Pragmatic 76: Banned

20 October, 2016


Marco and I discuss how the Apple Watch brought us both back to wearing watches and the search for the ideal Watch Band for every use case.

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Listen to untying the white bands were an hour I don't know what's possible find out what is will find out welcome to pragmatic discussion to the practical application of technology by exploring the ideas and change our lives and nothing seems pragmatic as part of the engineering shows this one had a front page and other great shows as an today on your host John Geagea and today I'm joined by special guest Marco commentator Marco not too bad thanks for coming back on the show again in a while i.e. arm I guess I want to talk to you about something that some we both sort of arm gotten back more acquainted with recently because we should have both drifted away from watches and then whenever watch came out we sort of came back to them again I been wearing mine religiously but you've also held that a different experience bit and use of a name you start wearing out another watch and sort of that changed so I thought to be a great time to to have a chat about some somewhat related stuff that I've been itching to talk about for a long time so I am absolutely so just tell me a little bit about arm specifically by your journey to the last was about a year and 1/2 when when when you start with watchers again so I really hadn't you and I would like a really basic time XL city watch that link the theme and everybody had our the Iron Man whatever it was arm in middle school and high school and then makers can establish and after after a while and didn't wear a white really between high school and the Apple Watch at all and when the Apple Watch came out I wasn't even playing an applicant would normally have to develop forex and Apple developers so I am of course going to get one of these protesting up to where it alleges know what it's like to wear in and really get into it so I can adequately develop developed for it and when that when the watch him a AA really enjoyed and actually I really liked wearing a white and it turns out another watch world has known this for quite some time hundreds of years boat turns out that having the time available right there on your wrist is really convenient is actually an answer basically what happened was arm a I learned that I really enjoy what I enjoy with utility of it and the fashion of it I enjoy how it makes me look and feel arm in a nut that would look to other people but it held makes me look to myself and therefore had it makes me feel arm and the Apple Watch was was decent at the wet looked on me and was medial group to okay at telling time arm and everything else but the other white and I didn't really use that much I generally use apps I didn't really use some of the fitness tracking stuff for a little while but then the very first time there was a disconnect in my rings forced by a hardware swipe because the watched applicant and feel arm that can fell off the wagon a point of never really got back into it arm and and so I realise basically that a I liked wearing a watch for timekeeping our boat that the Apple Watch was properly not the right one for me to wear every day because it only does timekeeping okay and when you have EEE like analog wife of any soil whether it's mechanical 1/4 whatever arm of the hands are always showing you can always tell the time now and as a mentor about what to do this to our welly unit there is never any leave the Apple Watch you currently turnover a look at the time and a minimum in about 10% of the time doesn't ensure you exaggerate the gesture again and and the initiatives of the time it will show the time after a small delay but once you're accustomed to analog watch that small delay on the Apple Watch to even to the screen 29 arm seems barbaric comparison is a solid minor nitpicking is the newly relatively watchers are alike nice to have luxury items but when when your primary use of it is time to time I just found that other watchers did that better for me mouse fair enough I guess the one thing is I was curious about this is what roughly was the time the time gap season you had the watch replaces Hayley arm had a dodgy tactic sensor at the back thing and that was Harry months was that the due arm before that happened roughly arm was a few monitoring another watch Mickey Mouse and Liberals lead April last year arm and then wore it every day and a tapping engine broke sometime during the summer I think and their names are Gary pleaser for a few days and then a I discovered the joy mechanical watches our last winter so was it was in inner nine months of solid Apple Watch use before I realised the letter was about fair enough okay call will arm the reason I want to talk about arm this stuff is because arm it's not much the watch but it's how the watch attaches to your arm as I covered a lot about the arm the Apple Watch and the tactic engine on previous episodes of the show but one thing I've never really talked about but it's been bugging me a lot is something that the other watch mechanical watches have in common that is the way that they get attached to your wrist and it may seem a little bit odd but I guess I just I've always had either a steel band like a stainless steel link bracelet or I've had a leather band with a classic buckle and the funny thing is that prior to the Apple Watch I just never paid attention I never if you said Milanese loop to me I'd say K what I denied I just didn't pay any attention to it and I found that once I started wearing a watch and seeing all the different bands you get for it I she started me a investigating bit my thinking while that actually looks quite nice that's a different band and got myself so wondering while what's the best bandit you could actually wear another's personal preference but one thing so I I just II had to do was I'd try different ones that they had on the available number not my guess my spring specifically for the Apple Watch but I was thinking the same kind of ideas apply to any watch at all so I guess I was dumb I sorta started collecting well some genuine some nongenuine because you let's face it when the Apple Watch bans are a little bit sexy right there not chip so which are of the watchband has only had four for a little while and is I think that I have Oracle imaging you may have may have tried the modern buckle at some point and maybe was to form a beginning confuse not sure arm, miss remembering it's quite possible rates was visibly invites you once once again to the Apple Watch even before progressing because I had not worn a watch and so long I was going back and forth and fretting over all different band choices wandering from either a choice I was with what was getting in thinking about everyone's arm and your reality even went if it was only available on one band it would matter really happy but we will not like the very earliest personal computers that people had known nobody with a keyboard nerd back then because you had to keep working with errors and there are one available and that was it so that there are in I wasn't a controller nerd I'm a Sega Genesis night as there was one controller and okay that's that's what use and so was only faced only when faced with lots of choices do we have the luxury of being so picky and reality legally didn't have the choices we just we just put up with whatever it wasn't to be fine arm so I bite you in a one festival is to isolate a two-day honorary about it and and no rigid research trade for trade like analyse an estimate like while the modern buckle has the advantage of its always set the same size as you can snap it on you'll have to worry about getting in the wrong hauler getting putting on the wrong size or error and the link but it does that to and this one is magnetic in this one will be what approving your back-and-forth overall different attributes arm and there is a one-handed of doing was at I got mine if issuable in the Apple Watch first launched the estimated delivery date varied wildly between what band choice you picked hard and it would not be the very earliest ones you can get were the sport band and and the ones that were less popular and which were concluded underlying up was the classic buckle in the basic black leather strap arm that look like a better letter of bezel and Y trap arm to clarify this what these terms are actually the action have meaning arm so band encompasses all of them bracelet is the metal kind and strap is everything another malachite answer is to be you have those meanings they do anything ways sometimes I use them interchangeably which can be confusing and that's less now that I've learned more about it unlike that's actually now becomes irritating when people use what the wrong terminology right so exactly arm but during during May in need Raymond to the Apple Watch I ended up trying almost every bounder was available arm so some of them are only available in 30 of the modern buckle and I will afford you so my wife at 30 is a she she you are a she has a modern buckle on her Apple Watch arm and it's it's nice it's the only thing is that arm I think the design is slightly feminine and following a happy and Apple credit that almost all the bands are fairly unisex and fairly gender neutral in there in the design/arm and that's that is quickwitted a credit because that's not true from much of the white rod after arm but the modern buckle it has it does have a slight feminine designed to it and it's also just like the largest one you can get is not that big from most men's rest so it ends up like I can I tried hers and she has I believe the large size modern buckle but even on its largest setting it is a little bit to take middleware so that is as can a problem and on and on like an undecided analytical loop is only available in a large one I think that might have changed everybody genes arm with it with a little series to arm and of course there at the Robinson new was released since I really stop using it arm the entire nylon ban series with Liz after after my time quarter arm and the arm was at the year of the entire as line that's all after my time the Navy crazy sport with all the work that we really new nightmares that might collect data been released yet I was checking on the website I didn't exactly come out yet is available until the 20th so you are here anyway so but enter a kind of having our over the course of having a white I briefly had the Milanese loop arm began in the extra header and exchange it arm is a Milanese loop classic buckle sport band are linked bracelet that the black steel one arm and a and enforced have had the modern buckle I think that is it I had a letter loop briefly when of returning it ahead of it so much Haryana to Seattle… It I wanted to be somewhat better than it is you it just feels funky onwards it does not feel at all like leather and it's building a plastic link yet yes it is exactly what it feels like so right so I guess there's a few things that are about all of these the pros and cons and the different different materials and everything and I think I just wipe, touch on some of that so arm when it comes to fitting a watchband I guess I'll select dimensions I think you need to explore is first and foremost how feels aware against your skin obviously if getting a rash that will be bad thing but stiffing nothing how easy it is to fit and some of them are well I think most require to hands but arm with me for example in the Milanese loop actually managed to fit with one with like I didn't you don't actually like rested on another object and then sort of like to fold in a class Bernina Latin as you get a one-handed with the other one sort of like it's easy to fit arm and obviously it is also arm my concern with the with with Winnie, watches you don't want when you try to fit it taken off knowledge just fly off and smashed on the floor so you some of them I was found that the things like the sports man took me a long time to get used that I found myself like putting it on over carpet so that if it did fall it wouldn't break been very careful anyway so there's also a how easy it is to adjust it so you got X number of holes and author joysticks the same length or if it's Bob chronicler infinitely adjustable like the Milanese loop is infinitely adjustable but now that that can also become a bad thing if you constantly adjusting it arm if some lump sum was slip or move when you're when you're wearing them slide love get looser during the day are the times arm because some people prefer a tight Federal loose fit and go all those things all effect which one you think would do and actually met nonforfeiture waterproof as well that's a big one so arm anyway so the different materials arm in eight and I guess I'd traditionally worn either letter or steel and pretty much nothing else amount never really gone for the blini goal gold bands but I know that you know a lot of arm a lot of women's bands are gold I think that my observation anyway not sure if you noticed are have you ever gone forgot the gold honour band all this example doesn't have a genuine gold are the IK the first and only more in the north is gone ceramic right arm year so just thinking about arm non-Apple watchband so I'm in gold bands don't they just don't seem to be very common arm guys typically don't wear gold bands dispose of observed anyway and I think them in a note that my genetic run on fashion arm I just a no light about watching the white rod for a year but that's that's about it but it seems like arm is similar gold in watches especially regular yellow gold as opposed to the more modern pink all regular yellow gold is not very popular anymore and it's more of a generational thing older people tend to like it more than younger people do arm and so you may see gold watches on people who are above sea in a 5060 leaking at night in Weatherford you definition a positive that are NOT it's it's pretty unusual to find identical lights are fine on somebody below like in a 40 authority and and that's at part that is its cost they cost a fortune that subsequently you as you put all the can usually afford more expensive things are asserts that his hip pocket of it arm but also I think if you're going to go with a gold shed these days anymore rules gold one is more on fashion for both sexes and from and in a lot a lot more man after preferring arm in a white metal is silver gold or silver steel in way called was interesting survival I looked and I was wondering arm though as I've always believed or not I never really looked into the detail of the difference 20 yellow gold and a rose colour difference was in its arm and on the other watch for example they had a was 18 karat gold and why things that always annoyed me about gold as the sole karat thing where 24 characters pure gold that's 100% and everything is like a fraction of that so the terrible skin what the heck you come up with a the 22 Carolina engineers are mostly doesn't make any sense at 2722 karat gold is 22 parts gold the two parts something else which we won't tell you what else but something else of the metal so it's like 91.67% goal so what kind of a fraction is that the 18 karat doesn't make sense's 18 karat is actually 75% goal first three quarters of its gold and between arm's only other watch addition it was although when it was available and I Clarify that the original Apple watch addition the yellow gold arm not sure if it was palladium or platinum I think platinum but I'm not totally sure that arm they have a rose gold you to Stuart, so that it is about that funky rose-ish pinkish colour they are under no hollow but the alloys but that's pretty much you really started their and different in different hours also have different hardness is you are gold typically gold has the problem where a fairly soft metal and so it will you it will tend to scratch and dent more easily than other metals yard and you would different hours of you can have different oscillation pointed to with my with my generalisation a minute ago about the market and fashion ability of gold at various people this varies a lot by country and and by demographic arm solely in certain countries it is more difficult to flaunt wealth visibly and and select the Canada's unknown trainer this is more a thing like if you have wealthier support you it's more normal to really show it in like extravagant visible ways whereas in America to look more like most people want to subdue a little bit and and one alike hunted down little bit more another unrebutted course and selling yellow gold cells better in China and it does here for instance because yellow gold is so in sold noticeable as called you is true and I just things about gold that that's really interesting is that it cleans up and you can buffet and and of like bring it back to practically near new condition it looks really really good arm which is not always true of some the other materials but arm in any case arm just thought was interesting mention but down but yet no gold no longer available network anyway and it's a lot like like you say it's where we live at least it's perhaps not as common certainly most people our age and is arm yet so that asked me in 20 years a priest to a bubonic iWatch at the point never so arm stainless steel is the most common are steel and is as a couple different grades of it that they are that they use and I think the most common one that is used in large or while watches maybe not all jewellery is 316 cell which is netbook nickel chromium and arm one exit was that I was finishing as the day of our on the end and its fathers that the three or six hours of slightly less carbon than the standard 316 it's like .03 versus .08% and arm anyway but the interesting thing is that there is another kind of stainless steel that that Rolex started using in the 80s and it was dark I've seen to mention a few times by different manufacturers 904L which is apparently ridiculously hard like really hard and factored so hard you can actually use arm the normal tooling that used to do a 316 cell you can't use it that the lights apparently change all the tooling and factory and everything just to one to use it and I thought the numbering was a bit weird and if I dug into this because I've always wondered what the SAE stood for an SAE actually stands the Society of automotive engineers which you lost your little brother happens in Varanasi I guess so I just I never come over for a what what that stands for Selassie looked up at a sense for the Society of automotive engineers in America and the finding is ending a start of the nine so all the other was like three XXL at 304316 and sound reactors like nickel chromium but if you got a nine execs that it simply says various High Street strength grade low alloy steels so in other words it's the miscellaneous category saying that's great and I don't think this John out there so yes and stainless steel is awesome because obviously doesn't corrode what it does take a heck of a lot longer arm it does scratch and so on but it's pretty hard part of the gold and you you can buffet pretty good but you can still damage to a point unlike gold we can bring it back to mint condition you currently do that was stainless quite so much but I guess I still still think it looks good but I'm not really sure from like again okay are not on the fashion guide that is supposed to wear leather or stainless or steel arm is addressed watch because I'm not sure so this is this is a tricky category and white fashion are basically and that the the tradition is that steel bracelet watches are tend to be called quote support watches are and and this is it is usually innocent as exceptions to every import but is usually it goes along with a wife that has more utility than good looks and this would be things like chronograph cyber remake anything that's like large authentic or waterproof any kind of diver day was a very popular arm and incidences like that in a sporty watches tend to have like more stuff on the dial sticker kissing sticker bezels and metal bracelets and if they tend to be in a waterproof to did more depth and things like that and then dress watches are usually much simpler often time only or only time indeed Olly Miller no chronograph functioning else are dressed watches are almost always on leather straps or alligator straps and hired our and the little Ndebele cleaner designs are tend to be smaller watches more elegantly the 37 to 39 mm transitive right as you like 40 to 43 arm however all this being said dress watches are are not entirely like dress watches have I think when you popularity in recent years basically now so many people love sport watches that people wear sport watches for all occasions formal enough so you know somebody might well elect a mega speed master is a very popular splotch many relaxers that the re-elected toner is public chronograph are many relaxers are our sport watches are boat people where it is with suits and stuff anyway so busily there used to be at norms here and some people still believe in them but what it easily condenses today as nobody cares wear whatever you like okay and it would look a little weird you're wearing like but you know are really fancy dress whites with a fancy alligator strap with a T-shirt and shorts year some people do that because I love dress watches that there might be recurrent so I will often wear dress watch with T-shirt and jeans and just say I'm with you if you like is your problem hello you'll feel ideal for the wheeling I people there there are only or the favourite wife is a diver and built the weather diver for every occasion suit or a T-shirt and shorts & ultimately watch fashion doesn't matter much to other people anymore if it ever did ultimately you have to choose as a white person UB/mixed be okay with the fact that like you're really doing this for yourself in almost every business or social circle or a police that you will be no one else is going to notice a carer what you're wearing so just wear whatever you you want to wear wear whatever you like and what makes you feel good bites fair enough absolutely it is a very long wear enter your question of basically typically no amount of LPS is not formal but it doesn't matter fair enough wealth yes it is a good point actually and arm I have Connor worn both and have just been oblivious to like I realise that there was a difference and I realise that are you one was more formal than the other but I'd I was confused because I saw so many people wearing stealing bracelets with no like a state's definition of a sport watch arm with chronograph and such and you II just I was confused because it was or in different social setting so clearly you are I think what you're saying is an accurate reflection of what I've observed not just never really been tuned into it until more recently so it makes sense and I guess from my point of view though arm i.e. I like the idea of having a watch and you can you can change its personality without physically changing what those monies are like a be a change the band because you change the band it changes some of the aspects when when you look at the watch and when when how it goes with certain goat with certain outfits in certain situations so and I got some psycho fashion person anyway I thought a little long all year ago Rev and it's a good place to be at it turns out one version is its integrate fruit for people like me and of reality for the category of people like me who have just never ever been fashionable in their entire lives in a mostly nerdy are at like white fashion is something that is that is a small area that is easily understood by geeky engineers and is easily managed and and travelled by people who don't otherwise a lot of fashion in them and that's that's really has been for me like a I think a pretty fashionable my watch is now unfashionable with nothing else in my entire life but that doesn't matter to submitting to call you I'm I'm reaching a similar sort of point and I guess my are the things I love my Apple watch too much but that doesn't mean I can go and try different bands and see how you see how it looks and feels and is in terms of functionality as well so that the finding is that dumb now that third parties are able to our produce bands I guess it's broken the case for at least a year and or more now arm even your half summary of materials that are out there for bands that ordinarily aren't available through the Apple store you can you can get and I've had a look at some of the different options out there and can't actually mind bending the different materials that you can get beyond well beyond steel and fluoro elastomer arm if you like your references as rubber rather Shiite and the fancy name doesn't make any fancy a senior arm I've ever I've seen you mention alligator before alligator or crocodile thing is, considered to be arm pretty pretty posh I have no idea that only undress watches and address what I'm and honestly and I personally I have one watch that that has an alligator strap on it and I I personally don't care for alligator members there is forcible I think there might be some leg problems with how the animals are undertreated for the Senate think of some problems there are also inner compared to whether it is it is more stiff in it as it is Lehigh remittances and it isn't as comfortable arm but even when it does look formal but in my opinion like if I ever find a really good letter strap that what a proper change in the letter it's good to know I mean I was looking through some of the list of like natural mice and natural meaning I like animal hides and I couldn't believe someone here like a lizard I found lizard believe was also the crazy ones like when you develop that the crazy high-end skins 11 it's interesting is Shell quarter van switches actually horse leather but the if you get it from from the promote the good places like a whoring in which the company and that women might bigotry market and of this is a generic, I think the remark but you whoring shockwave and is reused ethically and socially it's like that the courses that have died from other causes that are there a lot of that is being used and kind of précis I strapped me to shockwave and tends to start at about $70 US and are often godlike that the low hunt lowered Irene's boat and it is the softest nicest most comfortable letter ever felt and what one of the brands a local art is no more slatted and no most that their watches are very very nice and lots of ways and one of the ways that they're very nice is that I think all the older letter is Shell quarter van is and is coursing out of the reasoning of my company and everything I do offer a few like Lego's weedkiller, because we'd spellbound but almost on the boundary whether or not another is this type of leather and its incredibly soft and comfortable call gaskets snail putter pulling a machinist about to arm is one thing that Apple does not offer because I am in the public can offer it because the volumes Apple selling remittances is coming from one source that is probably not having lots of Natalie died horses going into it so I would imagine it's the account in Apple Apple can only make things that they can they can make in great volumes because this is a cells only do is it interesting that when when he says like $7000 a lot of the a lot of what fans Apple sells more than that arm so I do assure any vendor and you Apple credit apples bands are very good like it compared to other bands in the white world apples bands are really top-class ID there is a few and was a few duds in our image and agrees with the letter loop arm but for the most part their abounds are excellent and Andy really I think should be commended that we take him in a little in the very first offering of a white skin with a very large number of of choices here and almost all of which are not only good but great that's true it's very true that they did their homework and I did a really great they face they open very strong I think and do and then that is really good idea just wonder just so I got a list here just quickly other other different materials I found some of the summer my thought were bizarre like arm before we move on is like I'm ostrich arm shark snake buffalo which I thought okay and then I got two similar stuff that was an animal related so like carbon fibre which I'm sure how that would even be particularly comfortable that a carbon fibre argued in you make an elemental Dominican Republic negative you MobileMe carbon fibre link bristle of some sort amateur as there was we'd isolate okay so anyway arm ceramic at the bracelets that's true yes are my Apple but other people make exactly and different metals like the more exotic metals things like our titanium platinum are so on with rhodium minute which I thought was a bit exit that's really exotic but in any case arm yes so those are different different bands so we took our band straps bracelets and the different kinds of what they are one of will little things is one add to that is arm some bands are loops and loops can be either captive or non-captive so like a captive loop like the Milanese league like you can't actually separate the Milanese loop the magnet sort of doesn't fully come out of the end of it grows malevolently flat on a table yet exactly where some as it does a separate whereas the letter loop they made a design decision to put the arsenals of your short and arm with the hole at one end of it that the other ends like slot slips through and it doesn't it actually can come apart which I find I for the female bit annoying because the negative threaded through in order to get on some to the dingdong rest so Arlette see the band pins arm just quickly is Apple don't actually have band pins because they the third the pins that hold the banding on on every other watch in the world well that's a sweeping generalisation the vast majority watches maybe I started down looking into the different kinds of spring glass like they've got and so you've got like he is he is the list that I found arm classic double flanked Spring bars double shoulder spring bars round-trip spring bars single shoulder spring bars female spring bars telescoping spring bars curved spring bars short and spring bars big spring bars through buyers and is growing more than that because I stopped at that point might okay yikes my memory of of of changing bands on a traditional watch is try to get my fingernail in to that notch and try and like put Paul the edge of that spring-loaded bidding and then gently cried out and then try and catch it before the spring just shoot across the room or something angular getting a bag and yes if this is one of many deaths in life where having the right tool for the job makes a world of difference is that all other rental my pal having an hour to perfectly worked fine until I lost the spring bar anyway as a whole category of spring bottles you can get them the rings from praise from about a dollar to about 70 is not to mention spring by a player of the can they can compress both sides of the Springboro wants got a lot more than that in the area as a whole range of tours with a view to anyone abounds more often than never ignore it if this is listed is that no one changes them right because it's too much pain the neck and that there are some that the some quickly is one that having little bars you can push you with your slider bar on you listening underside of the strap were taxes and that is the compress of the Springboro from the outside and then so it still is still Springboro but it has a busily quenching bar that being said though i.e. I don't know a lot of other watch errors in real life they don't know anybody who actually uses quick change bars on a regular basis to change the way straps are leading what Apple has with tears with this truly like watching system which is even easier than that I with his these buttons you put in your slider or thing out what Apple has with their watch attacker mechanism there is so much better than what the rest of the industry does it's it's really quite nice and in one when I'm not using and Apple Watch are a aid I wish that many of the watchers had straps that were that easily changed my icon I have a part of me that that is that's hoping that the rest of the watch industry sort of sees that and sees the success that is Apple apples had on selling arm the watch bands and and having a smarter quick changing mechanism like Apple of got and I'm hoping they run would I haven't seen it yet but I'm hoping that they'd that they do something like that because the thing that occurred to me is that once you once you lower that make it more accessible once you make those sorts of tasks easier then previously normative ever ever of said I'm going out tonight I change my watch valves get spring bar to allow no one but maybe someone out there that thinks that that I have met I doubt and it is never change watch member now that with the other watchers arm mechanism makes it so easy that you think start thinking well maybe I can actually have three watch bands which no one would ever thought of previously just get a second or third watch so I guess you I think that siding is great and what it means is that you can actually choose to do that and and the wit the weird thing is that over Apple what had look into what they actually called it may simply call the Apple watchband interface and suck seriously guys that we come up with it anyway so they release a whole are made rubber watch thing and third parties could comply with the watch lug dimensions and interface dimensions and everything in it some it's great but I can't see that anyone else's is really going to like that no one else other than apples can have as a standard but at least it means that we can go to like the Amazons got a whole bunch of arm some of them through arm Ali express all Ali Babar or whatever else you notice a whole bunch of knockoffs from different parts of the world they will comply now which is great so I've got a handful of them and it just gives you those option so anyway arm we talk about buckles are so glitzy arm because men buckles and clasps that I guess this would have used interchangeably with a not really the same thing other A8 this I actually do not have the precise definition of reasonably Abbott wanted a subset of the other year I would imagine clap clap is probably the superset by a I don't know for sure what what what I was able to sort of now digging up and reading up a lot on this and try to get my head around because it was bugging me is arm from and discuss demonstrators like buckles seem to be productively for fastening two pieces together whereas clasps are more about securing our loop into a fixed position and it's kinda just about the best I could come up with but on another that's always go be applicable because the problem is that everyone you cease to use them interchangeably and that makes it hard to get a different definition a good definition but one thing is I did find that was interesting is the idea of a deployed deployment or deployment arm and i.e. I carcass war people having an argument on this web on this watch website over whether was deployment or deployment clasp services this is the I can tell you what the answer is I always fight that the answer was it was cold deployment but that people would miss here that is deployment and eventually that just got on our but I could be wrong are basically the Wheaties work is your normal you have a typical white buckle everyone has seen him put the author of the thing strap is either arm the deployment basically you said it at a fixed length are and then that the deployment clasp itself is just as busily swinging buckle thing so we can illegally swing open single-handed and out and you like you are clattered back down swinging back closed again to take in the white back against your account are hard to explain in words are much easier if you see it but this is typical of this vitamin around for a while as a simply considered a higher end option fruitful at abounds arm and it is there is depositor minuses to it one of the reasons people use it is that it when you when you thread a regular letter strap through buckle has to bend at a certain point kind of harshly and so typically when you're after a few days or weeks of wearing it you will can develop as a prominent crease at that point the ladder and so you can cable is Telecom SME leave the letter strap wash flat on the table you can tell is at the what holder used buckle it because of the big band rate there) of the ladder by that point arm and added deployment keeps his both sides of the strap a light flatter in its operation and so it's not it's not perfect but it's a lot closer to perfect so that it's it tends to reduce wear on the ladder itself any interruption of course is the advantage of courses that you can to one-handed because that it is in a it's similar to to a bracelet in that it is never fully flattened out and opened it candidly but nobody typically and in typical use you leave it in in the circle just an open circle of close circle I go a bit one response so deployment arm you can even draw arm of Montana just taken the down snap into place and you're done are the downsides of deployments are first of all it in many watchers they cost more like you there is someone somewhat include the usually a premium option that consulate more arm and the lead tend to be fairly thick on the bottom killing you have you had a whole metal assembly that the girls down there at that unit is a two layer metal thing plus the two straps are there attacks in the bottom so on the bottle USB if you care about how thick the watchmen get to the bottom if you like restaurant on a keyboard or something Dunleavy should do but you know what people do only a few restaurant things like sometimes a thickness of your watchband by Jennifer Barnett my brother some people answer to points tend to be thicker down there are depending on the strap and they also arm if you if you occasionally use a different size on the manlike if some days when your heart in the summertime you like switch to like the wider hall and any later in the day when you when you cool down your switch back to the narrow hall under the plan it is pretty cumbersome as a pretty tedious to change size yet is it that anything it's more like a bracelet at my Camilla bracelet where you can reset it can one size and generally never adjusted after that it is too much of a pain so it all those things aside I I thought I would like deployments until I had one and I realise you know it's not you I've never actually had a deployed class arm on my on leather band I've had them on stainless steel bands are but that because you because it's pretty much the standard I think more or less but the thing that is interesting is that our I've actually had different styles in terms of farm sum with the safety clasps and others without and so the Alexander clasps so if you assume to try new writers how to put into words to describe verbally but you if you've got bits of trifolds they've got are essentially two pieces of metal with a hinge our but for the curvature of the wrist and then there's a clasps alike fits over the top and accredit it whereas you unfurl it looks like a little bit like the letters the end are anyway so that's little La Lach section that you lit put your finger under and flipped open are some of them have a safety clasps on them so I she had an old watch long time ago with dinner safety clasps and the safety clasps sort of carpet clips in the opposite direction so you if you will brush against our you with your pocket or your view genes or something are if you pop the safety clasps open your notice and your close again whereas arm if you don't have a safety class bonnet then you could get Something a Little Open the Deployment Deployment Set Clasps Little Open on It so Our IMac She Had a Bit of Both a Bit of Both of Those but the Thing That Was Interesting As I Was Looking at What Apple Had and Technically They Do Have a Deployment Class but It's a Different Kind Is Not a Trifold Are or Fold over Its Arm Is Something They Call a Butterfly Class Which I Hadn't Hadn't Come across before and the Butterfly Clasps Sort of This Apparently So-Called Because When I Opens up It Looks a Little Bit like Butterfly Wings I Guess and yet It Is Basically a Double Deployment and These Do Exist and in the Interest of the White Rod to It It Tends to Be Higher End Option That You More Common for Women Watchers Are in Black Psychiatry Have a Bracelet That Has That on It and It's Quite Nice Goods Is a Little Easier to Put on Our Little Bit More Slack When It's When It Open Than with a Single Ended Deployment and It's a It's Also Symmetrical and I Guess the Other Great Thing about It I Think Is Brilliant Is That Arm It's It's When It When It's Folded It's Quite Compact and It's Really Smooth and Yes It Looks so Much Neater and Another Word Is Just Looks Much Nicer I Think You and That You One of the Reasons Why I like Bracelets When You're Done Well Which Is Not Time Wondering I Bristled so Much and Including Apples Which Are Very Well Is That I I'm One of the People Who Cares about How Thick the Bible My Watchers When Using a Computer and We Know What Impressed Me Hannah Mickey Reichman Disposed of and so Are Accurate about That and If You If You Look at Apple Say the Pistol Doesn't Object but Neatly Provide Lake Street on the Side Views of the Older Watchers It Is to Do It and As You Can You Can Compare Rate There Concealing How Thick the Bottom of the Bands I Wonder When They're Attached and If You Look the Arm That That the Link Bracelets Are the Thinnest If Not One of Them Is Depends like It Milanese Can Be That Then If You If You Strap a Student within a Certain Ring to It Avoids More Overlap Later but the Link Presence Are One of the Absolute Thinnest Options You Have Therefore How Thin That the Strap Is on the Bottom on and on the Unsightly Arrest and Our Ants Is Also a Dimension It's It's Flat the Hallway to It's a Consistent Thickness across a Whole Section C Not Have the Issue and That You Do with Leather Straps Warily As You Roll Your Hand along the Wrist Rest You Hit a Bump at One Point Killer That Really Matter the Clasp Your Bunches up Your Habit Issue with Link Prisoners May Want Incomplete but the AppleLink Bracelet Arm and It's a Pretty Big One Unfortunately Our Is That You Are Limited in Sizing It to Only the the Width of One of the Links so in Middle Lacks What Is Not a Maker Adjustment Are Witches If You Look at Many Are Many Popular Brands of of What Buckles Are Cecilia Nathan like Rolex Amiga Are You Can You Can Usually Tell on the on the Clasp Is Usually on One Side of It Is Usually a Little Tiny Role You Could See Alike for a Five Little Darts Work Borrelia Barker Go through and That Some Little Maker Adjustment Bar Darts and so You Can Actually You Can Open the Plasma in a Certain Way with Those You Can Size the Wife's to Be Smaller Than It Then That You Can Adjust the Sizing and in a Smaller Increment Than the Width of One Link and Other Brother Other Presence of a Spate by Offering Links Are Actually Different Widths like I Have I Have a I Have One That Came with a A1 and a Halflength Wide Link so You Can Expect That into the Link in a Wine Link List Stickers on Her and and Then You Can Have a Halfsize Busily into the Problem with the Apple the AppleLink Reasons You Can Do Anything so If Your Ideal Size Falls between Two Link Intervals Your Kind about A Lot You Have To Wear It to Cater to Loosen to Deal with It and in This and Any Other and How How Loose You Want Your Whites Depends A Lot on Just Your Personal Preference and What Can a Conditions Use It in and Really Bad but but That Is One Thing That That Lake If You Want That Infinite Sizing Ability You Gotta Go Some of the Milanese Loop Arm or a Little above You Really Are Crazy Silo Liberators Are Bad You like It More Power to You That's It I'm Glad Someone Is Enjoying Because I'm Not Because They Wanted to Be so Much Better It Should Have Been It Should Have Been Interest It Had so Much Promise We Witnessed Their This Disappointed Hourly Billing K Spine Someone Else Are Seminars like Them but the You See the Thing I like about the Yum Butterfly Clasps Is That the Button Is to Release It a Sort of Hidden in the Sides of the Money Can't Catch Them on Anything That's Really Because I I Would Do That Occasionally with Maya My Traditional Trifold Are Even with the Safety Catch on It so I Think It's Brilliant and Dumb but yet That Lack of Adjustability That's Painful so All Right Arm Just to Mention for the for the Sake of Completeness There Is Also Jewellery Clasps and the Sort of a Little Bit Hard to Describe Again Where That the It's Basically a Class Is Not Deployment It so That That the Edge of the Ends of the Two Come Together and Then There's a Little like Catch the It's like Maybe 1/4 of the Width or Maybe 1/3 of the Width of the Watch Sometimes and Usually in the Centre to Be Symmetrical but Flips from One Side of the Other Hold on Arm Hundred and One Different Ways of Doing It but in Any Case I Think That's the Three Upper Class and the Points Anyway That the DME and with Connolly Talked about Link Bracelets Versus Woven Stainless Steel Mesh Otherwise Known As a Milanese Bracelet and I Guess I Know That I Got about Arm Here Pinching at Some Point so He Has Less to Steal It and I Have To Say {Replug Customer I'm Here I Know It Had Happened Some Point It's Happening Now and Honestly Link Bracelets Will Do It to You Even When You Wearing It If It's Just a Little Bit Loose It Just It Seems This Take-Out Arm Hairs and I Well but Yes It Is Depends Alight on of Course Your Arm Here You and Also Depend A Lot on on on the Strap and How It Actually One of Things I Found Is the Milanese Can Actually Do It If You If You Accidentally Trap Arm Here Is between the Two Layers When You Put It on the 20 Wear When the Magnet Could Together Strewn Travellers between the Student of the Watch Merger and Eagle Feel That Arm but Generally Speaking It's Only Metal Bands That They Can Do This Are That the Other Ones Tend Not to Buy Their Materials That's in It Similarly Some People That Just the Love Metal Bankers Metal Bands Have All the Advantages of the Biggest Ones As Is the Way to Deal with Moisture Because Whether Whether You're like Dunking a Hand under What Are Some Public like I Was and Is to Be an Issue and Give You Give Make It about Arm in a Desired Primary Metal Band Wasn't Given on and Just Implemented a Warranty Doing Fine Arm and and Also Just like As You Slap during the Day and Is One of the Reasons Why Arm Watchers at That Amount for like Leak Fitness Connectivity Staff Those Don't Usually Have Leather or Nylon Bands Because Leather and Nylon Absorb Moisture and Have an Island over the Long Term I Suspect Not Well Leather Starts to Smell Bad after a While It Phenotypically You Have To Change A Lot Of Band If You're If You're a Model Out Of Person to Smell Bad after about a Year to Get You Just Have To Replace Them at That Point or Just Have a Stinky Watch and I Don't Think That It Is a Very Personal about a Very Bad Arm but Yelling If You Leave Metal Bands Are Really Only Kind of Man That Is All Condition Whether Inner and Then Select Export Bends That the Rubber Sport Bands Have Had the Same Moisture Resistance Which Is Great but Rubber Sport Bands Also Can Feel Slightly Sweaty All the Time Because It Only That There Is No Airflow in Them so Your Skin under Them Willie Canterbury the Role and so I That's That's a Good Idea I Was the Only Downside of Rubber Sport Bands in in Functional Terminal Looks You Can Decide We Think Them by in Functional Terms That There Are Pretty Much Awesome in Every Other Way except That They Really Don't Breathe and Doesn't Help Flat Metal into Skin Doesn't Really Breathe That Much Either but Link Bracelets and the Milanese Have Gaps between the Metal That and Andy and the Metal Moves around Oliver during the Day Are Words the Rebound Tends to Stick It Has a Much Higher Average Is a Coefficient of Friction That Would Technically Use New yet. So We Are Selling the Public Anaesthesia Wants but and Can Make You Have Your Little Bit Sweaty and the Metal Can Can Move around a Little Bit More and There Is Gap between the Metal so You'll Feel That Arm Nightline in This Way Is Interesting Nylon Bands Are Extremely Popular among among like Internet White Nerds Who Read Read It and Put Some Forums Are Typically in the Form of of a Cotton Needle Bound Which Usually a Stale and and It's like It's Deep You from Using Them Where They Have like Busily Whistling Announced up a Whole Bunch of Metal Rings on It Some Recent That's Weird and Unimaginative Crazy about That the Number of Rings and Most of Them but That's My Style but They Don't Nylon Is Incredibly Practical Because It Is Typically Very Comfortable It Is Really Soft It Breeds Incredibly Well… Woven Cloth Really Are but It's It's It's Fairly Tough to Get Usually Some Part of Nature and Eyeliner Ballistic Nylon It like That so Tends to Be Pretty Good for Our Conditions with the One Exception That It Does Hold Moisture and so If You Get Sweaty or Where It Doesn't Drive Very Quickly and and That Get Uncomfortable so Nylon Bands Are Really Great in Almost Everywhere and Apple Offers There Are Now Everybody Looked Really Weird Because the Pictures on the Website Look Really Weird Because Imprisoning or That Weird and a Very Comfortable Very Soft and so If Holding Moisture Is Not Gonna Be a Problem for You Than the Nylon Bound for the Other What Is Probably the Best All-Around Bound and I Guess Arm Just the Absolute at My My Daughter Actually Arm for Her Rum 13th Though Our Birthday Cashed in Some of Her Savings and Done We We Sort of Matter in the Middle with That with a Watchband Advocacy She Want Another Watch and Arm so I Okay Fine and She Remembered Alight and I We Got a Report yet We Got It but She Wanted the Nylon Band Because She Thought It Looked Fantastic Right We Give These Dating Is All Good and What We Found Is That It Got Wet and She Didn't Write in Time I Immediately Got Really Really Quite Wet and It Was Immersed and Arm She Didn't Understand That You Need to Dry and Keep Keep Dry and We Actually Found That at the Point at Which the Buccal Passes through the Pen Arm at That Point There That Show That the Colour of a Changed Slightly so That When You Open the Band out Afterwards When I Was in the News You Could See a Distinct Outline Whether Colour Had Run and It's a Bit Odd and Someone Said I Should Take It Back for You for a Refund That Shouldn't Happen Is like Well Then You Read Different People's Opinions on the on the Nylon Bands on the Site While You're Not Supposed to Immerse Them in Not Supposed to Apparently Certain Certain Bands Have Issues with That so I Do Know I Can't Get the Feeling When I When I Felt on My Wrist I Thought You a She Feels Quite Soft and Quite Comfortable I Didn't Expect It to Be That That Comfortable but I Just Not Sure How It Will Go with in Terms of Long-Term Durability Some That Was My Daughter's Experience Anyway with It so She She Stop Wearing It to Be Honest She's Gone Back to the Yard to the Rubber Band Width and Actually Speaking the Sports Band Is What All the More about That but One Things I Found Annoying about It Was That the Getting Is That Classed Mechanism Yellow Year That Naturally Not the First Couple of Days and Eventually Leak Once You Figure It out I I Was Able to Do with One Hand Eventually Hits It Is so Pretty Bigoted and She Wants I like about the Apple Sport Man Is That the Access I Forget What the Wattle Has a Term for like the X As Part of the Strap after Pasta the Buccal I Forgot That Her Misery Now Presently at the Access Strap Length in Most in Most Bands Sticks out on the outside and so You Can Snag It on Things in Auric and It Can Become Undone from the Keeper Original Loop of Material That Holds That the Excess down Is Not a Keeper and a Silicon It Can Become Unknown from the Keeper and You Have a Flappy Banner Can Even Follow Forgets to Bad Arm As Very Annoying Emoticons Abounds on the Apple Sport Bound the Access Strap Is Tucked on the inside and so It Doesn't Snap Anything and and That That Is Really Very Nice about It and That's One Thing That They Wish Not Really Know How Leather Bands Would Do without Necessarily Killing Requires a Big Reinforced Hall on the Strafford and Pat Baxter Again but Here However There Were Do It I Would like to See That It Attempted by Somebody Because It Is Almost Not Know How That Strap the Access Are Two Things Become Undone You Absolutely Know I Totally Agree with That and That the Thing Is That That Is a Really Great Especially Because It's Intended for Exercising Which Is When You're Very Likely to Actually Snag It on Things and and That's Perfect Are the Thing I've Disturbed the Downside of That Is Because When You Slide underneath If You Are If You Doing up Such a Nice Tight Fit Because I like to Wear My Watch Relatively Tight in My Wrist I like It's like Flopping around Anything Arm That Will Often Take out Arm Has on the Way through That Usually Once It's on Your Good Arm but the Thing I Found about Mine Is That I Got the Black Sport Band and I Don't Know If It's a Problem Specific to the Black Sport Band but Armadillo a Bit of Anonymous One Anonymous Random Survey Should Say Are on Twitter Arm A Few Months Ago and People Did Reveal How the Sport Man I Just Looking at Photos of Theirs and This Definite Wear and Some Small Cracking and Erosion Where That without Pen Goes through the Hole and I Think It's Sort of Thing with Enough Connect and Disconnect Cycles Going through That Eventually You That's Going to Crack and Where and I Reckon Maybe Two or Three Years of Heavy Use Every Day and I Think the Sport Bands of Propaganda Need to Be Replaced I Think Because of This As the Material Is Not a Knife Did You Make Sense Did You See Any Are Any Wearing out on Yours at All or Rum Now You Can Definitely Tell Which Hall I Use Idyllic Elixir Mark Surrounded by a Idle 8 AM Use the Sport Bound Very Much I Used for a Brief Period but They Ultimately Found That the the Space Black Link Bracelet Was My Preferred Ban Most of the Time Arm but Are the Sport Band Is Really an Industry Ministers Very Very Good yet Is for a like Elizabeth Aguirre I Think You Can Have To Be Okay with the Fact That You Probably Be Replacing It Maybe Once Every Year to the Arm and Is and Why to like You We Willingly Know That You're in That When the White Frisking Unwittingly Knowledgeable What Happens When There Is a Watch to You and Whatever You Want to Buy New Bank Used by Local White with No Band and the Answer Is No Every Wash That You Buy from Apple Come to the Ban Whether You Want One Night Are and so I Think Maybe That's the Good Things I Can As You to Upgrade It to Replace Rebound Whenever You Replace Your Watch the Arm There and and That and Getting Your Ben Still Works like If You Have a Really Nice Family Bracelet Are You Can Still in a Then You Could Buy like the Cheapest White with Sport Bound and Input This Will Bring the Drawing You Can Still Use Your Bracelet but You It Is Less Force You to Consider Replacing the Backend Every Every Communitywide Trip Which Is Propagated with a White without Was Probably Be A Few Years yet Exactly Am I I Found the Other Thing I like about This Particular about the Band Band Is That Our Talk about Arm I Know That This Doesn't Apply to Mechanical Watches but When You Mind Using the Perhaps the Tactic Feedback Are One Thing That Drives Me Mad Is a Loose Band That Has a Rattle Because I like This I Can It's Just It's I Have This Thing Where I've Turned off All Audio so I Have No Audible Arm I Sent My My IPhone Are It's a Silent Ring Tone and the Vibration Is All Turned off and the Watches on Silent Mode the Only Thing I Get Are Tactic Notifications of Tap Tap on the Back of My Wrist and Brilliant Because You Sitting in the Melbourne Office and Everyone Else's Phone Is Making Whatever Noise and in You Don't Have That I Don't Have That Feeling Anymore Website Is at My Phone Going off As You Know If It's Gonna Go off You Tap on Your Wrist except of Course If You Put a Loose Band on Their like a Link Bracelet That Is Not Quite Tight and Then Went Taps to Get This Sort of This Is Audible, but I Just Really Unpleasant Sounds Not Quite Fingernails on a Chalkboard Kind of Thing but It's All Nice Not Good Here Is What This Is One Thing That like That Adding Adding Everywhere in Apple Watch You Almost Have To Wear It Pretty Snug 88 in Other Watches It's More of a Choice of How Loosely You Want to Wear the Applewhite Really Does Best When It's Not Because of Its Efforts Loose until You Have the Tactic Being in a Less You You Imagine What a Mess It and It Might Sound Busy but Also of the Central Abundant Detect Whether the Watches on Your Night Might Occasionally Think It's Not on You Anymore in Your Watch Is Locked and Deactivated until You Taping about or Whatever That's That's No Good Either Clue Really up What Things Need to Be Warren in a Snuggly Nut Not like You Can Isolation the Night Not Able to Move around Very Much Doubt If You Can Sense Purple You've Gone Too Far SDS Purpose and That One of the Reasons Why the Sport Band Is so Good in Practice Because Because There Is No Because It Has a High Friction from the Rubber Are in It Tends to Keep Employees More Easily Absolutely Right so That the Best Part of It Is That the Best All-Round Band Is That This Nominates the Cheapest Wildlife for This Phase 1 of the Most Affordable and It Comes with the Entry-Level Watches Which Is Great so Apple Definitely Arm Kicked a Goal so I Guess Arm Blog about the Milanese Loop Just Briefly Our Talk about All but the Sum of Things about Arm I Love the Fact That It Can Be Infinitely Adjusted but Then I Found That When I Was Wearing It through the Day I Kept Adjusting It in Mind and Have To Say This Is One of the Reasons Why a Way Didn't Work out for Me Because I Would Fiddle with It Too Much and It We Can't Abide You like What I like to Do If Possible Is to Figure out What Setting Is Legal Rate from Me and Then Just Leave It There and Be Able to Put It on Reliably Every Day Have a Feel Exactly the Same and in Practice As There Is A Few Problems with This in Chiefly of Which the People Seeing Sizes throughout the Year and Day Our Boat besides That Is You Are a I Really Do like the Idea of Being Able to Find My Ideal Size and Leave It There and on His Milanese and Level of Course Not Really a Lady That That's I Was a Counterfeiter and a Bug but Are If You Can a Person Fiddle with It Lately We Are That Could Be Could Become Are Actually Less Good for You yet Exactly It It I Found It Was Becoming One of Those Arm Not a Nervous Habit That You Know It's like He Was a Subconscious Thing and You You an Idea Exactly and You Displaying with the Strap Because You Can and You Looked at Your Wrist and You Realise That You Might Look a Little Bit Funny Because Other People Are Now Staring at You and Your Whole Sorry the Small My Arms Now Patel Was Doing a Bit Arm Anyway the Other Thing about the Milanese Loop That I Found Frustrating Was That the Magnet on Me Whilst It Is Very Good It Eats Our Attempts to Slip a Little Bit and You Yes I've If You're Running or Jogging or Even If You Doing like I Found I Was Just Hammering Something in with a Nail and It's like the Impact Is the What the Impact Kind of Motions of the Worst Able to Slip and Slip and You Go down You Have Logged Residents Alike Flopping around so It Really Is No Good at All for Exercise Just Waterproof but It's Just It Just Came Loose Too Easily Arm Doesn't Rattle and Have To Go the Chapter Goes off Which Is Great Arm but the Thing I Did Find Is That the Woven Steel Threads Where It Folds Back on Itself after You Adjust It They Don't Always Settle into Their Own like the Grooves of the Other Piece so You're like Twist Your Wrist A Few Times in It, like Admit Moves around and Then As It Settles into Those Grooves Actually Feels like a False Tap and Every Time You Adjust It It Goes and Does the Same Thing Elizabeth's Wife Experienced and I She Was Getting Phantom Taps for A Few Weeks until I Figure out What Was Going on and I Thought Arm and Getting Phantom Taps I Going Mad It's Quite Possible but No so Anyway Not Not Not Too Bad Though but You Know What You Certainly Subscribed with I Think It Deftly Worth Mentioning Is How the Size of Our Wrist Changes and It's Not It's Always the Same Diameter Because beyond the Obvious Thing Why People Lose Weight Put on Weight Maybe Go to the Gym A Lot Of I'm Not Really Sure How Muscles Are Really Are Not Part of the Risk That Bulk up but Probably Not That Many Psychics Part of the Bicep Are Anything but Anyway Things like Arm You like Our Salts Arm by Fluid Retention Arm Go If You're Exercising Whatever Else and It Is or Is Really Hot All This High Humidity and All That Affects Arm the Diameter of Your Wrist Which Is Really Annoying As It Is Never the Same Size so It's Wise Things I Found That This Is I Found That Leather Bands Seem to Take It Better Because the Rubber Bands Don't Really Change Their Size Much the Steel Bands Obviously Don't I Do like Stealing Braces Whatever Size You Said beyond the Micro Adjustments You Said in the Morning I'd Known As Caretaker Adjustment Schools Tool with Them to Work so so As I County and in the Upper Watchband You Can't Do That Microcosm Anyway so I Mean I've I Sort of Was Trying My Head around the Why the Daddies but Leather Just Seems to Have a Bit More Given It for a Little Bit More Flexibility to It so That I Don't Notice the Difference Anywhere near As Much Either If Delivered to Tightness or by Cutting into My Skin Just a Little Bit I Don't Even Notice It's a Much on the Ladder If It Was As Tight and It Was a Metal Band Did Deny Me the Scene Where Men That This Is Why I Almost Universally Prefer a Leather Bands You've Even If I'm Going to Be like in Swelling in Them and They Are Replaced after a Year or Two Later a Radicals Do That Because There Is a Comfortable so Good in Every Other Way and I Just Think That Risk You Cannot Reach the Same Conclusion Is That III Prefer That That the Feel of the Letter and the Fact That That That Little Bit of Stretch and Given the Leather Arm Makes It More Comfortable All Day around Which Is Far Which Is Far Better in and in the Thing about the Yum Are the Mom I Guess My Where I'm Going to Do with That with This Is My My Favourite Band at This Point Arm Having Said All This Is As End up Being the Modern the Modern Buckle and I Know It's Been Said about It before but the Truth Is That It It It's a Nice Leather and Is It's Just It Has a Must Either Feel to It Is More Comfortable and That the Class What Is the Class It's Because It's Kids Got Magnets in a and It's the Great yet but Once You Get Used That It Actually Is Really Really Quite Nice It Doesn't Rattle Vibrate When You Tap Are on on Your Wrist Which Is Great and It Dozens Doesn't Slip When You're Exercising If You Are Exercising with It and I Think It Looks Really Nice and Dressy We Are so It Looked It's It's Good for a Dressy Occasion so Arm the Only Concern I Have about Longevity Is It Is the the Weather Leather Joints to the Lugs and I Know That so I've Read Some People Have This Thing Is I Give This Letter Needs to Be Stitched and There Is No Stitching on so I Know That Because I Was Recently Was a Year I Was Looking I Was Looking at A Few Forums about People's Different Opinions about the about This Thing and Is Those That Are It's Not in the Letter What There Is No Stitching on It You Can't Have a Leather Band without without Stitching and I Thought to Myself I Look Back at All of My Other Arm Non-Apple Watchband the Letter and Although Right They Would Stitching Anything Admitted in No It's Generally Speaking Stitching on Leather Bound in Some of the Dysfunctional Usually like around the Ends Were Catholic Backers of a Formal Holder for the Laboratory Go through but Most City Leather Bound Is Just Purely Aesthetic There Is No There Is No Function Most of Us Serving so That's You Think I Think Your Friends Are Wrong My Friends That I You to Give Your Forum People and You Get Yours over and Wanting an Hour Let Us Office Either As an on the Modern Buckle to Its Litter the Blather on the Classic Buckle Is Really Nice As Well but the Modern Buckle Was Even Softer Even Even More Comfortable As I Wish That They Needed in a Size That Fit Me Because These Are Just Just Barely Doesn't What If Yes If You Don't Mind Buying a Knockoff Know I'm in Psych Third-Party Arm yet and Is Only Seriously Apple Has the Are the Lead Did A Few Months after the Watcher Launched the Did Announce There Are Going to License the Lugs Were Then Have an Official You and If I Can Program for Fish Related Watchband Are from the Parties You Ever Seen a Single One Because the Ones You Can Buy Times of Third-Party Applewhite Compatible Bounds on Emma's Answer for Almost No Money Owed to Their Incredible Value Are but I'm Pretty Sure None of Them Are Actually Certified or Using Apple's Official Lugs Accusingly in Replicated Knockoff Logs and I Haven't Seen Any Either so I'm Not Sure It's a Bit like Our FaceTime Was Gonna Be Open Source or Something You or Maybe Just like If If You're Buying a Third-Party Applewhite Are Bound You Know If Everyone's 10 Bucks and Is Not Certified in the Survey One Is 50 Bucks Because That Way If Anybody Can Buy the Video on You If You Feel If You Can Buy the Third-Party Band All Care Are Really about Whether It's a Longer Works and If You Want Something of the Official Republican Bible about from Apple yet Exactly and Is the Warwick Where I Got to Have All This Is That Arm I Was Going to Try out the Because I Got a 42 Mm Hours Sports Apple Watch Silver One and Are I Had a Look around and like I Really Want to Try the Modern Buckle but I've Got My Watch Doesn't Fit It Doesn't Fit the Are the Official and Doesn't Say How I Do It and without like Taking It Back or Selling It Going down to 38 Mm Which I Didn't Want to Do As I Figured the 42 Mm Small Enough As It Is to Bendigo Smaller and so I Found This One on Ali Express and It Was like 25 Bucks Australian Nice and Not Not Not Too Expensive but Arm the the Quality of It Isn't Too Bad Really and It Feels Just like the One in the Apple Store I Have No Idea As Interesting I Have No Ltd Making the Body Modern Buckle Is Now and I'm Interested Essentially Get up Early Is Why Now Is under $26 That Has Every Combination of Size and Even Have the Sum with Black Metal on You to Give You the Black/white Dishonour That Will Match That It's Pretty Good It I Know and I Tell You Unless I Guess If You Look Really Really Closely the One Thing I Can Tell These Different Arm Because I Played Them A Lot in the in the Store Is That the Bird That Knockoff Bands the Third-Party Ones Tend to Be a Little Bit Wobbly in Interconnection up to the Year into the Actual Body the Watch but Apart from That I Can't Really Falter It's It's Seems to Work Fine Mrs Hanley Which Is Now for Five Weeks Have Been Wearing and It's It's Fine Does the Job and It's Really Comfortable and That's My New Favourite so I Don't Arm in Any Case I I Just Hope That Apple Realises That That That Takes Quite a Nice Band and They Should Make the 42 Mm in A Few Different Colours Wouldn't Be a Bad Idea and Who Knows Maybe Is Hot to Hold Back on As Marketing I Do It Next Year or Something and Albert Upsell Heresy and It Doesn't Just like… What If I Bite This from Apple I Would Be More Than What the Third-Party One Cost in Sales Tax yet but You Either Do I Come from the Same Place in This the Other Thing I Just Don't Understand Anyway Only Propping up It Doesn't Matter No Amulet That the Reality Is League and I I to Be a Minute I'm Also a Huge Fan of Having Lots of Different Bands of an Amount in Everything by Reviewing Absolute the Reality Is like We We but We Have a Couple of Couple Abounds Rams under This Ideology Both Third-Party Ones like One of My Favourite Bands Is Neither Stale Strap That a Guard for for a Further Masco Watch That the Strap Was I Think $12 Is One of My Nicest Animals and Most Favourite Whites to Stiff Was Only Known Anything on Emma's Own Totally Fine There Are Any Gifts Love of the Lugs like What I Did a While Ago at the Very First Non-Nongenuine Event I Got My Apple What Was Actually One That I Saw Put Together Myself and I Thought of the Sort This Will Work Fine Anyway so You You Already Know Where This Is Going so I Got These These Adapters from Arm the Core Click Click Adapters a Minute Stack of Different Ones out There but Anyways I Waited Forever Little Wonder That They Busily Laid up to Have a Regular Standard Spring Byron with the Applewhite -like Rate Yes That's Correct Exactly Yes Those and These Particular Ones Are I Had to Get My in Spring Bus for Them of Course and I Decided I Get the Aluminium One so It Would Match the Colour of the Body of the Watch and of Course Is a Slightly Different Finish and a Doesn't Quite Match and It's like in the End from a Distance No One Notices or Cares Anyway so Nevermind Arm and Right but I Found a Aluminium or 11 If You Prefer Are Lumen Link Bracelet after Mechanical Moral Are so and Is I Never Heard of This Coming before Italian Company Strangely and Is the Whole Part of the Band Is It's All Made Out Of a Mini Which Is Very Unusual but the the Deployment Classes Made of Stainless Steel but Apart from That It's Incredibly Light It's Actually Lighter Than the Year the Rubber Band Is so I Thought I Was a Be Great You Be Super Lightweight and There Will Be the Lightest Possible You Applewhite You Could Possibly Get except of Course Was 38 Mm Which Wasn't a No I Found My Workplace like You Know What – Doesn't Matter How Heavy It Is Actually True You I Found League with Wearing Watches and Bands of Different Weeds Arm You Notice the Wheat for about the First 30 Seconds and Then Doesn't Matter What It Is You and Leanne I Have Watched That Very Very Much in Week and 11 Wearing the Latest Winery Now That My Normal Cinematic Wonderful It Weighs Just about Nothing and Then I Aim I Mentioned before Us Have the Masco and the Masco Is Made from Special Special Steel Alloy That Is Much Much Harder and Also Much Heavier It's Probably about As Heavy As Gold Very Very Very Dense and Are and That a Dichotomy between the Different Days and It's Totally Fine Biggest Usability after a Second Wow Mesons Is Not Made of Depleted Uranium or Something Crazy about Having a That Some yet Because I Was I Was I Was Genuinely Shocked I Honestly Thought That Having a Really Really Heavy Watch Was Going to Be like That I'd Really like What Was Really Happy What Is Gonna Make a Big Difference and Not Notice It and You Write 30 Seconds after You Put on You Don't Even Know Dave Realises There so I Was the Yes That Band Arm Had the the Tactic out Rattle and so after about a Week of Wearing It My My Meticulously Selected and Assembled Band Stayed in the Drawing It Only Came out Now so That I Could Look at What I Was Talking about with You and This Can Go Back in the Drawer Again When I'm Done so Much That Experiment but Anyway so Yeah I'm Not Sure Arm I Have Too Much Else III Just Want to Cover but Arm I Guested Distance Alike Wrap It up I Guess If If I Were to Give Suggestions to One to 2 People or All Just As You Were on the Milanese Load I Really Would like It If They Use This Either Stronger Magnet Maybe or Maybe like a Second Maintenance Arm Just Slightly Set Back from the First Leg with a Flexible Bit between to Make Sure It Held on a Bit More Firmly or or Maybe Arm Maybe They Used a Yama Different Magog a Stronger Rare-Earth Magnet or a Denser Metal That Skyhigh Permeability or Something You Would Want to Make That the Milanese Litany Thicker but Just so Would Hold on More Securely and It Wouldn't Need to Be Readjusted It Would Slip As Much but beyond That I Just Think the Milanese Loop Is That It's Great for All-Weather Usage but I Just Can't Go past Arm the Comfort That You Get Out Of Arm the Leather the Leather Band and the Modern Buckle I Think Looks Great and You're Going to Put on so That's That That's My Favourite and Dumb Yes Anyway in Conclusion Get Letter You That's It That's It and It and It's Okay If It If You Need to Replace It after A Few Little While Specify Cost 25 Bucks Rams on Xavier Letter and Don't Spend Too Much on It Because It Is Temporary That Is That the Consumable Item Right till Well Arm Is There Anything Else about Bands You Think We Should Do We Should Mention We Have We Exhausted This One Do You Think Because You Listen to Untying a Watchband for an Hour I Don't Know Let's All Find out I Doubt I'll Let You Know That I Committed This Fire Thank You Think I'm Surprised This Her Dear Wife You Do Want to Talk More about This Because We Haven't Talked about Enough of You Want to Talk More about This You Can Arm You Can Reach Me on Twitter at John Geagea or You Can Follow at Pragmatic Show Are Specifically Seashell Announcements and Other Related Stuff at Pragmatic Is Part of the Engineer Network It Also Has an Account Engineered_Net and That Has Announcements about the Network and All the Shows and You Can Check That out at Engineer.Network Are People Also Loving Causality and Analytical They're Both Solid Podcast That I Do Arm and Look at Different Things like Cause-And-Effect Are and Other Major Events in History so If You're a Fan of the Show You Might like Those As Well Are If You like to Get in Touch with Marco Was the Best Way for Them to Get in Touch with You Are Twitter Is Good at My Requirement and My Website Monitoring and Probably Many More but Point of Being so Fantastical Are and If You're Enjoying a Pragmatic and Was Put You to Show You Can Are like One of Our Backers over a Stone He and Many Others Are Likely and He Liked Something Very Much a Special Thank You to Our Patrons Big Thank You to Everyone for Listening This Far and As Always the Go Delivery Curious to See What People Only What What Is the Venn Diagram of People That Are Tech Geeks That like Listening to Take Explanations about Stuff I Guess Alternate Fans of Pragmatic Liking Watchband Is Then I Guess I Thought the Same Thing about Coffee Never Wears Watches Lots of People Drink Coffee at No Somebody Will Listen Ecstatically but yet I Have Any Somebodies There Will Be Somebody Will like This It's All Good�
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