If you have something you want other people to know about then get in touch. Rates are competitively priced for smaller developers that want to get their message out without spending a fortune on advertising. As such we offer very competitive rates and have a wide listenership of engaged listeners with consistent monthly downloads.

We offer two methods of sponsorship: In-show (includes a Pre-Roll, Mid-Roll and Post-Roll as well as in the Show Notes per episode) and Website/Feed.

We take the time to deliver the best sponsor reads we can by working with you to ensure the key messages about your product are conveyed clearly for listeners.

Get in touch via the Feedback form for more information.

If you don’t have anything you want to let other people know about but you still want to support the network, could can also support the network via Patreon or one-off support via PayPal Me.

Pragmatic Past Show Sponsors:

Sponsor Testimonials:

  • “Many Tricks had a good experience sponsoring Pragmatic with a response that was more than we expected. It’s clear the focus and detail of the show appeals to the same people that enjoy using our apps.” - Rob Griffiths, Many Tricks
  • “My experience in advertising on the Pragmatic Podcast has been absolutely rewarding. As a designer who works frequently with developers and business owners, having my business presented to the Pragmatic listener-base has been an ideal fit, leading to revenue in excess of five times my investment.” - Aaron Mahnke, WetFrogStudios.com
  • “Sapient Pair has been been very pleased with the results of being a (show) sponsor. John’s thorough evaluation and understanding of our app, Shopi, resulted in a promotion that was earnest and easily recognised as sincere. It seems Pragmatic listeners are a discerning bunch, and we’ve found them more than willing to pay for a quality app they find useful.” - Matthew Phillips, Sapient Pair