Episode 65: Corrections

26th October 2015

Augusto Hertz noted that during the show I said "electric" field when I meant "magnetic" field. When a current passes through a wire it does generate a magnetic field. Nice catch Augusto.

Episode 64: Corrections

26th October 2015

Listener Augusto Hertz pointed out that during the episode I swapped the two terms DFT and FFT. For clarity, the FFT (Fast Fourier Transform) is in fact an efficient algorithm for calculating the DFT (Discrete Fourier Transform). Thanks for the feedback Augusto.

Pragmatic is Back

10th October 2015

I didn’t choose to end Pragmatic at Episode 63 for trivial reasons. Balancing work and family life is hard and previously I wasn’t doing a good enough job. There are a few other reasons that I decided to end the show the first time that I can’t talk about however suffice it to say, I have a plan to keep making the show in a sustainable way.

Pragmatic will now only air once a fortnight. There will be no live show and guests will only appear every second month or so. I’m time limiting episodes to 90 minutes maximum and preparation time for each episode will be no greater than 10 hours per topic.

Follow-up will still be done either privately, via a show blog post (like this one) or via Twitter where appropriate however if the follow-up is too big it may warrant its own episodes as I have done previously on other occasions to reference just two (there were others).

You should also welcome my new co-host Carmen Parisi who also appears on the excellent podcast The Engineering Commons. He is an Electronics Applications Engineer and will be helping with the shows production as well.

I’m also starting a network and putting Pragmatic front and center along with a few other shows that I know you’ll enjoy.

For the hundreds of fans of the show that wrote in begging me to start making it again, you encouraged me to have another crack at it. Without your encouragement this would not be happening.

This time around though, I’m determined to get the balance right. There’s still a lot more to talk about. So let’s get back to it.