Pragmatic 69: It's Complicated

22 January, 2016


Smart Watches support dynamic, configurable complications but not all are created equal. Russell Ivanovic from Shifty Jelly joins John to see just how complicated it can be.

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Welcome to pragmatic pragmatic is a discussion show, playing the practical application of technology by exploiting the real world to look at how great ideas are transponder products and services can change our lives nothing is as simple as it seems pragmatic as part of the Internet network to support our shows including this one had over to a patron page and other great shows with today on your host John Fiji and today I'm joined by Russell Ivanovich a doing a job thanks and have meal they coming back on it's been a wasn't we had a chat so I appreciate you come back onto talk about so is the could be complicated all I see we did the idea are yeah I know it's terrible it's just terrible but so I gate are (now we are all alike talk about complications on the on watches specifically smart watchers but before we get stuck it out I just Wanna quickly talk about a little bit of his history of urology have you heard of urology rye have I have indeed but only because about 30 minutes before we started the show you explained to me so please solicit in about urology space to tell the listeners that I'll sorry mean I have never heard of this our analogy excellent and very strange yeah I know actually if a few years ago when I first heard about the terminology urology I thought we might as alike horoscopes and stars and things that is my first thought but is actually the study of clocks and watches and in the context of watchers are complications what they've always referred to as any feature in the timepiece that is not displaying hours and minutes that can be anything including like the day the date alarm screener grafts phases of the moon for example overall by very common complications in a traditional watch so anyway and in any timepiece that just shows you how the mess is referred to as a simple movement so are the interesting thing is that in order to sell watchers I'm guessing people watchmakers decide that more and more complications which made it more complicated money that AI arm but that obviously the more you are the more difficult is the design to create to assemble to repair makes more expensive so typical sort of day and date display chronograph could have about 250 parts but more complex watchers could have thousands of parts and our watchers with several complications they refer to industry is ground they complications but down there anyway whatever site are as a result I guess arm is about the 16th century are they started see a lot more very very complicated watchers and according to our Wikipedia the font of all knowledge are the Frank Mueller and I will miss this one I think it's at a Turner test mega for is the world's most complicated wristwatch list names or yeah I'm sure someone else can pronounce it properly other than me but it has 36 complications as a mechanical watch right while they're at and how they figure that is the 25 of them are visible at any time it has 1483 individual components and one of the complications perhaps the most useless is the thousand year calendar now if that was last thousand years I would be prepared to pay US$2.7 million for that are across adapter win the lotto 1st to pay for that that watch energies to minimally little main I actually have no idea I'm assuming not many years after price so yet I think it was those projects that they just they did it because they could and I said hey look at this we got lots of complications you give me money now and I said you had to be the person that someone brings it into a service and be like your Momo when my complications are working LB part 1481 witness be to faxed can you imagine how annoyed to be if your water nothing amidst all my sister wouldn't wear it with you know that I do wondered that people collect everything so similar help in a group of people to collect watchers and put them on the shelf yet exactly which is I do get that either because that just makes it completely pointless as he is a watch but I can ever put on my wrist because that would just be silly is like buying a car and leave in the garage I can't drive it because it's too expensive yeah but you don't get on and ruin the perfection you bought something perfect the second input only restive you've destroyed the exactly exactly terrible anyway so I think one of the interesting developments in the last star what may be God 20 years I suppose is been the development of software watchers are versus mechanical watchers but it's really only been in the lasts I would say five or six years that software watchers have had enough interesting things going on with my day and I mean like I exposure can argue a software watchers open 20 years ago will make even 25 go with with a couple extra functions like the musical times I had a watch when I was a kid that had does like 25 alarm tunes and it was one of those similarly old old mobile phones you had those are polyatomic Polly are you home in a mean like it would play these things likely to learn a few of the different things and then I had to go and look at what let alone wasn't among you know do I had one as well I remember it so fondly I was very depressed when my got water in hence my previous comment about the $2.7 million watchers got water in an interested play songs anymoreat Sony how are ya but that's not really what I mean software watchers I think the definite my definition of a software watchers and my definition is the what what I want to talk about specifically are watchers that are configurable are on the fly in terms of what they can display our through software modification so if you do that if you got a digital watch digital front face or a section of the front base that is digital that configurable is like an LCD is highly configurable than by going digital yet is no additional parts under an additional parts in order to make as many publications as you like at least in theory yet and and you can easily change out can reconfigure what space to whatever you want provided the is what space that you like to use a water use and a complication available for what you want to do of course assume that they are you have that power the software what you do mechanical watchers stuck with what it was when you bought it and the thing that I think is really cool is that that lends yourself to that that the place we could have multiple watch bases for different activities we just something I find myself doing with my Apple watch so if I'm you have an Apple watch yes are do your and used to store where are I am literally wearing a run hours were talking so I didn't stop wearing it for about three months barred them and is working on some software updates are put back on and so still you excellently I'm wearing might as well it's just recovered from a are a long long time away from its charger but now it's back back on my wrist again are yes that that is definitely a downside are and I don't really are necessarily going to hold charging problem and of mind are ultimately our I wore my watch very much every day since I bought it and I love this thing and I have a whole bunch of reasons why that that though the beauty of the Folks and Potatoes to Complications and I Guess the Problem I Have a Complications Now What Faces Is That the Problem Is No Longer the Ability to Choose the Problems Now That There Are so Many Choices of Combination Is Getting More Than Getting More Choices All the Time so the Other Watch Itself yet We Still Can't Design Custom Watch Faces like You Know I Can't Buy What Space from an Awesome Developer like 50 Jelly Let's Say Are or Anyone Else I Can't It's like I Gotta Go with What Apple Give Me I'm Sure I Can Configure the Photos That Go on It Maybe and Have a Photo Screen You but I Can't Say I Would like a Complication the Top Left of like One on Top in the Middle One in the Very Middle Can Adjust the Size That This Completely Configurable You Are the Biggest Things It of the Noise of the Right Word but I Find Frustrating about the Upper What Is in Their Summer What Faces Are Almost There but Unlike If I Could Just Move This down like for Example in the Looking at the Local Utility Are Not Shalom That the Digital One with the Has the Most Convocations Is Not the Time in the Middle but I Can't Put the Time in the Middle the Time Has To Be in the Top Corner Because You Know That's Why Apple Has Ordained and Then I'm Forced to You Pick a Certain Amount of Complications and If I Leave on Blank in of the Screen Doesn't Reflow It's Just That Spot Is Now Blank and That Frustrates Me Because You Got This Infinite Potential for Configurability and I Know You Don't Want to Introduce Infinite Complexity at the Same Time but Still the Need to Be a Balance in My God Denotes a Digital Watch I Want to Make It Look This Way but I Can't I Can't Make a Look, Now Exactly and It's Frustrating Because like You Say It's Just a High despite Weakness Is a Little Bit It's Close to What I Want but It's Not Quite What I Want and Being Completely Un-Ink in an Configurable in That Respect It Can Be Frustrating so I Guess I'm Everyone Anticipates That the Guy Open up I Think That There's Is I Think They Will Open up but Then I Mean Updating That Things like on IOS Here We Are in Iowa IOS Are Nine and Is It Possible for Any Non-First Party App to Update Their Screen Icon Are on the on IOS Dynamically You Could Push Badges to Attenuate the Update like the Calendar Updated State Knows If You're Not Apple You Are Deftly Annihilated SE and This Is My Problem Is That What They Treat What Faces the Same Way I Certainly Hope They Don't Kinda Wonder They Do like to Control Things and Sometimes for Good Reason like I Think If If Apple Was Here the Black Well You Know If a Developer Could Change Icon and They Do Nefarious Things They Tended to the Facebook One in Every Tapping My Stomach Yeah Okay Maybe a Sailor That I Think They Might Do with What Faces At Least Initially Is Maybe Just Team up with A Few in a Select Developers to Be like These Five or 10 Developers Have Been Ordained by Us As Being Able to Make What Faces in a Have a Choice of Only 20 or 30 Incentive Is a Debate I Can't See Them Just Opening up in Google Has Done That with with Android Where That's That's the Platform on the Other Side That Anyone Can Make a Watch Face and the Results Are Amazing You Get Some Really Really High-Quality Ones but the Other in 8590% Just to Look at the Michael or Wallick What Are They Done and I Can't See Apple You Putting up with I Think It Was Quite Happy to Say This 10% Is Amazing so Will Accept the Other 90% of the Look Brilliant but Unthinkable That Can Accompany Yeah III Suspect You're Right but They Do Give Us Because Our Silos Were Quickly Cover Arm Just How Many Hours Giving Ability We Do Get so Utility Mention before I Think Actually Meant Modular and Modules That Want to Give You Five Configurable Arm Yes It Is, John Is Looking at and yet so Modelling Is a Five Configurable Arm Complications Slots Positions However: Our Utility Gives You Three Configurable Ones That Are Fully Configurable but One That Is Either That the Date or the Day Only Our Colour Gives You Four Configurable Slots One Each Corner but Why Give an Extra One That Is Either a Monogram Only like Your Initials or Is Blank Which Is Interesting Arm Site Yeah I Could JC on Their Legislative Figure Link Undergo Who I Am in Our AI Sector Are Simple Which Is Four Configurable Slots and One of Them Is Either Date Only or Is Blank Are the Chronograph Got Three Configurable Slots and Another Slots Date or Day Only and Mickey Mouse Go Mickey Tapping Its Foot Impatiently Whilst You You're Looking at a Michael Fall Awkwardly but Mickey As I Prefer to Refer to Because I Know Somewhere so Anthony Had to Sit down and Made That This Is the Bit about Is What Foes Are Love There It Is, Is It Fun but I Look at It, Look at Others like Your Why You so Impatient You Tapping. It Already Equates That Mickey Mouse Gets Three Configurable Slots so Ultimately the Maximum Number Complications Module Is the Clear Winner & Is Probably a Close Second but Interestingly Arm As a Whole the All the Other Ones Don't Support Complications a Motion Which Is like the Butterfly or the Flower Opening the Time-Lapse Astronomy Which Is the One We Zoom into the Earth or Away from the over Whether You Are Now the Photo Photo One Knock and Note No Complications the Sole One Which Looks like a Sine Wave and I Would Say That Because of I've Just Never in Either Solomon and Lamina When It Was Extra-Large Yeah and I Now Slide Anyway and Extra-Large Climate Is It Just Melts My Brain Because I Cannot Used to Sing the Hours on the Top and the Minutes on the Bottom of the Screen Does Decide Whether and Also They Overlap with Some of the Icon so If You Have It and Do Not Disturb Mode Locally Right Now That the Moon Is Covering the One Apple the Moon Is Covering the One Steerable so He That Is Then Think That through but Anyway It's Okay That Those Monsters That Are Convocations of You like Those What Faces Then Too Bad You Can't Have Any Complications at All Which I Don't I Know I Guess I See to Some Extent Ones like Motion in Why Not Solar There's Room They Could Have You Know It's a It's Okay It's Fine so Obviously Once We Are Convocations Were Restricted to Speaking They Want to Have Complications at the Moment Hopefully Someday They Open That up but What I've Done to Overcome This Earthlike Was Overcome It Is to Get the Best of Both Is I Set up Multiple Washbasins so I Have a Utility Are One Set up for Work As in like Work at Work and I've Got a Modular One Set up for Work That Is Calendar Centric and I've Got a Modular One Set up the Home Tasks That Is to Do List Centric Side My To-Do List up on Them on the Big One in the Middle and Then I Got the Photo Watch Face When I'm Not Working and Honest Kicking Back in on That Work so Right Now, but I Watch Face on You Michael Isn't Similar so Only Have Three Local Utility the Modular and Extra-Large to the Utility When I Put on the Weekend When I No Longer Need to Track in I Want to Work Related Things the Modular Avenue during the Week and Extra-Large Ears When I'm Doing Something like Another Some Stupid but I Am Playing a Game and I Get Really Engrossed in I Just Wanna Really Quickly the Other Glance and Watched the Local Should Be Embedded in Its past Midnight Fair Enough Yeah IR I Didn't I Didn't Start out That Way It's Only That Some Sort of Evolved As I Have Added Washbasins of 24 Different Activity and I've Reached a Point Now Where It's Become a Force of Habit I Leave Work I Change My Watch Face When the Trainer Morning I Change My Watch Face to Work Mode and One Am Doing To-Do List Stuff on the Weekends of Change Portraits Again so It's Some It's a Sort of Evolved That Way One Thing I Think Three or Four Risk of Me Anyway As the Nice Balance You Negatively Only with with That Amount Means You Have To Do and This Is What between Them As Well It's Easy to Get like from One to the Exactly Exactly so and I Almost Think That Would Be a Better Use of the Second Button to Be Honest Arm There Are Those under 90 Want to Get into This This Giant Bun on the Front When I First Got My Apple One Child of Opposite or Myself Differently since but I Kid You Not Oppressive under 3030 to 40 Times Are Trying to Home so I'd Be Someone Want to Be an Upper Be Somewhere Else and I Just Go Home and the People above Me like What Are the Try This Is the People Bun and I've Had an Train Myself to Depressive on DD Is Defined As a Pressing I'd I Actually Reach the Point Where I Think a Partner so Useless That I Just Never Present over yet I Never I Never Want I Never Start a Conversation That Way You Minimalist Wanna Send You Know Mr Creepier Mode into the Someone You Know or in the Early Days of Benadryl A Lot Of Those Doodles and Things but I Find It Is Do Not Do That Anymore It's Easy to Play Fine Adjustments and Someone Text for All the Doodles That I Will Ascend Are Probably Not Fit for Arm Consumption Myself for My Wife and My Wife Refuses to Wear Having Another Watch II Threatened Her Is That You Know What I'm Gonna Buy You Another Watch You around Christmas Time and You It May Come from Santa I Don't Know That the Point Is That It Is like I Have a Watch It's a Beautiful Watch I Don't Want Another Watch so I'd Switch the Last Minute and Got a Pandora Bracelet Instead Remove Good Money out I Think It Was a Very Worked out Nicely in the End so There You Go. So My Wife Achieved She Has an Airport so I Think for the Single Has after Minor Think Being a Developer I Got My Monday Wanamaker Must Develop a Listening and Then She Got Hers I Think for a Birthday like Shortly Afterwards and Abound for the First Week in a Winter the Tap Playing in the under What You Call Those Exploding Fireworks Type Things and Draw the Pictures and I Find after the Item No Matter Not a Romantic Guy but I Just Stop by Completely Sending Any of Those There Are Novelties That Wears off Its I Guess O'Connor Felt a Bit like a Gimmick That Being a Sender Heartbeat Is, Call and Having Someone on the Wrist Is Comical to That the Drawing the Doodle Thing to Me I Spell a Bit Odd but in a Tiny Little Screen Monitors Are Yeah Exactly Is Very Hard to Be Precise Not Block the Precision May Be Necessary Point Review Try to Convey a Message and a Diagram Than Your Baby Is Not the Right Way to Do It Either I Guess Maybe I'm Just Annoyed That the Yeah I Got a Bracelet in the Watch I Can Attest That Theory Both As a Gift Tesla for Me so Maybe That's Okay Yellow Occurred I'm Husband His Wife We Speak for Every Single Husband-And-Wife Even for Boyfriends and Girlfriends and Partners Are There Seed None None of You Have To Test This Love of Done for You Good Fantastic but Also Oracle Okay so I'm Look More about the Complication Sizes Though II Just Because the Thing Is When I Started Looking into This so White before Whenever Watch Came out Was Curious about This This Different Complications and What Would Be Potentially Possible in Future Business All Sorts of Different Sizes so All the Different Screens Are Rather Soft Earlier They're All Different Size Convocations They Got Circular Which Is the Colour Watch Face in the Corners Only in the Modular Small and Modular Large the Modular Small Is in the Top Left Corner and S3 along the Bottom Large Ones the Big Sucker in the Middle and a Site Three Line 3 Rows of of Text Which Is the Biggest Are Complication You Can Have with a Much Information You Need on the Yeah and Then on the Utility Are Large and Small Which Works in Utility and Mickey Mouse but Utility Mickey Mouse at Top Left and Right Corners Are Simple Actually As a Model for Corners Chronograph Top Left Bottom Left Bottom Right Corner Is in the Utility Large Which Is Utility and Mickey Mouse Is a Bar across the Bottom near Sagas Interesting Thing about These and I'm Sure This Is Where You Going but These Are Misery Fuel Template Based so You Don't Act As a Developing Targeted Design, like the Graphic Either Side and Something in the Middle Notes Literally Arm He Is the Three Choices for This Bigger Spot You Can Have a Graphic on the Left and Text We Can Do Is Have Text That There Is No like That Option in Some Case That Exactly and It and in Terms of Looking at the Real Estate and the Screens I Also Just Had a Quick Look and Now This Link in the Shadows If You're Interested Are If Your Solicitors about It but to Do This about 2 to 6 Pixels of Difference Depending upon Which Convocation You Talk about between 38 Mm and a 42 Mm Apple Watch Your Hands Run If You Run All the Numbers and You like All the Different Numbers Drop Out Of All the Different Combinations of Possibilities EEE Natalie Is Quite Complicated Which Company Was Really Not That Funny but You It Was Maybe Funny the First Time but I'm Not Sure Recommended to Pass the Fine Is Fair Enough Is Totally Fair You Call Me on K Oracle Guns Looking after Listeners Are Thinking Right Now That They're Driving or the Commuting Someone Alone, John III Time Really I Know That BPO Jim Davies Who Does the Garfield Strip Would Say the Boy's Arm Say That the Joke Gets Funnier after Rossi Have the Initial Funny Gets Bad and We Do It Gets Funny after That I Get Minor I Think You Either Have To Stop Doing It We Discover All in That It yet Guy Says You Got on It, Earning Their Ago All Right Are so Now We've Got All That Copycat Stuff Out Of the Way Considers That the Owning It Arm What I Want to Do Is Talk about How You Figure out What on Earth You Actually Put into a Complications What What Is the Value of a Complication Is Not the Problem Is Icing Complications the Donation Display Any Live Information the Justin Icon of There at All of Themselves You Tap It and Is a Sure Cupboard Monitors the App and I See That I Might Well That's Not with This Not Dynamic As a Dozen Ad in Any Information Okayed Removes Tapping the Crown Swiping Tapping or Maybe If You've Got a Glance up in Glance Wipe up across and Tap It to Get into the App You Know and That yet Is in Your Single Tap so I Get That It Is a Shortcut That Works but to Me That's Taking up Valuable Complication Space on Mice on My Watch and Dear When I Agree I Do I Do Realise Tapping the Crown Is a Little Bit Complex and of the Icons on in the Middle You Might Have To Pan around and Sometimes in I Still Hit the Wrong Icon in This Site. Collection of Icons but It Is Likely to Waste If It Is Not Doing Anything like the Watch Face Is the One Thing You See Every Single Time You You Turn the Watch toward the Soft Lights up That's What You See Is a Criminal Waste of the Just Just an Image on Their Nothing Else Exactly and so I Sort of Think to Myself That Maybe This One Thing Is That Apple Has an Issue with the Opening up Washbasins Because If They Did Maybe Someone's Gonna Make a Wash Basin Has Agreed a 3 x 3 or 4 x 4 like Nine or 16 Positions on the Watch Face You Know without the Time-Honoured and Then Some Bright Sparks Just Going to Put a Bunch of Shortcut Got Arms Complications Their Annual Just Be like a Teeny Tiny Will Influence the IPhone Screen Not Only Guaranteed Similar Trailer Is It Supposed to Be What People Amendment the Same Thing Happened with the Day-To-Day Notification Shade When It First Came out Unique Pulldown Is Meant to Tell You Information about Today but the First Thing People Thought of As Would Have Been Isolated Had in My Four Favourite Arm Apps I Could Just Launch Directly from You Thing Is One of the First Things That the People Hundred Exactly and It Would Def I'm It's It's I'm No Doubt in My Mind That Someone Would Do That and Is I Know Maybe It's Not Right Me to Tell People What They Should or Shouldn't Do so through but It If You Look at the Utility of the Watch That's Not What It's for Inmates with At Least in My Opinion Each It's about It It Has To Give You Information at a Glance That You Can Access Quickly without Having to Get Your Phone Outlook on Your Computer or Your IPad Door Whatever Other Divisive Goblets like Real Quickly Was the Time or What's the Weather Doing or in a What What's It Were Okay so How Do You Decide What You Put in a Complication Obviously Has a Different Fall in a Different Expert I Know That You've Developed so Okay Let's Talk about Specifically in Your Case Than Russell Because I Know You've Developed Arm One Act in Particular That Scott I Have A Lot Convocation Not so Can You Describe A Lot about What What That Appears in One Box and a Complication and Why You Chose Which It Should Also Leave the App's Pocket Whether Australia Anna and I Guess the Reason A Lot Of People Install This up in Australia Is Because Arm in a Built-In Apple One Just Doesn't Have the Right Data You Know Sources Are from the Weather Channel These Days Is to Be Yahoo but You Both Here Are Many Other Day I Literally Lived and Was 9░ out and in Fahrenheit That Were Not Sound like A Lot but in Celsius 9░ Office Does A Lot Of Degrees Is That the Difference between You Know Being Cold and Being Slowly Warm and Arm so Does the First Thing We Thought Were like Right You Need to Bellow the Weather but in the Interesting like We We Beta Test A Lot Of Things in the First Thing I Thought Is with What US Two Apple Introduced This Time Travel Features Are Basically You Can Arm Spin This This Style Here and You Can Go Backwards in Time and Forward in Time and Anything Lucky Calendar Regency Future Appointments Arm If You Got the Time Zone Complications You Can See Okay It's 1 PM Here What What Time Is It Gonna Be in New York You Can Spin around and the First Thing I Thought of His Wow Would Be Good to See You Know What the Temperature Is at 3 PM so You'd Scroll to 3 PM and so It's Funny That's the First Thing We Implement It Was Arm the Think Is the Show the Maximum Today and the Current Temperature and One of the Very First Hurdles We Ran into His White Boy Learning the the Watch SDK Goes into It You Find the Building a Complication Is Actually Quite Complicated Are yet Because the Reason Is Apple Has Been Very Very Restrictive about Only Times You Can Refresh Arm How Often You Can Send It Data and Also There Is Mostly Hard Limit to How Often You Have an Undescended Update so Let's Pretend That We Update the Weather on Every 15 Minutes Every Half Know What It Would Have a Sensible for the Weather up to Keep Itself Up-To-Date That's Too Much Information to Be Sent into the Watch Constantly and so What We Found Is Its End of October to Data and Then Either Be up to It As to When Asking for the Data Again so Could Be Three Hours Later It's Okay Our Moneyed Data Again so It Doesn't Really Have the Concept of This Is the Data I Need Right Now and This Is Other Data Is Literally Just Data Timeline so I Guess They're Thinking More like a Calendar for Example so Your Your Calendar Events Are Ordered and You Got a Certain Amount of Bookings and at 3 O'clock Whatever Is Coming up at 3 O'clock That's That's Relevant and so the Information You Can See Maybe You Might Add A Few Calendar Events You Might Move Some UI Delays Some but the Amount of Updates and These Together Watches Is Not a Huge Amount Was for Whether to Keep the Current Temperature Especially Up-To-Date Arm You Really Need That You Know No More Than Every Half an Hour and That's the First Hurdle around Who Were Okay We Can Update Every Half an Hour like What What Do We Do Now so We Played around with a Whole Bunch of Things and in the End I Had to Take a Step Back a Mike or If We Can't Have the What's the Next Most Useful Thing I Just Looked at the Wales Using the What's Every Morning I Pick It up off the Nightstand a Look at a Bill or What I Need to Wear so Literally When You Wake up in the Morning It Now Tells You Arm This Is This What Can Be like Today This Is the Maximum Temperature Which in Australia Release That This Most Important Number It's in Adulthood on Jumpers (Shorts Arm Do a Title Indoors and Not Leave the House Because It Is Burning Hot outside and Then at 5 PM It Shows You Arm What It Can Be like Tomorrow so It Order Switches to This of the Overnight Temperature and This Is Tomorrow's Temperature and That's in the End We Found It Was a Good Balance but It's Funny like If If I Had the Choice I Think I Probably Would Have Gone with the with the Current Temperature Just Because of the Limitations That Are on Their like That Was That Was Just Too Hard to Do Well Yes What Things That I've I Was Little Bit Some Frustrated by Because When Apple Have Their Whether They Show Current Temperature and You Will When We Sort of Arm I'm Not Sure If It Was You and I or If It Was Some Michael and I Bet You Were Talking about This Arm No Options and Possibilities When Darwin Pocket Whether Came out and Arm Were Mr Talking about This I Did Little Bit of Digging and Ands down in Its It Sounds like Gold Perhaps I Shouldn't Sound Surprised That You Know the First Party Apps Have a Rulebook Teller Catheter yet Is Then Someone Who's Developed Logo but upon Gusting up As Well like I Can Toe the Arm Gear for the Longest Time Apple Is Always Played by by Their Own Rules Exactly and so I'll All Look at My Watch and If I Have the Actual Arm Native Our Weather App on Is a Complication If It Fetches the Current Temperature Update Just Fine and Do in Care Quotes That You Can't See They're Just Fine until about Still in a Minute but Note That the Truth Is That That Luxury Is Not Afforded to Third-Party Apps Right so like You Said It Could Be Hours Later When It Decides It Will Fetch the Data You Can't Actually Force It to Refresh Exactly Can You Well This Is the Thing I Be Looking to since I Promised Been a Good Week and 1/2 Try to Get the Right and It Was Just Obvious That Arm in That Time. Especially Because What US Two Had Literally Just Come out There Was A Lot Of Information around It You Know Often You Find You Get a Site like Stack Overflow We Will Delve into Some of the Developer Forms and People Find All These Sort of Hidden Things That Either App Wasn't Talked about All They Mentioned Soup Briefly in a Video or Someone Talk to Attempt to Grab an Attack Reply Going to Do This in the Local That's Not Anywhere in the Documentation Ago I Had a Session I Went to Arm the Reader in DC Apple Developer Conference or Try to Figure out This Order Related Thing No Documentation I Could Find Whatsoever Michael This Is Not a Work and I Sat down with One of the DAV Foundation Engineers Which Is There There Sort of High Level in a Playback Library Is about and She Was like No You Just You Do This Business Really and the Header Files Are There and so the I Guess the Non-Solid Documentation Just Third the Raw Code Was There and You Could Look into the Header Files in Malachi 2 Is There but Nowhere Anywhere in the Documentation Was a Mention That You Could Do These of the That These Apis Existed Are Not Private Apis They Just Wonder for Some Reason Haven't Sublimated into the Documentation and I Think since Then Similar Stuff Might Happen with the Watch so That's That's Why in Toronto for These Caveats and Is at the Time When a Researcher It Look like It Was Impossible since Then I Wouldn't Be Surprised If Someone Is Found in Our Push Notification That You Can Send to Your Phone That May Be Somehow Pushes Data to Watch or Some Kind of Event You Can Signal to the Watch Could API the Know This Is Really Important and Used It May Be a Certain Flag on Orders Practical to Prevent the Consent to Actually Get Update so I Decide to Do List Is to Reinvestigate the Because It Is Entirely Possible That You Know Someone Found a Way to to Work around Why Certainly Hope That That's the Case and and If There Isn't a Real Eye an Indirect Workaround or a Direct Work of a Direct Way of Doing It at This Point That in the Next Watch OS Release That They Provide That Functionality Because I Think That Sort of without That Ability It It Sort of Guy I See Were Coming from the Battery Life Point of View That I Want Them to Push an Update to It Constantly in and Flatten the Battery Thing I Get the Batteries on the on the Watch Are a Precious Right but You Exactly the I Do Understand Habit at the Same Time It's a Bridge Too Far in in in Some Respects Because It's the Cripples That Functionality to an Extent That You Got Access to Third-Party Complications but You within Very Tight Restrictions and Is near Him and the Weather Structures Well Is That You Have When You Build a Watch up You Essentially Have Farm Three Parts so You Got the Watch of Itself Which You Most of the Runs Only on the What You've Got the Complication Which Is It's Almost like Its Own Complete Separate Thing like NSAIDs Fenced off from Everything Else You Want to Use in a Shared Code and They Have To Put in Libraries and Have To Import Its It's Very Sort of Walled off Seed Beds Is Obvious Their Intention Was No This Thing Runs on the Watch Face Arm It Doesn't Run Itself like a Work Seller around What They Call You When They Want Information like You Don't You Call Them Type Thing and It's You Can Tell Is Intentional That They Are Missing in the Battery Constraints They Knew How Much Energies They Had to Work with a Proper New the Kind of Update Cycles That You the Thing Operates on As Well and I Think We Also Knew Going Forward That If They Discovered Hey Most of Our Users When They Put a Watch on the Thing Another Still Get 40% Maybe Let's Crack This up a Little Bit You Are so Potentially or Maybe Make Some Saving and Software with a like Okay Now We've Saved Arm in a 5% of the Battery Life Here Let's Director and Complication Suit Argues That As a Lever They Can Sort of Enable Up-And-Down Interesting and the Other Things You Always Want to Start off If You All the People Making the Arm the API You Will Start off Really Conservative Because If You If You Open the Floodgates on Day One That's Really Hard to Pull Back in a Once Developers Have in a Written Hundreds If Not Millions of Lines of Code in against This API It's Very Hard to Turn up at the Next Developer, to Be like You Know That API We Gave You It's Actually Really Destructive Is the Strength It Was That Arrived in Sorry but Is No Longer There like That's That's a Very Hard Thing to Walk Backwards If You Start off Really Conservatively like No These Are Things You Can Do Likewise Will Call You Arm If You Try and Force Updated Too Often We Are Okay for the Rest of the Day That's in a Knot from My End Because at That Really Frustrates Me Is Developer but I Can See from the Other End Travels in This with a Smarter Way to Unit to Start off Initially IIID Again I Do Appreciate I Understand That They Will Start Outs Are Restrictive and Gradually Gradually Little Bit of Slack Are out and out and Give Developers More Room to Move and That's Just the Way They Function Name Was What They Operate and Dumb I Guess That's Typical Apple Not Not All Companies Are Unnecessarily like That I Think That You Definitely Apple Are so but Why Are Things Is Wanted to Touch on about Some Complications Is Are to Some Extent Is the Discoverability Because One of Things I Found Interesting or Unable Ideas Worthy of Mention Anyways Is Conveying to Users What What Their Options Are You Full the Complications Because What I Found You Have To Do with Any Other Washout That Has Complications Is You Have To Poke and Prod and Basically Try All the Different Complications on the Different Watch Base Types You Figure out What Data Is Available and What Isn't 90 That but Some the Apple Apps and A Few Nose like the World Clock Is a Good Example They're Allowed to Have More Than One Complication against the Same up and Is the Third-Party Developing Countries Are to This Anything We Toyed with His We Really Wanted People Have a Choice for Local Maybe Someone Cares about This Data Point More Than This Data Point and Thus the First Thing We Tried Will like What If We Can Have Two or Three Convocations They Can Scroll through the Bike Someone I Want but You Can't Do That so Neither Solar Configurations You Want to Do Yes You Have To Do It in Own in the Phone App Itself That Was the Other Thing I Want to Mention Is Because Arm Is Configurable up to and It Is Not Configurable on the Phone so Hang on and on the Watch Itself Sold the What You Say I Want to Have Arm This to Display Current Temperature All Arm but Says Current Temperature It so Feels like You Exactly yet so You Have To Configure All That at in the Phone It in the Apple Watch App in the Configuration Options of That or with an Axe to Be in the Eye of the App Itself like Only That Though She Put It in the Them up the Runs in the Front Seat of the Long Jackpot Whether in This Instance You Go to Settings and Be like an Apple Watch One You Drill down to There and Then Yelling into Planners That Recently Because We We Do Still Want to Show You Different Things but Then It Is It's like Two Sets Removed like That the Point We Are Adding Complication I Know That Most People Can Be like Our I Shall Open the ODI Was That That's a Good Idea Because That's Where the Settings Will Be like That That's a Bit of a Disconnect to Me the Other Night I Totally Agree and to Me As Odd Because You've Now Got Three Places so You've Got the Watch Itself Which Is Where the Complication Displays but Doesn't Have the Settings for the Core Controls What Goes into the Complications Information Then You Got the the Watch Configuration App on the IPhone William Controls Whether the App Is Installed Whether It's Are Available to Gesture or Whether Complication Is Installed Are but That's It and Olean Notifications If There Is Any Relate to the App and Then If You Want to Anymore Can Configurations Out Of What You Go to the App Itself It's Just a Youth Reality Says Two Steps Removed from the Actual Watch Itself Which Is What You're Trying to Configure Which Is a Bit Odd Year and I Wouldn't Be Surprised If That Changes Because I'm Indemnified and More Than That You Know for Their Apps like When You're Choosing a Well Time in All the Times You Have Configured Arm Think That Senior Phone They You Can Scroll through Those on the Complications and You like Bang at New York City Thus the One I Want Now I Think Something Similar to That for Third-Party Developers It Is Hopefully in the Works That I Can Make A Lot Of Sense like I'm Already Here I Want This Complication but If There's Three Different Options I Wanted Out Of Tattoos Those on It Already Got You Know This Is Really Nice Interface Sort of Mechanism You Got the Digital Crown There You Can Slide up and down As the UIs Is Already Therefore Are They Just Need I Guess the Apis and the Frameworks around You Exactly and As You Say the First Party Apps Have Got A Lot Of Configure Billy's a Matter of Letting Our Third-Party Developers Do More More Stuff like That on the Actual Watch I Think Your but I Guess the Arm That the Other Thing Though I Mentioned before I Swallow Dive into Orbit As Well Is You Look for What's Complications to Be Useful It Has To Be Quicker Than Pulling out Your Smart Phone or Log into Your IPad Desktop or Whatever or If You're Sitting in a Room Searching the Walls at Your End to Find a Wall Clock to Take the Time You Is Going Quicker Than the Nice Things You Do and the Thing That Annoys Me Is That Just on the Subject of Whether Apps and I'm in the Native Weather App in This Case I Put My Wrist up Many Many Many Times Just to See a Couple of Dashes in the Space Weather Data Supposed to Be Telling What Temperature It Is and Is a First Party Complication You Can yet and I Have Three Semi-Regularly and the Connection Is That's Pretty Well Almost Not Always but Almost Always a Proper Say about 9/10 Times When Is No Wi-Fi around or Rather There Is No Wi-Fi That My Phone and Watch Can Connect to Because at Work I Got Wi-Fi Blankets with All Building Little Lockdown When Arm in the Millions. Right so I Can't so You yet so Was Our Bluetooth Ranges like Too Bad so Sad You and That Bluetooth Lag Versus Wi-Fi Lag Is I Thought Something to Wear Essays with Deciders It Is an Immense Difference like I'm Not a Low-Level Communications Engineer Although Funnily Enough I Had It Once Work on a Project Arm Where the Data Have To Undergo VHF Radios and I Believe Our Bandwidth Was a Conundrum Now That 2048 Bits or 4096 There Was a Tiny Amount of Bandwidth in Italy Via Massive Gaps in and That There Wasn't a Fun Experience but Bluetooth Is a Busy Fastener but It Competitor Wi-Fi Man Is Just a World of Difference like I Know We Did Some Tests on the Arm the End Result of Things Because Open up an API Where You Can See Copy Data to the Watch and Then Go for a Jog for Example and Still Listen to Your Podcast and Nothing like a Radical Idea Markets Does Not in a Pair of Us We Have the Pair Look at Some Headphones with the Watch but Once You've Done That You Can Leave the Phone at Home Go for a Jog in a Play Podcast the Problem Is You Know Most Broadcasts Are in a 40 5060 Minutes and 1170 8090 Megabytes in Size and Transferring That of a Bluetooth Menu Talking Nothing Seconds like You Literally Talking Minutes and That's an Odd Thing for Units Is 2016 You Know We Have Really Fast Well Not in My House but in Most Places You Have Really Fast in a Data Transfer Speeds between All Sorts of Different Things and Then Out Of Wait Five Minutes to Sink upon Customer Watchman but Feels Primitive yet There Are Exactly Right and I Guess the Connections of Bede Is the Same Issue like like You're Saying When You're off the Wi-Fi Network and the Weather Has To Update or Something Else. They Now Is the Microphone up Talk to Phone Me to Do without Latency Deal with the the Bandwidth Constraints and Then Eventually Get to Hear Tonight and a Minute Was Especially Obvious in the Life You Remember in a Watcher Was One Weird Launch Yes Arm the Built in Apps and Then It Is What a Spinner and Sometimes Bennett Would Be There in IT Watch Went Back to Sleep Okay with That Was Fun I Have My Wrist up for a 15 Second Nothing Happened yet Exactly a Minute Holding My Wrist up and It's It's up There for Three Seconds and I Can't See the Information on on the Complication All the While All the Time While the Times Never Been a Problem but Now the Complications of the Problem Arm It If I Can't See It within Three Seconds As I Got My Phone out yet Which Case What's Wet Where the Value from That Point of View of Having the Complications so That the Problem with Bluetooth Is That It's a Rigours of Our Bluetooth Four Is Amazing Because of the Low-Energy Part of the Nicest That's Gotta Be a Good Thing Right Are Well the Thing Is Interesting about Bluetooth Was Actually 33 Previous Standards, Rolled into One and Where You Want to Start Digging into It It's It's Interesting Because Specifically Bluetooth Low Energies Is More about the Ability to Wake up Send a Small Chunk of Data and Go Back to Sleep Again Quickly Because It's like Minimal Data Transactions It's Not about Data Throughput and Our Bluetooth Three Actually Was One That Originally Touted 24 Mb per Second Transfer Rate but the Thing Order Realises That It's Actually Not the Bluetooth Standard Are That Actually Was What Are the Data Transfer I Have Made with Technicality but Exactly 8 to 11 Are As a Parallel Channel to Achieve Absolutely Harder to the Negotiation and the Data Transfer I Was Actually Was a Parallel Channel Which Is Just Interesting but Some If You Look at It Wander from a Wi-Fi Point of View Are You Assuming His Your Assumptions Are Ideal Network Conditions They Got Noah Drag Me Network down Let's Say like a Slow Device Are and Is I Try to Track down Physically What the Other What Supported Our Because This Two Channel Bandwidth like 40 MHz or 20 MHz Channel Balance but I Couldn't Find out Specifically Which It Is I'm Gonna Assume That It's Probably 20 MHz Bicarb Assures a Best Case Raw Data Rate for Wi-Fi on the Watch Stated to 11 Incompatible Is Hundred and 50 Mb per Second but More Likely Bet 72.2 Mb per Second the 20 MHz Channel You That That Is Significantly More Than the Best the Bluetooth Three Could Possibly Give You a Bluetooth for Incorporates You the Elements of Bluetooth Three Site yet Essentially the Best Bluetooth on the on the Watch Is What Is That about 1/3 Territory Third and 1/4 of What Wi-Fi Can Do and the Other Problem Courses Range Because the Bluetooth Being Are Now Point Point and the Wi-Fi Is Going Via Router That Scott Long-Range Start with the Ranges the Other Killer so It's like yet If You're Away from Wi-Fi It's Just Terrible You Just Terrible so It's Frustrating and What Worries Me Is That in That Respect At Least I Wonder If That's Anything That Could Possibly Be Fixed with the Current Hardware I Think That Maybe Maybe We've Gone As Far As We Can Go with That with the Current Hardware on the Upper Watch of the Night Yell This Interesting Thing Is Because When the Meetings Were First Announcement First Came out Was like All That Is Expensive Flow for a Watch That Could Potentially Be Obsolete like in a Year or Two Years of Three Is a One-Sided Speculate in an They Can't Do This on a Yearly Cycle That They Would Be Insane Because Arm You Know You Just Bought a $500 Watch and Then a Year Later That Okay That Watch Is Useless Can You Want to Know and I Know Some People Would like at IIP Would for Example Because I'm Sick of That Sort of Thing That's That Feels like a Tough Sell and That Also Means a like I Think Is We're Going Is That There Is There Is Limits to How Far They Can Push the Software before They Actually Need to Read the Harbours or yet Exactly so the Problem I Have with Complications As They Currently Stand Is That They Aren't Giving Enough Power to the Third-Party Developers or At Least It Doesn't Appear That They Are and I'm Sort of at the Point Where I'm with or with the Lag Issues When You're Away from Our Wi-Fi Are As in a Wi-Fi Network That Both the Phone and the Watch Can See You the Lag Issues in Which I Glanced This Information Is Such That the Current Hardware Is Just Not up to the up Just Not the Task and the Other Barry Life Being What It Is I Do It If Feels A Lot to Me like You Are the Original IPhone and I Had an Original IPhone to and I Love That Phone It Was Only 2G Had No GPS the Camera Was Terrible You Write to Look Back and Thinking What Was I Thinking What I Think This Is so Amazing at Times Because There Was Nothing Our Diet the Same Phone You Exactly Right Only We Both Know Arm Modified It so Would Work on the Local Network Here in Australia I Think Because We Had to Appoint Year Exactly How to Hit Arundel Is Complicated by Commandline Things Just to Get It to You Notice Just All You Want to Do Was Go to Run like You That's 45 Step Process Here You the Size the Text on That Screen with This Minuscule Text Scrolling Away on the Screen Are Also Terminal the Terminal Incantations Identical) for All the All the GUI-based Tools Were around in All the Different Hacks Another Accident Discovered so As Being the Bad Old Days of of of Them yet Jailbreaking That Year but We May Need to Look Back on the Phone Now and You like You Really Not Hardware Design but Then There Was A Lot Of Things That Are in the Modern Smartphone That Is Completely Missing the I Could Not Live without like If If I Had Some Gramophone and I, by the Way and No GPS and Enjoy the 2G Item Identical Revenues Are Backward I Can't Use Is like a Navigator with All the Time I Rely on like in a High Speed Data Networks and Can't Get by with This Exactly Anna I Sort of Think to Myself While When It Comes to 1st Gen Products Particularly from Apple It Seems to Me As Though You Gotta Love the Product When It Comes out and Don't Expect to Do a Heck of A Lot More in Any Year or Two Time You Need to Upgrade the Hardware Maybe Once or Twice before It Becomes Something That Is Truly Expendable It's Because I Think That Everything Was Right on That Fine Line of yet Is a Holistic Caveat Driveway Fired Better Wi-Fi throughout the Building Them Via Phone and the Watch Could Handle and You Know Maybe That Would Make a Little Bit Better Probably Would but Ultimately It Doesn't Solve the Other Problems of Third-Party Apps Being Being Updated Complications When They Need to Know Most Effective Way and I I Suspect That If They Did Release More of That Control That Ultimately Would End up with Really Bad Battery Life and Some People Would Come Back in Start Having a Big Complain about It so and It Would Be Bad for the Now Precious Customers That Right so I Know I Think That Honestly They Are an Upgraded Probably Sooner Rather Than Later I Do Think It Will Be an Annual like We Update This Year but Maybe Not Every Year and May Not Every Watch on a Bit I'm Not Sure Is That the Space between the Original Phone and the 3G This Could Be My Memory but I Think Was Only about Eight Months Was Independently Measured from Because It Was Announced before It Was Well before It Was Released Because They Knew Ascends Ahead SCC Further Qualification Testing Account of the Other Bag so I Think They Yum Yeah I Think That If You Measure from the Date It Was Released Year Was Only about Nine Months I Think before They Are Announced They Are Released the It's It Wasn't Quite a Full Year Year and out I Don't Think the Summing Apple's Scanner When A Lot Of People Say Amen of This Month All the Way to 1/2 Unit Three Years to Show People and Got Value for Money I Think If They Have Something That Is Significantly Better Than the Previous One I Don't Think I Hesitate to in a Rollout Entrance of Mike and All the New Features Exactly so on the on the Topic of Complications At Least I Guess I'm Generally Been Honestly a Little Bit Disappointed in the Fact That Third-Party Developers Are Given the Access That They Really I Think Need to Mediate to Get the Best Out Of It and It's Also down to the Fact That the Hardware Itself Is Sort of Writing on the Edge of the Practicality but Some It's Only about New Hardware Will Be Better New Operating Systems All Have More Features of Those I've No Doubt about That How Configurable Watch Face Become I Don't Know but As for Me and My Watch Is Nothing Other Things I Love about It That I'm Happy with It's Just One of These Frustrations and in a That That the Complications of Turned out to Be Complicated Surprise Just That Was One More Those Noises It Is at the Push That That One Echelon through the Other One for Me Is Arm Because of of Sampled the Only Other Side of Worn Android Where Watch for Eunice a Significant Amount on What's Involved Half Cylinder and so Yeah I Got the Other Villager Can but That the Thing about That Is You Know They Allowed Third-Party Watch Faces Fairly Early on the Game and This Something of a Really Former Love with That I Just Miss When I Come to the Dye Were Sidedness I'm Gonna Try and Explain This and It's Gonna Sound Arm in a Trivial Nearby Glider Neither but It's There Is A Few of the Mothers One Called Things Called Something Simple a Rocketship and It Literally Is This Really Nice Sort of Cartoony Animation of Arm You've Got Are like a Planet in the Middle and That's Gone Your Time on and the Second-Hand Is Represented by a Rocketship Is with This Arm This Comic Style Flame Coming Out Of the Rocketship Just Goes around around the Planet and I Do Know That They Do Something about This When I Look at Unlike Our Castle Good of 90 Racing the Time but I've I've Seen Something That You Know Is Uniquely Interesting and Is Another One on Their Legal Fit Cut and It's This Cat That Has like All These Again Different Animations and Things That That the Cat Does Depending on How Much Exercise You Done for the Day so Instead of in the Apple Approach We've Got Three Rings You Are Showing Different Kinds of Activity It's Is the Same Information Being Measured but It's It's Being Shown in a Complete Different Way like Based on You Know How the Cats Are Behaving in Because Doing This They Know How to View Beans of the Cuts, Lazing around and Just in Looking Sleepy and a Sort of in a Prodding Bird the Ball of All the Renown Again You like Get up and Move More but If the Cuts Are Really Energetic and You Know Looks like There's about a Bounce of the Formula Cayo of Her Father Good Day so It's a Notice and Stupid like As Examples but As Little Things Other Than This Is a Really Nice Watch Faces That Are Designed by Arm Some Ennui: Design Agencies That You Really Have These Are Unique Designs and Unique Concepts to Them As Well and I Do like That Experimentation Part of the Because What Happens Is You Buy Are You Know Watch and You Have the the Watch Face a Built-In but If You Can Do Is Go and Download You Hundreds and Hundreds of Other Ones until You Find Innovative the 20 or so That You Really Love like It's Is the Whole Concept of Digital Watch and You've You've Turned It into Something More Than Than an Analog Watch Could Be in Its Height Is Not a Complaint but It Is Something on the Upper Watch That Sometimes a Look at the Things of the Utility Watch Face That Is around Watch Face and a Mike I Know Whites Rounders Because You Hundreds and Hundreds of Years of Watchmaking Has Been in That Sort of Design Language but Now You Got a Screen like You Can Do All These Interesting Things That You Can Never Dream of Doing in Even with Your 1000 in a Moving Parts Is Just Things You Physically Can't Do with Hardware That You Can Do with Software and I Want to Got LCD Screen Are like to See That Side of It and I Explored a Bit More Now Meant It Was My Sands and the Hourglass You Know Yourself over at the End of Every Hour and a Combined This with with My Binary Clock Now Is That Because the How That There Are 100 of Those in and Visitors Mockler Hundred Nine and an Octal Clock and I Combine You and I Realise There Are Hundred Dumb Ideas for Every Good Idea but Is That One Good Idea Want to Get to the Filigree Missing out on the Moment There Knives That He Agreed and I Think That That the Light on What Basis Are Probably with the Next Watch but Are a Little Bit More but like like You Suggest I Think It'll Be to Still Be Still Be Restricted Either by the Numbers of Developers Are Allowed to Do It or Are There Will Be Some More Restrictions We Thought of yet That They'll Dive That Apple Say Well You Know You're Only Allowed to Have a Limit of Bike for Complications I Only Watch Face All the Convocations You Do Have Have To Fit within the Following Restrictions on You Know You Had a Limit Show the Following Things and If They're Not Present Is Not Considered a Watch Face or or Something You Know This Is Your Show but I Have a Have a Question for You It's Not Strictly Related to Convocations but Here Economies in the Wheelhouse Do You Think in the Next Five Years the Maker around Watch I Think Are I Think They Will Your I Think Is a Very Good Chance That They Will Because the Starting off with the Square Are and the Rounded Corners It Did Make Certain Things Easier about Manufacture and the Problem with Making a Round Face in and around LCD Is That That There Is a Bit of Waste When You Make It and Its Mission of Machining from Machining Point of View on That the Steel Is Not My Problem Is Acid Steel I Mean Either Stainless Steel or Aluminium or Gold That It's Not That the That's Not the Issue It's It's the Year the LCD Wafers or Whatever Else It Is a Waste Problem and I You Know Me, Cutting Them out from Sheets and in Grids and If Have To Cut Circles and You've Left All the Donor Gas Yes Exactly and Certain Geometries Are so Much Simpler Anything about All the Components How Many You How Many Rounds Integrated Circuits Are They Happening around You It's Just That's Not the Way That They're Done and CO Quad Flat Packs and Ball Grid Arrays and Arrays Are No Cot Rows and Columns Which Then They're Not Circular Not Honeycomb Patterns There Are There Irregular Rectangular or Square Shapes and the Whole Design Language of of Computers and Computer Screens There All Squirrels over the Rectangles You out the Keys on a Keyboard or Square Is Not That Circles That the Funny Thing Is Though There Are Other Things That We That We Twist with Our Fingers so the Digital Crown Because We Twist Our Fingers around Them and You Knobs on Your Head Door Handles around and You Because It Feels Better for Our Fingers and the Action That We Are Using but There Is No Advantage to Having around Our Watch Face Other Than Its Appearance I Think Are Unless of Course You Got a Divers Watch That You Using the out That the External Dial and You Are Again Using That That That Action with Your Fingers and Your Turning It on LBC Being Round Allows That so I Will I Wouldn't Absolutely Believe That at Some Point They Will Release around Watch and I Wouldn't Be Surprised If They Go Did Something like the Arm Going Back to the Original IPod Are and Whether or Not They They Have like Is That around Watch What I Think Apple Would Do Is That They Don't Have a Sense around the outside You Can Select Run Your Finger around the outside Is a Form of Navigation beyond the Digital Crown That Year Which Would like Samsung Someone There There Is to Archive Fair Enough so They Got the Two Models That One Week and Run Your Finger around the the Edge in One Week and She Physically Turn Argue Something like a Divers Watch but It Just Suits Is the Method of of Navigation and I Think That That Would Be Fine It's the Sort of Thing That Ultimately I Think That Apple Winemaker Watch That Looks More like a Traditional Watch but Isn't a Traditional Watch If That Makes Sense I Think That They Arm Probably Chose the Compromise on This on This Design Which Is of a More Square Shape Because It's a Make Certain Things Easier but Only Ultimately Are You Will See What Happens in A Few Years and I'm Not Sure How I Go and Predictions Are Really Track but with the Limitlessness Again after Note That One down and Write down and Come Back and Their Yummy Later the Good Bits Are Yes so Am Any Other Parting Thoughts All of Our Complications Are Known Are Think If You Can Cover the Majority of Our Men the Keep Looking at This and I Think the One Other Thing I'd like to See from Apple Is Either Either More Templates Because It Is Fairly Some Templated Lockdown or Just More Configuration Options Dinner for Those Templates Which I Think You'd Be Surprised like I Think It Would Make A Lot Of Difference If If I Don't Have a Choice of Just a Visitation Presenting If I Can Maybe Do Some in Oak or Graphics Resemble Drawing a Song on That in Their War Provider with Inner Images That Are Going to Use As a Background Rather Than Just As an Image in the Left Tax on the Right Thing Maybe Then You Could Do Some Some Really Sort of Interesting Things That You Can't Currently Do on Their Absolutely Agree and I Think That That That Will Come in Time Danny Question Is How Much Time We Have To Wait so That You There but That's Okay Arm They Will near I'm Very Interested to See What They Do Next with the Next Version of the Hardware As Well so Wyman Is the Other Interesting Thing about I Guess Is Arm This This Watch Bold Counter Sold Really Well for Any Other Company but I Don't Know That It's Been an Absolute Homerun Firm for a Company like Apple Where Normally They Launch a Product Managers Goes like Absolutely Gangbusters This This Does Feel like It's a Slightly Softer Launch Maybe Maybe Even More in Line with How the Original IPhone in a Soul That Are Sold in Decent Numbers but the 3G in the 3D As the Folds Are Followed Just in Absolutely in a Blitz Those Previous Numbers I Wonder If You the Watch Could End up in a Similar Could They May Be Sold in a Five 10 Million Would Have the Current Estimates Are like I Wonder If They Can Actually Find A Few More Things to Talk People on A Few More Features a Relic While You Are Really Must Have This Then Maybe You Could Start Talking in a 4050 in a 60 Hundred Million You Know What Sales You Are Absolutely Right and I Think That It Is Very Analogous to the Original IPhone Which Is Why the Reasons Are Brought up Earlier Is Because It Feels Very Much like That Is You the Early Adopters That That See the Promise of the Technology and Its and It's a Leap Ahead of of What's Come before It but at the Same Time It Still Restricted in A Lot Of Ways and You If You Did It on a Spec Comparison in a Figure like against Other Competing Products on the Market Right Now That Are a Little Bit More Autonomous yet Some He We Can Definitely See Just like the Original IPhone Where the Next the Improvements Need to Be so Are I Think Watch This Space and Watch This Space Is Getting Complicated the Mind so If You like to Talk More about This You Can Reach Me on Twitter Advantage Eat All You Can Follow That Pragmatic Show to Specifically CEO Jonathan Celebrates the Member Pragmatic Is Now Part of the Engineer Network Also Has an Account Engineered_Net That Has Announcements about the Network and Also and You Can Check That out at Engineer.Network Are People Really Loving Causality As Well Is Another Point out That There Was A Lot Of What Now so You like Pragmatic before Check That out Are Also Nutrient on the Engineer Network 80 like to Get in Touch with Russell the Best Way Arm from the Best Ways on Twitter Because I Typically Often Is a Rusty Shelf All One Word Excellent and You're Also onto Excellent Podcast One of Them Is Our Topical the Other One Is Material Here Keep Going to Mention These and Both Are My Co-Host on Both Shows Always Want to Murder Me so Arm Topical You Can You Can Find Enter Topical.FM and Material You Can Find It Really.FM/Material and Hotel Jellyfish Remedy That Jelly Can't Physically Hold a Knife Work Anyway Not Only That but I Have Dinner and I Have Hours and Hours and Hours of Recordings of the Guys Incriminating Things If I Do Disappear That's the First Place I Want the Police the Multiband Rights. David like This Any Feedback about the so All the Network Please Use the Feedback Form on the Internet.Network and Others Also Find That This Episode so If You like to Our Support Show the Best We Can Easily Become a Patron by Patron on Our Page on Is That City or One Word so It Was like Something Anything at All Is All Very Much Appreciated As A Few Folks in There As Well so Check It out at All Helps and Will Greatly Vary Greatly Appreciated so Arm Thank You Everyone for Listening Once Again and Thank You Russell You Think Samuel Diaries Right Seriously Start Now on Which the Button Max Arm There Is a Movie Reference in Other One I'm Really As Max or Smart but Remember Her Saying and Is Only 99 Know Dana Was the Button Max Taxi Out Of Our Medical the Great Race Arm and Seen A Lot Of Leo Jack Lemmon Ahmed Had Got Peter Fork in It before You Is Colombo and Arm God Tony Curtis 99 Kn and There Is a Minimum It Every Time He Wants and Needs Is Push the Button Max As Was a Big Button on the Dashboard Was the Might Find It Awkward and Is Completely Nothing to Do with Watchers or What Complications Which I Want to about´┐Ż
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