorry it just isn't as good as the one in San Diego arm dreamworld the aforementioned dreamworld which is one of my personal favourites it also has an attached waterpark that comes in the same Ballet Court whitewater world but in any case it's dreamworld me and then of course movie world which is in terms rollercoaster is my favourite so anyway so I Westport choice where I live so that lucky me anyway and our size I love rollercoaster so without further ado about history so person by the name of Le Marcus Adnan Thompson holds the first patterns I was dated January 1885 are predating that though are that was the first pattern for what we understand today's rollercoaster but predating that the Russians actually were the first two are built up ice Hills and the Zeiss Hills are they would they call them Russian mountains are lots of the lower court anyway after the fact that about 24 m or 80 feet tall and is not a record ones were made Ohio does the record once and people declined the top and slide down blocks of ice that was in about the 1600s so gone back few hundred years there there was also a debate that the French are actually the 1st to build what we think of as the modern rollercoaster like a wooden coaster and was inspired by the Russian mountains but the actual cars were secured to a track and in 1817 there was one was even called our limb montage recess at Belleville which is some loosely translated as the Russian mountains of Belleville so anyway going back to our Mr Thompson are Thompson actually are bought built something called the article the switchback railway at the Coney Island and that was the night in Brooklyn and was named 84 and it was 100 million hundred 80 m long which is 600 feet long but it was dual track if you can imagine one end of each individual track was up high and the other end was down low so you'd start top and write down the bottom and the carriage then was winched from the bottom at the destination and is back to the top switch to the other track and then you ride back on the other direction so the ride was completely done under gravity and the lifting was up via a winch mechanism so are the return trip was not contiguous so was like a uni is a binational co-star but you had to intervene to make a go back to it started that was the first arm the first doubtful truthful circuit rollercoaster which is what we typically have today with a lift hill art was one called the gravity are glad gravity pleasure Road and it was built by Philip Engel the following year so the one-upmanship of course that often happens back and forth between designers went on for years until the great depression in 1927 at that point not have any money left there the patronage dropped builders and have money to spend on frivolous things like a thrill ride so it sort of faded from from public anything and you not really care anymore so that period of time roughly from 1883 to 1930-ish is still widely regarded as the first golden age rollercoaster's and at first aid was defined by the wooden coaster to know steel coaster is yellow the running tracks are were made out of steel they won't are what we think of as a steel coaster and at steel coaster revolution actually started in 1959 and it was actually an invention are from Disneyland are the right itself the first ride to feature this was called the other matter her Matterhorn are Bob's let's but though that the funniest thing is as is often the case is that it took two and she took nearly a decade are before lots of other places done to replicate that design and realise just how how far they could push steel design framework so wasn't really until the 70s that they considered that the other second golden age of rollercoaster's began and where still I think widely regarded to be in that arm second golden age if you'd like so that's probably history but we talk about wooden steel coaster is so the different types so wouldn't initially I sort of found that distinction be bit odd in a because even though wooden rollercoaster art is what they call a wooden coaster it still uses steel running wheels and any uses steel our train track style tracks near resisted the fryer and the car and the substructure were typically made from wood so what makes something a steel coaster those are the ones that use steel for the structure steel for the cars steel tubing for the tracks rather than traditional train track style scene I committed a cross-section of you cut a piece of train track arm you in half it still looks like the letter I like that the profile so that they safely refer to a civil engineering and I been that really and I've been where the top has been rolled narrower and slightly thicker to give it more strength so are that sort of a style of coaster is is what you would use the word for those of track but on steel you would use it you and a senior again was Disneyland's concept way back in 1959 so anyway roller but spoken the word down for a second is a roller is based on the idea that the carriage the people sits in roles and coaster is based on the idea of the carriage proceeds through the circuit under its own under kinetic energy so it coasts along so okay basic three letter made in ways one of those wise names actually makes perfect sense which is unusual but good so anyway I basic physics right we lifted my moving body in height it then has potential energy since the force of gravity exerts potential on that body that we've that we've increased its height from away from the centre of gravity are which is that this case the Minister of the earth the conversion of that potential energy and emotion is called the bodies kinetic energy so the only thing that stops Hellenic energy are frictional losses and you get friction loss from air which is what people generally called drag and of course the rolling rolling with daily bearings the wheel contacts arm with the track and any misalignments thereof so any rollercoaster that is continuously powered is therefore technically not a rollercoaster and any ride that contains multiple stages with coaster elements is technically also not a rollercoaster either so your house before like the water park rides where you you've got the thing we have float around a bit and you might go up a little lift hill and then you rollercoaster down inside that's technically not a rollercoaster either goes it's a combination so and I think that in the designers are quest to make it every right justice little bit different you know it's like I gotta try blah blah ride at six flags magic mountain in whatever state because it's got a slightly different timely bit that got water in a psych on the air right so different anyway in their quest to make it just a little bit different and special and unique arm they can't have got rid of the whole idea of just a rollercoaster for the sake of being a rollercoaster in our laws and stuff so can't really call those rollercoaster and be technically accurate anymore so the more modern terminology is thrill ride so you go psycho is no longer just are like this there's very few places left in the world where the amusement park is entirely rollercoaster's know there's a few of them like running Cedar Point are and send us your highs one and there's a few of them and adjust rollercoaster is butts technically now it is refer them is like other theme parks or amusement parks so and the rides in the master all right and a lot of this arm is in parks now celebrate their thrill rights bow based on their intensity of voice and a debit fluffy psych how you describe the intense niceness of your rollercoaster well and it is such a relative thing because with relented through one person might be a nightmare yet is less so your fighter pilot right and you use to pollen likes MiGs in RPI loop the loop or whatever health or a barrel roll automatically do a little you may be a night attack and he's just having also be that live there clutching his chest and he be like was a problem and if you're not caravan body so you know but yet exactly rises is everything is relative and it is high the way they rates arm like ski hills to write like a lizard that a quad black diamond thing up on the skier that was a bad example to draw one not really I guess it's similar but was done about it so it's like a blue diamond quad double blind barrel let's stick with rollercoaster's star student at NDE very good so are more on modern coaster design features so the cars in a modern coaster actually arm because you have multiple cars or carriages they refer to that as a train so it's not no different reading to a train and train tracks really are accepted because helpless people and unlike a trainer doesn't get your destination just takes you back to where you started which we think about is really kinda crazy name on it okay so the modern coaster's design features to amass steel coaster is because wooden hoses like the quite terrifying in different ways to think and fall apart but I'm watched it in the steel coaster is so little about them so you've got arm the primary running wheels sometimes called traction wheels so these are the very large diameter wheels and may carry the weight of the carriage under its maximum load in at maximum load can be quite a bit can be like six gees no some of these extreme coasters and yellows they were so gees right side where standing on gravity sitting on the I get it at the business when you said standing at ground level and gravity pulls down force of 1G so six times that that's how she feels in his right so you will body if your but if your body if you wait £200 how much it's gonna peel your face exactly yes that is very face getting stuck back then you know is good gees the viewer to honour pounds and arm you're expressing six gees it feels like you actually weigh £1200 so you are next on wheels sticking wheels arm is are the up stop wheels which is a really crazy name some people: under friction wheels but these laws are clamped over the top of the rail so directly opposite the running wheels so imagine you got running wheels and so the carriage sits on the track with a running wheels underneath that is a clamp goes around the outside of the inside like a steel clamp and only up stop wheels actually come in underneath so there directly in line that directly opposite each other and they essentially clamp the carriage firmly to the track and the use of the smallest that wheels because they usually not in contact with the track there only there so that when it goes up and over any guest targeting negative gees where you stated to fly off the in spite of tracks that they stopped from flying off the tracks and hopefully your heart stops you from flying off out of the carriage that's a bad result that happens good finds verily exactly barrel rolls or if you got like a slow section we go upside down for any reason the third kind wheels are signed friction wheels and these ones I know I was financing because the thing is that if you got two tracks and you've got up stop wheels and running wheels what stops the carriage from shifting too much of left or right because well if it does then you can lose contact with the track so these are signed friction wheels and therefore they keep it centred precisely between the each of the track each of the physical tubes so these three sets of wheels and usually there in pairs so you won't just have what one running wheel and then have one are up stop wheel and once I friction will usually have tufa balance so each of those will form like that that group are and are that clamping arrangements are they call a wheel assembly that is usually six wheels in an individual wheel assembly and there are four wheel assembly is usually per carriage because most carriage are most carriages are at an individual unit so you'll have you to at the front and two at the back so to assembly sides anywhere between 4 to 10 carriages in a train depending on the design that's a lot of wheels anyway so was wheels there's two predominant materials they use for the wheels first was nylon and is a hard plastic that has got really good where characteristics did but the problem then is because they're hard they don't absorb any irregularities in the track so that makes them more prone to vibration and that means a pastas get rougher right sometimes it's what you want other times not what you want because you people can act to get heavily bruised if the efforts to run rough and then people tend to complain and Lala cry cry cry was was violin in my map of similar cultures in which song is because a pretty stream arm that if you want to have a nice soft approaching other soft plastic like polyurethane and it causes less wear and the track provides a much smoother ride but the problem with that is of course a soft compound means it wears out more quickly Sony is more regular replacement and it gets expensive so some summer rollercoaster designs are actually mix-and-match so some of the wheels like the up stop inside frictions will be the polyurethane squire to run the address is yes much much quieter Simon we are right here that was originally called the corkscrew I was at SeaWorld and a change of name reasoning call it the sea viper is exactly the same coaster okay but anyway the same way and I now think I shot it so that was that they not only knew me for a second after whatever and he was really really really smooth I was wanted why and I did my research and forget our disease polyurethane mills are not anyway right soft sounds really cool website and it's not Wikipedia it's coaster PDR has a link initiator coaster appear under have to visit that yes so coaster PDR now coaster PDR arm lists all of the RG forces for all the different rollercoasters that have been submitted from around the world pictures track details of the stuff and I and the most interesting statistic that I found was the maximum G forces and maximum G force of any rollercoasters in its database in the world is the Tower of Terror and in Joe Burke about the locals call it aroused Michael's of Johannesburg is in South Africa 6.3 gees character so year my favourites are local rollercoasters is in the West is the Superman escape at movie world I mentioned mats in the Gold Coast and it has a peak of 4.2 gees now the zero 100 time is also not a measure are 00 hundred, is now zero 60 miles an hour are and on that particular one it's two seconds which is what Formula One NASCAR monitors can't laugh a model in the car so acceleration speeds like 1.8 R1 .8 1.9 seconds is pretty typical right so is pretty fast arm the launch mechanism is a tired drive and the overall Right Time is like a minute 40 seconds but the first minute is the set up for the launcher silica meandering through bond tunnels and Superman telling his gonna get you out of their Superman fast and Saigon really my God and that's it anyway so the last like 40 seconds is really the best part of the ride so while the other will arm features of our database a hell of the fastest RR question what is actually currently are one called formula roster or roaster probably a Ferrari world most prices there in Escanaba Derby top speed on that hundred and 49 mph that's a top speed yikes that's fast so anyway okay so, with all interesting things about a rollercoaster's arm the effect of a wet track and the thing is that arm when the designer rollercoasters it has what I call AER cycle time in the cycle time is how long it takes to unload the coaster loader coaster and then drew a circuit and basically complete directly wash rinse and repeat things can get more complicated if you got one more than one car in the circuit but most rollercoasters is that I've been on a single car some of them will have a second current operations of the idea is that you load one car get it going and then whilst it's doing it circuit you then load up the second car we see on their own exactly arm and some of them have also got arm like that I'm am essentially a multi-stages so one block section so let's say you might have like a pause point halfway along where if you've got multiple cars in the circuit if it banks back you don't enter the next section until it's safe to do so multiple blocks to arm and I so the effective wet track is that when I do these designs they designs that the cars to go through the circuit in a certain period of time because the physics is the physics so assuming you're running wheel is operating correctly assuming that your track is dry and that you have the maximum load applied to all of them which is of course the biggest problem is the maximum load is because an under maximum load to the heaviest of all the passengers in all the unit of all of your carriages once you left that at the top left Dylan let go that is in a be the maximum speed you get because the heavier it is the more momentum it's got the faster it will go satellite carriages are empty carriages for example take the longest time to go around because there is less less momentum less potential Angelus kinetic energy created are when it goes down outside the left heel so what I'll do though is when they start a theme park in the morning is that they will run each them dry run and the door dry runs completely unladen and check the cycle times and cycle times have to come in unladen and is within a certain range and once they've come back repeatedly through that range you know that you've got no issues with any wheels or bearings or yes everything is is happening out within the time. That you would expect that is no cause for concern the problem with a wet track is that it reduces friction you might think that's that's okay because it'll make it go faster and a psych yeah no Noonan Avenue near my speed is bad and the problem that is of course there the faster you go the more strain it puts are on track to reach the point at which you can't actually safely are do it without flying off the track or damaging a track or just as importantly injuring one of the people on the right so you will find most of these are designed with a predicate service but yesterday I may have to be because the bother doing the design as they will put test dummies in there and check all the lateral acceleration is to make sure this can be comfortable for passengers and sign it all done by computer program these days they can they can simulate all that fully build it but that the reality is that if you wet the track it throws all that matters out of the window so you'll find most of these rollercoaster parks moraines they will not run some of them might but most of them will not run so will Arthur's reign will do is some dull typically send the arm the coaster out for arm for a wet lab and that running around actually has affected stated rights that breaks up any of the other moisture that the queue made on the track and as it comes around and not to eat the Dragon. It has thus so illegal push on the water at the Wales specimen and dispersed over heated up a little bit it'll just basically you pre-dryness work but then after that arm dull the weight and I do another car around not start checking the cycle times of the cycle time unladen is safe then they will put back in operation again so year not as are not as simple as you'd like to be that some got a stay safe so are my total before our lift hills right this is not the only way to do of course but it is by far the most common way to do it so lift help of course if their fellows are don't know lift heel is essentially you get on your rollercoaster and it goes quickly claim just going down the track and then it goes on at the sleigh suspense building and then then he reached this chain left in the chain left us pulling you so it usually connects on undercarriage of its sitdown stand-up coaster and that it is gradually pulls you up this very steep incline and is likely push back into your seat or whatever and as you going up again higher and higher and usually has a bunch of these some are on my but I'm struggling to the technical name but they are essentially a series of farm steel flaps in the steel flaps are like are thus safeguard so that if the chain lets go for some reason that the rollercoaster can't actually roll backwards and that would be a bad outcome may also contribute to the Nathan was position or in a jacketed diptych that it is in case you didn't think that you are no going up and this is a big deal about what you were these will remind you and then of course you got the ominous when the click links finish and get the top of the left heel giggling giggling here and you like I pick a clinking stop man and of course there is the arm and after the lift help comes the that the famous star first drop right and as many rollercoaster design will tell you any idiot can create a ride arm that has an amazing mind blowing first drop when you got the maximum amount of kinetic energy the trick is not having a great first drop it's actually maintaining arm the riders arm attention during the entire duration of the right like making exciting from the first moment all the way to when they get off and that obviously the biggest buyers for the right designers when they usually get off the right knee go right back to the other line you get on again so it's kind of getting off topic that now we did the beast that are nice little else I think Nike so why are things about lift hills is that that slow climb to the top and site as part of the suspense but there's other ways of doing it and do another way of doing it is the Superman escape example and the Tower of Terror examples well as we we have another one in a dream world called the Tower of Terror and they don't use the lift hill with the slow climb on the chain what they will do is they will do a launch through a launch mechanism to the launch mechanisms vary but arm you've got counterweight are and would like a through a catapult mechanism through a series of counterbalances but you also have just a standard arm tire launch to the idea is you have a series of motors that set just beneath the track and what they do is they will raise up and make contact with a series of arm you are like our secondary called our secondary connection point are underneath the carriages and they connect under there and that is like think of it like underneath the training there is to strip business dribbling site has to be balanced and these ties will come up and connect underneath and then they will just spin an extremely high speed very high acceleration and that is what propels the carriage forward so that's what they do and Superman escape accelerating from 02 Hundred 00 hundred has now had zero 60 K is now in two seconds using a tire launch and that the lift hill there is no lift hill because not being lifted on the help you being shot up the hill via by launch mechanism so that's not a really cool thing arm that that some of the rights to which is called the out of electromagnets to yes there are some that do arm electro magnetic launch which is also comical and down the other the other thing I had downed her discreetly mention is some we are to let circuit designs and so on but this is like shuttle shuttles another option so if you have a rollercoaster goes for circa goes for circuit but there are other cases where it doesn't go for circuit actually just goes up and back so are they call a shuttle design so the Titan for example Expo 88 first rollercoaster oversaw up close never went on thanks Goodbody arm is still the better arm it basically has to lift hills so one left tell are on one side see you basically you get undercarriage in the middle of the of the rollercoaster track and what it does is it whinges you up are one side of a lift hill and you get to the top and that pointed then let you going to go backwards so you go backwards through the right and then goes and takes you through a couple of loops in reverse and screw-on corkscrew were Ross Barbara Lockyer St and then whatever momentum is left get you part of the way up the lift hill on the other side of the track and then what they do is it grabs the carriage and posit the rest away the top and then let you go and you go through the same thing but in the other direction and eventually let you stop back in the middle again so they call out like a shuttle design does not actually allow a circular loop and the reason they didn't Expo 88 at the time was because of space restrictions and because Expo 88 was very long and narrow in the amusement area was was actually quite small so didn't have many rights are very small space is a very small space to work with that what additional designs generally so the only other thing I had downed my list talk about was arm injury risk some things people say yes that we are things I'd never gone rollercoaster is because you had positive reasons but done well and is highly dangerous and very uninhibited people get killed or injured on a rollercoaster why would you voluntarily put yourself in that position well to keep these rides safe they have very of a very high specialised people doing inspections may inspect these rides every day and in detail while Don you periodically once a month once every three or six months and they will get the ride certified by a very especially qualified engineer mechanical engineer other looks over the rights of stress fractures cracking in Zeno all that's other good stuff and as a result of the very strict safety requirements for these rides at the big theme parks you basically have a one in one half a billion chance of being fatally injured arm at the amusement park as a whole and the problem is splitting a statistic out like that into specifically rollercoaster versus other thrill rides it is quite difficult that you based on a 1 1/2 a billion chance so pretty unlikely you're far more likely to get by bus crossing the street arm which is far far more likely say right arm the go so role because we thank I like there that said a lot of people do and I love our boys wanted to talk about my Nanna I don't have a huge amount to save it I guess my my thing Morocco citizens just because I'm me and other control systems engineers one is that I'll go there I was sitting on the coaster and I'm looking at the control panel and look at her and are looking all the lights and look at the track and looking at the inductive arm at the inductive switches in the capacitor switches and looking at the the brake pads solenoids and that the lot the launch motors and and unlike dammit these are the dominant lien the bloodier Allen Bradley panel be over there give parties a penalty is and is that now my wife next to me on this one when the cyclone like a dog called I can't believe this still using bulbs for their further for the lights instead of LED indicator lamps she looked amount she is like can you please punch out having fun I'm sorry but anyway arm yes so and the other is no information about the coming of the tower of terror and arm that territories having an alignment problem with their inductive proximity switches and what happens with that is that as the car car comes back in so the way the tower of terror works is you get launched arm facing backwards and you come out is really long tunnel and you go up a 90 sorry 80 and 90° curves and in any straight up so you basically go on strappy looking straight down the ground and you got very very high and then it lets them grab read springs right back down again as you get down you go to the tunnel at breakneck speed and it then applies the brakes and slows you down and brings you back to we started out now when that happens as a series of interlocks in the program that is looking for a couple of tags like physical steel tags on the bottom of the coaster size the coaster comes into the park position it says it unless my coaster is parked in this position do not release the overhead arm over shoulder rum safety clamps over all the people in the carriage so you try and lift those up to get out you can't until it is fully parked in a position to make sense rhyme you would want people to open those up on the right that would be bad anyway all make sense right until your proxies are a little bit off and was happening as the proxies were a little bit off and so what would happen is it would come in and the way the code was written in approximate wrath do they need to be realigned slightly something above them or something and it came into stop and there were try to get out a sigh, hold on folks would have to back you out and bring you back in again sometimes it just fixes the problem and unlike just fix the alignment of the prox already and and stop making an edge trigger you know you probably got an edge trigger on the prox sensor it should ministry it should be like should be I can off delay timer and I'm certainly going through all the things I would do in the code to fix that in the plc now the ride and under Sydney Eichner is not working folks are going to bring you back in again so they were reversed as out just really slowly like inch out in chat in shout and then into package package package back into it would actually see that that the the the pulse on the inductive props as I am now in the park position and let us unlock the that the that the land latches are we going to get out of the carriages took about three or four goes we finally got out and on and I as I got the right bending my neck over to have a look at the inductive Proxima was grab my arm saying stuff that I'm sorry you of all the things I'd love to program I would seriously love to programmer coaster they will be so cruel is highly specialised though so it's hard to get into it I've heard rumours that there are some automation contractors in south-east Queensland have picked up arm work with the local theme parks but they picked up work mainly because the normal contractors that they use are too busy doing other things like around the world so you'll have a bunch of these coaster programmers the disco all around the world if theme parks so and I'll just write the code for the different dumb in a different thing but because the height of like customised arm things that it is it's highly specific you know so like the different blocks sections and arm that that the launch launch methods that they have and that the interlocking for the position controls the releases for the overhead down overhead arm harness I kept calling it that the relevant search for harnesses all that stuff is all highly specialised and only really applies to rollercoaster so I can write control system for your conveyor belts but that's all conveyor belt this conveyor belts right but but these are highly specialised, railway signalling time specialised so I can't wander up and say I'd like to program your rollercoaster you can totally trust me year are probably you know we not property wouldn't want to do that without little bit of far I'd want someone to review my work was that stop the coaster stop at demo didn't stop what the minor idea anyway so why am that's all hands on role cases we reckon is made on the Gold Coast me to me to collect the themepark my themepark we had annual passes and we let them lapse because getting the expensive like nice enough air to break from out by Aida if you do that the pasty new you really go to get the value out of it yet exactly that was our problem is we will make enough time to go to William yet we can stop going on now is unfortunately that and down so it came time to renew and we we got a good deal like a year ago and is is like this which the monthly payments the Jack and the price up unlike unmolested there so we killed we killed that they was that usually go we might take a trip to the amusement park once every couple years at the most when I was younger we used to go a little more frequently mine was a huge rollercoaster fan so we when we were girl at least every other year we would take a trip in lardy years we would go every year we take a trip this summer and unadulterated uncle quite as often you decide you kids give you an excuse to go to our somewhat the habit to start a busy life no longer said that the thing with us is that if anyone trip to a themepark and are quite expensive and arm you insulted admission is also the food and drinks and everything there's really really spelling varieties later the closest one relic in an hour and 1/2 drive usually just to get there and to get home after you said about an hour and a bit for us so as not to much further is not too much further bits are but it still is a bit of an imposition but we only really what we got themepark down the annual passes and it was great value at the time some special yeah just to get quite to get got get quite pricey after a while we sort of go through phases and maybe will keep an eye out they come on special again another year or two we might do my gets more passes get here we go I will I've often thought if I went SAF when I come back the states of love to come back to the States again arm I take that that the kids over and you go to Disney World are providing a Disney World I went to Disneyland in Anaheim but I hear Disney World is much better sciatica Disney World the kids have actually never been either in places archive: trailing a bid to Kings Island is not is like an hour and 1/2 away from me at its near Cincinnati Ohio was the big city is near technically Mason wailed most people just consider Cincinnati while people arrived from the butter and then there is another when our six flags Kentucky kingdom which is in lieu of all Louisville or Louisville minor happen are well it's written as Louisville trip available in nature which is correct little notice of them in your go with your pronunciation because it's your your neck of the woods by modelling or any available tidal I never heard anybody say Louis and was curious it's Brisbane not Brisbane Lane I have heard some people mistakenly say Lewisville yet and I knew that wasn't what was but anyway idea and Melbourne is Melbourne not Melbourne you arm but I understand is correcting anyone use North American is listening because I can't use it a lot and was arm when I was too out of Brisbane means to have a stopover in our Melbourne Mike okay that's fine you know we mean that this is not how we do it all good accents what can we do and in all his mangling was worse probably statistically penalised right good lovely so if you want or what madness you can reach me on Twitter and John Geagea all you can follow at pragmatic chapters specifically seashell announcements and other related stuff pragmatic is part of the engineer network and it also has an account at engineered_net and has shown announcements about network and all the shows actually and you can check them all out at the website people are really loving causality at solo podcast that I do and looks a cause-and-effect of major events in history so if you're a fan of this show you might also like it are also launched recently another show called the analytical cellular pragmatic and is a pretty good chance you'll enjoy it as well both the shows are about the 1530 minutes each side are pretty easy on the years and don't take too much of your time actually check them out and if you like to get in the tundra Vic what's the best way for them to get a touch of the main Art Deco by me on Twitter advocates and what fantastic and he likes any feedback about show all the network pleases a feedback form the website as little email icon if you're wondering and that's where you also find show notes are for this episode if you are enjoying pragmatic anyone support show you can like one of our backers Chris Stone he and many others are patrons the show via patriot on and you can find a patriot Geagea all one word so you'd like to contribute something anything at all it's all very very much appreciated so special thank you to all of our patrons and everyone and as always thank you always a pleasure to fit the coaster in 30 seconds and is asked night told you was Marilyn Hathaway John dammit sorry easy task in the entire system is in control many NFL�
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